Been meaning to do something like this for a fair while, keep seeing them on dash so yay for inspiration! Here’s a little shout-out to the blogs that make scrolling through the dash awesome, not to mention that they themselves are fudgin’ ace people :3 I probably missed some people, sorry!

a-shattered-dreams-production; alone-alive-still-unbroken; ambr0ses; bryansbeard; cmambrosescmhorrible; cmpumkcmpvnks; deanarmbrosedickziggler; dolphslays; dolphziggler; dolphzigglersdoscarasjr; dusubear; enchantedravenhairedladyfabj0hn; fyeahambroseglamslams; goatfacedanielbryan; grumpyleejerichoed; jimdrugfree; littlemsinnocent; littlepirat; mcmahonism; princerollins; punkedbyambroserobvandamdatass; rolllins; romenreignssarayajades; seducedbydevilhips; sethballins; shawnmichaelsmullet; sheslikealostflower; slayjayleespearrings; sunsethflipsthashield; theauthoritymadeyou; themasteroftheshieldtwerkforambrose; tylrblackuntamedobsessionvarsityxvixen; veronicalaneswrestlingchampions; youtappedoutyouwantfandoms; ziggelangston; zigglerdolph  

pretty sure i missed someone cause i always do, but these are the people who i love and make my tumblr experience that much better. everyone i follow has a special place in my heart, though, so if you’re not here, don’t think i don’t appreciate you cause i do, mkay? 

a - e: alone-alive-still-unbroken ◘ ambreignsx ◘ ambr0sesanettebpbadnewsbarretts ◘ believeinrandyortonsdick ◘ believeinthereigns ◘ bryanmaniacm-ambrosechelsie-mae ◘ coltycabanabananacrookedmoonsaultpunkcultofpunk ◘ deanarmbrosedeanvmbrosedolphslays

f - j: fyeahambroseinsanityallthetime ◘ jonmoxly

k - o: kane-bryan ◘ latinoheatforevermoxleysmistress

p - t: princeambrose ◘ princerollinspunkedbyambroserandy-theviper-orton ◘ romenreignssethballinsshawnmichaelsmulletskyhighrollins ◘ stayoutofmypersonallifestraightedgedpunk ◘ straightedgemeansimbetterthanyoutapla ◘ thashieldtheduchessofdecencythesymbolofexcellence ◘ twerkforambrose

- z: vintage-viperwrasslersyouwantfandoms