she CARES for him

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Do you think Star is aware of her feelings?

I’m going to use this picture that @seddm used to answer a similar question.

I think Star is more intrigued than aware. Her uncharacteristically quiet tone used to deliver “it’s just the two of us then?” in “Camping Trip” is tinged with interest. I feel like she doesn’t exactly know how she feels; maybe she thinks she likes him one day, then writes it off as her just being dumb. She just cares about him because they’re friends, right? Right?

On the other hand, though-

Star has been shown to run from her problems, like confrontation with her mother, for instance. While that recently got some resolution, (which I would like to revisit sometime, actually), she has still been known to not want to deal with things. She sees her feelings for Marco as a problem; a problem she doesn’t have to deal with. She can hug him, hold his hand, and so on… all platonic in its nature, supposedly. Why would she need anything else? She just buries it and ignores it. However, now that Jackie is in the picture, I believe Star’s about to have to actually face a problem head on…. or risk breaking her own heart.

They say that love is easy but they must have forgot you

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Do you have any theories to why Lizzy joined the music hall?

I think it has something to do with Ciel. Lizzy always cared much about Ciel and sacrificed a lot because she wanted him to like her and to be happy. So in this case, Lizzy’s reasons for joining the sect are probably related to Ciel, too. There’s the scene in chapter 113 where she cries and says that she can’t save him.

So I believe that Lizzy is with the sect because she thinks that they can save Ciel or that they can help her saving him. I was thinking that maybe Lizzy knows about the contract between Ciel and Sebastian. Bravat seemed to know that Sebastian isn’t human so he might have told Lizzy, as well. That would explain why she is so desperate lately. She can’t save Ciel from a demon by herself. But maybe the sect can do something.

I still think that Undertaker is involved in the sect. He could have been the one who told Bravat about Ciel and Sebastian and he could be behind the experiments with the blood transfusions. Undertaker has fought Sebastian before and at this point he seems to be the only one who could be a serious threat to Sebastian. So if Lizzy has learned about all this she might have decided to support Undertaker in his attempt to save Ciel. And maybe the experiments with the blood that the cult is performing can somehow help with that.

But even if Lizzy doesn’t know about Sebastian’s true nature and the contract she might have reason to join the sect. It was shown before that she is worried about Ciel. She doesn’t want to let him know that but she has noticed changes in him and she seems to know that something is wrong.

When she visited the music hall for the first time Bravat could tell that she is worried about her fiance.

That probably aroused her interested so she came back and Bravat might have told her then that there’s a way for her to help Ciel if she stays. I’m not sure how the sect could help with that but there must be something important that keeps Lizzy from going home.

Also, it seems like Lizzy herself is playing a part in whatever the sect is planning. She doesn’t seem like she’s being manipulated or brainwashed but she’s clearly distressed and to me it seems like she might have learned something that shocked and confused her. She says herself that she doesn’t know what to do. But she’s also determined that she must stay for whatever reason.

So I think that Lizzy joined the cult because she learned something about Ciel which confirmed her suspicions that something is wrong with him (maybe about the contract) but also because the cult offered some way to help Ciel when she alone can’t help him anymore. Lizzy probably plays a part in this plan, whatever that may be. And maybe Undertaker is involved in all this, too.

I hope we’ll learn more about her reasons and the cult’s motives in the upcoming chapters.

A Child's Protector

A little girl says goodnight to her mother and lets her amber hair to fall onto her pillow. In her arms she held tightly onto a stuffed bear. This bear she’d owned since she was born, and didn’t plan on giving it up anytime soon, as she slept with it every night to keep her dreams happy and safe.

Though it was not just a stuffed animal’s job to keep their children good company throughout the night, they fought for them. Every night. The monsters in their closet, the giant spiders under their beds, even nightmares themselves would have to stand against these protectors of the night.

On this particular night, this bear waited. Muffins was his name. He wore it like a badge to show all the other dolls and toys his child had, for she’d had him the longest. She’d loved him the most. His child took good care of him and took him everywhere she went, and Muffins couldn’t be more content with his life. Night after night he’d fought for her, to keep her safe and rested, while she was at her most vulnerable. He knew her fears, her emotions, but he loved her far too much to let her take them on herself. And tonight, he waited for the shadows to come, for the chance to bring out his sword and fight them off again.

After what felt like hours, there was a shift in the small bedroom. They had come. Muffins cautiously wriggled his way out of his child’s arms, as not to wake her. Once he stood close to the foot of her bed, the bear put his paws together and concentrated for a moment. Then, from the partially matted fur, came a sword of pure magic, that glowed a soft, pastel pink- his child’s favorite color. If one were to ever get the chance to see one of these weapons, the moment they put their ear to it, they’d hear the laughter of the child the energy belonged to. The warmth that radiated off of these sacred weapons was purely of the moments of joy the child has shared with their protector.

Muffins looked around the room for a moment, before he saw a tail, curled in the corner furthest away from the nightlight in the wall next to the sleeping girl. He readied his sword, waiting for the monster to attack. If it were made of only shadows, it was a nightmare. Something he could not let touch his child. It finally surfaced its claws from the darkened corner- as whisps of the night itself fell off of it.

This was the worst nightmare he’d ever come across.

The small bear raised his weapon and attacked it, head-on. The nightmare swept its dragon-like tail up to block the blow. Although, the moment Muffin’s sword touched this nightmare, the images the dark figure had in store for his child flashed through his mind.

There she stood, his beloved child, weeping to her parents screaming, “I lost him! I lost him!” Muffins tried to go towards her to comfort her, it’s what he was made for, though he found that he couldn’t move at all. The leaves of bushed swept into view, blocking out his child and her parents from sight. Darkness found its way in, as it closed out the ever saddening scene.

Once Muffins regained his mind a split second later, his usually happy demeanor changed to that of a true protector. Not angry, but determined to keep their child safe from these horrid emotions. He raised his sword, slashing at the beast again and again. Just as Muffins thought he was getting through, the shadow only grew bigger, gaining on him. The protector was forced to back up more, quickly climbing back onto the bed. The dragon-like nightmare only grew, as it began to take up most of the space in the room. It loomed over the bear and his child ominously, as a wisp of shadow followed the outline of its mouth, as if licking its lips. Muffins made one last attempt to stop the monster before he ran put of options. As it silently opened up its massive maw to consume both the bear and child whole, Muffins took a leap of faith into the dragon’s throat.

All was dark for a moment before a flash of pink could be seen cutting through the shadows of the nightmare’s neck, its head falling a few inches before dissipating into thin air as if it never was. The rest of the shadowy body was soon to follow as quiet whispers of crying were heard before fading away into the night. Muffins stood for a moment, standing but slouched over, taking a moment to think of how stupid a plan that was.

A moment later, his child shuffled underneath her covers and he rushed to her side, placing humself just in her reach. When the soft touch of her hand found his fur, the little girl grabbed Muffins and pulled him close to her, a light smile coming to her still sleeping face. Muffins finally relaxed, relived that he was able to fend off the nightmare tonight. Looking up to where his child’s smile rested softly on her face, he felt a warmth in him that could only be described as a job well done.

And so for the rest of the night he slept, hugged lovingly by his child once again, as he silently promised she’d never lose him.

(Okay little bit about this story, I actually sleep with a stuffed animal still [fight me] and when i was younger some mornings I’d wake up and he’d be on the floor for some reason but I’d be facing the wall? And i don’t turn in my sleep, never have. So I used to think he was fighting off the monsters under my bed on those nights and just couldn’t get back on the bed cause my animal is a Seal xD)

“ Has anyone ever told you, you are a PEST of a man? “   Without jest or err she spoke, the remains of her last cigarette in clouds between them. Ares had been one of her father’s contacts for longer than she could remember, and she had known him for longer than she cared to admit.   “ I knew you had a thing for me when I was still a girl. Your lingering and your ogling are no longer strokes to my ego– unfortunately. If you’re going to hang around, you could at least buy me a drink. “


Now that I know star has a crush on Marco (whether she knows it or not) I can’t stop seeing their interactions as ‘the girl who’s friends with a boy and has a crush on him and is slightly overly attached because of that, but is also trying to stay level headed and maintain the friendships dynamic’

Like the new episode at quest buy. Why would she care that much, that seems like an intense card and she wanted him to like it so much.

Idk probs reading too much into it, it just really reminds me of my friends and I and how we handled friend-group crushes in middle school.


Angel had told herself many months ago that she would never return to Sunnydale, with all the usual excuses: It was a death trap for hunters, she has better business elsewhere, and that there’s nothing for her there. All lies, and she consciously knows it. In truth, she was never afraid of dying, and had even welcomed the idea of death until about a year ago, when she had met him. Someone that she actually cares about more than dying, and had given her an actual reason to stay alive. 

Which is why she finds herself back in this damn town because she stopped making excuses, and decided that some things are worth it in the end. She doesn’t know if he’s forgiven her for leaving without warning, but she has to try. 

That’s why she’s standing underneath a streetlight at sunset, trying to screw up the courage to actually go after what she wants for the first time in 5 years, and knowing that it’s high time to throw away her damn stubbornness for once. Hopefully I’m not too late. 

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            it’s been a shitty couple of weeks for more reasons than piper cares to rename, she didn’t realize she hadn’t seen him in so long until right now, and it’s like a gush of fresh air she welcomes with open arms. her voice sounds more tired than she’d like it to when she speaks. “you are—- an incredible sight for sore eyes.”