Commission: Aloha to Summer by MykeGreywolf

A commission requested by outlaw4rc of his character Shayna getting ready to destroy those waves!

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  • Little Mix Medley
  • Shayna Zweiback
  1. Cannonball- Perrie’s verse&chorus
  2. You Got the Love- Perrie’s verse&chorus
  3. DNA- Perrie’s verse&Jade’s verse
  4. Wings- Chorus&Jesy’s verse
  5. Turn Your Face- Perrie’s verse
  6. Going Nowhere- Perrie’s verse&Jesy’s verse

For Sahana


From Tonight’s stream! It was absolutely amazing fun! *0*

Thank you guys for coming to my first stream ever! /A\ it was too fun!

I drew Kyra with Giroro genie! (she’s so cute omg /A\), Dorito Face Bad Touch Senpai Tom with Shota Boi Corrie!

Thank you Shayna, Kyra, Tom, Corrie, Phui, MOOP ESPECIALLY FOR HELPING, Koda, Roya and many other people who’s name i’ve forgotten (and I am so sorry) for being at my stream! i had a blast! <3

Characters©their respective owners

art and stuff©moi :U