shay mitchell daily


Well this is pretty fucking gross. Instead of reporting how it’s her first movie premiere, ever, and how this woman brought her grandmother to experience it with her, we’re going to just write an entire article on her chest?! As if there’s nothing more to her than these physical features?! Yeah.. this is why we need feminism.

My Daily PLL Feels
  • Me *taking a shower*: Lolol Sara Harvey
  • Me *reading To Kill a Mockingbird and listening to The Fray*: OMG. Ezria. FEELS.
  • Me *playing Scrabble*: Awww Spoby. :)
  • Me *goes camping*: Haleb...D'awwww
  • Me *sees pretty pictures of Paris*: *cries* The last piece of Emison!
  • Me *sees person with a red raincoat*: Cece is dat you?
  • Me *gets a text message*: A is dat you???
  • Me *sees person in black hoodie*: A IS DAT YOU?!?!?!!!