shawty low

L: She wore those apple bottom Jeansss boots with da fur~

K: With the fur!

L: The whole club was looking at

K: Voltron!

L: AyY! 

L: She hit the floorr

K: Next thing you knoww

L: Shawty got 

L/K: Low low low low~!!!

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here comes the breath before (trixya) - dare

Piled into the back of an Uber, Katya watches Trixie draw sloppy circles on her forearm, smiling dozily with her cheek against the backseat, and tries to push down the troublesome feelings that have been bubbling up all night.

“It went so good,” Trixie is saying. “Don’t you think? I think it went good.”

(AN: back with more! still not the longer thing – i’d say that’s coming soon, but time isn’t real, so i won’t. thank you for the nice words/response to “all dressed up”! this is shorter, about 1.7k, and it’s pure Todd Haynes glancing touches and half-finished sentences slow burn slice-of-life bullshit set after the album release party (buy Two Birds on itunes.) not established relationship, but established something. enjoy!)

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Why I can't go back to western music

I’ve been a kpop-per or a fan of kpop for about a year and a half now (maybe more, I’ve lost track) and one of my friends - who introduced me to kpop incidentally - was trying to get me to watch an American show and get back into western music and we had this huge discussion on why I can’t see myself truly ever going back. I think a lot of you would understand where I’m coming from and maybe even feel the same way. But anyway, this is just what I think.

Quality of music

Honestly, the biggest variation between western and Korean (to some extent, even Indian) music is the quality of it all. And I’m not talking about Korean/Indian/East Asian music is clearly better. I mean the level of production and work that goes into it. Even though the album’s are released after years, I don’t think western music (the ones I’ve heard especially) can have the production quality of Korean music.

Sidenote: because it’s going to get super annoying trying to consider all kinds of music let’s just say I’m trying to consider the western pop I was exposed to - Taylor swift, rihanna, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Shawn Mendes, one direction, 5SOS etc to the Korean music I’m exposed to - BTS, exo, vixx, got7, Nell, Epik High etc. So these are the two grand umbrella sections of music I’m talking about.

The complexity of production in EXO’S exodus or even love me right repackage album is definitely more than any of Taylor Swift’s work I’ve ever seen. And they’re both pop artists. Lyrically, western music does have a better hand on English music but Koreans are doing just fine lyrically in Korean too. But that gets me to the next point.

Lyrical Mastery

As a bilingual person, I’ve always been more drawn towards older languages like Urdu or Chinese. Ofcourse English is an old language too but the English we see in western pop is too watered-down and don’t try to deny me. I feel like some jazz British musicians still keep the french+English part of it alive but it’s mostly “shawty get low” and I have nothing against it except that I expect a little more from the music I’d like to listen to.
Korean music on the other hand, is bloody plain simple to those who hear it, yes. But the idea of Korean rap has always inclined me to think that the command these rappers have over their own language, enough to make people speaking the same language admire them, must be quite a lot. Again, not denying that we have the Korean version of “shawty get low” in Korean music too. Like Psy’s gangnam style. But we also have Epik high’s Amor Fati and BTS’s whalien and VIXX’s Shangri la. Because I’m exposed to songs where witty idioms (BAEPSAEEE) and slangs are promoted - I like this side of music more. If I’m getting brilliantly produced music with amazing lyrics then why should I complain. Amirite?

Quantity of Music

If we talk about quality then we have to talk about quantity too. An average kpop group has a comeback atleast thrice a year. Ofcourse there are overachievers like exo and Bts who have 3 Korean comebacks and a tour and a Japanese comeback all in one year. But my point is, that’s an average of three mini albums. Atleast 12 songs from just one artist every year. It’s bloody brilliant don’t you think? I nearly died waiting for 1989 to even launch. And Adele is awesome but duuuudeeee waiting for every two years to hear your beautiful voice is painful. I’m a selfish consumer of music and I’m not afraid to admit to it.

Extra Footage

Even if we are just talking about music we can’t avoid focus on the artist themselves. In this fandom culture, the person who makes and sings the music is just as important. Kpop groups have their own reality shows, variety show appearances, broadcast stages, and then there is the plethora of content that is VLive. Do I even need to go on? As a psychology student I can literally give you an assessment of who these kpop members are in real life and what they’re like. That’s HOW much content is out there about them. Want to know what jinyoung from got7 wore to the fashion week in Seoul? It’s out there. Those fansites are no joke.

I can never see the western world ever investing so much video time and footage into their artists. Other than magazine interviews and variety shows like Jimmy Kimmel, there isn’t much out there. Which probably does a lot of good for their privacy tbh

Fandom Power

To be honest if I had to decide between my local thug group and the army, to fight a war for me, I’d choose the army. Have you seen the fandom? They’re savage. They could break into airport security to get a picture of jimin’s arse. Are you even looking at what they’re doing to BBMA’s??? And other fandoms?? They could feed half a town from all the money they collect and all the album’s they buys and the food trucks and birthday missions and such. Asians are just far more passionate about their fandoms ok you can’t deny this. Chinese fans? Honestly scare me. The airport pictures alone scare me.

How are fansites zooming into each pore on sehun’s face????? Incredible. Paparazzi, take notes.

Well I have a lot more to say, considering all the background work that goes into creating broadcast stages and stage outfits and THE CONCEPTS GUYS THE CONCEPTS but this is already too long a post so imma keep it for later but yeah
I can’t see myself being truly loyal to western music anymore.

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i agree with this sentiment!

spamano headcanons
  • Spain loves to spoil Romano
  • They dance together at least once a week. Spain’s dance lessons never went away even after Lovi’s chorea went away
  • Roma tries his best at dancing but fails 80% of the time or pretends to do so Spain will correct him (Lovi’s probably a great dancer but acts like a clutz around Spain)
  • Then when Spain corrects him, it just gives him an excuse to tell Toni, “Shut up, tomato bastard!”
  • Toni just laughs because he thinks Lovi is adorable
  • Romano handles his drinks well and doesn’t like to get completely smashed like certain people… when he does though, he gets really upset and starts saying really bad things about himself
  • Spain tries so hard to comfort him and it takes a lot of convincing for Romano to actually stop, but Roma stops eventually because he realizes how much it upsets Spain to see him like that.
  • It just keeps happening, though, but it’s because, like others, Romano can’t control his drunk side. However, to Spain’s relief, it doesn’t happen often (because once again, Roma doesn’t like to get smashed)
  • They’d live together in a open floor plan Italian style house (Romano doesn’t like things that aren’t very Italian (the exception being Spain, of course), Toni wouldn’t care about the style tbh) and they have three dogs.
  • I can promise you none of them are named Doge.
  • They also have a fairly big garden, and Lovi loves tending to the garden with Toni. Unfortunately, he gets terrible sunburn.
  • Then Toni is like “SUNSCREEN” but Roma is too proud to wear suncreen, so he just mopes. You’d think he’d learn after it happened the fifteenth time… but no.
  • “Lovi please put on suncreen you know how bad your burns get” “I don’t need it!” “Lovino Vargas I will force it on you”
  • Lovi eventually accepts his fate
  • “Stupid tomato bastard…” “You love me, Lovi.” “…. Hmph.”
  • Roma loves singing, but his voice would be very quiet and unsteady at first, but he’d gradually get better.
  • He loves singing “The Only Exception” to Spain and doesn’t really mind singing in front of him at all, no matter which song it is.
  • Toni, Feli, and Grandpa Rome are/were the only ones he did anything musical around because he trusts that they won’t laugh if he ends up messing up somehow.
  • Toni tells Lovi that he loves him all the time. Lovi doesn’t say it as often, but when he does he’s very sincere about it and it’s Very Cute™
  • Lovi gets extra snuggles those nights
  • However, Lovi does get embarrassed when Spain tells him that he loves him, and it doesn’t matter if they’re in public or in private, he still gets embarrassed.
  • Since Lovi is tiny, he tries to kiss Toni, but he’s not tall enough. He’s pretty much struggling until Toni leans down enough.
  • Lovi gets sleepy a lot, and we mean a lot, and Toni has to carry him piggy back when he falls asleep. Then, Lovi wakes up and he’s like, “Wait how the fuck did I end up here?”
  • Lovi is really clumsy and is always tripping and bumping into things, so Toni carries band-aids and disinfectants on him at all times just in case.
  • Spain breaks the dishes a lot because he hand washes them (he doesn’t believe in dishwashers), and he uses too much soap and water, so they slip out of his hands and break. Except the silverware.
  • Lovi tries to clean it up, but Spain doesn’t trust him with glass hardly ever, plus he doesn’t want his tiny tomato to get hurt.
  • “Why don’t you ever use the dishwasher?” “I don’t believe in them” “Toni just use the damn dishwasher.”
  • Once when Spain ALMOST injured himself with a knife because of his shitty hand washing skills, he finally gave in after being practically yelled at by Romano (”You fucking tomato bastard! You could’ve hurt yourself!”)
  • “I still don’t believe in them” “Toni stop being so fucking difficult it makes life easier” “Lovi they’re evil” “They’re not”
  • Sometimes Spain refers to Lovi as his “Tiny Tomato” and Lovi gets really embarrassed and tries Yaku kicking him.
  • If you don’t know what a Yaku kick is, look it up
  • Every time Lovi tries the Yaku kick he falls down
  • Spain has some awesome af reflexes and catches Roma 90% of the time before he actually falls, and Lovi blushes when it happens cause it looks like a dancing dip and he hides his face in Spain’s chest/crook of his neck.
  • If you don’t get the song reference then I’m sorry and I probably look really dumb right now
  • Lovi yells at him for that though. “BASTARDO SHUT THE FUCK UP”
  • Feli is eventually called in to help Spain calm down the angry tomato.
  • “Umm… Italy, your brother is flipping shit again and I need your help” “I’ll be there in five.”
  • “Time for the hugs!~” “FELI LET ME GO”
  • Lovi doesn’t really like amusement parks, but Toni loves them. Lovi goes mostly for the food, and he’ll only ride one or two rides. He always screams on the kid’s rides.
  • And Toni pets his hair and is like, “You’re alright, Lovi, it’s okay.” “SHUT UP IT’S NOT OKAY.”
  • Lovi would probably be shaking after the ride and Toni would sit down with Lovi on his lap and whisper to him until he calms down. It is very gay.
  • Lovi has really bad allergies, so there’s always always always allergy meds in the house, and Toni carries them with him in case Lovi forgets to take them.
  • Okay so, Roma thinks that Toni looks hot when he’s wearing his pirate shit. He’d never admit it, but Spain knows anyway, it’s just that Roma doesn’t know that Spain knows.
  • He thinks his thirsting is unknown to anyone else, but Spain knows. Roma would die if Spain knew. Feli also figured it out at some point also.
  • Feli talked about it to Ludwig at some point.
  • “Ludwig… I think my brother has a pirate kink.”
  • Prussia would probably overhear them and start crying from laughter.
  • Then everyone figures it out eventually, but they don’t mention it to Roma at all. Until one day, America mentioned it when Romano was rIGHT THERE.
  • Roma turns bright red and does the Yaku kick to Al (and doesn’t miss) “SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DAMN BURGER EATER”
  • Then a couple seconds later, Romano finds out that Spain was rIGHT THERE ALSO
  • Romano gets extremely embarrassed and starts to cry because he cries when he gets super embarrassed, but it just makes him even more embarrassed. Luckily, Feli was there to hug him and calm him down. “There, there, Fratello. It’s okay.”
  • After Romano and Spain get home, Romano starts to apologize to Spain, but then Spain interrupts him before he gets to say anything with a, “There’s no need to apologize. I find it hot” and Spain smirks and winks at him flirtatiously.
  • Poor Romano’s face because like… a tomato red.
  • That’s probably why Spain calls Romano his tiny tomato.
  • rip roma
Imagine Owen dating the reader but he teases her a lot because of the height...

Owen Grady x Reader

Requested by: Anon

You were driving home while listening Sultans Of Swing on the radio. The day was already over, and you just wanted to arrive home as quickly as possible, to finally rest. You occupied one of the most important positions in the park. You were the park operations manager of Jurassic World, along with Claire. You two worked together for about 7 months. The park had become too successful and she needed help, that’s when you showed up.
You were enjoying the music when you see someone approaching in the rearview mirror. Someone very familiar. He was on a motorcycle, at full speed. You put your arm out and slowed down. The radio’s volume was too high, and he had to shout to you to hear.
“HEYY! Let’s see who gets there first?” He challenged you.
“Good luck with that!” You said and sped up. The road was unpaved, and had many holes. You were going so fast that you could only see dust behind. The motorcycle ran over some leaves and they flew. It wasn’t very secure to make races there, especially with that ground, but you were two great drivers, had amazing driving skills. That was one of the things that brought you together. You were running side by side, until you approached the house. You passed him and get there first.
“See…” You teased him while opened the car door. You were wearing a tight black skirt, a white shirt, and some high heels, but still were shorter than him.
“You won…but I’m still bigger than you!” He winked and pulled you by the hand. Owen bent down and kissed your hand. You felt your body simmering, and after a moment your cheeks were all red. It was usual that happening, but it was even worse with him. You were dating just for 3 months. It was all very new, and you still had not been able to absorb everything. He was like a dream come true. 

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  • jennythebot: HAS GOTTEN.
  • jennythebot: Animal Themes , High Angle View , Animal Themes , Domestic Animals , Day , Field , Outdoors , Day , Outdoors , Nature , Rooster , Mammal , Cockerel , Chickens , Boots , Farm , Farmlife , Wales , Country Life , Socks , Garden , Yard , Bird , Poultry , Maran Chicken at Odum, GA by Joshua Crews on EyeEm.
  • fefneppers: The production of the Apollo 14 mission 1971, piloting the lander Antares to the concert?
  • fefneppers: Oh wise bukbot , tell me Just how I got my name with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-wing and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a 4 year old Papillon.

snawty (snail shawty) had them snapple (snail apple) snottom (snail bottom) sneans (snail jeans)  snoots (snail boots) with the SNUR (snail fur) - with the snur (snail fur) - the whole snub (snail club) was lookin at her. she hit the snoor (snail floor) - she hit the snoor (snail floor) - next sning (snail thing) u know snawty (snail shawty) got snow (snail low) snow (snail low) snow (snail low) snow (snail low) snow (snail low) snow (snail low) snow (snail low) snow (snail low)

Distractions (Bucky x Reader)

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(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Bucky Barnes

Persona: Female

Word Count: 323

Drabble Request: A drabble with Bucky x Reader, and they’re supposed to be cleaning a room but they wind up dancing and singing to the music they’re listening to! (Literally me right now 😂) Welcome Tonii!

A/N - For adriellej, Happy Late Birthday and 100 Followers (You should totally follow her ‘cause she’s lovely)  Tonii said Thanks! The song I used was I Feel Like Dancin’ xD <3

You watched as Bucky picked up some of your clothes you’d left on the floor, “Are they clean or dirty?” he asked, he grimaced as he sniffed one of the tops he held. “Dirty I think” you laughed and then you carried on placing the game on your phone. “You know (Y/N)”, Bucky sighed as he threw the clothes out of the door, “If you helped me clean up it’d be done quicker”.

“UGH! FINE!” you whined, slowly you pushed yourself up off of your shared bed. Then you placed your phone on the desk, which was one of the only clean things in the room, and plugged a speaker into it. Music started to blast out as you walked around the room. “What should I do?” you looked to Bucky, his blue eyes glanced around the room, “Over there, that needs cleaning” he pointed to the corner of the room where you had left a stack of papers.

Five minutes into sorting through the pile, one of your favourite songs came on; I Feel Like Dancin’ by All Time Low.

“Shawty says she wants to run away” you sang, soon enough you became distracted from the cleaning by the catchy beat playing. You dropped the papers, they fluttered around the room as you danced. You heard Bucky groan, “(Y/N) I’ll turn it off if you don’t clean up” he threatened. 

You danced over to him, Bucky ignored you by turning around. A smirk formed on your face as you sang the next line of the lyrics, “I think some dude just  grabbed my junk”, you giggled as you grabbed Bucky’s butt, making him jump.

“(Y/N)!” he scolded jumping around. “What? C’mon Buck dance with meee!” you shouted, grabbing both of his hands you forced him to sway with you. After a while Bucky finally gave in, “Fine, we can always clean up later I suppose” he chuckled as he spun you around.

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a limerick about an arctic wolf?

The wolf slowly trots in the snow
As silent as the earth below
But then the beat dropped
And then the wolf stopped
And damn did that shawty get low.