Seeing SHINHWA at KCONLA on Sunday was amazing and indescribable!

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Happy New Year!

It’s officially 2016 over here in my place now, Happy New Year to all of my followers and SHCJs. We had a few ups and downs in 2015 but overall we had a great Shinhwa year :) I made the same new year resolution for Shinhwa & SHCJs last year (tbh every year) And that is to have a smooth year ahead! Hope everyone stays healthy and happy this year too! Have a blessed and wonderful New Year!!!!

And look this happened again when I logged in lmao

anonymous asked:

Sooo, what would Shinhwa members want their gf to wear while sleeping? Short and tank top, their shirt, or just naked? Love your answers and writing, I really hope you keep going.

Eric: I feel like Eric would want their girlfriend to wear a loose shirt and shorts/pants depending on how hot it is. He’d want her to be as comfortable as possible and would choose her comfort over his want to see her in something less revealing.

Minwoo: Minwoo would probably give you his shirt and shorts. He’d want to see you in his clothes as much as possible, I feel like he’d see that as being more intimate than you just being naked and risk your discomfort.

Jun Jin: Naked or wearing just your underwear. He would want to be as close to you as possible, not wanting to have any fabric get between your bodies so he’d often ask you to sleep naked.

Dongwan: His shirt. He’d always coo about how cute you looked in his various shirts so he’d give you new ones every week to go to bed with.

Hyesung: I think Hyesung would want you to wear either a cute nightgown or in some occasions, in his longer shirts. It wouldn’t be for his enjoyment, mostly he wants to see you comfortable while still looking cute.

Andy: He’s so cheeky so I feel like he would give you his loose shirts or let you wear your loosest pajamas, only so he can have easy access to your body. He’d never ask you to do this but he’d actually prefer for you to just go to bed naked.

Late Night Saga

Recently one of my friends dropped a bombshell on me by declaring herself as a newly-found shinhwa changjo I’m the kind that sleeps early at times, especially if there is work the next day, but she isn’t. 

So these days after her declaration, she has been spamming me with pictures and all about Shinhwa, trying to get me to spazz with her. Unfortunately, I will just get annoyed at times to be woken up in the middle of the night, and then reply her only the next morning. 【I’m terribly sorry…】

So this is one of the conversation she was spamming last night.

I’m sorry I’m being such a bad friend hahah, but it’s really funny to see how she reacts to everything I say, and the way she gets shocked at the countless unglam pictures of Shinhwa.

All I can say is, I’m sorry darling, the more you search for all these pictures, the more you fall for their dorkiness. There is no way out at all so don’t even bother climbing. 


Zona K-POP Shinhwa

Master of living (playing) alone

Here is the post to answer anon. query about I Live Alone.
Orangebox subbed few earlier episodes of Dongwan cuts. You can watch ILA starting from episode 136 on kshowonline. If kshowonline didn’t work for you try kshow123, they have raw episodes starting from episode 118. If new fans or anyone who wants to download raw episodes just check SHCJ France tumblr (not sure if all the links still work though). I’ve listed the episodes of Dongwan appearances on ILA, hope it’ll help anyone who wants to watch or looking for the right episode without the hassle of clicking every episodes. I’ve also put the link of Dongwan’s cuts from orangebox, just click the ORANGEBOX on the episode list. I hope this post help you anon.

EP99 President Kim ORANGEBOX
EP103 Hospital (Junjin visiting DW) ORANGEBOX
EP104 Rainbow members visiting DW’s house ORANGEBOX
EP105 Studying Mandarin & English ORANGEBOX
EP107 DW visit Pohang / meeting Jisoo & Suho ORANGEBOX
EP112 Everland ORANGEBOX
EP114 Photo trip with Joongwan ORANGEBOX
EP116 Visiting high school friend’s house
EP117 Rainbow members camping
EP119 Figurine cabinet
EP121 Hangover / sorting fridge
EP122 Trip with Goguma
EP124 Day out with cousin sons
EP128 Kim Youngchul’s sister birthday ORANGEBOX
EP129 Packing for Japan / Shinhwa’s FM / Kurashiki
EP130 Kurashiki / Onomichi
EP131 MTB / onsen bath
EP133 Celebrating birthday ORANGEBOX
EP136 Visiting Hwang Seokjeong
EP138 Briquette for the elderly / Rainbow members gathering
EP139 New Year hiking with Joongwan ( watching sunrise)
EP142 Ice climbing
EP143 Past & current Rainbow members gathering
EP144 Making vin chaud / English conversation class / cross fit
EP147 Instructor Dongwan (skiing)
EP149 DIY at Hash The Wood / Joongwan’s farewell party
EP150 Spring cleaning
EP156 JIFF / Hanok village / meeting Roxane Mesquida
EP161 Poe press conference / acting (mime) lesson

When your Bias is being Biased

see how Hyesungie’s so pressured in performing well?

and… and his neighbor is having high expectations ~ LMAO

uri awkward prince does his best tho ~ however.. 

Hyesungie.. will always be Hyesungie.. LOL

Look.. just look at that “ahh i wanna hit you” kind of expression.. LOL

but here’s a completely different story.. HAHAHA

even without doing anything..

even if Baby Bird Jinnie’s clue doesn’t make sense..

Here is uri Eric Mun ~ LAUGHING OUT LOUD :)))

my bias is biased towards my bias ruiner LOL