leave the night on || Drew & Shayla

Drew couldn’t help the excitement rising at the thought of Shayla coming over, and knew he was so screwed. He liked her a lot, and even flirting with as many people as he could didn’t help. He’d managed to do it again, with someone who didn’t really seem to show much inclination towards actually having a relationship. But she was coming over, so he could help but grin as he shrugged into a clean shirt. Thing whined as he tossed a few random objects into the closet, apparently not appreciating the movement while trying to sleep.

He surveyed the apartment again, pretty sure that everything was clean at least. Although he hadn’t managed to get around to cooking anything today, but he was pretty sure they wouldn’t be eating anyways, and he almost jumped when a knock sounded on the door. “Coming!” He called, jogging over and swinging it open with a broad smile. “Hey, babe.”


Jared: What are you laughing at?

Shayla: Nothing.

Jared: You never heard that song? What the fuck is so funny? What is Shayla laughing at? What are you laughing at? What’s the gig? No, you have to tell me now.

Shayla: I don’t know, nothing.

Jared: I’m not gonna stop in front of thousands of people. What’s so funny?

Shayla: Nothing.

Jared: What’s so funny? What’s she laughing at? I have to know? I’m not gonna stop until you tell me. You gotta tell me now.

Shayla: Nothing. Just…

Jared: You gotta tell us.

Stevie: Someone’s saying something inappropriate on a text?

Jared : No, I think she was laughing at grandpa Leto for some reason. What’s so funny, Shayla? … Shayla, what’s so funny?

Shayla: Nothing.

Jared: I’m gonna turn the camera to you. What’s so funny ?

Shayla: Nothing.

Jared: You gotta tell everybody. Everybody is asking what’s so funny.

… Fucking Shayla.

The Truth // Shayla and Orion

Sitting on the couch out on the balcony, Orion watched the sunset over the ocean which was a past time he had enjoyed while being here. Over the last few days Orion had tried his best to avoid his girls due to his behaviour and in all honesty just wanted some alone time. He knew that facing the music was something that was going to have to happen. Nova already knew what was going on, however Orion had not gotten around to telling Shayla and now that old wounds had been opened, it was going to be a lot more painful then before.

Deep in thought and sipping on a lemon ice tea Orion didn’t hear the door to the balcony open as his eyes were too busy concentrating on the pinky, orange glow of the sunset before his very own eyes.

Isaac woke in the morning, looking over to see Shayla still asleep. He scooted over until he was out of the bed, walking into the bathroom and starting the shower to rinse off the smell of alcohol that still lingered. After a few minutes had passed he dried off walking out of the bathroom with a towel to get dressed. He looked over at Shayla. “Good morning, love”

Isaac stood near the edge of the rooftop, though he had known he shouldn’t have stayed out this late without any kind of warning the night air relaxed him. As time passed he lost track of it, and soon enough it was pitch black and all you could see is distant lights and stars. Isaac heard footsteps behind him, making no point to turn around he called out. “I know you’re there.”