shawoltaeminho asked:

i have't ask my oppa what is your Reaction when u see a sexy taemin girl?

I really like seeing him in fishnets and a skirt, but I like him better as a man, because that’s what he is when he’s naked. And I really, really like him naked.

Though I must say, his legs and that skirt…

shawoltaeminho asked:

OMG minho u are the best
i think taemin the same when he saw the OMG Performance
hehe the best abs i this world >.<

Taemin was very, er, excitable for a few weeks after that performance.

hehehe komowayo! Jagiya likes my abs too ^_^

shawoltaeminho asked:

this so sweet u know >.<
so is taemin back or not

No, I think he might already have gone to bed… That’s okay though, he needs his sleep. He is still just a seventeen year old boy, you know.

The most gorgeous seventeen year old boy that ever existed, that is.