shay is too cute


Based on this au by @pidges-nest

hunk is a hunk tbh

- that boy is just an absolute ray of sunshine who needs to be given a break ok

- he is so sweet

- he is so cute and i will fight you if you say otherwise

- like he wants to go home but then he realizes that the Galra empire is literally the worst, like once he sees it he knows he has to do something

- and he calls Shay a hero and damn right she is

- shay was cute too

- okay this boy has had enough of that weird green sludge they were feeding him and makes a decent meal out of alien ingredients and that is so cool

- he’s worried about his little family

- he’s always bugging pidge and that is some good shit

- the voice of reason who no one listens to and is sucked into adventure but like i think he enjoys it

- my little baby is a genius like he is so smart and strong and underappreciated

- this ray of sunshine is friends with everyone

- he is so full of love that he has no trouble sharing it with his teammates when they’re down

- he’s definitely a dog person but like he likes cats too

- i think he does impersonations tbh

- like it started out as a joke to make fun of Lance or Pidge but he was really good at it and its kinda scary

- I think hunk wants someone to ask how he’s doing bc he’s always been that shoulder to cry on, he’s always supporting others and the idea that the team is there for him is so foreign but once he realizes it he’ll be so overjoyed

- hunk probably makes jokes about being a hunk and tries to be funny

- like someone says ‘a hunk of cheese’ and hunk just magically appears

- i bet they have arm wrestling competitions and Hunk is the 2nd best, he always gets beaten by Allura but hey he’s chill about it

- remember when hunk got really serious in order to save Shay like he was really suspicious of those aliens they met and he turned out being right, i think he’s a really good judge of character like he’s really observant and and protective of his family but he always tries to give people the benefit of the doubt

- the poor guy gets motion sick 

- he hates roller coaster and boats but on Earth he always tried to have fun with his friends bc he’s such a good guy

- he’s very anxious whenever he’s breaking the rules, like with Lance and Pidge when they were going to save Shiro and Hunk wanted to go back to bed i think he’s lowkey nauseous whenever he’s doing something he’s not suppose to be doing

- hunk and lance are brothers fight me they are basically brothers, and pidge is included in this pidge is an honorary sibling in hunk’s eyes okay

- after the whole saving shay and her living planet hunk becomes much more environmentally friendly to new planets he’s careful not to litter or damage any nature or wildlife in fights