Concept 4: Alpha Shawn

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  • Living along with Shawn and the pack in their home
  • Starting off as just Aaliyahs friend
  • Aaliyah explaining how she is an omega while Shawn is the alpha
  • Lots of cooking for you to do, and cleaning you force the pack to do
  • Them always whining and Shawn ordering them not to talk back to you
  • You politely thanking him before heading to the shower
  • Getting up in the middle of the night wanting a drink of water
  • Going to the kitchen and moment later dropping your cup when Shawn turns the corner in wolf form
  • Him noticing its you and turning back to his human form before apologizing profusely
  • “Im sorry I thought it was an inturder honey.”
  • Him picking up the shattered pieces of glass and fetching you a new glass of water
  • The two of you standing across from one another an akward tension between you both as you avoid making eye contact with him
  • “Why dont you look at me?”
  • “You intimidate me Shawn.”
  • His eyebrows furrowing and a frown gracing his beautiful features
  • “I dont mean to sweetheart.”
  • Him pushing off the counter and taking your glass, placing it on the counter
  • You looking at your feet and not responding to him
  • “Look at me.”
  • Looking up to see his soft smile matching his warm eyes as he holds your face in his hands
  • You gripping his wrists waiting for him to speak
  • You wide eyed watching the boy struggle for words
  • “I cant keep it in anymore”
  • “What? What are you talking about Shawn.”
  • Him biting his lip nervously, which is odd behavoir for him-the alpha-to be nervous
  • “Y/n.”
  • “Shawn?”
  • Him about to speak before deciding not to as he slowly leans down to connect his lips to yours
  • My girl.”
  • You pulling away from him gasping with a shocked expression on your face
  • “Am, am I your-your”
  • “My mate.”
  • Soft kisses from the base of your neck to your jawline as your boy savors every inch of your exposed skin
  • Him so happy to finally touch you and hold you the way he had been longing to for months
  • A sigh of relief leaving you as he presses his lips firmly to yours
  • The boys and Aaliyah sneaking up on the two of you
  • Shawn so invested in you that he doesnt hear them
  • “We knew it!”
  • “Shawn you lucky bastard!”
  • Pulling away from him, a blush covering your cheeks
  • Him pulling your head into his chest hiding you from them as he scolds his pack and send them to bed
  • Aaliyah calling your name and you turning to face her
  • A condom being thrown at you by the girl before she runs off giggling like a maniac
  • An XL condom
  • Him growling softly in anger at his sisters inappropriate actions
  • “We dont have to do any thing, that wasnt my intention. I just saw you in the kitchen looking so vunerable and, and god y/n I just had to hold you I didnt want to let it slip im-“
  • You cutting him off with a harsh kiss all teeth and tongue
  • “What if I want to do something.”
  • You teasing him purposely knowing he cant say no to you
  • Cant say no to his mate
  • “Y/n no im not gonna take you right-“
  • Whining ‘alpha please’ over and over until he is hard as a rock and slams you against every wall on the way to his bedroom
  • “My precious little girl.”
  • Him slowing stripping you enjoying seeing every inch of the body he has been fantasizing for months
  • “My girl.”
  • “My princess.”
  • “My mate.”

Kiss Me

A/N: Hello my loves! Im so sorry that this is so shitty, it is currently 12:00 Am and my brain is melting as I write this, but I hope all of you enjoy hehe. Just a reminder that requests are open so please take advantage!!! Love y'all (:

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The faint sound of snoring interrupts my sleep as  squint my eyes, attempting to shield them from the light that is streaming through the curtains. Im unable to move, the weight of a six foot tall, curly headed boy keeps me trapped beneath the sheets. Shawn is sprawled out on top of me. His face is hidden in the crook of my neck, his breath tickling the exposed skin. His strong arms wrap around my waist making it impossible for me to move. I can’t help but to reach my arm up and run my fingers through his curly hair. He looks so peaceful, I don’t understand how someone can look so irresistible just by sleeping. 

I feel a sudden pain in my chest as I realize this is our last day together before he goes back on tour. Don’t get me wrong, I am so unbelievably proud of him. He is living his dream, workings ass off to keep his success but sometimes I just want him to myself. He is going to be gone for sixth months and I have no idea how my heart is going to handle it. 

I wiggle out of his grasp, earning an irritated moan from his lips. He is now fully on his back, his eyes still closed as he tries to return to his comfortable position. I crawl on top of him, both of my legs on either side of his thighs. A big grin spills across my face as the sheets fall off of me, revealing my naked body. The events from last night replay in my head and I can’t help but giggle from the butterflies and tingles that jolt through my bones.

I lean down and place soft kisses all over his face. I start on the right side of his cheek and move to the left, I kiss his forehead and move my way down to his chin and end with the tip of his nose. He doesn’t budge for awhile, so I take matters into my own hands and go faster till I earn a reaction. He groans again but this time there is a smirk on his face.

“Wake. Up. Baby. Wake. up.wake. up.” I say between each kiss. I’m caught off guard as his arms wrap around my waist. He quickly sits up and pulls me back down on the bed  till he is  hovering over me. I can’t stop the fits of giggles that erupt from within me. 

“You know you could have gotten me a lot up faster if you had started with my lips.” His voice is deep and croaky, his eyes puffy and red. I chuckle at the wildness of his hair, my god he is beautiful.

“I think I kissed you enough last night, I wanted to switch things up a bit.”

He slowly leans down and presses his lips to mine. The kiss starts off slow and innocent. His arms pull me closer into him as he depends the kiss. Our tongues fight for dominance, I can’t help the moan that falls from my mouth. My hands find the nape of his neck as I lightly tug at his hair, an action I know drives him crazy. The effect he has on me will be something I will never understand. I arch my back of the bed trying to get closer to him if thats even possible. We both tilt our heads, getting completely lost in each other. He pulls away first, resting his forehead against mine. 

“You could never give me too many kisses, there will never be enough to completely satisfy me I’m always left wanting more.” His morning voice has me completely weak and he knows it.

“Well you better kiss me as much as possible, after today you will have to wait six months before I can shower you again.” He pulls away from me, resting his head on his elbow so he can look down at me as I turn to face him

“hey, we are going to be okay we’ve done this before.”

“That doesn’t make it any easier.” He begins to run his fingers through my hair.

“I know baby, I know.” He leans down and places a sweet kiss on my forehead

I feel my eyes begin to water, I try my best to push back the tears but the thought of him not being here in a few short hours is unbearable.

“Shawn, I don’t think I can handle saying goodbye to you again.” I intertwine our fingers.

“Baby, don’t think of it as a goodbye, think of it as a ill see you soon. There are no goodbyes between us. I know this hurts and I am going to miss you like hell. But I promise you I will always be here. Just call me I don’t care what time it is, if you’re ever missing me just call me.”

“I love you so much.”

“I love you more.” I begin to push myself out of bed, but his hand stops me.

“Where are you going?” His bottom lip is pushed out like a child. I pull away from his hand and reach for his shirt that I tore off of him last night. I can feel my cheeks redden from the memory, as I slip it on. I hope to god he doesn’t notice.

“I have to go shower, ill be quick I promise.”

“Or…..” He pauses

“Hear me out, we take a shower together.”

“Nice try Mendes, we both know what will end up happening if we shower together.” 

“I promise I won’t try anything, ill keep my hands to myself.” I raise my brow at him 

“Okay, maybe not fully to myself but you get the picture.”

“Alright, but only because you are leaving.” He jumps out of bed and runs towards the bathroom. I roll my eyes as I gather my new shampoo and favorite bottle of body wash. Shawn stands at the shower with his hand under the water making sure the temperature is perfect. I quickly brush my teeth and slip out of shawns t-shirt. 

“Ladies first.” Shawn pulls the curtain back and swiftly moves his hand to the direction of the shower. 

“You’re suck a dork.” I chuckle as I move passed him and into the tub. The warmth of the water feels amazing against my skin. I let the water spill down my hair as Shawn gets in. I feel him reach behind me as he enters. He moves the shower head higher so the water can actually reach his head. The boy is a tree I swear.

“Sorry shorty I gotta move this.”

“Don’t call me shorty its not my fault you’re a giant.” I watch as he repeats the same actions as me

Can I wash your hair?” The words crawl faster out of my mouth than I expected.

“Only if you let me do yours too.”

“Deal.” I squirt Shawn’s shampoo in my hand and turn to face him. Wow, this height difference is really hitting me right now. I can’t even reach his head to wash his hair.

“Uhh baby do you think you could kneel?” He throws his head back as his laughter fills the bathroom 

“Oh my God you are so cute.”

“Stop making fun of me I can’t reach.”

“Ill kneel for you, you always kneel for me.” he winks and I quickly slap his arm 

He kneels down in front of me, his hands firmly on my hips to keep his balance. 

He closes his eyes in pleasure as I massage his scalp, his hair is nice and soapy   and I waist no time playing with the curls on top of his head.

“Does that feel good Bub?”

“mmmhmmm.” he hums, I rinse his hair placing one hand over his eyes so he doesn’t get burned by the soap. I repeat the same actions with the conditioner. This boy is in pure bliss. He stands to his feet.

“Your turn.” To say that his hands were made for this is in understatement. He laughs at my moans I ignore him getting lost in the pleasure that is coursing through my scalp. We both finish up and dry ourselves off. 

Shawn makes his way into the bedroom putting on a pair of boxes and hopping back into bed. I take a little longer washing my face, brushing my hair, and fixing up my eyebrows. 

“Babe do you mind if I use your speaker to put on some music?” he calls from the bedroom 

“Go ahead Bub.” I begin to straighten up the mess I made in the bathroom until I hear the song he chose. Kiss me, by Ed Sheeran. My heart skips a beat as I think of the first time he kissed me, this song was playing in the background.

I walk out of the bathroom and lean against the door frame. Shawn sits on the bed smiling like he fool. He slowly rises and makes his way into the middle of the room. He stops and opens his arms.

“Dance with me?” STOP BEING SO CUTE 

My feet move before I can even think. I walked s towards him and he wraps me in his arms. I rest my head against his chest as he sway back and forth to the music.

“You should wear my shirts more often by the way.”

“I will be,I’m stealing most of them. Oh and your Harvard hoodie, yeah you’re never getting that back.”

“Thats my favorite one.”

“It smells like you.”

“You can keep it while I’m away baby, I don’t mind.”

“I don’t want you to leave.”

“I don’t want to leave you.” I rest my forehead against his 

“What do we do when the music stops?” I whisper 

“When I’m wiht you, the music never stops.” 

“Kiss me.”


The End 

HEEEYY YALLL sorry this was TRASH. It is now 1:21 Am and I am dead ahahahahaha. sorry I’m acting like a crack head and I’m sorry for all the grammatical errors. My brain is dead right now. I promise I will post tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t be as tired.But yeah gn and love ya.

Cee’s Masterlist

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* - mature content (meaning cursing, drugs/alcohol, or smut) 


Want You Series*
(frat! Tom x Reader): COMPLETED

Affection ***

Come Back (fuck boy! Tom x Reader) 


Track List Series (based on Shawn Mendes the album):**



Bumped | Shawn Mendes Fluff

(A/N: Haloooo! I am reeaaaally not a writer (I prefer to read) and I just made this because I thought of something while looking at this pic of soft shawn. Sorry for the grammar mistakes/typos!! Anyhow, hope you enjoy this random imagine!)

After finishing his set, Shawn went to his dressing room to freshen up. While changing into another white shirt, he heard Y/N’s voice outside his dressing room door. Hurrying to put on his shirt, he opened the door frantically while eyes look for the dark brown ones he longed to see. In saying yes to doing this festival tour, he knew he wouldn’t see Y/N’s face for a long time. And the five months without her has been pure torture. It also doesn’t help knowing that he still can’t reach her for almost 2 days. While walking to the green room, he saw Aliyah talking with Andrew and Geoff.

‘Shit, do you think he knows? She tripped infront of his dressing room.’ Geoff said.

‘I know who’s here?’

‘The girl who cried. The one who got passed security and into backstage? She got in again.’ Aliyah replied, not sure if the lie would work.

‘Oh, okay.’ Defeated, he headed to the green room with Aliyah where Manny and Karren were talking excitedly. He flopped down the recliner, laying his head back while closing his eyes. Unknown to him the happy mood everyone was in. Him being the only one feeling down, heaved a heavy sigh.

‘Are you feeling okay, honey?’ Karren asked.

‘Just tired.’ Shawn replied. He missed Y/N so much, it was driving him insane. His mind drifting to the time when he tried to call her before and after the set. Remembering that she didn’t answer, he let out another sigh.

‘No answer?’ Manny asked, trying to hide the smile thats making its way on his mouth.

‘None. Went to voicemail.’

‘Why don’t you try again?’

‘I already did, the same thing happened.’ Seeing that Shawn is very much disturbed, Y/N got out or her hiding spot and aligned her head with his. Shawn noticed the movement, he just didn’t mind it. He also didn’t mind the unusual behavior the whole team had all day long.

Breaking the silence, Y/N started ‘Hi’

Opening his eyes, Shawn notice the girl he has have been thinking about staring right at him. Only, she was upside down from his point of view. Once everything sunk in, he moved to get his girl back in his arms.

However, he underestimated how close their faces actually were, he only realized when he moved to get out of the chair. The people in the room didn’t know what event to focus on. Whether to cheer and be happy for the couple who haven’t seen each other for such a long time, or to laugh at how careless Shawn was, which actually resorted to him bumping his and Y/n’s foreheads. Hard, mind you. Everyone heard it. The group chose the latter, laughing with everything that they have.

‘Oooww oh my god my head oh my god you’re here oh my god I’m so sorry oh my god baby you’re here!’ Shawn rambled this while helping Y/N to her feet and into his arms while saying it all over again. Y/N, actually crouched down and held onto her forehead, massaging it to relieve the headache that started to form due to the head bump her boyfriend had caused.

‘Okay, I knew Shawn would be excited but this is so much more-…’ Aliyah barely formed a sentence. Everyone, including the couple, was laughing so hard that their stomachs were already hurting.


After seeing Manny, Karren and Aliyah off, Y/N, Shawn and the rest of the crew was back at the bus. Andrew, giving another ice pack to Shawn said laughing,

‘This is the best surprise’

‘I agree, and disagree. Shawn, your forehead is so hard.’ Y/N answered with a smile of amusement because of the embarassed face her boyfriend is making.

‘I don’t know whether to say sorry again or say how happy I am to see you, or to thank you guys. But I agree, that I agree and disagree that this is the best surprise. Wait, what did I say?’ a confused Shawn said while placing the ice pack on Y/N’s forehead.

‘Shawn, you’re the reason why my head is hurting. Literally’ Y/N said, which caused Shawn to chuckle and place his lips on his girlfriend’s head. The couple made their way to the back of the bus, where Shawn usually sleeps.

‘Let’s go to bed before our headache gets worse.’

‘We should, you wash up first.’ Shawn said kissing Y/N’s temple.


Now laying down on the bed, both want to go to sleep but also want spend time more time awake together.

‘You know, I heard you and Liyah earlier.’

‘We know, we noticed the owner of the dressing room too late. Good thing Geoff was there.’ Y/N rembered cursing when she tripped because Geoff suddenly pulled her and Liyah to the side, knowing Shawn was usually finished with his shower by that time.

Comfortable silence wrapped around the couple cuddled on the bed. Y/N is half asleep when she noticed Shawn’s steady breathing and heartbeat. Thinking he’s asleep, she can’t help but say the words that have been dying to be said out loud. If it weren’t for the amount of people that was there with them, she would have said it the moment she saw him for the first time after five months of not seeing each other.

‘I missed you. I’m sorry I didn’t get to say this earlier, couldn’t think straight,’ she giggled remembering how Shawn basically head butt her upside down. ‘Definitely learned my lesson, will definitely not do that again. I don’t think I say this enough but I really really like you. And being away from you for so long made me realize, that you really mean everything to me. I’ve fallen for you, and I just hope you feel the same way.’

Not knowing Shawn was awake the whole time, her heart leaped when she felt him move and tighten his arms around her. Shawn, having said the same thing the last night before going on tour, can’t help but turn her around and kiss her. Pouring all the emotions in that one passionate kiss. After getting over the shock, Y/N kiss back with the same amount of passion.

‘You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to hear those words. You were asleep when I first told you I’ve fallen for you, but now I’m going to say it again. I love you, Y/N. I love you so much I am willing to bump my head again, just to make sure this isn’t another dream. I love you’ Shawn said with teary eyes, knowing that he is awake because his head is still slightly aching.

Y/N can’t help but say it back and when she did, Shawn reconnects their lips for the nth time of the night. After a few more kisses, the couple finally fell asleep, knowing they were in the arms of the person they love. The person who is worth more than a silly old bump.

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Worse than Nicotine

Summary: im horrible at summary’s but basically y/n is at a bar and bumps into her ex and they leave together and fuck ?? K? K.

Warnings: alcohol use, swearing, oral (male receiving), smut, smut, smut.

The setting was no different to y/n. The dancing sweating bodies, the loud music, the smoke, the fights; the same shit every night. It’s where she belongs, she thought. She looked to her left and saw a basic stereotypical scenario going on in the bar she was in. A married man hitting on a slightly younger female who was showing way too much skin. It wasn’t a problem, y/n had actually envied her dress.

She would look to her right and see another stereotypic scenario, a man or woman washing their pain away with the devils liquid. Y/n sat at the bar stool taking another shot as her legs were crossed under the bar. She tapped her glass at the bartender telling him she wanted a refill. He poured more into the glass as she downed the strong stinging liquid and slammed it back on the counter. The bartender gestured the bottle towards her glass mentally asking if she wanted a refill to which she politely denied seeing as her cheeks were already starting to heat up, feeling a little buzz.

Y/n lost count on how many shots she has taken but it doesn’t matter because she knows how to handle her alcohol and how much she can take before she starts getting tipsy. The giggling beside her was starting to drive her insane and y/n almost whipped her head around to shut them both up but she felt a hand on her waist and she gasped but as soon as she looked down, she knew exactly who it was by the tattooed hand. “Hey,” he whispered in her ear sending shivers down her spine. She turned her head to the side slightly and met his beautiful brown eyes, “Hey.”

Y/n knows this is wrong, that she shouldn’t fall for his games again. But the scent of him filling her nostrils, his hands securing her waist, his hot breath on her neck has her like she was putty in his hands once again.

“I’ve missed you,” he sweetly smiles at y/n, y/n licks her lips nodding, “not going to lie, feeling’s mutual.” Shawn was leaning against the bar on his side now as he stared at y/n’s features. “Good to know, honey,” he smirks as y/n rolls her eyes at that damn nickname. “What’s up with that,” Shawn furrows his eyebrows.

“What’s up with what?” Y/n taunts him. He shook his head, “forgot about that attitude that you had.” Y/n scoffed, “I remember you hating that, that’s why I did it,” she raises her eyebrows at him. “I don’t think I ever hated it hun, I know I made you think that, but it was actually,” he looked down licking his lips and then back into y/n’s eyes, “it was actually quite sexy.”

“Shawn,” y/n shook her head, “don’t,” she put her hand on her forehead, rubbing it softly. “Don’t what?” He cocked his head to the side, taking his bottom lip in between his lip sparking something inside of y/n.

“We broke up, Shawn,” y/n called the bartender over and pointed to her glass as he poured the liquid inside as it splashed a little. She lifted the glass up, parting her lips, letting the liquid go down her throat as Shawn intently watched her every move. He hated to admit it but he was slightly turned on watching her lips part, remembering the sinful things she was able to do with those lips. Hell, he was turned on the minute he saw the back of her body, the dress hugging her curves in all the right places, the way her back was slightly arched.

“Why did we, though?” Shawn asked as he set his hand on her thigh and y/n snapped her head to look at him. “Please,” he lowered himself to her, whispering in her ear, “enlighten me on why we decided to break up, because I can’t seem to think of a good reason right now,” he was smirking against her skin as he kissed her exposed shoulder making y/n’s eyes flutter shut. Y/n clenched her thighs together forgetting his hand was still placed there as he chuckled deeply, standing straight back up, “clenching your thighs now, eh?”

Y/n coughed, clearing her throat, “Shawn.” His hand was massaging the inside of her thigh now, close to her heat but not close enough to satisfy anyone. Just increasing the sexual tension between them both.

Their relationship was just plain toxic, but y/n couldn’t deny that the sex wasn’t phenomenal. Not to sound cliche, but Shawn was the best y/n has ever had. With anyone else, y/n had faked her orgasms and Shawn made her cum more than 3 times in one night. Shawn knew her body like the back of his hand, knew how far he could push her, knew how much she could take, and knew exactly just what she wanted.

“Yes?” He answered as his hand started to move up further. Y/n let out a shaky breath as his cocky smirk grew. “We can’t,” y/n finally pushed his hand off her thigh and he sighed. “Come on baby,” he begged as he sat down on the stool next to y/n after the annoying people have left, leaning into y/n’s neck. “Just one more night, let me show you how much I miss you,” he begged into y/n’s neck and y/n was getting slightly turned on by his pleading. She clenched her thighs once more, biting her lip as Shawn was smirking against her, “Just,” his slipped his hand between her thighs again, letting his fingers ghost over her wet panties, as she arched her back slightly, “one more night,” he chuckled, “I can feel you babygirl.” Y/n wanted to moan at his words, almost forgetting they were still in public.

Y/n knew this shouldn’t be happening. It would be the third time they have hooked up since they broke up a few months ago. She knew that if she left with him again, she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to leave again. He’s so addictive to her, he’s worse than nicotine.

“One more night,” she gave in as he smirked, sticking his tongue in his cheek, looking her up and down. “That’s my girl,” he retracts his hand from her dripping heat and y/n almost whines at the loss of contact. He places his lips on hers, connecting their lips for the first time that night as y/n kisses back and she places a hand on the back of his neck but shawn pulls away. “Let’s get out of here then, eh?” He smirks staring at her wet plump lips. Y/n nods her head, completely fucked for him once again.

He grabs her hand as he puts a 50 dollar bill on the counter for her and pulls her out of the bar.

Once they had entered Shawn’s loft, Shawn was about to pin her against the wall but he was pushed onto the couch as he smirked up at y/n and her newly found confidence.

The sight made y/n knees buckle. His legs spread as he rested into the couch with his hands on either sides of him as he eyed her up and down. Y/n straddled him, and his hands instantly met her hips but she pushed them down, shaking her head. He licked his lips becoming more turned on at her boldness. She was never like this in the bedroom. He was always dominating her and making her feel good but y/n was set on making him beg for her and having him almost whining for her. She felt herself dripping at the thought.

She put her arms around his neck as she rolled her hips onto his semi-hard on as he groaned throwing his head back, as he closed his eyes, licking his lips. “That’s it baby,” Shawn groaned.

Y/n’s pace started to slow down and Shawn wasn’t having it as his eyebrows furrowed and he brought his hands up to her waist, guiding her to go faster and she did. Y/n threw her head back enjoying the feeling and Shawn smirked up at her. Y/n scolded herself inside her head as she stopped moving and swatted Shawn’s hands away and he groaned in defeat.

“When did you become so dominant, honey?”

Y/n stopped moving her hips completely, “I don’t know, do you like it?”

Shawn licked his lips slowly nodding his head, “it’s so fucking hot babygirl.” Y/n smirked as she got off Shawn’s lap and sat on the floor between his legs giving him a full view of her cleavage and Shawn’s eyes instantly widened.

Shawn was so worked up now he could probably cum to the sight of her on her knees for him. He took his bottom lip between his teeth, knitting his eyebrows together, watching her every move.

Y/n was smirking up at shawn in a seductive way and Shawn cursed under his breath. Y/n reached up, unbuckling his belt and pulled it out of his jean loops as his hands rested on the couch on either sides of his legs.

“Gonna take my cock, sweetheart?” Shawn uttered making y/n’s head spin. Y/n did not want him to win, he already got her back to his place, she wasn’t going to let him take control.

“No talking,” she stated. She pulled his jeans down his legs. Shawn raised his eyebrows, a slight smirk plastered on his lips as he watched her place her hand around his hard member, Shawn shivering at the feeling.

“Shit,” he cursed quietly as she moved her hand up and down his sex. He threw his head back groaning as she used her other hand to massage his balls. The moment he really lost it was when she put her lips around his tip.

“Baby,” he raised his hips and looked down at her and was met with her stare, darkened eyes due to the lust she carried. He knew what that stare meant. He wasn’t supposed to be talking or making any kind of noise for that matter. As she took more of him down her throat, Shawn’s head went back as he breathed out, letting his eyes roll back letting the pleasure overtake him.

“God,” He groaned. Y/n started to take him much faster in her mouth, the scene looked like it was straight out of a porno. Shawn cursed as he grabbed her hair and told her to stop.

“I’m going to cum if you don’t stop, baby,” he clenched his teeth together, shutting his eyes as he felt her suck harder and faster. He was done for. Just as he was about to cum, y/n stopped and Shawn groaned as she stood up from her knees, wiping her mouth.

“Shit,” he cursed looking up at her. His cock was throbbing now and he needed a release. Y/n slowly straddled him, letting her center hover above his hardened member. “You want it, baby?” She asked in a seductive voice, licking her lips.

“Fuck yes, ride my cock, princess.” He put his hands on her hips, rubbing slightly. Y/n slowly sank onto him, letting her tight walls entrap him. “Oh god,” he groaned, shutting his eyes and letting his head fall back. His hands were on her bum now and with every thrust from her, he’d squeeze her cheeks with such force, it made y/n whimper and start to pick up her pace a little bit.

Shawn picked his head up, looking at y/n, eyes full of lust as he bit his bottom lip, looking her up and down slowly. “Look at you, baby,” he kissed her, “taking my cock so well,” he kissed her again, “like it was fucking made just for you, honey,” he groaned when she rolled her hips harder, making him bite her bottom lip, pulling back and letting go, letting her lip slap back in place. He kissed her again as she ran her hands through his hair and he sat up a little bit, putting his hands completely under her bum and started to pick her up himself and letting her slam back on him.

“Ah!” she moaned out, and he repeated his actions, taking control, but she was so out of it now, she wanted him to destroy her and she just didn’t care how he did it.

"Shawn,” she moaned. He looked at her, foreheads touching, “you like that, honey? You like it when I fuck you this hard?” She moaned at his words and he smirked, “Yeah I know you do, look at you, you’re so wrecked, baby. Just let go for me. Cum on my cock, princess.” Y/n moaned louder, clenching around him and he groaned pulling her hair. “Shit, do that again.” She obeyed him and clenched around him again causing him to actually moan, as he thrusted up into her. 

He connected both of their lips as she felt herself starting to get to closer to her release, head falling back and shawn took this opportunity to leave some love bites on her exposed neck and placed his hands on her hips.

“You close baby?” He asked, reaching a hand between their bodies and started playing with her clit. “Fuck, yes,” she breathed out, lifting her head and kissing him. He groaned into the kiss and y/n leaned back, breaking the kiss, as she moaned loudly, curling her toes, feeling the tightness in her stomach as she let go around him. She felt him still inside of her, as he reached his high, still thrusting inside of her, mainly trying to get himself to cum but also to ride her high out.

A string of quiet curses left his mouth as he released inside of y/n, causing him to fall back against the couch, breathing out. She got off of him, laying next to him.

Y/n sighed knowing she had to leave because she knew if she stayed any longer, she wouldn’t be able to leave. She started to stand up and gather her clothes. Shawn sat up grabbing her wrist, “what are you doing?” He furrowed his eyebrows.

“What do you mean?” Y/n looked at him, her eyebrows mimicking his. He grabbed her hands, linking their fingers together, looking up at her, “don’t leave.” You looked to the side of him and then back at his eyes, “what?”

“Don’t leave,” he pulled her closer. “You want me to stay?” She slightly raised an eyebrow. He looked up at her with pleading eyes, “yes, please, just stay, spend the night,” he leaned forward leaving small kisses on her abdomen. Y/n fluttered her eyes shut, letting her hands let go of his and placing them in his hair.

“Shawn,” she said knowing this was a bad idea. “Please,” he whispered against her. His hands were on her lower back, “I’m begging you to stay, y/n; please just stay.” Y/n licked her lips, eyes still shut.

“I won’t be able to leave, shawn, I almost didn’t leave the last time let alone the time before that.”

“It’s fine,” he shook his head, “it’s fine.” His eyes squeezed shut, leaning against her. Y/n dropped her clothes, sitting on his lap, putting her hands on with sides of his face, connecting their lips in a slow, passionate kiss. He wrapped his arms around her, her hands still on his face. The situated themselves so they were laying on his couch, bodies sticking to one another.

“Just stay,” he said against her forehead.

Y/n didn’t want to admit it but she was his again but at the same time she loved the idea. She felt her whole body relax against him, his soft breaths in her hair, his hand rubbing her back. She looked up, his eyes shut, mouth parted slightly. His hand was starting to slow down and she smiled as she felt her eyes start to slowly shut.

“I still love you,” shawn whispered so quietly it was almost a mumble.

“What?” Y/n looked up at him, but it was too late, he was already out.

Can't help Falling in love*

A/N: pLEASE listen to Kina Grannis version of this song  while reading PLEASE it is so beautiful and it gave me sooooooo much inspiration. Hope you all enjoy!!

Originally posted by mendes-shawn

Shawn’s P.O.V

Before I met you, I always thought falling in love happened all at once. I always imagined one particular moment of me looking at someone and just completely knowing they were meant for me. I was so wrong, I was beyond wrong… Falling in love doesn’t happen all at once, it isn’t one moment  that determines everything, its a series of moments that build off each other that make  it all worth it. Puzzle pieces that make a beautiful picture, a picture of us. When I first saw you I had no idea the impact you would have on my heart. My heart, my love, my trust and respect is yours. The moments that showed me we belong together are simple and true, messy and perfectly imperfect. But its us, its our story and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

The fist moment that tugged at my heart was the first time you came to one of  my shows, it was in Amsterdam. I saw you in the crowd singing every word, dancing like no one was watching. You looked at me, and I looked at you and for a moment I forgot that there was anybody else in the room. Your smile infatuated me, you were so far away yet just looking into your eyes made me weak in the knees. After the show you told me you wanted to go for a walk, which was odd to me. I had told you about a party we could have gone too, I listed off names of celebrities that would be there, you kindly declined grabbing my hand and saying “Walk with me, lets go get lost in the lights.” I agreed and you and I roamed the streets of Amsterdam completely lost in each other. You told me about your childhood, why you love the color yellow, the ridiculous amount of records you have, and how afraid you were to fall in love. I was afraid too.  

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The second moment was when you met my family. You woke at up at 6:00Am to fix your hair and make sure your outfit was to your satisfaction. You looked absolutely beautiful. You were a nervous wreck when we reached my childhood home. You tugged at a strand of your hair, a habit of yours that you always do when you’re nervous. I grabbed your hand and we made our way to the door. As soon as my mum looked at you I knew we were something special. Everything clicked so quickly, you were so kind to mum the conversation between you too was genuine and fun. You laughed at dads jokes, even the ones you knew weren’t funny, and Aaliyah my god did Aaliyah love you. The bond you had with the most important people in my life completely blew me away. I know you love me by the way you love them. Thank you for that. 

Originally posted by dolanspacemendes

The third moment was the first fight we ever had. This may sound confusing but this argument was one that tested our strength and we made it. It seems like we are constantly being pulled in a million different directions when it comes to our careers. When you wake up, I’m going to sleep. It is just something we were not able to avoid. So much anger and frustration came along with the pain of missing you. I am so sorry for taking it out on you, just like I know you’re sorry for taking it out on me. It took me some time but I realized we weren't yelling at each other, we weren’t pushing each other or trying to take the other person down. Love, we were fighting for each other and in some cases we still are. I will never stop fighting for you, for us. Look at us baby, we made it! You are mine and I am yours. Thats the way it should aways be.

Originally posted by smendesgifs

The fourth moment was the fist time we made love. I have never known the feeling of truly connecting with another person on such an intimate level. We took our time tangling ourselves in each other, chest to chest, the beat of your heart matching mine. I felt you, every part of you slowly until I couldn’t remember how to breathe. We showed each other how much we love one another that night. The way you said my name, the way you kiss my neck, the way you look up at me with those eyes drives me completely insane. Our bodies fit perfectly together, longing for one another. That love isn’t meant for anyone but you. I showed you my heart and that will remain for your eyes only. The feeling of you wrapped in my arms under the sheets is something I will never get tired of.

Originally posted by fearless-man

The fifth moment was the first time you called my apartment home. This was something we had talked about for awhile but you insisted that moving in together was a bad idea. I still don’t understand why, most of your things were at my place anyway. I just think you were afraid of the label even though you will never admit it. We had just gotten back from our trip to New York, you unlocked the door and waltzed right in. I watched you as you unpacked your things being too tired to do it as neatly as you normally would. You washed your face, brushed your teeth, threw on one of my t-shirts and  ran into bed. You were living with me and you refused to admit it. I got into bed and wrapped my arms around you. You cuddled into me, letting yourself fall into a deep sleep. Before you drifted you whispered into my ear. “Its good to be home.” You have no idea how much that meant to me. You are my home, it doesn’t matter where we are in the world as long as I am with you I am home

Originally posted by esoltis280

The sixth moment was the first time I told you I wasn’t going to use the blockers anymore. You understand anxiety better than anyone I know. There have been countless nights that you have stayed up with me, talking me through a panic attack. Your patience and kindness is something that never runs thin. I don’t know how to thank you for walking with me through some of the darkest moments of my life. When I first told you I was going to perform without them you cried. You held me in your arms and kissed me harder than I have ever been kissed before. Your support means the world to me and you did everything you could to reassure me that getting off of them was the best decision I could have ever made. It was a battle and there was definitely moments that I wanted to quit. You were there every step of the way. I will never be able to repay you for that, I love you so much.

Originally posted by mednes

The finial moment was the first time you said I love you. It took you awhile to say it back to me but I wasn’t afraid. I knew you would say it back when your heart told you, you were ready. We were at my cousins wedding, I was a groomsmen and I remember it was so hard to focus on anything but you. You wore a light blue dress that brought out your eyes perfectly. You sat with my family and as soon as the music began I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you. I couldn't help but imagine what our wedding would be like, what you would look like walking down the isle to me. They chose can’t help falling in love for the song my cousin walked down the isle too. You turned and our eyes met, the version of the song was beautiful, not as beautiful as you. It was our own secret moment no one else had a clue of what was going on between me and you. We stared into each others eyes for the entirety of the song. Your eyes began to water and suddenly everything slipped away. There was a moment the instruments went away and all I could hear were the lyrics, I know you felt that way too. You looked at me and mouthed the words ‘I love you’. I stood at the alter with the biggest smile on my face as I said it back as quickly as I could. I knew right then and there that my heart completely belonged to you. I want to hear you say those words over and over again. Please never stop saying those words to me my love.  I love you, I love you I love you.

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I could go on for years about how much you mean to me. I could add this very moment where you are curled up in my chest as I type this on my phone, Your mouth is wide open as you sleep peacefully. You have no idea that in a few short days I am going to ask you to marry me. I can’t wait to start our journey together, its only the beginning for us my love. Heres to our future, heres to our happiness, and heres to you. There is no one in this world like you. I love you forever- Shawn 

Track List Series: Part Four (Where Were You In The Morning?)

A/N: sooooo sorry for how late this is! 

Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Summary: Y/N was new to fame but not to self-destruction, she just never thought Shawn Mendes would ever be in her path. 

Warning: mention of sex but no description, cursing, maybe some angst? ** UNEDITED** 

Word Count: 3.5k

Song Inspiration: Where Were You In The Morning? 

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You said, “I wanna get to know ya”
Why you gotta get my hopes up?
You said that you were staying over
But then I woke up to the cold air

Silk sheets were wrapped around you like a soft ribbon, brushing against your skin as you stretched the morning away from you. Stilling, you felt the warmth radiating from behind you and the arm weighing heavily down on your waist. Guilt rushed through your body as you knew what you had to do, knowing it wasn’t fair of you but you couldn’t allow yourself to be this… Intimate with someone. Not after what happened last time. Slowly, you inched your body away from the heater-like body, his arm dropping from your waist when more space was put in between the two of you. You paused when he stirred, heart pounding in your ears until you were sure he was still asleep. When you finally freed yourself from his grasp and his bed, you quietly gathered your clothes and shoes, dressing as quickly as you could.

Taking one more glance at the bed, his body sprawled out, shame colored your face. How could you do this to him? Shaking your head, you left his room, the click of the door closing behind you waking him up to a now cold, empty bed.

The crowd was hooting wildly as you passed them, a small smile on your lips as you delicately waved every now and then. I hate this part, you thought to yourself as you willed your body to not flinch away from all the camera lights going off. Perhaps you would never be used to it though you hoped that you would, seeing as your new found fame was still fresh as you posed with a look over your shoulder. Finally getting away from the lights, cameras, and microphones, you felt yourself relaxed- that was until your manager hurried to you, her face one of determination.

“Darling-” Allison started, her pet name a sign of her age and her accent thick as she tried speaking quickly, “I don’t need you to freak out but someone’s people got in touch with me saying he wants you to join him at his table tonight-” She only paused as she picked up the train of your dress, “I said I’d ask so here I am, but bloody hell you’re going to die when you realize-”

Having enough of her hands on your dress, you let out a laugh as you swatted her away. “Ally, honey, spit it out. Who?”

“Shawn Mendes.”

Now it was your turn to paused, as your eyes widened when you connected your gaze with hers. “What?” You asked rhetorically. “Why? He’s famous.”

Allison rolled her eyes, “Y/N, you realize you’re famous, yeah?”

Heat crept up your neck as you looked away from her, embarrassment settling in your stomach. Of course, you realized but you didn’t think you were that famous. Continuing to the event, you thought to yourself and your options, feeling some sort of giggliness at the thought of being so close to Shawn. It wasn’t until your manager asked what you wanted that you realized you most definitely wanted to join him. “Where is his table?”

As soon as you were away from the apartment building, your phone was in your hand ringing until Allison’s chipper voice answered. “If you’re going to be late to the meeting-”

“Allison I’m in so much shit.”

There was a pause and then a curse that still sounded innocent in her accent. When you heard shuffling you realized she was stepping away from whatever she was doing. Your hand went up as you waved a taxi down, easily sliding in and politely giving an address. “Trouble? Please tell me you used protection Y/N. You aren’t a stupid girl.”

Biting your lip you almost wanted to laugh but you had to think for a second, ease filling you when you remember the sound of foil being ripped. “Stop it, seriously.” You stated finally, crossing your legs. “Of course I did but I just um,” struggling to find the words, you looked at the rearview mirror, only to see the cabby looking at you with interest. “I uh- just left.”

“Okay… I’m happy for you?”

“No I mean, I just left. I woke up and just left him in bed.”

“Oh? Oh… Y/N, you feline.”

“Could you be serious for one second? I feel extremely bad!”

More shuffling on Allison’s end filled the silence for a second until you realized the cab was slowing down in front of her office. Ducking out after you paid, you just huffed into your phone and hung up, knowing you’d see her in less than a minute. Navigating through the offices, you smiled when in the path of others until you found yourself in Allison’s office, her face one of humor as she took you in- dress from last night and all. “Oi, I’d say you had a helluva time.”

Plopping down in a chair, you rolled your eyes, flashing her your middle finger. “You are not funny.”

“I’d say I am,” She retorted, perching herself on the corner of her desk. “So, Y/N, why did you run away?”

You looked away and Allison knew instantly why. It might have been a year of time but you could feel yourself still aching at times. Some days it was dull, like a slight headache echoing in your skull but others it dominated every part of your body, leaving you breathless. Stupid girl, you thought bitterly as your mouth filled with the taste of copper. Shrugging, you refused to answer the question out loud, saving yourself from another pep talk. You were tired of the “he was a jerk” and the “you could do better” because it would never make up for what he did to you.

“I know you hurt,” Allison said softly, “But I thought Shawn was more than great to you.”


Shawn Mendes was a dream.

Not only did he have a voice of chocolate but he filled your senses with hope as you found comfort in him. When you arrived at his table his back was turned to you and you got to study his stance. Relaxed, at home almost, as you watched one of his friends nod his head towards you. Clasping your hands in front of you out of hesitation, you were almost taken away from his smile when his eyes found yours. “Y/N!”

A smile graced your lips as you took the remaining steps to close the distance between the two of you, your head extended as you introduce yourself. “Hi,” you said somewhat shyly, “I know you just said my name but I’m Y/N, and you can’t even begin to imagine how excited I am to meet you-”

Shawn looked at your hand, his smile broadening as he ignored it and wrapped one arm around you in a friendly hug. “Same- your last single made me go insane, how did you think of that chorus?” He asked as he pulled his arm from you, a protest paused behind your lips as you felt a blush settle on your face.

“I had the chorus first- dark time and all,” You offered with a soft shrug.

He nodded understandingly, knowing all too well how it felt to bleed yourself for a song. Softly grasping your forearm, he guided you to his specific seat at the table, pulling a chair out for you. “Please,” he indicated, pushing your chair in when you finally sat down. He sat beside you but turned his body to face you, leaning forward slightly on his knees as his head tilted in curiosity as he took you in. Shawn made you so nervous but so hot at the same time as you took your lip lightly in between your teeth, thoughts swirling within you.

“So handsome.”

Shawn cracked a soft smirk at your voiced thought, furthering your redness as you tried to apologize for your comment, to which he just shook his head. “I think you’re pretty gorgeous Y/N, so no hard feelings. I hope you’re not weirded out by the random invitation- I just want to get to know you.”

“I wanna get to know you too Shawn.” You couldn’t deny how his radiating smile made you feel but you knew you were right where you were supposed to be.

The rest of the night you found yourself falling into easy conversation with Shawn. He was much more down to Earth than you thought, his ideas and visions coexisting with how you felt as well. An appreciation for him deepened in you once again as you took in his great looks as he laughed at someone else’s comment at the table. Suddenly becoming hot, you noted that he was almost too attractive for you to behave, greedily swallowing your third glass of champagne. Shawn noticed and patted your knee innocently but left it as he turned to reply to the person next to him, the heat now traveling to every part of your body.

Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was because it had been so long since you had been with someone but you couldn’t help but think that he was made for you, for the moment right now. He didn’t even flinch as you connected your hand with his, his fingers immediately intertwining with yours as he kept on casually talking.

It wasn’t until you realized the someone was talking to you that you let yourself pull your hand from his, straightening up. “I’m sorry, what?”

“I realized what I know you from!”

Your heart leaped into your throat as you plastered a smile on your face, knowing what was coming next. “Oh?”

She nodded as if she was proud of figuring out. “You use to date Tyson Briggs right?”

Shawn glanced at you, interested in what you had to say, though already knowing you had been in a relationship a while ago. He knew he couldn’t comment though, as he too has often been tied to people before. Nodding slowly, you offered a weak smile. “Yes, I was with Tyson for a while.”

“Awhile?” Shawn voiced an eyebrow dipping.

The girl laughed before looking away, “Wow! I was about to say, I couldn’t remember where you were from but then I realized you the girl of his pictures-”

That was enough for you as you stood from the table, a look of unease pulling on your face, as you turned to say something to Shawn, to run far from him and this situation.

But Shawn was standing too, a look of slight annoyance on his face as he turned to his friend. “Veronica, stop.” He demanded, his voice powerful without being aggressive. He placed a hand on your wrist softly, allowing room for you to pull yourself away from him if you wanted. “Obviously Y/N doesn’t feel uncomfortable, so her and I are leaving.” He turned, carting you behind him before throwing goodbyes over his shoulder. “Greg, I’ll text you later.”

Letting yourself be guided, Shawn’s hand casually slipped into yours as the two of you dodge the crowd. One of his security guards followed you until you were both magically in front of a tinted car, Shawn opening the door for you with an easy smile. The car had a divider, giving Shawn and you privacy as he slid into the seat after you, his small calming you as he closed the door. “I’m sorry about Veronica. She means well, she just often puts her foot in her mouth-”

You waved your hand and offered a smile, “She was innocent, I know. It’s just a…” you trailed off as you tried to fill in the blank.

“Touchy subject?” Shawn offered.


He nodded, taking in this information as he looked ahead, your eyes falling on his profile. His jaw was defined, sharp as your eyes took in as much as you could. Catching your gaze, Shawn flashed you a smile as a hand ran through his hair. “I want to say something but I don’t want to come off too forward.”

“Go ahead.”

He turned his body towards you, pulling a lep to cross over the other as he mulled over his words in his head. Nervousness stirred in your body but you realized he too was nervous, his hand fidgeting with his pants a big indicator. “I- so I’ve seen the pictures.” He started, your face falling at the admission, “And I hate that I have.” He immediately added, a hand running through his hair again. “Tyson is really fucked up for it and I’m so sorry that it happened to you but I don’t want you to think that’s why I asked you to come to my table tonight.  

Your ears filled with the sound of your heart thudding against your ribcage. When your fame was only days old, your ex had decided to break the internet by releasing “professional” photos of you nude. You were rocked by headlines and nasty comments, dragging your name and reputation through the mud as the pictures spread. Tyson was cruel in releasing them- them having been taken in the privacy of your relationship with a promise of never going public but the moment you were discovered for singing, all of Tyson’s morals went out of the window.

Now here was Shawn, a swoon-worthy man admitting he had already seen you naked, much like the rest of the world. “Oh.” Was all that fell from your lips as you glanced away from him, slight shame falling on your features.

Shawn placed a delicate hand on your knee again, an understanding look staring you down. “Y/N, the first time I heard your voice, I fell in love,” he laughed to weaken the statement out of embarrassment but continued, “I’m so interested in you- the way you think, talk, behave… I’ve never been so entranced by someone before. I just want you to know that I invited you over because I’m interested in you, not the pictures.”

Meeting his eyes, you realized how sincere he was, his eyes begging you to believe him as he nervously took your features in. A lump formed in your throat as it had been so long since someone wanted you- the past year being filled with awful men who approached you with vulgar intentions. But here was Shawn Mendes, Greek God stranded on Earth, admitting he had some sort of pull towards you.

“Shawn,” you started softly, your hand now placed on his bouncing knee. “You wouldn’t want to be involved with me- I,” hesitation colored your voice, “I have a lot of baggage.” The last part was almost whispered.

“Not surprising,” Shawn responded immediately, “You’re allowed to have some. I just want you to know baggage or not, I want to show you how someone can care for you correctly. The way you deserve.”

Surprising yourself, you smiled softly at him. “Okay.”

“Okay.” He echoed, a grin flashed your way before nervousness settled in him again, “Excuse the forwardness, again, but I am was wondering if you’d come home with me tonight.” Your eyes widened and he quickly debunked his statement, “Not in that way! I just don’t want this night to end.” His hands rubbed yours softly as he took in your hesitation. “Say no of course if you feel uncomfortable, I just want to be around you, God, I’m a fucking idiot, eh?” He started rambling much to your delight, your lips struggling to hide your smirk but he caught it and released a breath. “I just hope you don’t take it the wrong way.”

“Of course I’ll go home with you Shawn Mendes.”


Where were you in the morning, baby?
You didn’t leave your number for me
Left me without a warning, baby
Where were you in the morning, baby?

Shawn cursed himself knowing he might have rushed it too much for you. He couldn’t explain the feeling when he woke up and you were gone, but he knew he couldn’t handle already having to distance himself from you. All morning he paced his apartment, going over everything in his head of where he could have messed up but realized last night didn’t happen because of him. You came onto him. You kissed him, you moaned for him in a way he never realized he needed, and you made him feel dizzy with the rush of emotions he felt for you, so soon too.

“It’ll be okay- maybe she’s just busy.”

He shrugged wordlessly, still deep in thought though he knew Matt was trying to cheer him up.

“Shawn, mate, c’mon. You just met her, is it really that hurtful?”

The singer’s eyes snapped to his best friend, his eyebrows pulled together as he became defensive. “She promised to stay with me Matt, I’m taken back okay?” He grumbled, a hand in his hair as he glanced around his living room for any evidence of you. “I don’t even have her number, how do I get in touch with her anyway?”

Matt rolled his eyes at Shawn, shaking his head. “Obviously you know her manager, so figure it out from there.”

Nodding at the idea, Shawn started calling his assistants number, preparing for the long day of contact to reach you. Anything to reach you.



Your eyes snapped up at the sound of the voice, panic surging through your body as you met soft brown eyes. Shawn’s face was one of hurt as he took you in, knowing he had just laid in bed for hours, thinking about you. “Shawn! I-”

“Where were you this morning?” He shook his head, licking his lips nervously as he stepped into Allison’s office, who was stuck in a meeting for you. He realized he didn’t want an answer as he continued, “Look, I know I messed up. I’m sorry truly, I just can’t help myself around you.” 

Sadness filled your body as you watched him beat himself up, all because of your stupid decision to separate yourself from him. “Please, you don’t have to apologize.” You swallowed loudly as you lowered your eyes. “I definitely partook in what happened last night.” He took a step towards you, his hand forcing you to look at him as he searched your face. “It just can never happen again.”

The last sentence came out softly as Shawn’s face fell, his hand dropping from your face suddenly. “I understand.” His voice was almost robotic, knowing he messed up more than he wished. He turned to drop the conversation but paused, turning back to you. “Never?” He questioned, his feet bringing him closer to you as you watched him. A hand slithered up in the nape of your neck as you took an involuntary step towards him, his gravitational pull taking over you. You could have stopped him when he leaned down but you couldn’t bring yourself to, relishing as his lips connected with yours. Memories of last night flashed in your mind as he kissed you, all the praises he gave you, the way he kissed you, made you feel as if you were exactly what he had been waiting for. You let out a soft whimper when his tongue invaded your mouth with little resistance from you, his free hand cupping your face as he pushed you against the desk in Allison’s office.

Your thoughts filled you with cold water as you thought about how you could find yourself allowing him into your life, your body shutting down as you hurriedly put distance between you and Shawn.

His face flashed with hurt then understanding as he realized how truthful never was for you.

“I’m sorry- I.. I just can’t Shawn.”

And that was how you left him, for the second time in one day.


How do you, how do you just walk away?
How do you, how do you just walk away?

It had been months since you last saw Shawn and you couldn’t deny that you continuously thought about him. His face as he watched you leave broke your heart but you swore it was what was right. You had to protect yourself.  Petting your dog softly, you cooed to her as she wagged her tail in response, finding peace in the silence. It was broken soon after though when Allison’s name flashed on your phone screen. “Yeah?”

“Dammnit Y/N!” Allison cursed, a big huff leaving her lips. “You just had to sleep with one of the most well-liked artists of this generation, yeah?”

Ignoring the jab, you focused on needing to know what she meant. “What are you talking about?”

“Shawn-” she started, her heels clicking in the background as she hurriedly walked. “He wrote a fucking song about you.”

“Me?” You squeaked, color draining from your face as your hurried for your Apple Tv’s remote. “What do you mean!”

Allison hurriedly explained that she received a text from Shawn’s manager, expressing that Shawn’s newest song wasn’t meant to be vengeful as he simply needed to free himself in the only expression he knew. Your hand shook as you entered the title of the song in YouTube’s search bar, bracing yourself for the first couple of chords. The words flowed angelically over the melody, your heart beating as you listened to the lyrics, tears prickling in your eyes.

Shawn Mendes was a dream but one you were unable to allow in your life.

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To Be Loved ~ Shawn Mendes

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It was monday morning when the Mendes Family received an invitation from Aliyah‘s Godparents’ Wedding Anniversary.

We hope to see you there, pumpkin. Tell your brother we want to meet that girl of his. Shawn, I think Jenna wants Y/N to come!’ Aliyah said while handing the invitation to his brother after reading.

‘I heard my name?’ Y/N emerged from the kitchen, trailing behind Karren.

‘Oh, right! I’m so sorry, I forgot to tell you.’ said Shawn while sitting on the chair next to Y/N’s.

‘Can you come? Please, Y/N. I would love to have the company of another girl, whose from a younger generation than the rest of these old people’ Aliyah half joked, also knowing that Y/N would most likely come because it’s hard saying no to the better Mendes sibling.

‘When is it, though? I might have to do something’ Y/N replied, not sure whether to agree or not.

‘This Friday squirt.’ This time, it was Manny who replied.

‘Ohh, okay then I can come!’ Y/N replied excitedly.


The ceremony was filled with so much love and laughter. Other people were eating and chatting, while the others were getting up and following the couple slow dance to the song playing in the background. Aliyah, being offered to dance by Manny, Karren being offered by Shawn, went to the middle of the room and onto the dance floor. Y/N, enjoying the sight of the Mendes’, can’t help but feel joy and love for them. They, as well as other relatives of theirs have been really nice and welcoming towards her. Shawn’s grandpa approached her saying ‘Would you like to have this dance, my dear?’

Agreeing, Y/N took Grandpa Mendes’ hand and allowed him to lead them to the dance floor. Slowly swinging side to side, matching the beat of Endless Love playing through the speakers, the pair didn’t notice another pair approaching them.

‘Mind if I cut in, Grandpa?’ Shawn said, looking into Y/N’s eyes.

‘Not at all son.’ Grandpa Mendes said, with a heart warming smile. Giving Y/N to him, Shawn slowly swayed his girl side to side.

(A/N: Try listening to ‘To Be Loved’ by Ali Caldwell, it gave me so much feels. Imagine slow dancing with Shawn and the song as the background too!)

‘I thought someone can’t dance’ Y/N teased, noticing Shawn’s locked gaze on her.

‘Oh Baby, I can. I just save the skills for special occasions.’ Him replying with a smirk while twirling Y/N so that her back’s now facing Shawn’s front.

Someone to care for you

Someone to share it with you

Those lonely hours

Those memories that last forever

Someone to give

Someone who live with you forever and ever and ever

Show you happily love after

Twirling Y/N again, Shawn now turned her front back to facing his, resting his forehead on hers.

To be loved

To be loved by you

Oh, what a feelin to be loved by you

To be loved

A love that’s true

To be loved

To be loved

What it really means to be loved

Shawn really did know a little something about slow dancing. He twirled his girl again, and when he knew he had the correct balance, he dipped her a bit causing a few giggles to erupt from Y/N’s mouth.

Someone to make you smile

Give you chills when you look in their eyes

Hold you close at night

Take away the fear you have inside

And just when I’m feeling low

I know exactly where to go

I know who to call

I know who will give me their arms

The couple, lead by Shawn continued to slow dance across the dance floor. Enjoying their time together, both did not notice how everyone in the room, including the celebrants, watched them dance and gaze lovingly at each other.

To be loved

To be loved by you

Oh, what a feelin to be loved (by you, by you) by you

To be loved (by you, by you)

A love that’s true

To be loved

To be loved, what a feelin means to be loved

By the time the song finished, everyone clapped for the them, bringing both out of their own little world. Y/N being the shy one between the two, buried her head on Shawn’s chest in attemps of hiding from all of the stares, Shawn just widened his smiled and kissed the top of her head. Once the clapping stopped, the party resumed with the celebrants approaching the younger couple. Not far from them is the rest of the Mendes family.

‘That was too sweet and nice to watch my darlings, it reminded me of Mark and I’s first dance’ Jenna, Aliyah’s Godmother and Karren’s sister, gushed.

‘I’m telling you boy, don’t let this one go’ Mark said, earning the nods and sounds of agreement from the little group.

Going back to mingling with the other guests, Shawn left Y/N and Aliyah at their table to get them drinks.

‘You know, even though I don’t understand why you’re dating my brother, that dance was discustingly cute.’

Laughing, Y/N replied a ‘thank you, Liyah. And I don’t know too’

‘Don’t know what?’ Shawn asked, sitting down while giving the girls their drinks.

‘Nothing, nothing.’ Aliyah replied and left to go to Grandpa Mendes for a dance. Shawn gave Y/N a look as if saying ‘really?’

‘Yes, nothing’ Y/N replied, smiling. Shawn can’t help but fall for her all over again. With the wedding anniversary putting his emotions onto overdrive, he can’t help but think of how he got so lucky in getting a girl like Y/N. Noticing how Shawn’s smile and gazing eyes haven’t left her face, she asked ‘What?’

‘I just don’t know what I did to deserve you. I don’t even know how I got you. But I do know this for sure, and that is we will surpass this wedding anniversary. We will make it pass 100 years or so. I would never stop loving you. I would never stop doing things that would make you understand and remember what it is to be loved. I would never stop reminding you how much I love you. I love you, my love. Till the end of time.’

‘I love you too, and I wouldn’t have it any other way’ Y/N replied with teary eyes, kissing Shawn with all her might (be keeping it family PG of course).

All I Want Is You

Inspired by the song All I Want Is You by Justin Bieber


It was a snowy winter night. Christmas was in a few weeks. This was y/n and Shawn’s first Christmas apart. Y/n was in her home, reminiscing all the things her and Shawn would do during Christmas.

Y/n was sitting in her living room, all alone. She was watching the snow fall. This reminded her of the days her and Shawn would throw snow balls outside.

Y/n got up from the couch. It was now time for her to put up her chrisrmas tree, all by herself.

“I need you here Shawn.” Y/n couldn’t help but feel alone without Shawn during the Christmas season.

“I’m sorry if I pushed you away. Cause I need you here.” Y/n whispered to herself, hoping Shawn would hear where ever he was.

The only thing y/n wanted this Christmas was for her and Shawn to get back together. She never wanted to do Christmas alone. She wondered if Shawn felt the same too. She’s never been more lonely.

Y/n starts to wrap gifts. This year, she wouldn’t be wrapping one for Shawn.

“I really can’t do this on my own.” Y/n was close to breaking apart. She really needed him with her.

Y/n had finished with all her decorations. Her tree was up, but didn’t look the same as it did in the past years. Shawn was always the one to bring the star and help y/n put it up.

Her gifts were wrapped. Not as perfect as Shawn would’ve wrapped them.

Y/n looked outside into her backyard. The snow was untouched. Usually there was a snowman outside, with a missing eye or nose.

Then all of a sudden y/n’s doorbell rang. She was suspecting anyone. She was confused as she made her way to the door.

As soon as she opened it, she was met with a familiar face that she loved. It was Shawn. He had a gift in his hand.

“Y/n, I’ve missed you so much. Decorating hasn’t been the same without you. I’ve brought you a gift.” Shawn handed y/n the wrapped box.

“Shawn, I’m so glad you’re here. I couldn’t do any of this alone. I’m sorry if I hurt you. But I know that all I want is you, this Christmas.” Finally y/n confessed her feelings to Shawn.

“I felt the same way. I want you to open the box first.” Shawn seemed really excited about his gift.

Y/n headed into the living room. She ripped off the wrapping paper and opened the box. Inside was a star for the tree.

“You remembered our tradition?” Y/n was shocked. She couldn’t believe Shawn remembered.

“Of course I did. How could I forget. There also a note inside the box.” Shawn pointed to the inside of the box, and there lied a piece of paper.

Y/n picked up the piece of paper and read it. It said, “Will you make my Christmas wish come true, by getting back together with me?”

Y/n was in shock. She wanted the same thing as Shawn. She knew her Christmas wish had came true.

“Yes! I would love to get back together.” Y/n hugged Shawn. Who knew this Christmas would’ve been the best Christmas after all.

“How about we finish our tradition with the star?” Shawn said, as he grabs the star.

“I would love that.” Y/n and Shawn then put the star on the top of the tree. And admire each other under the Christmas tree lights.

This Christmas ended up being a happy ending instead of a heart broken Christmas.

Skinny Dipping

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A/N: This GIF has nothing to do with the story, I just thought it was cute. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this short imagine/ blurb. As usual, feedback is always wanted.

“Are you sure about this Shawn?”

“Yes, Y/N I’m sure. Now stop hesitating and jump in please,” Shawn demanded. You see we got into this situation by trying to win a date Brian gave to us a few weeks ago. He said we weren’t daring enough and naturally, we had to prove him wrong.

We had snuck into our apartment complexes pool after hours, just to be sure no one would catch us. So now, here we are, Shawn in the pool butt naked and me chickening out.

“Shawn I’m really scared. What if they have cameras, or what if we get caught?”

“We won’t get caught Y/N. And if we do I’ll take all the blame, or we can just act like we didn’t know it was closed. And as to why we’re naked, we can just avoid the topic. It’s fine, you’re overthinking.”

“Okay, you’re right. I just need to get in and not think about it,” you say as you try to convince yourself.

You finally decide to just do it and take a chance. You strip down and jump in letting the water cascade over you. When you come back up, Shawn is smiling and swimming over to you.

“See it wasn’t that hard now was it,” Shawn asks.

“I guess it wasn’t that bad. I feel so exposed though,” you say as you wrap your arms and legs around him. “How long do we have to stay in here for? Its already starting to get cold.”

“We can get out whenever you’d like,” Shawn says, “ but I know a way we can warm up.”

“Eww, I’m not havin sex with you in a public pool where random people swim. That’s so nasty Shawn.”

“Well, it was worth the try eh?”


A/n: This one is a little sad, but its the mood I’m in so im sorry ): It gets better towards the end I promise. 

This was inspired by the song I found, by Amber Run! Take a listen if you would like.

WARNING: Talk of depression, language, heated argument and a light drizzle of smut.

ALSOOOO i apologize that none of my work is edited!!! I always write super late at night so my brain is always half melted. I’m sorry if none of this makes sense ehehehe!!! I’m trying my best (:

requests are still open!

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“I don’t know what you want me to say.” I hear the sound of my own voice and wince at the harsh tone. Shawn’s face drops as he endures the impact from it. The sun begins to set, the light orange, pink, and purple illuminate around his entire body, causing him to have a heavenly glow. He sits on our mattress, a tight, white tank top hugging his body perfectly, the necklace he always wears peaking from beneath the cloth, His hair in its natural state. A single curl falls in front of his face hovering over his hazel eyes. His eyes, my God I could completely lose myself in those eyes.

He looks up at me his mouth pressed in a thin line. Concern dances across his face as he waits for me to finish speaking.

“You don’t have to say anything baby, I just want you to stop pushing me away.” His voice is soft, and filled with patience. For some reason I can’t accept his kindness, I can’t accept him, I just feel angry. 

“Im not pushing you away.” I wrap my arms across my chest, tugging on the cardigan that falls loosely off my body.

“Y/n you can’t even look at me..” I stare down at my feet as I feel the lump in my throat begin to grow.He doesn’t understand, he could never understand. 

“y/n, baby please I am worried about you.”He slowly rises to his feet and makes his way towards me. I feel my heart begin to beat rapidly against my chest. He slowly slides his hands up and down my arms, attempting to relax me.

“There is nothing wrong Shawn.” My sentence comes out weaker than I would have liked.

“I know you like the back of my hand, you’re not acting like you.” he brings his thumb and pointer finger under my chin and raises my head to look up at him. We stay looking at each other for while. I feel him begin to lean down, he closes his eyes  but before our lips can touch I push him away. 

The hurt expression on his face tugs on my heart. Why am I doing this? Why can’t I just let him in? Before I can process what is happening, my mouth is running wild.

“Jesus Shawn, why can’t you just fuck off just give me fucking space. You can’t just kiss me and expect everything to be okay, just fuck off.” My skin is burning in anger, my face wet from the tears that trickle down my face. 

I push past him and make my way to the window, letting the sun light spill into my skin. Im making this worse, Why do I keep fucking everything up?

My back faces him, I can hear him walk across the floor as it creaks. I can feel his eyes burning into the back of my body.

“I love you more than anything on this fucking Earth. I don’t get why you can’t see that, why you refuse to believe that there is someone in this world who would do absolutely anything for you. I love you and I respect you, but you can’t just blow up on me like this and expect me to be okay with it. I understand that you are going through something right now, but you can’t treat me like this. We have to communicate y/n, please don’t do this.”

My chest feels like a hundred bricks have just been dropped on it. The sound of his voice wraps around me like a blanket, I want nothing more than to give in, to fall into his arms, but my pride won’t let me.

“Just leave, please just leave.” I feel myself begin to cry harder.

“You know I can’t do that.” I quickly snap around to face him.

“Whats stopping you, huh? Everyone else in my life has done it, you can do it too!” I walk closer to him till we are face to face.

“Y/n I-”

“Dont! Just fucking don’t!” I yell 

“Leave Shawn.” I shout 

“Im not leaving you like this y/n.”

“Leave!” I bring my hands to his chest and push him as hard as I can, he barely budges.

“Leave!” I repeat this action over and over again until he grabs my writs. I can feel my breathing quicken as the tears fall down my face. 

“Baby you need to calm down you’re going to make yourself sick.” I drop to my knees and bury my face in my hands. I feel Shawn race to my side wrapping his arms around my tiny frame.

“It hurts Shawn, It hurts so bad I don’t know how to make the hurt go away.”

“My love you don’t have to do this on your own. I am here for you, I will aways be here for you.” He gently pulls my hands from my face and rests his forehead against mine.

“If I could take every ounce of pain in your heart and pour it into mine I would. I am so in love with you and it kills me to think that you made yourself believe that I’m going to leave you. Baby, I am not going anywhere, you are it for me. You are my laughter, you are my hope, my joy, my entire fucking heart. I love you so much it honestly hurts.” He grabs my hand and places it on his chest, over his heart, its racing.

“You feel that? It beats for you, and only you.” His eyes begin to water 

“Let me in love, I want to see all of you. The good, the bad, the ugly I will be here through all of it. You can count on me baby, you can lean on me. You don’t have to carry this weight anymore.”His voice is barely above a whisper.

“I don’t deserve you.” My voice is hoarse from all the crying.

“Don’t talk like that.” He whispers 

I crawl towards him till I am sitting on his lap. I waist no time time burying my face into his neck wrapping my arms tightly around him. He does the same, sliding his hand up and down my back, an action he knows always helps me calm down. I will never get over this boys hugging abilities. We sit in this position for what seems like years, till I pull away and crash his lips with mine. 

There is so much want in this kiss, so much need, I can feel every ounce of his love pooling into my heart. His tongue taste like mint and peach, a flavor that I will never get tired of. My hands make there way to his hair as I tug at the soft curls that poke off of his head. His hands stay firmly on my hips, pulling me as close to him as humanly possible.His tongue tangles with mine, our breathing grows heavy as we try to catch our breath.

I pull my lips away from him, earning a loud whine. I place my lips on his neck, an action I know drives him crazy. He can’t help the throaty moan that falls from his lips as I hit his sweet spot.” I say between each kiss. 

Our eyes meet again as he rests his hand on my cheek.

“I Love you more.” My heart skips a beat 

“Im so sorry for everything, I am so sorry-” He cuts me off with another sweet kiss.

“Its okay.”

“No its not, I shouldn’t have treated you like that. I love you so much and you have no idea how much I need you.”

“I need you just as much y/n.” He whispers 

“I don’t think thats possible.” He bites his perfect pink lips.

“Let me show you how much I love you.” He scoops me up in his arms and carries me bridal style. I giggle as he gently lays me down on the mattress. He hovers over me, his necklace slowly swaying back and forth. I gently grab the necklace between my fingers and tug at it, pulling him down to kiss me again. Shawn pecks my lips softly smiling into the kiss. He pulls away raising his arms over his head to pull his shirt off.

“Wait, don’t take it off yet.” Confusion washes over his entire face.

I sit up flipping the position so I am the hovering him.

“I wanna do it.” A big grin spreads across his face. I take my time running my fingers down his broad chest and over his abs till I reach the bottom of his shirt. I lift the fabric revealing his delicious skin.

I want to lick every part of this body. 

I pull his shirt upward till I get closer to his head. He lifts his hands over his head, allowing me to lift it off of him completely. He attaches his lips to mine once again. I bring my hand to his cheek, slowly rocking my hips back and forth over his crotch. He lets out a hungry moan and I almost fall apart right there. I detach my lips from his and bring them to his collar bone, I begin to gently suck on his skin leaving a mark as he sighs in content. I go down further, licking over his chest till I reach the bottom of his belly. His breathing speeds up as I come in contact with the belt of his pants.

I fumble with his belt, the cool metal clinking together as I rip it off, and unzip his pants. We both laugh as he wiggles, urgently trying to get his pants off. He kicks them to the ground, his breath hitches in his throat as I place my hand over his bulge, massaging it gently.

“Fuck.” he curses, throwing his head back in pleasure. 

He’s so responsive to me, watching him unbundle under my touch drives me absolutely insane. I bring my hands to the waistband of his calving Klein underwear, before I can pull them down he stops me.

“Not yet love.” He flips us over again, geez we do that a lot.

I throw my shirt over my head as he unbuckles my bra, revealing my breasts. He leans down kissing each one sweetly.

“You are breath taking y/n.” I feel my cheeks heat up.

He copies my actions, starting with my neck and slowly licking his way down to my pants. He pulls my pants off with ease as he kisses my hip bones causing me to squirm bean the him.

“So beautiful.” he whispers 

I look down at him as he becomes face to face with my underwear. He places a kiss directly on my core, teasing me. 

He looks up at me smirking, as he brings his head to the waist band of my panties pulling them down with his teeth. What is he doing to to me? He is going to be the death of me. 

I spread my legs open as he places a kiss directly on my inner thighs, bringing his head closer to my exposed skin, blowing on it gently. He knows what he’s doing, as he giggles at my whine. I buck my lips trying to earn any type of friction. 

He moves head head away from my thighs and crawls back up to me, till his mouth is right next to my ear.

“Im going to make you feel so good baby. Im going to show you how much I need you, how much I want you. Is that okay with you?”

I nod my head unable to speak.

“Say it out loud baby, I want to hear you say it.”

“I want you.” I say breathlessly

He slides his hand down, spreading my legs open again. He circles hands over the sensitive bundle of nerves that are left just for him. 

“What do you want me to do?” He whispers seductively 

“Touch me.” I whine again 

“I am touching you.” He can be a little shit sometimes 

“I want you to make love to me.” He kisses the tip of my nose

“Till there are no spaces between us?”

My heart melts at the love in his eyes. 

“Till there are no spaces between us.” I reply

The End.

I was going to continue buuuuuuuut I chickened out hehehehehehe maybe next time. Don’t worry… y/n and Shawn will go all the way soon enough!!!

I hope you enjoyed I’m sorry this was so emo. 


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okay okay okay…. 

IDEA: I was listening to Shawn’s latest album and I need to make a tracklist SERIES. EVERY CHAPTER IS A SONG TITLE AND BASE ON MY CREATIVITY

please I know it’s ShIT but who would be into this?

SMUT OR NOT if I get asks Immmma do IT

The Crud

Word count: 1,283

Currently me rn so I related deeply while writing

GIF creds to owner

Originally posted by dolanspacemendes

Shawn’s caller ID popped up on my phone abruptly. “Hey baby, I miss you” Shawn’s voice was staticky over the phone, I could hear all the chatter in the background. “Hi.” I croak out, my throat was burning so bad.

“Are you okay babe? What’s wrong?” I could hear the room become quiet, he must’ve gone somewhere private. “I’m fine, baby. You need to have fun with your friends, I’ll survive.” I reassure him, I put myself on mute shortly so I could cough loudly. “Babe, what’s going on? You sound like you’ve smoked 6 packs of cigarettes.” He investigates further, I roll my eyes at his protectiveness.

“I only have a small cough and my throat is itchy, no reason to be panicking. I am an adult and I will survive, you need to be having fun and not worry about me.” I try to calm his nerves but he sighed loudly.

I knew he always felt awful when I was sick, he hated that his life always pulled him in different directions.

“Babe, you sound horrible. I’m coming to your house.” He sighs again and I sit up quickly. “No, I’m not ruining your time with your friends and producers. I will see you in a few days when I recover, promise me you’ll stay with your people.” I plead and the line remained quiet. “Fine, I’ll stay here. I can’t promise how long I’ll stay away from you after the party is over.” He jokes and I laugh quietly.

“Fine, just don’t come over. I am not ruining another party of yours.” I scold myself mostly, he laughed. “Okay, bye baby. Call me if you need me.” I could basically see him running his hand through his curls. “Okay, I will. Bye, I love you.” I lay back down in my spot. “Love you too, bye.” He says as he hangs up if that boy shows up here… I swear to god.

The last party he had with his friends, I had food poisoning from the restaurant we had gone to the night prior, I was a vomiting mess and Shawn ended up coming home after my frantic phone call. He had to take me to the hospital and stayed there for a few days with me, I felt awful.


I was walking out of the kitchen when I heard something shuffle around, in my heart I gave up on defending myself against an intruder, they’re just going to have to get it over with.

I spun around to get my water bottle off the counter, I reassured myself that it was just my cat. When I turned back around, Shawn was standing at the door frame, I let out a squeak as I dropped my water bottle.

“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He rushes forward to hug me and I put my hand up to keep him back. I lean down and get my bottle, my head feeling like it got 10x heavier when I stood back up. I grasped the counter forcefully to stop myself from falling backward.

“Baby.” He said as he grabbed me in his arms, I was thrashing back. “Shawn, I don’t want you to get sick!” I whined as I stepped out of his arms.

He takes a step forward again, I put up my finger as a warning. “Let me just see if you have a fever.” He pleads and I give in, dropping my hand down to my sides. He puts his hand on my forehead, his hands felt so cold and pleasant. “You are burning up, c’mon, you’re going to bed.” He tells me as he picked me up in his arms, his forearms going under my thighs.

I give in and lay my head against his shoulder, he was rubbing my back soothingly. “I’m going to get you some medicine, have you taken any?” He asks as he lays me down on my bed. I shake my head and he sighs. “What am I going to do with you?” He jokes as he walks towards my bathroom, I hear him grab all kinds of medicine.

“I brought back some Tylenol for your soreness, NyQuil for the cough, and some cough drops for your sore throat.” He puts it all on my bedside table. He takes out the cup for NyQuil and pours it slowly and precisely. I take some Tylenol out of the bottle and chase it down with my water. He hands the small cup to me and I take the medicine.

He stands up and goes to my closet, I hear him pull the drawers open. He came back out shortly with one of the hoodies I stole and just his underwear, I forgot that most of his shorts and sweats are in the laundry room.

“I thought you promised to have fun tonight and party it out?” I ask as he lays down beside me. “I couldn’t just party with people knowing that my beautiful girl was at her house sick.” He explains as he tried to get closer, I shoot him a glare.

“Shawn, you’re already at risk by being here, you’re not cuddling me,” I warn and he groans loudly. “Why didn’t you want me to come over?” He asks and I shrug. “I just don’t want you to get sick too, and I didn’t want to ruin your party,” I explain and he shakes his head, he reaches his hand out to lay it on my side.

“I would much rather lay here with you and make sure you are taking medicine, eating properly, and aren’t dying.” He rubs his thumbs into my hip.

“Fair enough, but I ruined your party last year. I didn’t want you to leave early again and have to take care of your suffering girlfriend.” I was blinking my eyes up at him, he had a deep frown.

“You are not ruining anything in my life, at all. I’m in this relationship for the long run so technically I’m going to be doing this for the rest of my life.” He scoots closer to me and I finally decide to let him cuddle into me. He was kissing my forehead gently and put his cool hands under my shirt.

“But, I still feel like such a needy girlfriend.” I sigh and he shakes his head. “You’re literally the most patient sick person ever. Most people beg someone to come over and hold them, but you asked me to stay away so I’d stay healthy. Last year you waited until the last minute to finally call me. I don’t care that it unfortunately and ironically happens around the same time each year. In all honesty, I’d much rather be here with you and make sure you’re taken care of, then to take care of my drunk counterparts.” He rants and I lean in to kiss his neck.

“You’re lucky I’m such a nice person, I wanna kiss the hell out of you but you don’t need this crud.” I smile up at him and he smiles back. “Good thing I don’t work for a while and you can take care of me.” He says quickly and kisses my lips before I could’ve stopped him. “Well, it’s too late now.” He whispered against my lips and I kiss back, I pull away and punch his chest.

“But you’re whiney when you’re sick. Let’s just pray you don’t get it.” I joke and he pinches my hip. I wrap myself into him and lay my head in the crease of his neck.

“Thank you for coming,” I say and he nods.

“I’d do just about anything for you.” He kisses my forehead.

Grammy Day!

You’re just being a supportive girlfriend to your boyfriend and singer Shawn Mendes.

genre: fluff fluff fluff

I‘m sorry if you don’t like that imagine it’s definitely not the best i‘ve written but you all decide!

Today was the day: Grammy day!

You were beyond excited because Shawn was nominated in two categories and it was a huge thing for him. Being nominated was already a honor and if he would win in at least one category he would probably never stop smiling again.

You were backstage and Shawn just got some make-up on and his hair styled by a stylist and you knew he didn‘t like it and in the second the stylist would leave the room he would run his hand through his hair, doing it how he likes it. You made a quick picture for your Instagram Story because you loved sharing such backstage moments with his fans (title picture). You were kind of used to your boyfriend wearing make-up since he had to go through the same routine again and again when he had some photoshoots at which you accompanied him.

You had already make-up on and your hair curled into some waves so you only had to slip into your dress later.

The stylist left the room and as you‘ve already said Shawn started running his hand through his hair.

„Baby stop, she just styled it.“, you mumbled, standing up and going over to him, softly taking his hands in yours so he would stop ruining the womens work. „But I want it how I like it.“, he pouted, making you chuckle. You sat on his lap, laying your hands around his neck while he laid his on your waist. Looking down in his eyes you softly stroked over his neck, making him relax immediately. „You know… I‘m proud of you, no matter what‘s going to happen tonight. You‘re gonna rock that stage with Miley and if you won‘t win a Grammy it‘s fine too. Being nominated is a big honor and I‘m gonna love you no matter what‘s going to happen.“, you softly said, just wanting to make sure that he knows it. He looked deeply into your eyes, looking at you in awe. „What did I do to deserve you?“, he quietly asks, pressing his plump lips on your soft ones while stroking over your hips. You relaxed under his touch and reciprocate his kiss, smiling into it until you heard how someone cleared his throat.

You let go of each other looking into the direction where the noise came from which made you make wide eyes.

There they stood: Karen and Manny, Shawns parents. You haven‘t seen them since Christmas which was already like 1 ½ months ago and Shawn hasn‘t seen them for the same period of time. You immediately got off his lap and got over to the two people, everyone hugging each other to greet. They always told you how much they loved you, how well you and Shawn fit together and they really wanted you to be their daughter in law - but this would take some time.

„We wanted to see our grammy nominee before the Red Carpet and the Show… We‘ll see each other during the Show, our seats are next to Teddys.“, Karen explained to you two and you could see how glad your boyfriend was that his parents were going to be on his side next to his crew and of course you. „Thanks Mum… I‘m really nervous and excited.“, he said, wanting to talk more to his parents when the Stylist came back into the room with three other ones. „Okay time to get ready Shawnie and Y/N.“, she said, signalizing his parents to leave the room. Karen gave you two a peck on your cheeks and Manny just smiled at the both of you, mumbling a ‚see you later‘.

Shawn and you were a couple for 2 years now and you two didn‘t care getting ready in front of each other. So two of the stylists took care of Shawn, fitting his suit onto him perfectly and watched out that he looked on point. The other two took care of you, helping you slip on your dress and making sure that everything was in place and looked great. This was such a huge event and no one wanted to embarrass themselves.

When you looked over at your Shawn he wore a blue suit, fitting hin perfectly and he was literally shining. Once again you realized how blessed your are having such an attractive boyfriend. You wore a black figure-hugging dress with a little bit glitter. The intention was not wearing something too prominent because this night is supposed to be all about Shawn.

He looked at you with big eyes, not being able to say a word because you looked so stunning. You chuckled, walking over to him and pressing a soft kiss to his lips. „Fuck you look so so so good in that dress.“, he whispered against your lips, placing his massive hand on your bum. He really appreciated your feminine charms and you knew that, he couldn‘t let his fingers off you at any time of the day when you were at home.

After all the finishing touches and meeting up with Shawns Crew you all were about to enter the Red Carpet.

He laid his arm around your waist, smiling at you before going some steps forward where the flashlights of all the cameras went on. You only saw white, which made you grip onto Shawns Hand tightly - you were used to crossing the Red Carpet with your famous boyfriend, but it kinda scared you every time again when you couldn‘t see anything because of all the flashlights. The screaming of the paparazzi irritated you too, but you were trying to ignore everything. Shawn said so many times that you did all of this very professional so you were trying to do it just like that again.

Step by step you walked over the carpet together, while he always had his arm laid around your waist and smiling for the cameras. Sometimes he did his typical ‚peace sign‘ pose with his hand, sometimes he pressed a kiss onto your cheek and sometimes he just stood next to you stroking over your waist. You knew that he appreciated it very much that you joined him on these events, knowing that you didn’t like the public life with the paparazzi and magazines very much.

After many pictures you followed Shawn off the Carpet because his Bodyguard said it was time for him to get in for the Show.

Miley came over to the crew, taking your boyfriends hand. „Hey, do we wanna take some pictures together?,“ she asked. It only made sense since they were performing together tonight. You were a really jealous person when it came to Shawn but Miley was married and they would only take some pictures together not fuck or something.

Teddy, Zubin and the rest including you already entered the big arena where the main event took place. You just followed a worker of the grammys who showed you your seats. A face with a picture of Shawn was glued onto a chair so you sat onto the one next to him. On the other seats next to his sat his parents and you could see how nervous they were which made you smile. They were just too cute and such an amazing couple, you really admired them.

After a while and a long conversation with Karen your clumsy boyfriend stumbled to his seat between you two women. He sat down, immediately taking your small hand in his huge one. He had a poker face but you knew him too well, you could see on his face and his acting how nervous he was. He pressed a soft kiss onto your knuckles, starring back onto the stage and waiting for the Show to start. „You look cute when you‘re nervous…“, you softly whispered looking into his eyes. He looked over at you, shaking his head. „Im not-…“, he saw the look on your face before he kept talking. „Yeah you‘re right. Im a fucking mess.“, he chuckled, pressing a soft kiss onto your lips when it happened: the lights went off and that was the moment you knew you had to be there for him so he wouldn‘t die of too much excitement.

It was a really long Show, many artists performing, many grammys conferred and at some point some crew member went to grab Shawn so he could get ready for his performance with Miley. Not long after the host screamed „And here‘s Shawn Mendes with In My Blood!!“

You started clapping and screaming, being the supportive girlfriend you were. You just wanted to be there for him and show him all the love you had for him, especially during such an important part of his life. He played the piano until the first refrain, afterwards he slowly stood up, taking his precious guitar and walking over to the main stage where Miley already stood. „Miley Cyrus everybody!“, he announced, finally reaching the huge stage. They two sang the rest of the song and you just sat there shook, shook of the amount of talent. Miley really slayed this whole thing off and of course Shawn did too. You could literally see how much he put into that performance - just like always. When they ended the song with a grammy worthy high note you lost it and clapped loudly with the others. Pride taking over your whole body.

After like 30 minutes he came back to his seat in his blue suit, looking over at you. „You two slayed off. I am so so so indescribably proud of you Baby…“, you whispered, pulling him in for a short but intense kiss. Afterwards he turned to his parents who said the same to him. But Shawn didn‘t really have time to breathe because the winner of ‚Best Song‘ would be announced now.

PART TWO IS COMING SOON i think this would have gotten to long i‘m sorry❤️

Small bump

A/n: This was so much fun to write, we love a dad Shawn lol 

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Shawn’s P.O.V

I dig in my coat pocket for my keys, trying my best to hold my body up  ignoring the exhaustion that wraps around me like a blanket. I grunt as the keys fall to the floor I debate leaving them there and just curling up right here on the floor. Y/n comes to mind, the only thing giving me the strength to bend down and pick up these damn keys. I fiddeld with the lock taking a sigh of relief as the door opens and the smell of home fills my nose. I kick off my boots and shake off the snow from my coat. I walk further in, making my way into the kitchen. Theres a note on the table I recognize y/n’s hand writing immediately

Welcome home baby foods in the microwave for you! (:

I smile to myself, she’s not even in the room right now and she already made my night a million times better. All I can think about right now is laying in bed next to her and my baby girl. I make my way down the hall and up the stairs. I reach our door, flicking off the hallway light. I laugh to myself knowing she left it on to make herself feel better. 

I carefully open and close the door behind me, making sure not to wake y/n. I walk closer to the bed to get a better view of her. I will never understand how such a tiny person can take up so much space on a bed this big. She lays sprawled out, in nothing but a pair of panties and a crop top that use to be big on her. Her hair spills all over the pillows, her mouth wide open with a bit of drool running down her face. Her swollen belly takes up most of her, she is absolutely beautiful. I kneel beside her and run my fingers through her hair. My heart breaks at the sight of the dark circles that lay under her eyes. She is completely exhausted, she has every right to be considering all the things that are happening to her body. She has been having a hard time getting comfortable but tonight she’s getting the sleep she deserves.

I begin to hum to myself just watching her sleep until I notice something from the corner of my eye. Her stomach begins to move, I try my best not to disturb her, but its something Ive never seen up close before, my baby is moving right in front of my eyes. I stop humming and the movements stop. I try lightly singing and the movement starts again. 

“What are you doing up so late little one?” I move lower till I’m in front of y/n’s stomach. 

“You’ve been keeping mommy up lately try to settle down so mommy can rest.” My baby girl still twists and turns in y/n’s belly. I feel a lump in my throat as I witness the tiny life moving right in front of me 

“My God you are so beautiful, do you know that, do you know how beautiful you are? I bet you’re going to have your mommy eyes. I hope you get her nose too, you don’t want to be stuck with mine.” I sigh in content 

“My sweet girl you have no idea how excited your mommy and daddy are to meet you. You’re not even here yet and I already love you more than anything in this entire world. It won’t be long before we meet but if you want to come a little early thats okay too. I need you to know something, okay?” I place my hand on y/n’s belly.

“Daddy isn’t always going to be here because of his job. But I promise you everything I do will be for you. I promise you I will love you, I will listen to you, I will always be here for you. Out of all the things I have done, out of all the things I will ever do in my life, you are my biggest accomplishment. Daddy loves you so much.” I gasp as I feel a kick against my hand 

“Be careful we don’t want to wake mommy remember?”

“Too late.” I snap my head up and lock eyes with a tired y/n 

“Hey, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to wake you.” Y/n brings a hand up to her face thats when I notice a tear sliding down her cheek.

“Love whats wrong, are you in pain?” she grabs my hand and interlocks our fingers.

“No I heard the things you were saying to our daughter. Baby you’ve shown me how much you love me, by the way you treat her. You are going to be an amazing daddy and I’m just so thankful that I get to start a family with you.” She places her hand on my cheek and I lean into her touch 

“I love you both so much y/n.”

“we love you too baby.” I lean in and press a kiss to her lips y/n jumps as the baby kicks her again.

“I think someone wants a kiss.” y/n giggles 

I lean down and press a kiss to her tummy. I crawled into bed with my girls the world wrapped in my arms.

The End. 

The Track List Series Part Two

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A/N:  Tracklist two! Hope everyone enjoys ;]

song inspiration: Nervous x Shawn Mendes

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x Reader

Summary: Love struck at first sight, a photographer and a singer get together.

tagging @tomshufflepuff bc I love u 


Word Count: 2.6k



“I saw you on a sunday in a cafe

And all you did was look my way

And my heart started to race

And my hands started to shake, yeah…”

The second the Uber parked along the curb, your feet were on the sidewalk, a B-line for the sweet little cafe ahead of you. Being prepared and prompt was your forte but the morning started with a late wake up call and broken hair-straightener, making you later than you’d like for your job. Walking into the little coffee shop, you immediately smiled at the warmth that hugged you, the smells overwhelming you in the best way possible.

Yes, today started like shit but this place definitely made up for it.

Seeing the long line, you sighed softly, your foot tapping impatiently as you toyed when the camera strap around your neck.

Being a photographer was a dream and the fact that you got paid for something you loved even made it better, it also helped that you got to photograph people of insane status. The concerts, the events, the parties- all of it was a big fat bonus for you.

As the line moved forward, all you could focus on was the voice behind you. It was smooth and rich as the man talked with his friend, peaking your interest, especially when you heard his laugh. Boldly, you threw a glance over your shoulder to see one of the most handsome men you’ve ever seen.

He was muscular, dressed casually in a tee and leather jacket, with a bright charming smile.

Oh fuck, you thought as you took him in. He looked familiar- you didn’t know why but you knew he was far too out of your league. You might have been staring for a minute or five when he felt your eyes and connected his with yours.

Shawn bit his lip softly as he finally willed himself to meet your eyes. He knew you were looking his way, he could tell, but he wasn’t prepared to be attracted so quickly. His body went into overdrive as he took in your features- your eyes, lips, hair, everything as he openly eyed you. Shawn’s lips curved with a small smirk when he realized the heat creeping into your cheeks and was confident you felt the same pull to him that he felt. Tempted to say something, he was disappointed when you turned away from him, hurrying to the counter as the line moved but you were obviously too focused on him to notice.

The moment you ordered, you dashed away from the line, your body flamed with heat after being under his gaze, needing room between the two of you. Shawn watched you, his hands fidgeting with nerves as he knew he needed to say something to you. He wanted to know you. After ordering, he turned to the pick up counter, expecting to see you but you were long gone by then.

“Damn It,” he muttered before sulking.


“I heard you asked about me through a friend

My adrenaline kicked in

‘Cause I’ve been askin’ 'bout you too

And now we’re out here in this room…”


Turning with camera in hand, you smiled at Camila was heading your way. Due to your job, you were often at after parties and got the pleasure of meeting the kind singer. Smiling, she immediately took you in a hug before pulling away and taking in your dress. “You’re so cute!”

Winking, you brought the camera up and snapped a photo of Camila causing her to push you away slightly. “And annoying.” ‘

“Oh, you fucking loooove me.” You teased before surveying the room. It was a release party, packed with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and decorated simply yet beautiful. You knew the name of the singer - Shawn Mendes - but you were sure you’ve actually never seen a picture of him so your curiosity peaked. “So how do you know Shawn?” You asked Camila as you toyed with the light settings.

“Oh! We toured together some and I have a song with him- kindest soul out there. I love him.” Camila gushed, her eyes scanning the party. “In fact- I need a picture with him and I want you to take it so let me find that boy…” trailing off, the singer smiled brightly when her eyes landed on the other singer. “Come on!”

Your eyes widen when they landed on Shawn, almost freezing in your steps. Of course, out of all luck, the hot guy from the coffee shop was Shawn Mendes, record selling singer. Gulping,  your grip tightened on your camera as Camila hurried you.

“Shawn!” Camila shrieked happily, throwing herself at him, engulfing him in a hug. “I love the album, I’m so proud!”

He flashed her a smile, not even paying attention to you as you slowly shuffled up. “Thank you Cam, that means a lot from you.” He said as he pulled away, glancing to the side when he finally noticed someone was with them, only to see the girl from the coffee shop. An easy smile fell on his lips as he recognized you, looking back at Camila as she grabbed your arm.

“This is Y/N! You know that awesome picture of me from the VMA’s? She took it!” Camila spoked quickly, her excitement for the night showing completely. “Well obviously you know her, this is your party.”

Sheepishly, Shawn ruffled his hair, “I’m sad to say I haven’t had the pleasure yet.” He stuck his hand out, which was somewhat shaking, as he flashed you a small grin. “Nice to meet you Y/N, I’m Shawn. Thank you for being the photographer.”

“No thank you!” You blurted, your cheeks reddening, taking his hand in yours, and almost melting in the spot. His hand was so smooth but strong and made you think things beyond your innocence.  “Uh, it’s nice to meet you.”

He bit his lip slowly taking his hand from you as he nodded, turning to Camila as she grabbed him.

“Photo nooooooow please.” She said cheekily to you.

Shaking your head with a smile, you took a few steps back, bringing your camera up. Camila smiled brightly at you but Shawn’s smile caused you to pause. It was soft but promising, seeming like he was staring at you through the lens like ‘hey, I see you’ causing the most overwhelming feeling in your stomach. Clearing your throat, you moved the camera and snapped a few pictures, standing straight when you felt confident in your pictures. As Camila shot for you and your camera, Shawn stayed put, his hands in his pockets as he scanned you from head to toe- your black dress seeming a perfect idea now it was being appreciated.

Camila chatted but your eyes were focused on Shawn, taking him in the way he was you, and you couldn’t help the smile gracing your lips as he walked up to you, interrupting his friend.

“Y/n, would you like a drink?”


“I get a little bit nervous around you

Get a little bit stressed out when I think about you

Get a little excited

Baby, when I think about you, yeah

Talk a little too much around you (I talk a little too much, yeah)

Get a little self-conscious (I get a little self-conscious)

When I think about you

Get a little excited (I get a little excited)

Baby, when I think about you

Yeah, when I think about you, babe..”

Four hours later and laughter bubbled from your throat.

Shawn Mendes was just as charming as his music made him out to be. He was so down to earth, so kind and easy to be around, that you found time didn’t matter around him. As his party picked up, the two of you found yourselves tucked away talking, maybe some light flirting once drinks were involved. Currently, you were leaning against a wall with you head tilted up as you looked at him, his body hovering yours as he held himself up.

His head tilted like yours as he searched your face. “You make me very nervous.”

The statement took you by surprised but you laughed softly. “Oh boy, you have no idea how I feel then.” Shaking your head, you sighed. “You are so nerve racking it’s insane.”

Shawn grinned at you, an eyebrow quirked. “Oh yeah?”

“Yes! You’re fucking Shawn Mendes.”

“And you’re Y/N Y/L/N.”

Rolling your eyes, a smile took over your face. “Like that means anything.”

Seriously, the singer looked at you with a sweet face. “It means a lot,” he paused as a hand tucked some hair behind your ear. “I get a little bit nervous around you- get a little stressed out when I think about you, which weirdly enough, since I saw you at the cafe, it’s been a lot. You just make me feel things. I get a little excited.”

Your heart soared as you realized he was quoting his lyrics to you. Cliche maybe but Shawn really did something to you. Feeling brave, you tilted your head higher as you bit your lip, almost like you were challenging him. A lazy, maybe tipsy, smirk graced Shawn’s lips as he leaned down for you. Those same lips were suddenly on yours, the hand near your hair was cupping the back of the neck as he moved with you. His body a skin to yours, you couldn’t help as your hands ended in his hair as he took the opportunity to deepen the kiss, his tongue dominating you. A mewl fell from your throat, the moan exciting Shawn as he pulled away, his face rosy with desire.

“God, Y/n. You can’t kiss someone like that when-”

“Me? Holy shit Shawn, you came for me, I was completely innocent.”

A cheeky smile. “Innocent?” You twitched your nose at him and Shawn nearly took you right then and there.

The way he was looking at you made your thighs ache, and you gulped softly. You could see it in his eyes that he wanted you- you wanted him so bad at the point. What was stopping you, you didn’t know, but you hoped he understand where you were wanting tonight to go.

Again, his mouth was on you as a deep growl ripped in his throat. Shawn was about to become very un-gentleman like in public if you kept looking at him like that.

“Where are you sleeping tonight?” He asked.

“With you?”

Not two seconds later and the singer had your hand in his as he tugged you out of the party.


“We walked in the rain

A couple blocks to your apartment

You told me to come inside

Caught me staring in your eyes

And I’m not usually like this

But I like what you’re doing to me

Ah, what you’re doing to me…”

Seeing as your apartment was closer, the two of you opted for your apartment, which was great until the rain came pouring.

The journey from the car to your apartment was a soaking one as you fumbled with your keys twice, had Shawn laugh at you, and his security helping both of you. When the door finally opened, only Shawn followed as you shut the door quickly. You didn’t get a chance to say anything because your mouth became occupied.

Shawn had you against the door in a second, causing a squeak and giggle from you as his mouth teased yours. You felt yourself melting into him as you pushed your pelvis against him, needing some friction. “Fuck y/n, I can’t stop, I like what you’re doing to me.” You made a noise of approval when his lips found your exposed neck, nipping at it with teasing bites and licks, while his hand followed the curve of your body, his hand gripping your ass. Moaning, you moved against him as he attacked your skin, until you had another thought and pushed him away softly.


You interrupted him as you pushed his jacket off his shoulders, and clawing to get his shirt off. He helped you out with a slight chuckle before backing you through your house. “Bed?” he demanded as he directed your body and kissing your collarbone. You guided him, purring at the way he was making you feel. When you got into your room, you paused, unzipping your dress and shimmying out of it.

The drinks had given you the confidence because as yall both were bare-chested in front of another. Shawn didn’t even give you a moment to regret being half naked in front of the hottest man you’ve ever met before he groaned. “You’re so sexy baby.” He cooed. A wicked smiled painted his face as he nodded his head to the bed, motioning for you to move. “I’m going to make you feel so good. You want that do you?”

As you moved to the bed, you nodded, laying yourself down. “Word Y/n.” He demanded.

“Shawn, please touch me.”

That was all he needed as he was in between your legs on his knees, peppering the softest kisses against you thigh. Wiggling, you let a little huff out causing Shawn to chuckle deeply against your skin, your body shivering with the vibration of it, and so close to your weakness. “Shawn.” You said warningly.

You yelled slightly when he snapped the band of your thong against you but it fell into a moan when quickly pulled the thong down. His devil tongue suddenly flicked at your clit, making you jerk in need against his face. Shawn caught the hint as he flicked harder, his tongue licking up your slit slowly, teasing you. His tongue moved back to your clit as he slipped a finger into your warmth, you humming in response, as he began stroking in and out of you. Your stomach tightened as he let you rock against his finger, desperate for some kind of release. He continued to finger fuck you, throwing around curses as he watched you twitch and be vocal.


“You like that, eh? I like looking at you like this.”

“I want you to cum on my cock.”

The last one almost pushed you over the edge but you pushed on him softly to indicate that’s what you wanted. “Condoms in drawer.” You huffed out as he worked to get his belt off and jeans while searching for the little foil package. Within seconds, Shawn too was completely naked, rolling a condom on his thick memeber as he glaced at you with such lust.

“I just want to fuck you. Now.” He huffed as he pulled your legs to the edge of the bed, holding both of them up as he guided his tip to your slit. Shawn rubbed himself against you slightly, both of you moaning until he bottomed out in you as he pushed in. Your back arched as he filled you, his thickness feeding a hunger you didn’t know you had, as he started rocking into you. He muttered sweet things as his pace was slow at first, telling you how good you felt around him. The talk made you twitch as he rolled against you, hitting where you needed him too.

“Shawn!” you moaned, your hand bunching the sheet.

“I know baby.” He grunted, his hand finding your sensitive petal, moving his thumb against it as he worked faster against you, the only noise in the room is the sound of you two moaning. A pressure started building in your lower stomach, causing you to squirim with moans and arch your back, letting him fill you even more. “I’m going to cum soon,” he whispered to you as he pushed into you harder, the pressure now exploding in you. Your walls twitched then tightened as you felt your orgasm in waved, rocking you as he continued to stroke in you. Shawn’s hands tightened on your thighs as he pushed in you one last time and came into his condom, filling it inside of you.

Your breathing was labored as you tried catching your breath, a pout falling on your lips as he pulled out of you, a lazy, satisfied grin on his face.

“I don’t think it’s ever felt that amazing for me.” Shawn said with a small laugh, leaning down to kiss you. The kiss was sweet, like he was reminding you that there was something there other than your sexual desire. He pulled away too soon for your liking, and slowly climbed into the bed beside you after he disposed of the condom. ‘

“I don’t think I’ve ever came that quickly before.” You admitted with an innocent smile to which Shawn winked at you.

“Well, we can do again and bet that record, eh?”

And that is how you often found a canadian singer in your bed.

4:36 AM

Shawn x depressed reader

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Another sleepless night. You laid in bed on your back staring up at the plain white ceiling. You looked to your right, staring out the sliding glass door at the city lights and sighed. You looked to your left to see Shawn on his stomach, arms under his pillows, facing away from you. His back rising and lowering so peacefully. His little silent snores makes the corners of your lips tug up slightly.

You looked at your nightstand at the clock. 4:36am, it read. You quietly groaned as you unplugged your phone, letting the cord hit the hard-wood floor.

No New Notifications.

You unlocked it anyways, seeing the background of you and Shawn smiling widely looking into the camera. You gently smiled again, opening twitter. About 5 minutes later, you locked your phone, setting it back on the nightstand. You sighed, sitting up slowly, careful not to wake shawn. You stood up, letting your feet slip into your black slippers, grabbing your silky black robe from the chair across the room; quietly turning the knob on the door and letting it open and walked into the living room.

You always forget how beautiful Shawn’s place really is. To the right, the floor is dark brown laminate. A giant black piano on display for all of Toronto to see. The wall is basically a giant window; and to the left, there’s a small stairway, 2 steps, that leads into the black tiled kitchen with a beautiful island in the middle.

You walked into the kitchen, grabbing a water bottle from the refrigerator, and then making your way over to the piano, sitting on the bench as you set your bottle down next to you, looking out at the view. You sighed, ‘so beautiful’, you shook your head.

You wanted to cry and wasn’t because of the view, or Shawn; you honestly didn’t even know what was causing you to feel like this but the mood wasn’t unfamiliar. For years, you have been experiencing this, but it’s never really consistent. It happens every now and then but recently, it’s been 3-5 nights in a row. You were beginning to feel overwhelmed from all of these sleepless nights.

Just as you were about to let a tear slip out, you heard footsteps and quickly wiped your eyes and then you looked over at where the footsteps were coming from and saw the man you loved oh so much. Standing tall at 6’2, Shawn wore a pair of pajama pants and he was shirtless.

“Hey, did I wake you?” You asked, feeling concerned. Shawn sat next you, and basically wrapped himself around you. “No,” he said into your ear, “I felt that your side was empty; can’t sleep again?” He pressed a light kiss below your ear and you shivered.

“Yeah,” you sighed, feeling his hands gently rub your arms with his head buried in your neck as you looked out at the night sky.

“I’m sorry, baby,” you mumbled feeling tears build, you place your hands on his.

“Hey, Hey, Hey,” Shawn pulled you closer, engulfing you in his chest, wrapping his arms tighter around you. He kissed your cheek, “don’t be sorry, honey, you have no need to apologize to me, okay?” You nod, feeling a tear stroll down your face.

He turned you around on the bench, wiping your tears away, he pecked your lips. You nod, wiping your tears away as they just came out and they just wouldn’t stop.

He was comforting you but deep down, you had a feeling he was getting tired of this, having to comfort you all the time. “I’m afraid,” you cried. He pulled you closer and your head was resting on his chest as he rubbed your back, kissing the top of your head.

“Of what, honey?”

“I’m afraid you’re tired of having to comfort me all the time and that you’ll break up with me to be with someone who’s not sad all the time,” you sobbed into his chest, making his shirt damp.

Shawn didn’t mind. He never had and never will mind. He loves you too much. He cares for you too much.

“I will never do that, y/n, never. I promise,” he kissed the top of your head again, squeezing his eyes shut. You sat up, wiping your tears away once again, looking into his beautiful tired dark brown eyes. “I love you so much, I will never leave you and I will never get tired of you, honey, I promise.”

“I love you too,” you half-smiled, pulling him closer to you by the tops of his shoulders. He allowed it, letting his lips land on yours. He gently kissed you and you kissed back.

He knew. He knew exactly what to do when it came to reassuring you. He meant every word. Every single word. He’s never felt the way he feels about you with anyone ever before in his life. He’s so happy he found you.

Smiling to himself, he kissed your forehead. “Do you want to come back to bed or do you want to stay out here for a little while,” he let go of you. You sighed smiling, turning around on the bench to look at the view again. “I’m going to stay out here for a little while but you can go back to bed if you want.”

“Okay, baby,” he kissed your cheek standing up from the bench. You leaned your head to the side watching the night sky and all the beautiful stars. There was some movement next to you and you saw Shawn laying out a large white fluffy blanket and the pillows from your bed and the duvet as well on the floor next to the piano.

Shawn reaches his hand out, hoping you’ll grab it, which you did, and you stood from the bench and you both laid down on the blanket. He was the big spoon but he didn’t mind; just as long as you were happy, he didn’t care what he had to do. He kissed the back of your head and you hummed as you watch the beautiful night sky disappear behind your eye lids.

“Goodnight, honey.”

The Great Gatsby

Inspired by The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Firzgerald


Shawn Mendes was a self-made millionaire. The only problem was that, he was madly in love with a girl named y/n. Shawn wasn’t rich enough for y/n. She wanted more but, Shawn couldn’t provide for her.

Y/n moved on and got married. While Shawn had one goal, which was to reach y/n’s expectations and win her back.

Shawn would throw these massive, extravagant parties, hoping one day y/n would show. But, one day, Shawn gets a new neighbour. Which ends up being related to y/n. His name was Brian Craigen. Brian was y/n’s cousin.

One night, Shawn invites Brian to one of his parties. That’s when Shawn discovered Brian’s relation with y/n. Brian then has the idea of inviting Shawn and y/n both to tea, where they can reunite.

It’s now the day of date. Shawn arrives at Brian’s house two hours early.

“Good day old sport. Do you mind if I add a bit more decorations to your house?” Questioned Shawn, has he walks into the house.

“No no, go ahead. It’s your date after all” Brian says, giving Shawn permission to redecorate his house.

“Very well.” Then a group of people holding flowers walk into the house.

They all were carrying vases of flowers. There had to be more than 50 vases of flowers around the house.

“When you asked to redecorate I didn’t think you’d cover the house with flowers.” Brian said in shock, as he looked around his house, which was now covered in flowers.

“Is it too much? I’m sorry, I’m just nervous to be seeing y/n after a long time” Shawn was pacing around the room, while staring at the clock on the wall.

It was five minutes away from being 1 pm, being the time of the date. Y/n could arrive any second. Which made Shawn even more antsy.

“You’ll be fine. She doesn’t know you’re here. So it’ll be a wonderful surprise for her.” Brian tries to calm down Shawn.

As soon as Brian completes his sentence, the doorbell rings. Indicating that y/n has now arrived.

“I’m not ready for this, old sport. I can’t do this. I should just leave. She probably doesn’t want to see me.” Shawn gets up and tries exiting through the back.

“No don’t go. This is all you’ve ever wanted. Stay for y/n.”

“Okay. I’ll stay just for y/n.” Shawn sits down on Brian’s couch, as Brian goes to answer the door.

“Oh it just started raining outside. Took you a while to answer the door.” Said y/n to Brian as she enters the house.

“I apologize for that. I have a surprise for you in the living room”

“Wow I just love all these flowers. Daisies are my favourite. How did you know?” Y/n says, as she heads towards the living room.

Shawn is awkwardly standing in the corner of the room, waiting to see y/n for the first time in forever.

Y/n enters the room, and stops as soon as she sees Shawn.

“Shawn, is that really you?” Y/n was in shock. She couldn’t believe the love of her love, that she thought she lost, was right in front of her.

“Yes, y/n darling it’s me.”

Y/n quickly runs towards Shawn and jumps into his arms. They stand in each other’s arms for what felt like hours. But, in reality was a couple of hours.

“Well I’ll leave you guys to catch up. I’ll be back soon” Brian awkwardly says, as he leaves his own home.

Shawn and y/n both sit on Brian’s couch. Y/n has happy tears streaming down her face. While Shawn was slowly wiping them away.

“I thought you were gone, forever. I didn’t think I’d ever see you again. I’m so happy to see you.” Y/n didn’t know how to express her feelings. She was feeling many things, but she was filled with happiness.

“I’m back y/n. I’m back just for you. You don’t know how long I searched, trying to find you.” Shawn felt like his life was now complete. He had just found what he was searching for.

“I’m sorry I left Shawn. I’m sorry I chose wealth over our love. I didn’t think I would’ve struggled without your love.” Y/n regretted leaving Shawn, just because he was poor.

“Don’t you worry now. I’m rich. We both can live happily ever after. I’ll get you anything you’ve ever wanted.”

“See that big house over there” Shawn points through the window. “Well that’s mine and soon can yours too”

“Shawn, darling. I’d love to be with you. But I’m sadly married now. I tried to move on, as you can see.”

Shawn was heartbroken that y/n was married. He felt as if everything he had done, was just a waste now.

“How about we head over to my place and give you a tour.” Shawn said, getting up from the couch.

“I’d love a tour. Let’s go.” Y/n gets up from the couch, following Shawn to his mansion.

When they both arrived inside, the house was more than y/n could ever imagine. It was a real dream.

During the tour, y/n had realized what she had created. She realized that she had changed the Shawn she fell for. He wasn’t the same poor boy she adored. He now was a huge millionaire, just to win y/n’s heart.

She knew her and Shawn couldn’t last forever. She only cared about the statistics of her man, rather than his personality. While Shawn was blinded by a girl, who he thought he was madly in love with.

Growing Out Of It: Pt. 1 - The Unexpected (Shawn Mendes)

In which the reunion of old school friends stirs up some uninvited feelings

No warning, just very slow burn-ish. Also roughly 4.2k words. Enjoy!

Mary-Anne shot an expectant glance from the other side of the bar, thin brows wrinkled and mouth straight. “Kid spilled her drink at 12.”

Judging by her exasperated tone, I obviously wasn’t the only one categorically done with LLV’s Kid’s Sundays. I liked kids, I really did, but they were still a pain in the ass sometimes. 

And the parents.

I sighed, remembering the run-in with a particularly nasty mother last Sunday who had insisted that her little five-year-old wouldn’t - couldn’t - consume our fatty french fries, which, by the way, were literally the food about seventy percent of LLV’s costumers came here for, and complained about how we, as a restaurant, endangered her child’s health.

Fucking tourists.

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Harvard Hoodie

A/N: I absolutely loved writing this! Thank you to everyone who has been sending in requests! I will try my best to reach all of you. Please keep them flowing I love writing for you guys (:

Shawn’s P.O.V

I hum along to y/n’s favorite song, wake me up by Ed Sheeran. I gently smile at the memory of her excitement on the night I played it at a show in New York, just for her. I flick up the sink handle and let my hands soak underneath the warm water. I begin to wash the dishes and pause once my hand scoops up y/n’s favorite tea mug. I gaze at the yellow, orange, and red flowers that sprinkle across it. She’s had this mug since before we were married, I remember the first time Ella’s little hands tried to lift it off the dinner table. I can still see y/n’s face as Ella pushed too hard, causing the cups handle to shatter, along with y/n’s heart. It took me hours to glue the pieces back together, but it was worth it, her smile and happiness was worth it. I gently rub my hand over the cracked part of the handle. Its the little memories that make me fall in love with her all over again.

 Im pulled back to reality once I hear my daughters sweet voice calling for me. I turn to look at her and for a moment I forget how grown up she is. She has her mothers eyes, and her beautiful long hair. It falls to the end of her back, curling thanks to my genes. She’s grown out of her baby face, its now the most perfect heart shape. She’s gotten taller over the summer, and for some reason the make up that runs across her skin tugs at my heart. How is she already sixteen? I almost drop the mug in my hand when I realize what hoodie she is wearing. The word Harvard runs across her chest, its the very hoodie her mother use to steal from me.

“Dad, did you hear me?” Ella asks 

“Sorry bug, I didn’t whats up?” Ive been looking for that damn hoodie for months. 

“I was just saying that I’m leaving soon, I’m going to the mall with Andy.”

“Andy? Who the hell is Andy.” I gently place the mug on the counter and cross my arms over my chest. 

“Relax dad, he’s just a friend, mom has met him before.” she giggles 

“Why have I never met this Andy?”

“Because you’ll get all… all… dad.”

“Hell yeah I will.” She laughs at my protectiveness.

“Don't worry daddy it isn’t like that. I have to go though he will be here soon.” She reaches for her purse and beanie that sits on the kitchen table and swings it over her shoulder, popping the black beanie over her head. 

“Alright Andy’s off the hook for now. Be careful my love, have fun.”

“I will daddy, I love you too.” She walks towards the front door. Before she can open it I call for her.

“Hey bug?” She turns to face me.

“Yeah dad?”

“You're beautiful.” Her beautiful smile peaks out on her face.

“Thank you daddy!”She shouts happily

“One more thing before you go, where did you get that hoodie?”

“Oh, it was in the dryer I found it while I was taking out moms clothes. How come?”

“No reason, now go have fun!” She smiles gently at me and closes the door behind her.

“My baby still steals my hoodies.” I whisper to myself.

The front door opens and y/n enters with shopping bags. She smiles brightly at me and sets them on the kitchen table. I rest against the sink and bring my arms back up to my chest.

“Hey baby!” She greets me, making her way over to me.

“Hello lovely.” she pecks me on the lips, wrapping her arms around my neck as I snake my arms around her waist.”

“How are you today husband?” She whispers 

“Im alright wife, better now that you’re here. I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

“Really? How sweet.” she giggles 

“Did you see your daughter?” I ask 

“I saw her drive off with Andy.” 

“Why didn’t you tell me she had a boy friend.”

“He isn’t a boy friend Shawn, he’s just a friend.”

“Still, you could have warned me that she’s communicating with the opposite sex! And we were friends too ya know. Now look at us.” 

“Oh my goodness listen to you! She’s sixteen Shawn, of course she’s going to have guy friends. Leave her be she isn’t doing anything wrong.”

“You still should have told me.” I kiss her forehead 

“I would of but then you get all… all…you.”

I throw my head back and laugh. My girls are two peas in a pod.

“Whats so funny?” she asks 

“Nothing you just sound like Ella. Did you see the sweater she was wearing?”

“No what was it.” She pulls way from me reaching for her favorite mug. 

“Harvard.” Her head naps in my direction.

“Harvard hoodie! Ive been looking for that for months. She should know better than to steal my clothes.” She reaches into a cabinet and pulls out her favorite peppermint tea. 

“Excuse me miss, but that hoodie is not yours.” She isn’t facing me but I can feel her mischievous grin.

“Fine Mendes, our hoodie.” She turns back around and walks back to me.

“You know what?”

“What baby?”

“Im actually really happy she has it now. Whenever you would be touring I would wear that hoodie almost every night. It smelled just like you and, I don’t know it was like I had a piece of you with me. It was hard when there were nights when all I wanted was your touch, your kisses. That hoodie got me through a lot of hard nights. And now, our baby is wearing it.” 

I pull her closer to me and kiss her sweetly.

“You know, I wore that hoodie when I missed you too. You stole it from me so much it started to smell like you.” I am so in love with this women

“One of my favorite pictures is of you in that hoodie.” She reaches into her pocket and pulls out her phone flipping through her photos. 

“You still have it saved?”

“Of course I do. Here, look do you remember this night?” She holds the phone up to my face. 

“Oh my God, this was so long ago.”

“look at how young you were!” She exclaims 

“Hey! I’m still young.” She rolls her eyes taking her phone back to examine the picture better.

“I do though I remember, you couldn’t fall sleep that night. That week was really hard for you, you were so stressed out. I couldn’t stand t see you that way so I sang you to sleep.” She places a hand on my cheek

“My baby, you have no idea how much that helped me.” I smile down at her.

“I don't even remember you taking this, I look like I’m about to sneeze.” I chuckle.

“No you don’t!” She tilts her head to the side. 

“Well maybe a little, but its  still one of my favorite pictures of you”


“Yeah babe?”

“Never stop stealing my clothes.” She places her hands on my chest fiddling with the buttons on my shirt.

“Its a deal Mendes, but in order for me to steal them, you can’t be wearing them.” she winks

“I think we can arrange that.”

We spent the rest of the night wrapped in each other, reminiscing over Harvard hoodie. I never thought I would ever be so appreciative of a hoodie. 

The End.