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taylorswift – This is Emmi or, as she is known of her family’s vlog channel on Youtube, Babytard. She is one of your biggest fans and the gifset you reblogged of her yesterday is from over a year ago before she went to see you on your Red Tour. The Shaytards post videos Monday-Friday on YouTube, and today they posted a vlog of Emmi, and her sister, Avia (Princesstard), reacting to your reblog. Click HERE to see the video for yourself. Her father’s twitter is shaycarl (you can click that for easy access.)


Charles Trippy found out last year that he had a brain tumor after having a seizure. He had brain surgery and everything was fine for about a year until he started having seizures again. He was told the doctors had left a little piece of the tumor so they wouldn’t damage his motor skills, but he had another brain surgery yesterday (September 17) to remove the last piece. This is Charles right after the surgery when he was taken to see his wife Alli and the rest of his family.

Charles and Alli upload videos on YouTube every day, and they have for the past 5 years. (they even won a Guinness World Record for having the most consecutive vlogs because they have not missed a day!) Please help Charles and Alli reach their goal of one million subscribers! They are VERY close, and they deserve this so much. You can go to their channel right here. I promise you, you will not regret it.