we're wandering explorers | shay & finlay

The excitement of spending his last year of school at Waxler couldn’t have prepared Finlay for the idea of a ski trip in the middle of February. He had heard of school that offered winter breaks, but not ones that took the entire school to a ski resort for a full week of fun. Maybe the thought should have occurred to Finlay, what with how high-level and well-respected Waxler was, but he really still couldn’t believe that he was going to get an entire week to spend boarding whenever he wanted with good friends and a bunch of freedom. Finlay had barely had a chance to get himself all settled in before he was already making plans to spend time with someone, and while he didn’t know this Shay person at all, he had vaguely heard his sister mention her and hadn’t heard anything bad about her from around the school, so he was sure that it would be a fun time. Maybe they’d end up trying to figure out how much trouble they could get in, or could get out of, but either way, it was bound to be better than just chilling in his room since he wasn’t in the mood to hit the slopes just yet. No, he’d save that for tomorrow when he had a full day spend succeeding at as many trails as he could. Finlay tugged on a sweatshirt and he ruffled his hair before he made his way out of the room, pocketing his room key as he made his way to the lobby to meet up with the girl so that they could go find out exactly what they were getting into at this place. When he stopped in the lobby, he glanced around the area, looking for the girl that he was supposed to go on an adventure with, fingers tapping against his side at the excitement of spending some time with a new potential friend.

crazy on you | dani + shay

[People usually thought the nerves and the hectic activity before the show was always the worst part of the performers POV of their concert. For Dani, it was everything afterwards. Mystik Spiral wasn’t exactly top tier in terms of getting signed or actually being official. They did all their own merchandise, begged their parents for support money wise, and basically had to give their left arms to get a gig. It was obvious life as a musician isn’t exactly easy, and the adrenaline of doing it all made it worthwhile, but still – Daniella Armani just found herself complaining about it with her ass sat atop one of the amps and her bass on her lap since she still has yet to put it away.] So you’re honestly telling me you fucked Bill Clinton in ‘68? I call bullshit. [The blonde retorted at the male club owner going on to her about his college experiments seeing as someway, somehow they both put off their priorities to find greater entertainment in worst/best fuck stories. He answered with a 'swear to god’ and a making a cross form above where his heart should be. Dani rolled her eyes, looking around to see if Shay actually found his way backstage. She saw him in the crowd, and Dani did a kickass performance that probably gave everyone a boner harder than steel. He had to have liked it, or she would’ve kicked his ass for getting her hopes up. Finally seeing Shay enter the busy backstage she smirked almost too all-knowingly before calling him out.] Shay! Over here! [Dani almost directed him, waiting for his approach to continue the conversation with the manager.] Does this guy look like the kind of dude Bill Clinton would experiment in college with?