SH - to celebrate inktober and for my Sherlock fellows !

made with ballpoint pen, fineliner pen & water brush with black ink - A4 paper

reference picture from cclbaldwin (thanks to @perfectly-addicted)

I had to blacklist the setlock tag ‘cause I don’t want to see too much, but just had the time to see that beautiful shot. I made this drawing for my loyal followers who still stay around even if I ain’t post shit for months, (sorry about that).

Made with ballpoint pen, ink pen and painted with a water brush (a great new tool that I discovered recently, I love it!)

reysxywalkers  asked:

I just saw your pen sketch of Moriarty and I am completely in awe wow just wow.

Thank you, but unfortunately an accident happened, he’s dead… Ballpoint pen is such an evil tool, no mistakes allowed. I wanted to do a small modification on it, I ruined it then killed it. This is what happens when I ruin a drawing:

At least, I’m glad to still have a photo when he was alive.


Artist questions

I’ve been tagged by @sleepingexplorer - original questions by @sheeponmars Thank you both!

1. What is your personal favourite of your own pictures?

The Strange Musician - because it’s one of the rare artwork where everything just went right, strangely easily and it’s one of my biggest pieces. I remember it was so peaceful to draw/paint - I could heard him playing the violin, a real delight.

I also have a lot of affection for Cap’n Blowfish - maybe my most personal work and the only piece of mine that is framed, hanged on my wall.

2. What would you describe as your comfort zone?

When I use reference and when it’s related to something I like, mainly from pop culture.

3. What would you like to be better at?

Working without reference. I try to do that more & more, especially right now I am working on a piece that I’ve imagined and it requires so much more work. I’d like to be a bit faster sometimes too and to stop procrastination!!

4. Which single picture made you learn the most?

No Half Measures - so much details, patterns and matters in one pic! I used a lot of different medium on this one. Also, this a piece I enterely redo when I realised that the first attempt was too small, that I had to treat each colors/effects differently and in a specific order to have a clean result.

5. Do you think one of your pictures is overrated/underrated?

The Breathing is Boring animation is kind of overatted I think when I see that it didn’t require so much work compared to other pieces I did. But I know the amount of work doesn’t always make the difference. The notes are crazy but I’m kind of happy of that, it became the black flag of my blog for years now!

As for an underrated  one, I would say No Half Measures ‘cause it took me so much time & effort and I’m a bit disapointed that it’s not liked that much. But better to not trying to understand why some pictures are popular on tumblr and others aren’t  - it depends on many factors, everything’s relative.

6. Is there any picture which you hated when you first made it, but now you like it?

Actually, pictures I hated… don’t exist anymore! I have the bad habit to destroy it when I messed up something. But there’s one survival, JM - Shadow Skull - I didn’t like a part of Jim’s face, so I cut it off (as you can see on that post) and it became something kind of cool after all.

7. Is there a medium you just can’t get to work for you?

Oil painting, I never found out how that shit works. Also digital painting, I gave it a try once but I didn’t like the feeling so much - but I have to try harder on this one.

8. Is there a different artist in the fandom who inspires you?

There are a lot of artists that I admire here definetely, yes. I never cease to be amazed by the talent & dedication I can see on that site, but I can’t really speak of ‘inspiration’ because we’re all in the same boat! I need to dream so I find my inspiration into inaccessible artists. If I have to give one name, it’s Drew Struzan. That artist is my Master Jedi ! and my dream would be to follow his path.

9. Which picture took you the longest? (estimated) 

SH - Stairway to Mind Palace  - man, that was epic! big size again and only with two pencils: light grey & white on black paper. I can’t remember how long but I would say beetween 2 and 4 months at least (but not everyday!)

Also, in colors,  Vincent/Benedict  - the process took like 8 months but it was mainly because I was facing issues in that time plus a serious art block. The longest part of the work itself was the many layers of watercolor pencils.

10. When did you start painting/drawing?

The moment where I have been able to handle a pencil! Like, drawing and drawing, all over again. But seriously, I felt a real change when I enterered my art high school. With 20 hours of art classes by week for 3 years, (even if I often skipped!) I practiced a lot. Never really stopped since.

Well, that’s it - thank you  and now I’m tagging some of the artists I follow here and would love to read their answers:

@artofbrianluong@horrible-device @jameshance @naturalshocks @suis0u @tinymediaempire