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#5; A love letter

High School AU

Shaylon felt so awkward doing this.

He felt so awkward writing the letter.

He felt so awkward sealing the letter.

He felt so awkward slipping it into Liam’s locker when he wasn’t there and running off before the smaller arrived and found it.

He felt like such a coward for leaving it then and there. If he was brave he would’ve handed it to Liam, if he was brave he wouldn’t have needed to write a letter in the first place. Simply saying the things he had composed on paper to Liam’s face would’ve proven his bravery.

But no, instead he was tossing that slip of paper into Liam’s locker in hopes that the sophomore would see it and not be irritated, or creeped out, or endure any kind of a negative emotion in general. Shaylon hoped he wouldn’t regret this decision.

Encounter and Confessions

Shaylon had ignored his phone the first few times it went off. He didn’t know, he didn’t care.

He was busy, filling out all sorts of paperwork, with it vibrating and playing all sorts of sounds in the background. It wasn’t even given a second glance. But after the twelfth time it went off, shaking his desk yet again, he finally caved in and checked it. The first text he saw was “I’m entering the building.” Confused as ever, he started reading the previous ones over again.

They were all from Alistair. In chronological order they started off with;

[text] Hey… I heard you and Liam got into a fight. Can we talk?

[text] Did you get my last text? I can't’ tell, but I need to talk to you.

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