random stuff in the office

In the locker room. I believe I took this after my shift because I do not check my phone during breaks. I’d rather stay in the floor and have a chit chat with my team mates.

Again, in the locker room. We love taking photos here, probably because of the colors of the lockers. 

Wash room near the Training Room. I’ll never forget this place.

Videoke room. Before the rest day, my team mates and I decided to release our stress and sing few songs and had a good time. I so love ‘em! [Yes, we do have a videoke room in the office!]

Pantry. While waiting for someone. But then, I got bored and sleepy so I went to the lounge and sleep before my shift.

Sleeping time! Zzzzz


I am a no believer of getting on a diet. Cheeseburger, pizza, ice cream, cups of rice, pork liempo, chicken barbeque, chocolates, shakes and chips are delicious and difficult to ignore when you see them. Who would give up on eating this kind of foods for vegetables and fruits, right? Or I have a misunderstanding with the meaning of diet itself. I believe that when you say diet it totally means of not eating or starving oneself. Which was wrong. As per Wikipedia, it says that diet is often implies the use of specific intake of nutrition for health or weight-management reasons (with the two often being related). That’s why we have different kinds of it for different people like we have a diet of people with cardiovascular issues from people with liver or kidney problems. So what I am trying to imply? My belief about diet has changed, it didn't happened overnight because one’s belief cannot be changed in a snap. Its not just about starving or avoiding food but its more likely of choosing the food you eat. 

Thinking of doing the cleansing diet for 7 days. I tried to search the web about this diet and how to do this also. No meat and junkfoods for 7 days. Just fruits and vegetables for 7 days. WOWness! How do I do this, knowing me who eats rice thrice a day. This is going to be a difficult one but it’s worth trying. I am getting older and I have to take care of myself. 

Now, I came to realized to do some changes about what I eat. The catch here is when can I give up on those nice, crispy bacon. LOL.

another lazy day.

Head phones on, volumes up and coffee on my right side with a graphing notebook and pens in front. A lazy monday with nothingness. Well, not actually nothing to do but it feels so lazy because its so hot and humid. By the way I’m currently stuck with Jason Mraz, Eraserheads, Boyce avenue, APO and Michael Jackson.

  • Sembreak-Eraserheads
  • When I met you- APO
  • Lucky-Jason Mraz

For some reason, I kept on repeating these three songs. During this kind of time what I usually do when I was younger was playing with my point and shoot camera and practice some DIY techniques. 


Let me sum up my lazy Wednesday:

  • watched video tutorials, I want to learn another language but I’m torn between Spanish or French language. ☺
  • when I got bored, I remember Cathy Go. Chicboy days. Her voice is powerful and wonderful. Cant wait to watch her gig again.
  • went to the church with Carlo. Whatever we are facing hon, I know we can get through this, together. And right now, all we need to do is trust Him. Like how I trust you as you trust me. Iloveyou.
  • And out of curiosity, I answered a 50 items test online. I got 34 out of 50! Ha! That’s something. I usually get lower than 25 before. HeeHee! 0.0

The second time we saw a rainbow. the first time was at Mangatarem, Pangasinan. It’s like a sign for the both of us, because when we saw the rainbow at Pangasinan something good happened. And it happened twice. After we saw this, a blessing just knock our door. Ü

Somethin'' new for 2013!

Lot of changes if going to happen starting tomorrow. New job and new work location. Still same industry though but I know this is better. I am not going to lie but I feel scared but I know I have you with me so there’s nothing to be scared of. Just enjoy this blessing that the Lord gave to us. Also, a friend told me she’s giving me a puppy! I don’t know what to name the puppy yet but I would want it to name after a pinoy junkfood. Lol