I had to blacklist the setlock tag ‘cause I don’t want to see too much, but just had the time to see that beautiful shot. I made this drawing for my loyal followers who still stay around even if I ain’t post shit for months, (sorry about that).

Made with ballpoint pen, ink pen and painted with a water brush (a great new tool that I discovered recently, I love it!)

3am: time for a new wip! with this drawing of Sherlock making his way to his mind palace… drawing in negative is so great, it offers so many possibilities to make different white and grey, and black & white drawings have this special strange feeling, really captivating. But the bad thing is actually to take a proprer photo of this black paper! such a nightmare.

I will try to make a livestream on this one soon, if it works this time!


SH falls asleep animation

Here is the video version of my gif ! (with a little extra x)

It’s a very short video but i wanted to have a better quality of that animation . Watch it in hd to see the sketches in details.