I am home. 
Sleepy and sore and sunburnt and very people-ed out.
It was a good trip except I got a parking ticket on the last day for $100, which seems like a big kick in the teeth from the universe, telling me “NO BRAM! DON’T EVER SOCIALISE AGAIN!!!!”
I got home, paid the fine, had a proper shower, smothered myself in aloe vera, and made myself a bed of icepacks. Then I turned on Tumblr and you guys have made me feel WORLDS better. Led made me a beautiful Christmas gift and it was so perfect it nearly made me cry. Ahh, I like real life people in general, as a collective, but I never feel like I belong amongst them. Thank God for you guys, and thank God for real life friends that I can relate to and understand: shaydaly and gayaspinkink, or I would never leave home. Gosh I missed you all.

*crawls into your embraces to sleep*

 shaydaly said: haha thats ok :D We need a dinner date! I made jelly. the lemonade jelly is the best!

Ah! Roxy bought that one. I haven’t tried it yet but I think you’ll have a hard time convincing me that red flavour is anything but the best in all its incantations. Red is always the best.
Hey, I might even be able to drop by after work one day if I pack spare clothes. My shift ends at 5 (plus overtime). 
So p much anytime I think : )
Only if you’re doing dinner, I’m doing dessert. Though it’d have to be nothing that anyone at work will eat ^-^ The guys at the station absolutely decimated my brownies in one day!
I made so many!

LOOK WHAT MY FRIEND BROUGHT ME!!! He has another batch for me too but I think I will be content with these for a while :D
Which ones should I read first?
Only I can’t read them just yet cause I have lots of reading to do first. But still? : )


Here are some things that are a bit embarrassing. 
But oh look at my creepy eyes!
My best friend shaydaly got me contacts from Japan. They were supposed to be a lighter brown so that I could eventually cosplay a fem-Anders. However, these will be perfect for Riza hawkeye. 
Now I just need to decide whether I want to lose $110 buying a costume, or if I will concede to learn to sew properly. 

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“Can you get a star wars tattoo?”? *chuckles* 

sakuratsukikage replied to your postsakuratsukikage answered your question: Ossobuco:…

Heh. XD A code!

I don’t know any codes O_O
Please help? I would love to learn codes!

shaydaly answered your questionHey guys, I was just wondering, what is the…

as long as you understand what it means when I dont see the harm. like my tattoo its a symbol from Borneo I know the meaning so I feel ok.

Wait? Which one? I don’t remember seeing it! : /

Went to see Brave today. I cried three times. Why Disney? I can’t cry in public when I am with my cool paramedic friends!!! My poor heart/pride!

Also, applied for a volunteer position to teach CPR!!! *crosses fingers*
Is it so bad that the main reason I want a job is so that I won’t have to agree to socialise with people so much? 
“Oh sorry, I can’t. I have to go to work!” See? Problems solved! 

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:( I am even yet to go to a strip club! No fair! Cameron told me this at work he didn’t sound too impressed lol.

Ah, I don’t think he was. But I also think that when boys go to strip clubs in the presence of girls, they like to pretend they don’t find the girls on stage pretty. 
The girls were pretty though. 
I got a bit annoyed though, because a lot of them were saying things like “ew, she’s so gross.” or, “is that the best they can do?”
And I know the whole point of strippers is for people to use other people for their own viewing pleasure, but I don’t like it when they are nasty about their appearance. 
Uhh, I am over-sensitive to these things, I know.

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I would be so fail at this. Proud your giving it ago! Your growing up!!!

Ahaha, Shay. There’s no failing. It’s only training. I’m refusing to join properly because of money. 
It’s got nothing to do with growing up, I’ve always liked playing team sports. I was just never good at them and never had any friends who enjoyed them. Volleyball does not count ^-^
*hugs you regardless*

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/hugs a lot/ I hope everything works out soon for you! And try not to worry yourself over-much, though I know its tough. This is a big change!

Things are looking up I think : )
I just have to make sure to see my landlord and get a something signed to get all my centrelink, so there’s only really that and personal stuff to worry about. Right now I just really need to sleep though. 
I only got like, an hour and a half last night because of worrying! It’s all controllable stuff, that I know I have a handle on. It’s just stupid. Can’t turn my brain off.

shaydaly replied to your postHelloo Tumblr!

Let me know if your still having trouble can I can try put my tech skills to use. I miss you!

It’s working now! :D
I always miss you. But you’ll see me Wednesday! You can bring Dustin if you want.
The only snack I can make you is rasberry jelly though, so be prepared for delicious jelly. 
I haven’t mentioned it to rox yet, I will when she gets home. She’ll love you though, I bet.

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where abouts you getting it done? my sister just finished working so you wont get her lol. its best to know amie. if its bad then they can work on fixing it sooner

I know this, intellectually. But emotionally I just feel like I can’t. 
I am going to a place in Ipswich. Classy.
Also, It’d be really weird if I had to take my shirt off in front of your sister. 

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Your like me! I keep having to go to the doctors, and considering going back coz my ovaries have been sore lately and the other day my appendix randomly started hurting and then went away!

Shay if you have appendix pain don’t ignore it. Try palpating around your illiac crest on both sides (two thirds from your illiac crest to your bellybutton). If it hurts on the right side no matter which side you palpate, go to the doctor please
: (
I really hate you being sick. 

 shaydaly replied to your postGod I love alone time. If anyone from real life…

this wouldn’t shock me one bit :)

Yes but you are not like regular irl people. I trust you <3