10 things i now associate with Shinhwa in my daily life

1) Orange
was one of my least favourite colours but has mysteriously become my second favourite colour, nothing can beat my love for purple.
Not to mention the fruit orange :P

2) We speak no americano 

song -
lip -

now whenever i hear this song i always think back to when Shinhwa were in the car and were jamming to this song! 

3) Chili 

The small chili men, no further explanation needed

and Hyesung asking the Chinese Face Reading person, the correlation between the nose and the ‘Chili'

and also on the reptile episode, where the snake’s tail kept wrapping itself around Hyesung’s 'Chili’ :P

4) Kiwi

Andy’s Kiwi prince will always be remembered and lately there has been a lot of kiwi around constantly reminding me of Andy :P 

5) Sesame seed/oil 

Hyesung and his love for sesame, even i get excited whenever i see/eat something related to sesame :P 

6) Tuna

Eric’s nickname he got in SHBS’s Fashion episode when he wore a black knit and was given the analogy of “a tuna being caught in a net” and was constantly teased for the rest of the episode, ahh our black tuna. 

7) granny/farming pants

even when i see other people wear them i automatically think of my shinhwa boys wearing them

8) Venus 

not so much the planet Venus but more of the razor brand Venus haha, always see it when i go to the supermarket, and not to mention the brand of razor i use, okay maybe TMI but 'Hey! Come on’ :P  

9) Cheerleaders

How is one ever suppose to forget this scene 

10) lemon

our lemon syung is so pretty 

Realised that half the list is food related, but i guess that’s what the easiest and most common in our everyday life :P

Full credits are given to the original owners of pictures/videos/gifs except for 6,7,9 which are edited by me from SHBS or JTBC. 

Just giving my 2 cents....

For me it came as no surprise that Dongwan would not be continuing to film SHBS, i was kinda expecting it. We all know that he has taken a musical, preparation for Shinhwa’s 12th album (Yayyyyy)is already on the way, and i’m sure they will be also discussing and preparing for their 16th anniversary concert sometime soon. Though it may not seem like the filming for SHBS may take up a lot of time, i’d rather him take that time off and really have some time for himself and rest, so that he can give it his best for what he already has on his full plate.

From what i’ve been reading on tumblr how some SHCJ’s are hesitant in accepting his decision, but you can imagine how much he would want to film SHBS as well and enjoy the time and make memories with the boys. But he knows that his body can’t take it and though it’s a difficult decision for him, we have to stand behind him and support him, i’m sure when his schedule clears up a bit he’ll start joining them, and we’ll be seeing our Donggumong (blackhole) soon. 

But, my main point here is that, this is not a decision he made for himself, i’m sure he would have discussed with his manager, other Shinhwa members and the production staff of SHBS, knowing that it was the best for the people around him, i remember on some show he was discussing how he got into a major car accident where he was literally suppose to die, and that was because all the staff were tired from the busy schedules, and i’m sure he has suffered enough from that incident, and had enough time to reflect and i’m sure he felt a lot of remorse towards the individual that ‘died in his place’ and towards their family, and doesn’t want the past to repeat itself. So from this i’m sure that he doesn’t want any of his staff to be working under such stressful and tight conditions where they are risking their lives for him, so it’s the best decision for everyone.

I really hope that people understand this and that it’s not his greed or hunger for fame or money but for his true passions and for the better of everyone around him.  We often forget about the people behind the scenes, they are often the ones taking on numerous jobs, making sure that schedules are running on time, shuffling them back and forth, just doing errands for them constantly, and most of the time would get less sleep than the artist!!  

40 Day Shinhwa Challenge Day 25 (12) – What do you think of Dongwan

Where to start, at first i kinda found Dongwan’s personality annoying, like being the black hole, and making weird and annoying comments at the wrong time, that is to say he was my least favourite member. Though when he started to not film SHBS with the other members it was really evident that his presence was not there and i actually started missing him

Then not too long ago, i started watching his drama Cheer up, Mr. Kim and wow did i start to adore this guy. Then while i rewatched SHBS, and the parts that previously annoyed me, i actually didn’t mind it anymore and now he’s come out of my least favourite member, and now there is no member that i don’t really like anymore haha :)
I guess it’s just part of his personality, even videos from yearssss ago, he had the same personality, and i think that is on reason why i came to accept his personality cuz it’s been with him from the start.

Though sometimes his comments can be really weird and at the wrong time and sometimes really cringe worthy, his smile he gives along with his awkward laugh after is just so forgiving and everything is forgiven. And those wrinkles, i actually find then really cute and don’t know why he  doesn’t like them so much :(

And gosh do we have to mention erowan, no explanation is needed haha 

But all jokes aside, when he’s on stage his seriousness is so attractive, he’s just so immersed in his performances and his voice is wow, i never noticed his voice perviously but then when you notice it, you just keep on noticing it. it’s just so crisp and clear and his solo songs through some of my favourite are more cutesy it does suit him haha

and who can not mention he’s the muscle man of Shinhwa!! Like ooof he’s got some serious muscles and look at those veins :O

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40 Day Shinnhwa Challenge Day 27 (14) – What do you think of Junjin

Well for Junjin, i originally didn’t really pay much attention to him, but once i watched We Got Married with Lee Si Young i slowly started to pay attention to him more. I think what made me more interested in this couple was that this couple ended up being real and it was really shown through the show, though it was short you could really see the development of their understandings and emotions towards each other.

He’s seriously the mood maker of the group, he’s the one the members turn to when it get awkward or don’t know what to say, the best example that comes to mind is in SHBS in the fashion episodes, when Eric and his partner was the first to arrive and it was seriously awkward, and once Junjin came Eric got a lot more comfortable, as well as the whole set environment. He’s just got that special ability to make people comfortable, and present himself in such a likable manner, yet he’s so charismatic on stage. 

Most people regard him as the variety person in Shinhwa and he well deserves it. Like i said before he has a talent to make people comfortable, so when he talks, and tells stories about the other members it’s always so hilarious and we can always relate. You can always expect it to be a good episode if Junjin’s there, and especially if the other members are there! This was also evident in the episode of SHBS when Junjin was not present and all the members were complaining about what to do, and how much they needed Junjin.

I’m posting this through my laptop and don’t have my gallery with me, so i’ll update this post with photos tmr :D 

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