Project 365

Day 009: Peaceful

I really enjoy taking a step back at times and just watching my son sleep. He always looks so peaceful that I would LOVE to see what goes on inside of his mind… Is he dreaming of eating clouds made out of cotton candy?

Canon EOS 5D Mark III; 135mm f/2L USM

M; 135mm; f/2.0; 1/30; ISO 1600; Remote Flash


Project 365

Day 023: What a view

I started work a little later today and was able to spend my morning just relaxing and driving around to find my photo of the day. I decided to head up to Wailuku Heights and found a nice spot with an incredible view. I couldnt really decide which I liked better so I decided to post both.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III; 24-105mm f/4L IS USM;

M; 92mm; 1/125; f/18; ISO 160;

Project 365

Day 012: Candlelit

There is something captivating about the effect of soft light on a candle lit subject. I really wanted to continue to play more with low-light photography and was thrilled that my son wanted to help and be patient for me to set-up and get this shot. He usually has such a short attention span that I am surprised he was able to give me the 5-10 minutes I needed for this shot. I wonder where he gets his short attention span from…. ^_^;

Canon EOS 5D Mark III; 135mm f/2L USM

M; 135mm; 1/30; f/3.5; ISO 400;

Project 365

Day 021: Just toying around

While one my way home from work this evening I was playing with my camera and decided to take a photo of the intersection while at a stop. I was rather surprised at how decently clear it came out considering this was done without a tripod. Really loving Canon’s IS lenses!

Canon EOS 5D Mark III; 24-105mm f/4L IS USM;

M; 80mm; 1.0; f/4; ISO 200;

Project 365

Day 019: Mirror, Mirror

For today’s photo I decided to play around a little with reflections. I tried to use the mirror to direct the flash onto the subject but it didn’t turn out quite as well as I had hoped, nonetheless I am still quite satisfied with the shot I had captured. I was lucky that my subject was kept entertained by the mirror.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III; 50mm f/1.8 USM; 600EX-RT

M; 50mm; 1/25; f/2.5; ISO 100; Flash