SH – stairway to mind palace

Drawing finally done! Started 3 months ago, It took a way longer than I expected. I thought that drawing in white on black would be easier but not at all. The thing is, to have white really really white, I had to draw so many times that I’ve lost count (I killed 3 entire pencils to achieve it.)

The process was so long also because of the large size of the drawing; the principal difficulty was to do all these different lightings and shadows. My favourite part was to draw Sherlock climbing the stairs; I loved to draw the shadow on his coat and the staircase. But I didn’t enjoy so much drawing the hair of the profile, it drove me crazy! I was really happy when I put my signature at the end.

Credit to Ian Derry for the 2 wonderful reference photos I’ve used:

He also inspired me the idea for the composition of the drawing with this post.

See here, the work in progress:

White and light grey pencils on black paper - size 65x50cm (26”x20”)

3am: time for a new wip! with this drawing of Sherlock making his way to his mind palace… drawing in negative is so great, it offers so many possibilities to make different white and grey, and black & white drawings have this special strange feeling, really captivating. But the bad thing is actually to take a proprer photo of this black paper! such a nightmare.

I will try to make a livestream on this one soon, if it works this time!


SH falls asleep animation

Here is the video version of my gif ! (with a little extra x)

It’s a very short video but i wanted to have a better quality of that animation . Watch it in hd to see the sketches in details.