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So I wasn’t tagged by anyone, but @mycapt-ohcapt posted this and I’m bored so…

Name: Rebecca
Nickname: Becca
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5′1 1/2″
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff 
Favorite Color: pink
Favorite Animal: elephants
Current Time: 9:47 pm
Cats or Dogs: love both
Favorite Fictional Character: Steve Rogers, Ron Weasley, Christy Miller
Number of Blankets you Sleep with: 3 right now, two comforters and a blanket
Favorite Singer/Band: Maroon 5, Jouney, Hanson, Dan + Shay, I love just about everything except for screamo 
Dream Trip: Longon
Dream Job: Being a mom
When this blog was created: August 2010ish?
When this blog hits its peak: well I hope it hasn’t reached its peak… but it definitely skyrocketed last April when I joined the Chris Evans fandom

Why did you make this blog: Ironically, this isn’t my first tumblr account. I created one before because my friend told me about it… but I didn’t like it. And then I ended up coming back a couple months later and I’ve been here ever since!

Why Did you Choose your URL: My original name was just-becca, but then I had to come up with something else because of the hyphen issue with tagging (so annoying) so I went with the obvious ‘theycallmebecca’ haha I’m pretty sure it’s self explanatory ;)

Well what do you know, it’s been two whole years since Dan Avidan joined the Game Grumps channel as Not-So-Grump! I wanted to draw something to commemorate Danniversary with all the Grumpfriends, but it was kinda difficult since I’ve never drawn any of them before (one day, Grumpfriends!). I had to settle for a pretty simple picture of Arin and Dan, but I think I did a pretty good job, especially considering what a stupidly huge canvas I drew this on.

This is my submission for the Game Grumps Community Art Book! Do check it out, the deadline is on the 30th!

anonymous asked:

Can't imagine why. Is it the long hair, the random tattoos, the artistic habilities...?

All of the aBOVE JFC. I really do miss his long hair. Season 2/Big Time Movie, he seriously had the best hair like it wasn’t too long but it was long enough to run your fingers through and give a nice tug when things heat up jESUS I MISS THAT I SERIOUSLY WROTE AN IMAGINE ABOUT HIS HAIR ON MY OLD BLOG. But yes, I’m extremely turned on by tattoos as well so he has that going for him. He was a rebel without a cause, a bad boy. Knowing that Kendall isn’t exactly “bad to the bone” makes it all the more, exciting.