shay will kick him in his balls

Little Bassist

A/N: So I made a super long story…This was inspired by “You’re The Only One, Silly”. I don’t know though, it’s for you to judge haha. Enjoy!

A relationship isn’t just about feelings. It also needs two people who want to make it work but he isn’t ready for that. He has made his decision and the answer is not her.

She crashed onto her bed crying her eyes out until she felt sick in her stomach and starts throwing up. That’s when she realized that she will never be able to completely forget about the past especially because of the gift he left her but that’s one thing he doesn’t need to know about.

“Mom, hurry!” Colin came running down the stairs calling for his mom who is still putting her shoes on.

“Can you give me a minute?” Shay checks her face one last time on the mirror before she ran down the stairs following her 8-year-old son who cannot wait to go out.

The two went back to Sydney because of a business trip that she cannot say no to. If she had a choice, she will never go back to this place. Since it is Colin’s first time in here, he’s all giddy to go out.

They were walking around the mall to buy some extra clothes when someone called Shay’s name. “Shay? Is that really you?” the woman said.

“Hi Louise,” Shay smiled awkwardly. There goes her plan of staying unnoticed for this whole trip.

“What’s up? It’s been a really long time! How are you? What brought you back here in Sydney?” Then, she noticed the young boy standing behind Shay. “Who is this cute little boy? Oh my God, is he your son?”

Shay just smiled and nodded. “Say hi, Colin.”

“Hi!” Colin shyly waved.

“So, who’s the…” Louise’s phone rang and seemed to have received an important text from someone. “Ugh sorry I have to go. By the way, we’re having a party at my place later. You should definitely come! We’ve missed you here, you know.”

           “I’ll try but I can’t promise. I mean, I’m not sure if there’s anyone to look after Colin yet,” she shrugged.

           Louise nodded but still insisted on Shay going and said, “Everyone will be waiting for you there, okay?” Soon after, she started walking away while talking to someone on the phone.

           On their car ride home, Colin brought up the topic of the party again. “You should really go if you want to, mommy. I can handle myself at home. I’m already 8! Or, I can stay over at Isla’s house!” Isla is the daughter of Shay’s cousin who live nearby but the idea of Colin staying over at their house is horrifying. Every time her cousin pays them a visit and the two children meet, it would seem like a hurricane just passed through and she doesn’t want to cause so much trouble to their family. “Please, mom? I haven’t seen Isla and Aunt Maine in a long time. And, the girl earlier did seem like she missed you so you should definitely go to that party.” This little boy has mastered the art of using his puppy eyes to convince his mother in agreeing with him.

           “Okay, fine. I’ll let you come over to Aunt Maine’s house but promise me that you’ll behave and you will not create a mess. I’ll also come home and pick you up early, okay?”


           Shay changed into a dress when they got home and packed some stuff for Colin before dropping him off to Maine’s house. When they got there, Isla was very much pleased to see her cousin. Shay apologized for the trouble and for the mess the kids are about to make and she was off to the party.

           When she arrived at the party, she realized that they are indeed waiting for her. All eyes were on her when she entered Louise’s house. Of course they are surprised that their friend who disappeared 9 years ago suddenly appeared.

           Louise appeared from the balcony and pulled Shay to the circle of their closest friends.

           “Shay? Oh my God, it’s really you!” Brad, Louise’s boyfriend, said.

           “Yes, it’s me,” she laughed and hugged everyone.

           “She’s still stunning as ever, isn’t she?” Louise said which made Shay chuckle.

           “Oh stop it, you.”

           “What’s up? What happened to you?” another friend asked.

           “I moved to Melbourne, got a job, got a son and all that. I’m sorry I disappeared from the face of the earth though,” they laughed. “I’m just here for a business trip and then I’m going back home in a week.”

           “You have a son? What’s his name?” One of their friends shrieked.

           Louise shrieked as well as she remembered meeting him and Shay just laughed at her, “Oh you gotta see him! His name is Colin. He’s such a gorgeous little boy. By the way, if you don’t mind, who’s the…you know? Do we know him?”

           “You most likely don’t…” she said nonchalantly.

           Brad’s phone rang and he said, “They’re here.” Please not “them”.

           There they are. It was Luke who went out to the balcony first. His eyes literally widened with shock when he saw Shay. He walked to her and hugged her like everyone else. “Long time no see,” he said.

           “Yeah…” she smiled.

           Then, there he is on his usual black jeans and muscle tee. He’s smiling widely as he grabbed a bottle of beer offered by one friend. He greeted each of them with a smile on his face.

           “Louise I think I’m gonna go. Colin is waiting for me and I promised him that I’ll go home early. I’ll keep in touch, I promise,” she excused. Also, the fact that he’s here makes her want to run and hide in a cave so she better leave now.

           “But you just got here,” Louise pouted.

           When he looked up, he saw her. She hasn’t changed, he thought. She’s still the same girl that got him wrapped around her finger. She’s walking, almost running, towards the door and he was just standing there watching her every move.

           Brad snapped his fingers in front of Calum’s face so he’d wake up from his little daydream. “Yes, that’s Shay in case you’re wondering,” he smirked.

           Calum shook his head and playfully slapped Brad’s arm. He just sat there focused on his beer. He can’t help but look back at the door though. Is she coming back? Did she leave because he arrived? Does he even want to know the answer to that?

           “Why did she even leave so early?” Brad asked which made Calum look up from his seat.

           “Colin’s waiting for her and she promised to come home early. You know, duties,” Louise said. Who’s Colin? Is he her new boyfriend?

           An hour passed, Calum was already excusing himself and leaving Luke in the party. He went home and lied on his bed, wide awake. 9 years later and she still has the same effect on him. He wasn’t able to go to sleep that night because every time he closes his eyes, all he could see was her face. She seemed like she’s moved on and he doesn’t know what to do because he hasn’t done much of that.

           It’s Monday morning and Shay has promised Colin that she would take him to the football field she used to play at, with Calum. Colin accidentally picked up football because he would always see Shay watching games on tv and one day, he told her that he wanted to play the same thing as the boys on tv.

           The two are running around passing the ball to each other when Shay accidentally kicked the ball a little too hard and it bounced outside the field so Colin ran for it. Before Colin reach the ball, a man caught it on his feet and passed it onto him. The little boy said thank you and ran back to Shay.

           Calum’s eyes stayed with the boy who is dribbling the ball with his feet while running to whoever he’s playing with. He didn’t expect what he saw though. There she was, smiling at the little boy and playing footy with him. She ran around the giggling boy as he tried to catch the ball from her. Colin…

           Calum didn’t know what to do but his feet decided for him. He caught himself walking towards the two.

           Shay noticed the man who appeared behind Colin and her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

           “Hi,” Calum said.

           Colin turned around to see where the voice came from and said, “Oh it’s you.” Calum smiled at the kid and looked back at Shay.

           “How are you?” he said. Shay just stood there, her expression between a frown and worry. She kept her distance from him.

           “Colin, why don’t you play there for a bit? We’re just going to talk.” Colin nodded at Shay and took the ball with him. So, he is Colin, he thought. She turned around to face where Colin is and opposite where Calum is.

           Calum walked to her. “So his name is Colin. Nephew? Cousin?” he said as they both watch Colin from afar. He didn’t want to say it but, “Son?”

           Shay looked at her feet and said, “Yes.” She really has moved on then, he thought.

           There was silence. She continued to watch Colin as Calum watch her. She can feel his stare but she didn’t want to let him know that. Finally he said, “Where have you been all this time?” Now it’s his turn to look away.

           “Melbourne. I got accepted into a job there.” She kept her answer plain and simple.

           “But you didn’t…” You didn’t even tell me, he thought but didn’t continue. “Is it just the two of you here or is…is his dad with you?” He doesn’t know why he’s asking this. So what if his dad is here with them? He doesn’t have anything to do with it. He shouldn’t have anything to do with it, with her.

           Shay just scoffed. “It’s just the two of us. I’m not with his father.”

           Calum felt bad but deep inside, he was an itty bitty little bit happy. Maybe it’s not yet over. Maybe.

           “Anyway, we probably need to go.” Shay called Colin over and told him to pick up his things.

           “Can I borrow the ball?” Calum told Colin.

           “Yeah, sure.” Colin threw the ball at Calum and he started playing with it. Calum passed the ball back to Colin using his head and the kid was in awe. “Wow. You’re so good.”

           “I used to play ball when I was younger.” Colin’s smiled wider. “I’m Calum, by the way. Colin, right?” He bent down on Colin’s eye level and messed the boy’s hair. “Can I walk you guys home?” Shay wanted to say no but her son is already walking away with Calum. “Do you want me to help you out, buddy?” Calum picked up the bag that Colin is holding which is actually Shay’s.

           “Why did you stop playing football?” Colin inquired.

           Calum looked back at Shay who’s walking behind them and said, “Well, I fell in love with music and got into a band.” She looked at him as well.

           “But, why don’t you just continue doing both?”

           “Sometimes, we need to choose between things because keeping both will mean losing more.” And you chose to lose me, she thought. The little boy didn’t quite get it, but he didn’t push for it anymore.

           They reached Shay’s house in no time but Colin wasn’t ready to let go of Calum yet.

           “Baby, go take a shower and clean up before I go to work,” Shay said while sitting on the foot of the stairs and removing her shoes.

“Mom, can Uncle Calum stay while you’re at work?” Colin asked while smiling widely.

Shay looked up at Calum who’s smiling at her as well. They have the same smile.

“If no one’s going to look after this boy, I probably can.”

“But…” she was cut by Colin pleading, “Mom, please! I’ll behave. Uncle Calum will behave as well. Please let him stay over.”

There goes the puppy eyes again. “Alright, alright. Now, go clean up.”

Colin happily ran to take a shower while Shay glared at Calum. “You better take care of my son, Calum.”

“Of course, I will. You can trust me.” He smiled at her but her face is far from smiling.

“Really? Because the last time I entrusted you with something, you just went ahead and broke it.” You broke her. You chose to break her.

She thought she would be fine with it. Even Colin is now fond of Calum, the same way she was before and look at what happened to her. She doesn’t want that to happen to Colin but it isn’t hers to control anymore.

When Shay left for work, the two boys continued to talk. Calum told Colin that he went to Brazil for a month to train for football and the little boy was very jealous. When he ran out of football stories, he started telling stories about his band and Colin listened attentively.

“My mom sings as well. Sometimes she sings for me or while she’s cooking. I think she’s the best singer,” Colin proudly said. He knows that very well, buddy. Calum just smiled at him. “What’s the difference between a normal guitar and a bass guitar?” Colin asked.

“A bass guitar only has four strings.” Colin frowned.

“How does that work?”

“It’s hard to explain without the actual guitar but mine is back at home.”

“Can you teach me?” Colin said with pleading eyes.

“But your mom might get mad,” Calum hesitated.

“I can text her!”

After texting Shay, they went to Calum’s house. They were greeted by Mali, Calum’s sister, who is also paying their parents a visit.

“Where did you meet this little boy?” Mali asked Calum but was looking at Colin. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Colin. Hi.” Mali patted the boy on the head and looked at Calum.

He just shrugged and said, “He’s Shay’s son.” Mali’s eyes widened.

“Are you guys…?”

“No, Mali. Stop.” He laughed and they went to his room. The two boys just talked about music and guitars and football the whole day.

The sun is already setting and Shay just got a break from her meeting and she saw texts from Colin.

“Mom! I’m coming to Uncle Calum’s house, okay? He said he can teach me how to play the guitar. Is that okay?”

“Mommy! I’m going to Uncle Calum’s now.”

“Mom? I’ll behave I promise.”

Shay flipped out. She let him stay over at her house and now he’s taking Colin to his house! She immediately called Colin on his phone and he answered on the third ring.

“Colin Thomas Brown, where are you?” she intended to sound mad but the voice from the other line just made her laugh.

It seems like Colin is enjoying Joy’s spaghetti because his mouth was obviously full when he answered. “Mom? I’m at Uncle Calum’s house.” He gulped. “Nana Joy’s spaghetti is so delicious!”

She just smiled at herself. “What time are you coming home, young man?”

“You should come here, mommy! They invited me for dinner and Uncle Calum said that you should join us as well.” Colin never failed to steal hearts wherever he goes, one thing he unknowingly got from his father.

“Can I talk to your Uncle Calum, baby?” Colin handed the phone to Calum, then.

“Yes?” he answered.

“Calum, just take Colin home. I don’t think I can go to your house.” She still can’t face his parents. There’s just so much memories that’ll come back.

“Shay, please. Mom wants to see you as well. She misses you, you know.” If she does, do you?


“Shay, just one night. Let’s be alright just for tonight.”

She sighed. “I’ll be there in an hour.”

When Shay arrived in the Hood residence, it was Colin who pulled her inside. Calum was right. Joy did want to see her. She received a warm welcome from everyone. That’s a very generous thing to do despite what has become of her and Calum. When they reached the dining room, Colin, who is very much at home already, made her sit beside his Uncle Calum. The two boys just kept on giggling at each other the whole dinner which made everyone laugh.

She offered to help out with the dishes after dinner so she, alongside Mali, helped Joy with them.

“I haven’t seen you in a really long time, Shay. How have you been? I never knew that you got a son as well,” Mali said while washing the plates with soap.

“Yeah, everything happened fast. I moved and all that. Sorry, I didn’t keep in touch,” Shay said and shyly smiled.

Joy, then, looked up to her and said, “Why don’t you come with us this Saturday? That would be fun. Just like old times.” She smiled at Shay.

“Right! They’re having a homecoming concert. It’s going to be like your homecoming as well!” Mali added. “Colin would probably love that. The kid is a natural musician! You should have heard him play the guitar earlier.”

“Really?” Shay smiled. Well, that’s probably another thing he got from his dad.

“How long are you staying here in Sydney, Shay?” Joy asked.

“Just a week. We’re just here for a business trip and then we’re going back to Melbourne.”

Joy nodded. “Then, go with us to the show before you go back.”

The Hood charm really runs in the blood because they were able to make her say yes before she left that kitchen.

When Mali, Joy, and Shay went to the living room, they found the boys, yes Calum’s father included, sitting on the floor and giggling to each other.

“Okay kiddo, time to go home.” Colin groaned but agreed and stood up.

Joy told Calum to drive Shay and Colin home because it was already late.

When they arrived in Shay’s house, Colin hugged his uncle goodbye and went straight to his room while Shay stayed downstairs to talk to Calum but he beat her to start a conversation. “He’s a really great kid. Thanks for trusting me to take care of him.”

“Sorry if he’s really stubborn and loud. That’ just…”

“No worries. I actually like that.” He looked at the stairs where the kid ran through going upstairs. “I remember myself from him a lot.” That made Shay cough. She does remember you on him, too. “I better go. Good night, Shay.” Maybe it was out of habit but before he went out the door, he reached for her and kissed her on the forehead. When he left, she just stood there for a minute trying to process what just happened. On the other hand, he just sat on his car outside wanting to punch himself because of what he just did.

The next morning, Shay was woken up by her son, all dressed up for football.

“Mom? Can I go out with Uncle Calum and his friend Uncle Luke today? We’re going to play football again! They said they’re going to teach me tricks,” he said.

She looked at him with half of her eyes closed and said, “You do look like you’ve already made plans, baby.”

An hour later, Calum and Luke appeared on her doorstep all dressed up as well. So he just made plans with the man he met a day ago. This young man is becoming too independent at 8.

“Please take care of him, okay?” Shay told Calum. “Update me throughout the day.”

“In that case, I’ll have to get your number,” Calum stated.

Shay raised her eyebrow at him but he just smiled and shrugged. She gave her number to her and the boys were soon gone.

The following day, the same thing happened again. Colin woke Shay up asking permission or telling her rather that he’s going out with his Uncle Calum. They were eating breakfast when Shay asked him where they’re going for the day.

“We’re going to the beach today with Uncle Luke.”

“Young man, I’m letting you go out with your uncles but always remember to be careful and to not cause them much trouble. Okay?” she said, pointing her spoon at him. The kid smiled widely and nodded.

While the three boys are sitting by the sand that afternoon, Calum decided to ask Colin some questions that he doesn’t have the guts to ask Shay.

“So buddy…” he started. “How are you and your mom?” Luke looked at Calum like he’s asking what’s up with him interviewing the kid.

“We’re great! My mom’s the best.”

“How is your…your…”

“My dad?” Calum’s eyes widened. “I haven’t met him. But, mom told me a lot of stories about him.”

“Really? Like what?”

“She said that daddy is really handsome.” Calum laughed. “She said that he’s not with us because he has more important things to do. It’s okay though because mom said that he’s living his dream. As long as he’s happy, I should be happy for him. I’m really proud of him, even though I haven’t met him yet.” Colin looked at Calum and smiled.

Both Luke and Calum were in awe of how forgiving the kid is. His dad left him, them, but he has no sign of hatred towards him. Deep inside, he is proud of Shay for raising such a kind kid and felt sorry for the dad who’s missing out a lot.

“I’m going to tell you a secret but make sure that you won’t tell your mom, okay?” Colin’s face lit up when he heard the word secret. Calum whispered it to his ears and he can’t help but giggle.

Calum didn’t want to admit it but he’s falling in love with this kid. He can clearly see Shay on him. His laugh, his eyes, his kindness, and his personality. The weird thing is, he can also see himself on him. His love for football and his natural skill of music, his smile, and even the little mannerisms that Shay once pointed out on him. Colin and Luke is right in front of him building a sand castle while he’s just staring at the young boy. Could he be…?

The whole Thursday of that week, Colin stayed over Calum’s house for the whole day. When he went home, he had a huge smile on his face and told Shay that he’s getting better at the bass. Less than a week onto learning and he’s already getting confident.

He just got home from Calum’s house and he’s already asking permission to go back the next day. “Mom, Uncle Calum and I need to do some important stuff.”

“And what important stuff is that? You keep on going to the Hoods. You’re probably annoying them already.”

“No, mom. I promise I behave when I’m there. Please!”

“Okay but you’re having dinner here tomorrow.”

“Yes! Thanks, mom. You’re the best.” The kid stood up and hugged Shay.

Shay left for office very early the next day. She had a really great day because she just closed the deal the she went to Sydney for. At least all these trouble going back to her hometown paid off. She texted Colin that she’s already going home and the kid’s only reply is “Okay.”

She wasn’t shocked that the house is quiet when she arrived since she isn’t even expecting Colin to be home yet. But, when she entered the door, Colin came out of the living room in a white button down and a black suit. He even has a bowtie. He looks like a waiter! He just says “Don’t ask questions, mom. Just come with me.”
           Colin brought Shay to the dining room where Calum was waiting. He’s wearing something a little more decent than his jersey shorts muscle tees. He’s in a black button down and black skinny jeans. Calum offered a seat to her and she sat there, really confused of what was happening.

Before she even got to ask questions, Colin appeared and served them each of their meals. Shay just looked at her son who was very much focused on what he’s doing. When Colin disappeared to the kitchen again, she finally spoke. “Okay, what’s this?”

“It’s Colin’s idea!” He raised his eyebrows and shrugged. “Actually, I asked for his help. He suggested that homemade food will impress you more than fancy restaurants. Seems like you haven’t changed.” He smiled.

She didn’t know what to say so instead she joked, “But, do you really have to make Colin a waiter?” and he just erupted into laughter.

“That was his idea too. But, seriously Shay. I know that this might have caught you off guard or something but I want you to know that I’m serious. Shay, I’ve changed and I waited a long time for this moment to come. I was stupid and selfish before. I knew that I wasn’t ready for any kinds of relationship because all my attention is in the band but I loved you too much to let of you. And, look at what happened. I hurt you even more. My priorities have changed now, but my feelings never did. I still love you and that’s the most important thing to me now.” She was speechless. Calum isn’t the type of person to say everything that’s in his mind but right at that moment, he just let go of everything.

“God knows that I don’t want to say no, Calum. But, Colin is now my priority and not myself. I want what’s best for him may it be not the best for me.” If taking him away from your mess of a life will be better for him, she’ll do it even if all she wants is to be with you. “You’re a rock star.” She smiled at herself. “Colin, he’s just a little boy. He needs consistency in his life and not people who keep on leaving his side.” If she’s going to be completely honest, it’s not just about that. She’s afraid. She kept Colin away from his dad for eight years and now he’s here wanting to come back to their lives. She’s just terrified. “I’ll have to think about it, Cal.”

Calum nodded. “That’s alright with me. Just please, think about it.” He looked at her straight in the eye. “Should we eat, then?”

They called Colin back to join them but the kid insisted that he was their waiter for the night. Soon enough, he wasn’t able to resist and joined them.

The three of them did the dishes after while Calum and Colin kept on eyeing each other. Shay noticed that but decided to brush it off because the two boys might have developed some sort of inside joke between them. After doing the dishes, Colin said good night and disappeared into his room.

“What have you done to my son? He has been acting weird lately while hanging out with you,” she joked.

“I’m pretty sure that he got the weirdness from you.” Calum laughed.

“Pfft, I’m not weird at all.”

Shay is walking Calum out of the door when he looked back to her. “I missed you.”

She shook her head and said, “Well, I missed you too.” He had that triumphant smile on his face. “Will you erase that stupid smile of yours?” She brought her hands to his face to make him stop but he never did.

“You should probably go get some rest now. And, don’t forget our show tomorrow.”

“Okay, sure. I’m telling Colin.”

“I already told him,” he winked. These boys, making plans without her. Great.

Before he completely went out the door, he went back to her and kissed her forehead again. “Just so you know, I was just carried away when I did that last Monday.” He chuckled.

“If you say so. You should go now!”

He reached his car and looked back at her again. “See you tomorrow!”

Colin and Shay were having eating before going to the concert venue the next day when she almost spit out her coffee. “You want him to be your what?!”

“I want Uncle Calum to be my dad. I mean, I really like him. He really likes me too. He really cares about you, mom. Wouldn’t it be better? There are two of us taking care of you and protecting you.”

Shay just stared at her son who seemed really serious about what he was saying. “Colin, things are way more complicated than that. Uncle Calum has millions of fans. He is always travelling around the world meeting those fans. Everyone close to him will have to put up with that. Even if he becomes your…dad, he’ll still be gone 80% of the time.”

Colin answered without a beat. “Then I’ll spend the 20% of our time together wisely.”


She thought of it for a moment but maybe, just maybe, this is the right time to tell Colin the truth. She’s scared that he would hate her for keeping something as important as this to him but she couldn’t keep it any longer.

“I have to tell you something about Uncle Calum, baby.” Colin looked up at her again. “You remember when I told you that mommy and daddy separated because daddy wanted to pursue his dreams?” Colin nodded at her. “Colin, your daddy is…Uncle Calum.” Colin’s face literally lit up. “But, it wasn’t his fault. I left because I had to let him live his life and having me and you as baggage will only pull him back. I’m…” she was cut by Colin hugging her.

“Really, mom? Uncle Calum, I mean, Daddy? I can’t wait to tell him! He’s going to be really happy! Can we go to the venue now? I have to tell daddy! Yey! Love you, mommy! Thank you!” She doesn’t necessarily know why he was saying thank you but she hugged him ever so tightly. “He’s the best dad I could ever have! I’ve only met him for days but I know that he’s going to be the best and the coolest dad!”

He ran to his room after and prepared to go to the concert venue. Shay was confused as to why Colin was bringing a huge backpack. He doesn’t even want to tell her what’s inside the bag so she just let him bring it.

When they arrived at the venue and the show is about to start in a few minutes. They met with the families near the front but far enough so they won’t be squished. Colin hugged Mali first, and then Joy and David.

Shay decided to just tell the families about Colin in private most likely after the concert. She had to tell Calum first.

After hugging everyone, Colin excused himself and said that he had to go backstage.

An hour later, Colin still hasn’t gone back and Shay was already getting worried.

On the other hand, 5SOS just finished performing Permanent Vacation which was their cue. Calum excused himself and went backstage for a moment while everyone is wondering what’s happening.

Calum bent down on Colin’s level and said, “Are you ready, buddy?”

“Yes, daddy.” Calum was a bit shocked with what the kid just said.

“What did you just call me?”

“Mom told me something before we go here. My daddy who had to pursue his dreams, is you. And, I’m really proud of you, daddy.”

“Are you…are you serious?” He was literally shocked. “Well, I’m really proud to have you as a son too, bud.” He hugged the little boy. “Let’s go?”

Calum walked out of the stage with tears waiting to fall from his eyes.

“Okay. I was planning to surprise you all tonight, but it seems like the bigger surprise is for me.” He’s smiling like an idiot because of happiness.

Colin walked out of the stage in all black. Black shirt, black jeans, and black shoes. His curly hair was given an undercut and a little bit longer in front. He was holding one of Calum’s bass guitars that’s too huge for him. Colin’s quite tall for an 8-year-old but the bass is still too big for him.

He stood beside Calum and people’s reaction is a mix of “aww” and laughter. They really look alike.

“So guys, I would like you to meet, Colin. He is…my son.” He let out a giggle after that so people probably thought that he was joking. Before he breaks down, Calum decided to start the song. “So buddy, what are we going to play tonight?” “This song is called Jet Black Heart,” he smiled the Hood smile.

They started playing the song while Shay was just crying. Joy and Mali were definitely overjoyed of what Calum just said because they really love Colin as well. Shay said sorry to them but Joy just said, “You don’t have to say sorry. There’s no point in dwelling to the past. What’s important is that you’ve come around and you’re always welcome to the family, Shay.”

All of their attention went back to Colin and Calum who are doing the bass riffs of the song together. They even looked at Shay at one point and smiled at her. Colin ended the song with the last bass riff that Calum taught him that week.

It’s safe to say that the whole arena went crazy.

Calum hugged his son after the performance. To make everyone laugh, Michael just said, “Now we have a new bassist! Give it up for Colin Hood!”

The two boys just looked at each other smiling the same smile because the name just sounded right.

After the show, all the families went to the dressing room to take pictures.

Colin went running to Sierra and hugged her. “Did you like that, mom?”

“Of course, buddy. By the way, you look great.”

“Really? I was scared when Kelsey told me that they would shave my hair but they said I’d look more like dad when they do.” It makes Shay a bit happy that the kid is so used to calling Calum dad even though they’ve only known each for a few days.

Shay and Calum’s eyes met and she was suddenly nervous again. They walked out of the room to talk.

Shay said sorry to Calum for taking his son away. He said sorry for being such an asshole and irresponsible before. He also said that what happened might actually be better because Colin turned out to be such a great kid. That might not have been possible if he grew up with an idiot of a father. Shay said that he shouldn’t call himself an idiot because if he is, he wouldn’t have changed.

“Oh you know it’s true.”

“Shut up. What’s important is that we’re okay now.”

“We’re okay now? Does that mean…?”

“Yes. Call the little Hood now. It’s way past his bedtime,” she laughed.

Calum just kissed her, a kiss to make up for the nearly nine years.

“I love you and ugh I missed you so bad.” He hugged her and buried his face on her shoulders.

“You’re sweaty, Calum!” she slapped his back but he hugged her even tighter.

“No, I missed you.”

Colin ran out of the room calling their names. “Mom! Dad! Come on they’re taking pictures!”