shayne mcintyre


Comfiest. Barrels. Ever.


Presenting Shayne’s Sanuks - a growing collection of photos taken by Sanuk surf shredder/traveler/full-time family man, Shayne McIntyre.

While most known for his travel-inspired show, On Surfari, Shayne, is a man of many talents. More dashing than George Clooney and armed with a proper cutback, Shayne explores the world with his family in search of surf, adventure and smiles.

Here, he makes a pilgrimage to Oahu, Hawaii. The following captions come from Shayne himself and correspond to photos moving left to right.

1. My Rusty shred sleds are the only thing that can get me out of my Sanuks…

2. Identified flying object…a boring moment made just slightly less boring.

3. A rare glimpse of the West Side….

4. Less Cement please.

5. My favorite wave on Oahu… Bodysurfing Point Panic for a couple days during an amazing swell this Summer was an eye opener. I thought I had bodysurfing figured out until I hung with that crew and saw guys making barrels from 4ft. back in the pit. Mike Stewart’s antics and Cunningham’s butterknife approach were inspiring as well. That whole crew had style, aloha, and gave me some good pointers.

6.  Don’t even think about it.

Stay tuned for the next installment. Coming soon!