You snapped the picture,

With the light in your eyes,

Now we gaze upon it,

All of us wondering why,

“I’m okay, I’m here, I’m always here.”

You whisper with goodbyes,

You taught us truth,

And broke us of our ties,

In our hearts you told us,

“It’s okay, everybody dies.”

When we go and pass away,

It’s you we’ll see on the wondrous day.

I miss you more than frequent seasons,

And love you for so many more reasons.

To Shazari, my wonderful Puma and friend to more than he knew.

lifecrystals  asked:

20. A movie that was better than the book (and fix your tumblr link)

Yes’m.  I actually have a couple different answers on that one, but I’ll go with The Prestige (I’m pretty sure I’ve waxed poetic on why I like the adaptation on a different meme, but I’ll suffice to say the book was inspired but messy and anticlimactic and Nolan tightened it up a lot with his eye towards storytelling), The Princess Bride (Goldman’s book was clever and reasonably entertaining, but I’ve never reread it, whereas the campy-delightful rewatch value and an entire generation’s love for the movie cannot be denied – the subject matter just better suited a sincere lighthearted romp than an attempt at satire), and Stardust (I’m given faint pause by the fact that Mr. Gaiman is now on Tumblr and Tumblr is less a collection of private blogs and more a gigantic echo chamber, but – like TPB, I thought Stardust was an okay-ish but tonally dissonant, confused half-ironic half-unironic fairytale book but its movie adaptation took it into glorious adventuresome camp).

replies @ my commission info

@Squishysound -  Signal Boost, and does paypal only mean paypal to paypal transfers?

Hmmm well I think VISA to paypal should work as well! Not only paypal to paypal :>

@Shazari - BB, why are your commissions so underpriced :( You can’t even be making minimum wages at those prices?

Ahh honestly I always have a hard time to decide if I should aim it higher or not, since I know that many other people are also in a messy financial situation. :C I’m not sure how much my art is “worth” asdfg

@cosmictuesdays - Where are you going in the US? If New York is on your list it’s highly likely I can take an afternoon to buy you some tea. 

Aww man! We’re planning to go to California (LA, San Diego, a little bit of everywhere) and during the last week we are going to New York to meet up a friend who’s gonna join us throughout the week. I’m not sure if it’s possible for me to meet anyone else, but oh boy that would be cool to meet up and drink teaaaa ♥

To my dearest codalion,

Please autograph the enclosed cat. Since it is black, you should use a gel pen for maximum visibility. This will make it easier to photograph for ebay. Regards, — shazari


To madam,

I was informed that this package would contain a cat, but instead found that it contained a noisy extraterrestrial with an underbite and one kidney.  I am concerned that glow-in-the-dark gel ink will interact badly with its alien biology.  Please advise, it is yowling, — codalion