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What if AC main characters had modern versions of their civilian/non-Assassin jobs?

Here’s what I got:

Altaïr ibn-L’Ahad: Interpol officer/personal security business like Homeland security

Ezio Auditore: Real estate and housing entrepreneur, plus land owner of various lots, with banking endoresment

Connor/Ratonhnhaké:ton: Town councilman who owns a shipping enterprise (occasional cultural and nature welfarist)

Edward Kenway: (okay, this one’s stretch abit) Nautical wares/Seafarer (may or may not be invovled in the black market temporarily)

Adéwalé: Humanitarian activist when not working as at community watches

Aveline de Grandpré: Heir and vice president of the de Grandpré group of companies (she’ll inherit the higher position at some point)

Arno Dorian: Private investigator who helps run his “employer’s” coffee shops during the day

Shay Cormac:Marine force authority and construction team backer (both occupations connected)

May add Chronicles protags and the Frye twins when I play their games and/ or dig up their bios better.

My Gay Ass Made A Playlist For the Dead Moon Kid

So technically I made this a while ago, but I might as well share it with the handful of you because… you might also like it? Idk

(I made that icon in 3 minutes go me)



Robot Boy ~ Linkin Park  |  Life on the Moon ~ David Cook  |  Breakaway ~ Kelly Clarkson  |  I Am Machine ~ Three Days Grace  |  Shatter Me ~ Lindsey Stirling feat. Lzzy Hale  |  Camisado ~ Panic! at the Disco  |  End Transmission ~ Fire from the Gods  |  Just Hold On ~ Steve Aoki feat. Louis Tomlinson  |  Warrior ~ Evans Blue  |  Rose-Colored Boy ~ Paramore  |  Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) ~ Florence + The Machine  |  Gasoline ~ Halsey  |  Too Late ~ Dead by Sunrise  |  Dear Agony ~ Breaking Benjamin  |  Broadway ~ The Goo Goo Dolls  |  Mourning Star ~ Gemini Syndrome  |  The Pros and Cons of Breathing ~ Fall Out Boy  |  Hello ~ Evanescence  |  Failure ~ Breaking Benjamin  |  What You Know ~ Two Door Cinema Club  |  A.I. ~ Red

It still bewilders me that I- at age 13- wrote a 19-chapter, 82,349-word fanfic about kids with rainbow dinosaurs just because I wanted two characters to kiss, and it somehow started this massive fandom movement where people started using the last names I came up with in two minutes through Google Translate as semi-canon last names for the characters

I dedicated like 2 years of my life to that thing, and now 5 years later Y’ALL ARE STILL FAVORITING IT LIKE HOLY SHIT