Voltron Dance/Music Au headcanons!
  • Lance and Allura do ballet. 
  • Allura had done ballet ever since she was a little girl, and had been in competitions ever since she was little, and now is teaching one of her best friends, Lance, how to do ballet. 
  • Keith is a Dj at a club and used to be a hip hop dancer, moving slowly like a slow motion robot, and he had won competitions and prizes because of his moves, and just so happens to be a popluar EDM artist and makes music for other artists, and he’s very rich. 
  • Lance danced to one of Keiths EDM songs, and Keith just so happens to be Lances favorite artist. 
  • Allura had known Keith from marrying his successful brother, Shiro.
  • Shiro is a successful music writer and producer, and just so happens to be a few popular artists managers, including his own younger brother Keith. 
  • Keith has his own club that he DJs at, and it happens to be Pidges brothers club, and she bosses him around and manages the club and people there. 
  • Hunk is there and he’s a very good dancer in himself, and singer, but he only works at the bar, making soft talk with the customers that comes to the bar. 
  • Matt comes into the bar and likes to listen to the music, and he helps Pidge manage so she doesn’t have to go in there alone. 
  • Keith became an EDM artist because he wanted to raise money for his family and pay his mom back for everything she did because she was a single mother her whole life, seeing as his father passed away at birth, and she lives in the south, waiting for her two boys to come back and visit.
  • Allura and Shiro live together and Shiro plays new tracks as Allura dances in the studio to them, and Lance stares in awe because of how beautiful and amazing at ballet she is, and Lance lives with the two of him, having lost his job for following his dream and losing his apartment. 
  • Shiro used to be a dancer but stopped to become a producer and manager, so him and Allura slow dance and dance together and they dance hip hop together and Lance is still in awe to be like her seriously??
  • Allura and Shiro take Lance back to the south to visit Momma Kogane and Keiths there too, and Lance falls in love with him when Keith plays his music for his mom, and did I mention
  • Keith can play a guitar
  • Lance falls in love with him so hard after that seriously someone help him??
  • Pidge and Keith are really close, and even Pidge can break out a few beats on a launchpad, and Keith teaches her things. 
  • Hunk is small in the media, but he’s really good at mixing and making drinks, and he’s married to Shay, and they travel together and it’s cute??
Intention - Shay Cormac x Fem!Reader (Part 1)

A/N: I’m pretty sure this was a request from @bunnyyumyum (you probably don’t remember sending it…it took me forever to get to and I’m sorry )about Templar!reader leaving England for America and joining the Colonial Rite. Shay shows her around NY and ends up catching feelings…but reader is not going to make it easy as you’ll see in this first part.

I’m not very confident about this one but maybe you’ll all like it more than I do.

Also this was supposed to be out for Shay Patrick’s Day but I suck and its late.

Words: 3,171
Warnings: None. Unless you need a warning for a very drunk and flirty Hickey lol.

This was the hundredth time in a few weeks that you had regretted getting on this ship to New York. Another stormy night had you holding on for dear life and trying to keep your dinner down.

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text - tyler.

Shay: So I’m traveling to Australia, with Liam and I was wondering if I could take the kids with me.

Shay: I thought that it will give you some time to adjust with the new baby and everything. 


so the precursor temple was in Lisbon, and shay had to travel by ship to get back to the homestead. that takes roughly 2 ½ months. shay sat on his actions in lisbon for almost 3 months. he probably replayed what happened over and over and over again. he probably went through every possibility of what he could have done differently. he let this linger in his mind for 3 months and then when he got back to the homestead, he let 3 months of blaming himself out on achilles. and achilles didn’t believe him.

imessage ☆ { all contacts }
  • Shay: My 10 days shooting hiatus starts today so I have a lot of spare time. Which for Shay means traveling.
  • Shay: I'm kinda not feeling my options so maybe you could help me with that?
  • Shay: Where would you go to if you could spend 10 days away?