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Name: Lucy
Age: 15
Country: New Zealand

Heyo, well my name is Lucy (as you already know 😅) and I’m not really sure what to say here tbh.

Basically I’m just looking for someone to write/talk to - an online friend.
I guess I should start with some of my interests. My life basically revolves around animals - dogs in particular. I spend a lot of my waking hours with dogs, whether it’s my own or other people’s. So an interest in dogs will probably help to keep the conversation flowing haha. I also listen to Troye Sivan (where is ts2 smh), Shawn Mendes & Sam Smith. In my spare time I tend to either find myself in the depths of YouTube (probably something Connor franta related) , reading or taking photos.
I can get on with most people but find it hard to keep conversations going if it’s mostly one sided.
Ive been learning Spanish so maybe someone who is also learning Spanish could be quite cool? Not a must as I don’t think I’m very good 😬

Basically I’m just looking for someone who also wants someone to chat to, or even vent to 🤷🏼‍♀️ Sharing common interests would be a bonus but not completely necessary. P.S i really want to travel to Canada so if your Canadian then thats a bonus!

Preferences: Ages 14-17 don’t mind gender. I fully support lgbtq+ people aswell.
Probably writing online as post to New Zealand can take it’s time


summary; shawn is forced to choose between you and his girlfriend
a/n; seven pages of angst and drama all in one – my fav ;))



“Where’s Shawn?” Matt and your friends asked you for what must’ve been the tenth time tonight. 

You finished setting the last blanket over the couch as you claimed your favorite pillows for the night ahead of you. 

“Not sure,” You answered. “I’ve tried texting him for the past 15 minutes. The boy never checks his texts,” You laugh it off as you head to the kitchen to bring the two bowls of popcorn into the living room.

Shawn, Geoff, Ian, and Matt had been in town from Shawn’s tour for the last few days, and the five of you finally found a time to hang out again. You had all missed each other and since the tour had just wrapped up, everyone found tonight as the perfect opportunity to catch up. You had met the four boys through Shawn and although you had only known them for a few years, they felt like your brothers. They looked out for you and talked to you almost every day.

Shawn on the other hand, had been your best friend since middle school. The two of you met in English class in seventh grade and quickly bonded over each other’s love for Harry Potter and music. Although neither of you were the most popular in school, you and Shawn always had each other’s back through the years. He had brought smiles on your face during your worst moments, stayed up late with you during nights you couldn’t sleep, and given you advice that has stuck with you throughout the years. In turn, you supported Shawn’s music when the other kids at school didn’t, listened to his first song that he wrote, and cheered with him when he found out that he had just gotten his first major award show nomination. Now here you guys were, one year out of high school, and still partners in crime. You couldn’t of asked for anyone better to fill in the position as your best friend.

Everyone had gathered at Ian and Geoff’s place for a traditional movie night, but your best friend had been a no-show for the past half hour. Everyone including yourself was beginning to become impatient as everyone began making a dent into the stash of snacks before the first movie even played. You didn’t want to begin the night without him, but he had showed no signs of arriving any time soon.

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Keep Quiet

A/N: i don’t have the slightest clue as to where this came from but enjoy it i guess
Word count: 1.1k

“Need ya to keep quiet for me, darling. Can you do that?” Y/N nods vigorously, her hips eagerly bucking into the rough palms of his hand. It just had to be tonight of all nights that Shawn decided, his games were deserving of a little bit of play time.

Shawn’s undoubtedly the most annoying person to ever exist to Y/N tonight. When it comes to teasing, he’ll drag it out as long as he can, until she’s begging him to give her anything to extinguish the burn of desire. Shawn knows her body like every note on his guitar. Where to move, how to curve his fingers so they hit that spot in such a sickeningly delicious way, it makes her bones quake. He does it every single time, without fail.

Y/N lets him play her like his favorite song, whenever he wants no questions asked; Pushing her until she’s on the edge of her release, pulling it away in the blink of an eye, taunting Y/N practically. It makes her core cry out every time, pleading with want to be cared for and he does it just right.

“Use your words, baby. Your smart ass mouth had no problem functioning earlier.” His digits curved against her g-spot, pulling an undetected moan with it.

“I can be quiet, I-I promise.” Y/N’s eyes knit shut, beads of perspiration running down her temple already. She trembles out a response, virtually a whisper among the sounds of the air conditioning in the bathroom.

He presses the pad of his thumb against her bundle of nerves and her hand instinctively reaches out for his bicep, feeling her knees nearly give out beneath her. “Dazed, flushed, and needy. Such a beautiful look on you.” He hums, his teeth gently grazing her earlobe.

The ocean waves of blood washing over her tongue remind Y/N of how hard she’s biting into her bottom lip. She wants to scream, moan, anything that allows her to liberate the feelings boiling within, but she remembers her promise just moments ago and she remembers that if she breaks, he stops. As much as she wants to let it out, she refuses to make him stop now.

“Please stop teasing me, Shawn. Please.” Her pleas fall on deaf ears as a dark chuckle pierces through the darkness. “Now you know I can’t do that, honey. That’s not my style.”

“Well can’t you fucking make it your style?” She grunted, a slight irritation at the almost nonexistent movement of his fingers setting in.

“M’kay.” Is all he says. It’s never that easy to convince him to stop with his games. Never. It always took her to her vocal limits to convince him to even slightly speed up. Shawn seduces her until tears are streaming down her pretty little face, pools of disheveled sheets surround her, and her skin is slick with sweat and desperation, every fucking time. Y/N knows she’s thinking too much about this. She thinks so much his lips blanketing her clit blindside her, pulling a strangled scream from her throat.

Even in the dim light of the handicapped bathroom, Y/N can feel his piercing chocolate eyes staring daggers through her chest. She knows he is, no need for bright lights or opened eyes to tell her. Her right hand reaches out for something, anything to take out this excess tension on. Her trembling hands run down past her navel, basking in the soft curls she teases between her fingers. “Fuck you,” the growl falls into the void, triggering a chuckle from Shawn and a whole new sensation to her pussy.

She whines when he pulls away, allowing the cold air breezing through the pristine bathroom to hit her dead on. “Love to, not right now, though.” His pink puckered lips return to the most intimate parts of her, to pleasing her. His fingers don’t stop, drilling into her like nobody’s business. His tongue never ceases, licking and prodding the sensitive dips, curves, and crevices of Y/N’s heat. One of those screams she wanted to let out finally bubbles up, coming out as a high-pitched moan instead.

The slurping sounds his mouth creates against her pussy drives Y/N up the walls. Something about the way he devours her, pushes her towards a pleasurable insanity. His thrusts get more forceful, more powerful, his tongue more gentle. Teasing, she might even say. “Gonna cum for me, darling? Hmm?” She nods despite him not being able to see her the best at the moment.

The knot in her stomach has been forming for God knows how long now, inflating like a fucking balloon before the opening is freed and the moistened air exits once again, a never ending cycle. Shawn knew exactly what to do, kicking his trusty assistants into overdrive. Amongst the thrusting of his digits, he adds a third one and his hand quickly flies towards Y/N’s mouth, knowing she’ll moan at any second.

His prediction was right, not even close to a shot in the dark. A deep moan presses up against his hand like her unrelenting hips as his fingers pick up their pace, desperate to feel her walls clenching around him. He couldn’t tell if he wanted her orgasm more than her or not. Her chest heaves, eyes shut tight like bolted locks while her body shakes. Her muffled moans of Shawn’s name fill his hand like overflowing water, each one making his cock swell larger in his jeans. He was grateful he wore a relatively long shirt today.

Y/N’s orgasm continues to waver over her, each hit like a jolt of electricity to her core. She’d had amazing orgasms courtesy of Shawn, but none had ever hit her this hard. Hard enough to pull tears from her eyes, leave her throat sore and deep red  crescent marks in her palms. Her hair was soaked along the edges, similar to Shawn’s fingers now, her face glowing even in the dark. Shawn’s tongue doesn’t cease fire as he works mercilessly to clean Y/N up, nearly bringing her to another earth-shattering orgasm.

“Better now?” Shawn quips, pulling her underwear back up her legs. Y/N unties her sundress, letting the fabric fall back down and shield her legs once again.

“Yeah, but someone else isn’t.” She hums, gesturing to the ever growing bulge in his jeans.

“Shut up, it’s your fault.” He groans, pressing a kiss to her temple. Y/N’s hands run up the expanse of his chest as she pushes him against the wall. Her hands palm at his growing cock, eliciting a loud moan from the adonis beneath her palms.

“Let me make it better.”


Shawn in geeky glasses appreciation post 🤓

I wish he wore these all the time I have SUCH a thing for Shawn in glasses omf

decisions (pt. 2)

summary; shawn and y/n see each other after weeks and months of missed phone calls and unanswered texts, but when they finally find a time to talk, hearts only continue to get broken.



It had felt like a stab in the back, but you couldn’t seem to pull the knife out. Shawn had chosen his girlfriend over you, and you couldn’t deny the obvious: you felt betrayed. You so badly wanted all of this to be a nightmare and to run into the arms of your bestfriend, but you knew that was no longer an option. 

The past three days have had you consumed with trying to get a hold of Shawn, begging for him to hear you out. Your heart told you to leave him be and to hate Shawn, but you couldn’t even will a finger to do so. The six going on seven year friendship between you and Shawn was too valuable to give up without a fight, but it was hard fighting a battle single-handedly. You might’ve been mad at the moment, but as much as you hated to admit it, you couldn’t ever get yourself to fully hate Shawn.

Luckily for you, Ian, Geoff, and Matt had been over at your house trying to comfort you since the night that everything blew over. You were initially surprised how they sided with you knowing how close they were to Shawn, but you were grateful for their support nonetheless. They’d check up on you, bring you food, and gave you the company that your heart so badly needed. The three were like the older brothers you never had.

“Seriously, thank you guys so much for doing all of this,” You gestured to all of the snacks, drinks, and games they brought over to you face.

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Laundry Day

Requested?: Yes

A/N: I know I haven’t posted in a while, forgive me. I love you guysssss xx 

 I let out a puff of air as I drop my giant bag of laundry on the ground.

This thing is fucking heavy!

I really shouldn’t wait so long to wash my clothes but I have my reasons; I live in a loft and there’s only one laundry mat in the building (for us young adults who don’t own a washer or dryer) so just about every time I go to do a load, there's a long ass line. Nobody has time for that. Also, I just got a new kitten a couple of weeks ago and I took him with me the last time I went so now he thinks that he’s supposed to follow me there. For example, tonight, he saw me grab my clothes and ran to the door to wait for me.

I wipe my sweaty palms off on my shirt and squat down to lift the bag again; the door is right there…I think I can make it lol. Just as I get a good grip on the bottom of it, my gray-haired kitten decides to hop on my lap, causing me to tumble and fall on my ass. “Ugh! Ozzie…really, dude?” I laugh before softly nudging him off of me.  

Just then, the black door labelled ‘LAUNDRY’ swings open when one of my neighbours walk out and for some reason, Ozzie takes it upon himself to run right in without me. I call his name but it’s too late, the entryway has closed behind him. I quickly run after him, dragging my one thousand pound bag along with me.

I push the door open. What I wasn’t expecting to find was a tall, brunette boy chasing my cat…now that I can get a better look, it appears that Ozzie has some type of fabric in his mouth. 

“Hey! Come here, little guy!” I hear the boy pant, still running all over the small room trying to get whatever my pet snatched from him. The boy finally has Ozzie cornered and he slowly approaches him, whispering “Okay kitty…can I have that back, please?” as if Cats understand/give two shits about the word, please. Ozzie manages to dash out between the guy’s legs and I can’t stop the laughter that pours out of me. Just about everyone else in here starts to cackle along with me and….I’m just now realizing it;s actually not too busy for once.

My kitten spots me across the room and trots over. I lean down, retrieving the red boxer briefs that now have a few holes in them from where it had been bitten. I wince, knowing that I’ll probably have to give this guy money to replace his underwear, depending on how much they really meant to him.

“Is he yours?” he chuckles, his voice still laced with fatigue. It doesn’t take long for me to notice how beautiful he is; His jaw looks like it was sculpted by god, himself and his smile?…Indescribable. I can’t make it obvious that I’m sitting here internally drooling so I nod and smirk, holding up his briefs “Is this yours?” I mimic his tone. He rolls his eyes and takes them from me, his face turning a bright rosy color. 

“the little stinker just went and stole it out of my basket” he snickers, bending down to boop Ozzie on the nose.

“I’ll buy you another pair, if you want” I sigh, pointing at the holes before glancing back up to his face to await his response. He tells me its no big deal and that he has other pairs with worse damage that he still wears. We laugh for a bit and talk more about how we both a have collection of old ratty clothing that we should have thrown away years ago. Even through all of this back and forth conversation, all I can focus on is how perfect he is.

After a minute or two, he mentions something about having to get the rest of his stuff out of the dryer. 

“Yeah..shit I almost forgot what I came here for” I joke before picking Ozzie up and beginning to drag my bag to the nearest washer. He offered to help but I politely declined.

“I mean you already saw my underwear, I might as well see yours” he winks. We hear a couple of ‘oooh's’ from the other college kids who were loading their clothes in or waiting around for their dryer’s timer to ring. We both laugh at the fact that these people thought he was being serious.

We say our goodbyes and I see him finish gathering his belongings before heading out. I shake my head at what just happened as I turn back to tend to my own business.

“Oh wait! What’s your name?” He calls out, struggling to hold the door open with his basket. 

“Y/n!” I shout back. He smiles.

“I’m Shawn. It was nice meeting you!” He lifts his knee to balance the basket so he can wave but he loses his hold and the entire basket topples over, the clothes sprawled out all over the ground and now covered in his liquid detergent. 

And as if it couldn’t get any more ironic, Ozzy jumps out of my arms, runs over to the pile, and snatches another pair of boxers. 

Costume Party

Warnings: alcohol? also some Charlie Puth references

Summary: You sass your ex (sorta) at a costume party and Shawn is impressed.

Word Count: 1.3k

A/N: I kinda had a little bit of an idea for this around Halloween but I didn’t end up writing it until I saw smth cool that totally had to be written. Also, this was not beta’d by the amazing @hazeleyedcat , so be prepared for spelling and grammatical errors, and overall crappiness :)


You let out a huff of amusement as you walked into the frat house. This was exactly what you needed to get out of your slump.

After that stupid football player spread a rumor that you were an easy lay, all you could think of was anger. 

A frat house down the block was hosting a costume party, even though Halloween was like three weeks ago. So you finally decided to let loose and try out that new Cleopatra makeup look you found on Pinterest.

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-All writings are my own, and I ask of you guys to not repost any of my work. This will be a strict rule of mine, even if offered credit, so please respect this. I’ve spent lots of time and effort into each of these posts, and I would prefer for them to stay within my blog for you guys to enjoy. Thank you for understanding! :))

*imagines are organized from oldest to newest*

* = 300+ notes


-don’t be a fool
-part two
-part three (finale) 
Shawn’s newest tour schedule forces him to make a decision, resulting in a broken relationship between him and Y/N. 

-i spy a cheater
When Y/N finds out that Shawn has been cheating behind her back instead of writing his album like he said he was, Y/N is faced with the decision of leaving or staying with Shawn.

-hurtful words*
-part two*
-part three*
-part four* (finale)
In which Shawn’s wounding words that hurt Y/N on what was supposed to be a perfect night for the two ended up damaging more than just Y/N’s feelings.

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Confidence (Redemption One Shot/Blurb)

A/N: Redemption is coming. But until then… here you are. This was inspired by some smutty convos lol. Enjoy!

He loves to watch you when you’re focused on him. Your cheeks flushed as your shaky hand moves down his shaft. You’ve always been so shy when it came to giving him a hand job and he found it endearing. You would avert your eyes from catching his gaze in the fear that you might blush even more. He just shakes his head, tucking your loose hair behind your ear. He would always tell you don’t be shy that he loves watching you but you can’t help yourself. You two have only been seeing each other a few weeks and you weren’t completely comfortable yet. It was mainly just a hookup situation, but you were much older than him and you really felt your body wasn’t as up to par as his. You’re insecure about your cellulite, your stretch marks. But you wanted to try, for him. You decided tonight you would do just that for him. Be confident.

You’re pumping him nice and slow watching how he thrusts to meet with your strokes. Your naked body staying above him, lips brushing against his ear telling him how much of a good boy he is and if he keeps it up you’ll give him something much more rewarding, your mouth.

“So what’ll it be baby? Gonna be good for me?” you shakily ask hoping you don’t sound nervous even though you are. You drag your nails up his thigh as you sit just below his abdomen, grinding on him slow. He nods as his mouth is still agape. He loves it. He can’t believe it’s you that’s speaking to him this way? It’s you taking control. His cheeks are flushed. He’s overwhelmed with the ungodly pleasure your hand is giving him he doesn’t think he’ll last, but he wants to try. To wait. He wants to come but he wants to come inside your mouth so much more.

He raises his hands to your bare chest and holds your breast, kneading it carefully with his calloused fingers. His eyes hooded as he leans back into the pillow as you grip tighter at his cock, making your strokes quicken and his hands gently brushes against your nipples. You whimper placing your free hand over his and show him that he could be a bit rougher with you, encouraging him to play with them. It is then you realize it isn’t enough for you and reached up to pull his head closer, signaling him to take your nipple into his mouth.  Shawn obeys by alternately licking each of the nubs. You throw your head back letting out a soft laugh and moan desperately.

God he’s so good with his mouth. You lean down and take ahold of his chin, causing his eyes to meet yours. You swallow hard before you finally get the nerve to speak. “Gonna be good for me? Fucking—gonna show me how good you can be, baby?”

His eyes turn dark as his iris widens. He nods slowly as he grabs me to pull us closer together. He kisses a wet trail up your jaw as your hand slows to soft pumps around his hard shaft. His mouth making your core burn as he groans against your hot skin before responding and you swear you can see the lust dripping from his pink lips. 

“I, fuck yes will be so good sweetheart. Please, please let me show you. I’ll be so good baby. I need your mouth.”

A Moment In Time| S.M

“I hate you. I hate you so much” I screamed whilst hurling the first thing my hand could reach at the half-dressed man at the end of my bed. The slight amusement in his eyes only furthered my anger and I wrapped my naked body in the sheets as a physical form of defence from the hurt he was inflicting.

“How could you do this? How can you just leave? Again. You promised me this time would be different and now I wake up to find you sneaking out of my apartment?” I felt my anger withering to self-pity and heartache but I refused to let him see that. I guess it was my fault for getting attached to him in the first place.

At my words, the amusement in his eyes dissipated and guilt filled his features. His brown hair was dishevelled having just woken up and his shirt was unbuttoned exposing his abs to my eyes which it made it that little bit harder to retain the grasp on my anger. He went to climb on to the bed, perhaps in an attempt to comfort me, but I dodged and scrambled to the right so I was standing across the bed from him, still clutching the sheets around myself.

“Babe I’m really sorry ok. Leading you on wasn’t my intention at all I thought you were aware of the type of relationship we have,” he responded.

“That’s a load of crap Shawn and you know it. You know full well that I thought this was a relationship and you knew exactly what you were doing when you decided to sneak out this morning. Did you even have any intention of answering my calls after this stunt or were you just planning on cutting me out of your life all together?”

He became visibly uncomfortable and he struggled to form his next sentence. His mouth opening and closing multiple times before he allowed himself to produce a sound. “I would have left a note,” he stated simply and it was with these words that my dwindling anger twisted to a calm rage.

“Get out.” I stated staring him dead in the eyes. His expression turned to one of horror at my words and he began to protest. “No-I-I didn’t mean,” he started but I cut him off.

“I said get out,” I started to shove him harshly towards the door of my apartment ignoring the apologies and attempts at an explanation which left his mouth. It was only once I’d slammed the door in his face and rested my back against it for support that I allowed myself to feel the myriad of emotions that Shawn had caused. As I sat, sobbing, against my door I couldn’t help but think about how I’d allowed myself to end up in this mess again.

His lips on my neck ignited a fire across the surface of my skin that made it almost impossible to turn down his request.

“Come on babe I miss you. I swear I’ll never hurt you like I did before. You’re all I want” he stated breathlessly in my ear before continuing his assault on my neck. The discord of the party drowned out by the hammering of my heart in my ears. I wanted him and I couldn’t deny that I’d missed him the months we’d been apart but warning sirens were blasting in my head and I knew that no-one could really change as much as he was implying he had.

Still, I overestimated by own strength too believing that I could have a casual one night stand with the boy who’d broken my heart and not catch any feelings again. Giving in to my desire, I gave a breathy ok and moved my head so our lips could meet. The kiss was powerful and Shawn was dominating, pushing me further into the wall and digging his nails into my hips. My fingers found themselves tangled in his curly mop of hair and I instinctively pulled it as his hips brushed against mine creating the friction I desperately needed.

Coming back to reality I chastised myself for my stupidity. Of course it hadn’t been different. It was exactly the same as the first time we ‘dated’ if you could even call it that. Once again, our relationship was driven by desire and I’d let myself believe it stemmed from a connection when he kept proving to me that it simply stemmed from hormones. His words echoed over and over in my mind taunting me and mocking me for being so blind. “I didn’t mean to lead you on, I didn’t mean to lead you on,” over and over and over again.

“Shawn stop,” I giggled as he chased me around the house aiming to tickle me. I laughed as he gained on me and I narrowly dodged by using the kitchen island to separate us. We stared at each other for a second before the chase was back on and we were running in circles like giddy school children. I remember that feeling so vividly; the feeling of being completely lost in a moment in time. The drama going on didn’t even register on my radar and I was living in a bubble. I didn’t know it was possible to feel as much as I did in the month that he gave me.

I shrieked as he finally caught hold of me and he span me around as his fingers assaulted my waist resulting in my cackling laughter resonating around the apartment. He placed me gently onto the kitchen island and we kissed deeply and what I thought was meaningfully. When he pulled away he brushed some of the hair out of my face and cupped my cheek, just simply staring for an almost uncomfortable amount of time.

“You’re so damn beautiful,” he breathed out, the sound almost inaudible but he knew I’d heard him. I blushed and leant forward to hide my burning cheeks in his neck placing a soft kiss there as I did so. He chuckled at my embarrassment as carried me over to the sofa.

“Come on lets watch movies,” he suggested whilst placing me on the sofa and then arranging our position so I was nestled into his chest and our legs were intertwined.

“You only want to watch movies because you know it’ll lead to sex,” I laughed as I snuggled closer to him. I expected him to laugh and agree with me but instead his tone became serious

“No, I love cuddling with you and watching movies. It’s not just about the sex in fact I find that most of the time all I want to do is talk to you”

Right. Didn’t lead me on my ass. If it had purely been about sex then he wouldn’t have treated me that way and, despite what I said, I refused to believe he’d intentionally lead me on. Shawn was the nicest person I’d ever met and our friendship before we ruined it with sex must have been important to him. My determination to find the cause of his behaviour was interrupted by the realisation that he’d left. Again. I was, once again, forced to face reality and pick up the pieces of my life. When I was with Shawn nothing else mattered and he was all I focused on. He completely swept me away. Then, every time he left I’d be forced to return to the real world again and it got harder and harder each time.

I don’t think I’ll ever recover from the pain he caused me by leaving me that morning but at the same time I don’t think I’ll ever recover from the happiness he caused either. There isn’t another connection like the one we had; looking for a replacement was futile.


Part 2 coming soon

hurtful words

Request Prompt; Hi, i was wondering if you could please make an imagine where shawn makes y/n cry because he said something he doesn’t mean?


Warning; small use of foul language


You and Shawn had a lot going for each other; he was about to go on his first full out tour in the U.S., and you were preparing to go to your dream school. To top it all off, the two of you were nearing your one year anniversary with each other. It’s been a long ride between different schedules and time zones, but the two of you made it work.

Unlike the rest of the anniversaries that the two of you have shared, you suggested having a nice dinner in the comfort of your shared home this time. The contrast from fancy and uptight dinners would be nice for the two of you. All you needed was to be with Shawn, and you’d be happy either way. You had been so ecstatic about the upcoming date with Shawn for weeks now, that every time you thought about it, you couldn’t help but squirm in your seat from excitement. Something about him made every date feel like the first. Whether it was him bringing flowers or giant teddy bears, his gestures always managed to make you melt.

As the days became hours until your anniversary was coming, you picked out Shawn’s favorite dress on you to wear. The dinner might’ve been at home, but you put on as much makeup as if you were about to walk the red carpet. Don’t get it wrong — you were comfortable enough around Shawn to be bare faced, but you wanted this to be the perfect night for the two of you, and that would start by you looking and feeling your best. You also started dinner in the midst of everything to make sure you were on schedule.

Shawn was out with his friends, which gave you the perfect amount of time to tidy everything around the house up. You didn’t mind if he was out for the day, because you would be able to have him for the rest of the night. It was going to be a great night for the two of you.

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