• Jacob: *fucks around with Fiona's plants*
  • Fiona: Jacob, please stop messing with my plants
  • Jacob: oh... Please don't GROW impatient with me
  • Hugh: Jacob, stop it
  • Jacob: Oh, come on, Hugh. Don't BEE a BUZZ kill
  • Millard: Stop it
  • Jacob: I'm sorry, Millard. I don't think I can SEE what you mean
  • Enoch: This is torture. Your puns are terrible
  • Jacob: I guess you could say I'm PUNishing you
  • Millard: ... I'm telling the Bird
  • Jacob: wait, no

I live for moments like these😍 Ashley’s hand is on Shay’s boob, and Shay’s hand is around Ashley’s butt. Meet Buttahbenzo👭

So about M. Night Shaym-Aliens

People have probably thought about this plenty and my two cents aren’t really needed at this point. But I was late to the Rick and Morty fandom, and I didn’t really see people talking about it, so I want to talk about Rick’s behavior in the simulation.

By the end of the episode, Rick reveals that he knew he was in a simulation alll aloong. Obviously. And then we’re expected to think he knew that Morty was a simulation alll alooong, or else he wouldn’t be giving Morty instructions to mix chemicals that would blow them up. So are we expected to believe his freak out after the credits is for nothing?

Naw, I think Rick really wasn’t sure at first if Morty was a part of the simulation. He tried to dismiss Morty as part of the simulation at first (”Sure buddy, yeah sure. Brilliant. Very convincing.” “Ooh and responsive too. In real time.”) But I think, when he gets Morty in the shower and sees that he has genitalia, he really does believe that this is his Morty.


It makes no sense that the little processors would be here when the simulation shuts down. This is the part where Rick realizes that he’s still in a simulation, and Morty is part of it. And it makes sense why they could act so out of character just before this.

And that part is actually pretty sad on second viewings. When I first watched this episode, I thought it was Rick who was fake at this part.

“Don’t worry about it, Morty. There’s plenty of ‘em ya little goof ball.”

Boy look how totally “out of character” Rick seems here!!!

“Nothing wrong with just a little bit of horse play now and then, little fella.” Boy Rick, you sure seem SUSPICIOUSLY NICE HERE!

So where I’m going with this: Rick only seemed out of character at this point because fake-Morty was responding to Rick positively. What this part actually shows is HOW RICK WANTS HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH MORTY TO BE!! Real Morty woulda complained that Rick was wasting escaping time getting those processors (and who could blame him?) And Rick would have responded out of anger because Rick doesn’t deal with Morty well. Or people in general.

This scene is so sad because this is how Rick and Morty’s relationship could be if Rick wasn’t so self-destructive and self-centered! But we’ve seen how Rick disconnects from people (leaving his family) and how hard he falls when relationships don’t work (look at Auto-Erotic Assimilation). It’s why he’s so quick to be angry at Morty. Which is part of why Morty is quick to argue back.

Look, we know how freaked the fuck out Rick gets when he’s uncertain (A Rickle in Time; Total Rickall). That’s why he distances himself. Because dealing with people is like “a horse trying to fix a merry-go-round” as he put it. And that’s why he has a hard time bonding with Morty. And that’s why Rick freaks out about Morty being a simulation during the credits (see 2nd pic again).

So what was the point of this post? I just want people to know how sad it was that Rick’s most out of character moment was probably how he wants to be deep down. But Rick sabotages himself and his relationships. Just something to think about.