shayne's problems

In Love With My Best Friend: Damien Haas x Reader

A/N: This isn’t quite in the rain wHoOpS but yeah this was requested by @chayavered116

Words: 1060 words

Warnings: Fluff

Pairing: Damien Haas x Reader

You paced back and forth, your head spinning with emotions beyond your consent. You flopped onto your bed and screamed into your pillow.

“How did this happen? Why do I feel like this?” You asked yourself as you calmed down a bit, stopping yourself from basically destroying your room.

“How could I fall in love with my best friend?” You asked to yourself and sighed.

“I have to do something to make these feelings go away. But, he’s so perfect in every way,” You talked to yourself as you rolled around on your bed.

“I’ll just avoid him until I don’t feel like this anymore!” You suddenly said and jumped up off your bed.

You quickly got ready for work, seeming as your freak out almost made you late. You walked into the Smoffice and smiled at your co-workers.

You clicked on the button for the elevator and the door opened. Thankfully, there was no one inside. Once the elevator doors opened once more, you zoomed towards the Smosh Squad room.

However, once you entered the room, Damien was sitting on a bean bag talking with Shayne. You stiffened and tried to avoid his gaze. Your attempts failed as he looked up and he smiled.

“Hey Y/N!” Damien said and you did a little wave before zooming out of the room to the Smosh Games office.

“Hey guys!” You said and everyone waved.

“Oh, are you recording?” You asked and Wes nodded.

You went over to Wes’s camera and waved.

“Hey there bbs!” You said smiling at the camera and then walking out of the room.

Where could you go to avoid Damien?

You ran around the whole Smoffice, and every room seemed to not have any room or place for you. You panted heavily as you were out of breath from running so much and sighed.

You trudged to the Smosh Squad room and saw that Damien had left. You sighed in relief and plopped onto one of the bean bags.

“You good?” Shayne asked curiously.

“No!” You snapped back and buried your face in the bean bag.

“Woah okay then, someone’s on their period,” Shayne said and you flipped him off with your face still buried into the bean bag.

You rolled over and looked over at Shayne.

“I have a problem,” You said and Shayne looked at you with confusion.

“Like a mental problem? Because that was obvious already,” Shayne said sarcastically as you playfully hit his shoulder and he chuckled.

“No, dumbass. I have a crush on my best friend,” You whispered so only Shayne could here and he gasped dramatically.

Everyone else in the room looked at him and you put your hands over his mouth.

“I swear to Jesus on a stick I will strangle you and certainly not in a kinky way,” you threatened and removed your hand.

He chuckled but nodded anyways.

“So, you have a crush on Damien? Big deal,” Shayne whispered as well.

“YES big deal. He’s my best friend for god’s sake and this would ruin our relationship,” You explained.

“Or maybe make it better,” Shayne replied wiggling his eyebrows.

“Be serious. What do I do? I’ve decided to avoid him for now,” You said hitting his shoulder playfully again.

“Well first of all, don’t ignore him. Confront him about it. The worst that could happen is him rejecting you and never being your friend again. In which will certainly not happen since we’re speaking of Damien here,” Shayne said and you thought about it.

“But, what if he doesn’t like me back?” You asked.

“Even though I’m pretty sure he does,  I bet the feelings with subside eventually and you’ll stay best friends because of how close you both are,” Shayne replied and you smiled at him.

“Thank you Shayne, it means a lot,” You said hugging him.

He hugged you back and held you tight. You pulled away from the hug and stood up.

“You get em’ girl,” He said as you chuckled and went on the search for Damien.

You searched the whole office and suddenly found him on the main floor, sitting on the ground leant against the wall.

“Hey dork,” You said and he looked up at you.

“Hey,” Damien muttered and you tilted your head in confusion.

“What’s wrong?” You asked.

“Do you like Shayne?” Damien asked suddenly and your eyes widened.

“What? Of course I do, as a friend,” You replied, still just as confused.

“Oh okay,” Damien simply said and looked down.

“About that,” You said and he whipped his head back up.

“I may or may not have a huge crush on you. Also I may or may not think it might affect our frienship but Shayne gave me a pep talk so I did it anyways,” You said quickly and sheepishly rubbed the back of your neck.

“Wait, really?” He asked, surprised.

“Yeah,” You nodded, your hopes slowly going down.

“Well, incase you couldn’t tell, I like you too,” Damien said and this time it was your turn to be surprised.

“Really?!” You asked in shock yet, excitement.

He simply nodded and a small smile grew on your face. You looked around and thankfully their was no one around.

“So…” You slowly said, not knowing what to do next.

“Y/N, would you like to be my girlfriend?” Damien asked, a slight tint of pink on his cheeks.

“Of course!” You replied and hugged him tight.

Once you pulled away he leant your foreheads together and pressed his soft lips against yours.

Fireworks ( I FEEL LIKE GLITTER ) erupted in your stomach and shivers went down your spine. The kiss was magical and lasted not too long, but it felt like a life time for the both of you.

You slowly pulled away and opened your eyes again.

“I-I-I…woah,” You said breathlessly and he chuckled.

“Expect that a lot more often,” Damien replied and you hit his shoulder playfully.

“Let’s go tell everyone so they can be jealous!” you said sarcastically while getting up and putting out your hand.

“Yes, let’s go!” Damien chuckled and grabbed your hand.

As your fingers intertwined and you both began to walk, the slight blush on both your cheeks never faded.