shay hanson

Well what do you know, it’s been two whole years since Dan Avidan joined the Game Grumps channel as Not-So-Grump! I wanted to draw something to commemorate Danniversary with all the Grumpfriends, but it was kinda difficult since I’ve never drawn any of them before (one day, Grumpfriends!). I had to settle for a pretty simple picture of Arin and Dan, but I think I did a pretty good job, especially considering what a stupidly huge canvas I drew this on.

This is my submission for the Game Grumps Community Art Book! Do check it out, the deadline is on the 30th!

anonymous asked:

Can't imagine why. Is it the long hair, the random tattoos, the artistic habilities...?

All of the aBOVE JFC. I really do miss his long hair. Season 2/Big Time Movie, he seriously had the best hair like it wasn’t too long but it was long enough to run your fingers through and give a nice tug when things heat up jESUS I MISS THAT I SERIOUSLY WROTE AN IMAGINE ABOUT HIS HAIR ON MY OLD BLOG. But yes, I’m extremely turned on by tattoos as well so he has that going for him. He was a rebel without a cause, a bad boy. Knowing that Kendall isn’t exactly “bad to the bone” makes it all the more, exciting.