shay fox

Y'all Need To Fucking Save Net Neutrality

This isn’t Set It Off or Waterparks but I do not care. I should have made this post so much sooner but better late than never. Also, this is a VERY brief and summarized statement.

Net Neutrality is at risk AGAIN. If you haven’t seen the posts I’ve reblogged under #NetNeutrality or you’ve thought “Oh, well I already pay for the internet so what’s the big deal? It doesn’t seem any different.”


The Internet is as FREE place. The sites you visit are FREE TO GO ON. You have the world at your finger tips for a base price of at least $30.

Now imagine having to pay X amount extra to visit Tumblr. Imagine having yo pay X amount to go in youtube and watch a music video from your favorite artist. Imagine having to pay X amount extra to see if they’ve announced a tour or anything.

The X amount can be $5 for am entertainment package, $20 for a social media price, etc etc.

You will loose access to your internet friends. You will loose access to your favorite artists. You will loose access to your favorite musicians and YouTubers and bloggers.

You will loose access to everything if you don’t lay the BASE price of $30 for having internet and the extra for your favorite sites.

If you don’t want to loose access to every single thing, you HAVE to call up your congress person. You HAVE yo text RESIST to 50409 or message RESIST to ResistBot on Facebook Messenger.

Literally everything is at stake here and it’s up to us to fix it.