she looks so beautiful

rocksavy  asked:

this, her complexion seems a little too mature for it; this one has enough mischief in her, but galko.....-_-'

Galko is plenty deserving of a fang. She is one who is always happy and innocent. 

I mean just look at this beautiful smile, what’s not to love about it. Body type or appearance shouldn’t matter when it comes to a beautiful and wholesome smile.
Most characters with fangs are energetic, innocent and playful people, with some exceptions but those are usually non-human beings, and these types of characters tend to be lolis that’s just the fact of the matter.
Galko is the most innocent out of the 3 main characters, she loves spending time with her friends and even takes up Otako on her book and anime suggestions. So who cares how she looks she is a beauty in her on right and deserve of fangs just as much as the rest.


Sasha Velour’s drag race look book