shawn/gus, domesticity style:

big spoon/little spoon: Depends on who you ask. According to Shawn, Gus is the little spoon, because he can’t sleep if he’s not being held by a pair of strong, masculine arms. According to Gus, “Shawn, please. I hope you know how ridiculous you sound right now; we both know who the person in this relationship who likes to be–” and then he never gets any further because Shawn finds a way to stop him talking (usually sticking unexpected food in his mouth). The truth is that Gus usually is the little spoon, but that’s because Gus believes in structure and order and being in bed by midnight, and Shawn believes in staying up until four in the morning marathoning episodes of Robot Chicken while he eats Trix directly out of the box; when he finally does crawl into bed, he tends to turn on his side, throw an arm across Gus’s waist, and use the corner of Gus’s pillow. 

favorite non-sexual activity: Jerk chicken. 

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What's The Story, Morning Glory?

What’s The Story, Morning Glory? by liviapenn

Summary: Today’s the day that all the world will see / It’s another sunny afternoon. 

Quote: The first time Shawn ever kisses Gus it’s goodbye. It’s nearing the end of Gus’ last summer living at home before he leaves for college, and the crisp Indian summer is almost over. Fallen leaves are everywhere, red-gold as a new penny, scuttling dry over the suburban streets. The nights are warm, but they haven’t gotten hot enough yet to make Gus’ dad break down and crank the air conditioning to a comfortable level. Unfortunately Gus has never been able to sleep with his window open, so he’s half-drowsing in bed, too hot to sleep even with the covers kicked down to his feet, when the squawk of the emergency Gus and Shawn contact system startles him fully awake.  

Shawngus- Is $50 Worth It?

Carlton Lassiter, head detective of the Santa Barbra Police Department, was walking down the hall to Interrogation Room B. He had memorized the layouts of these halls a long time ago, so he was able to re-read the report while he was walking.

/…suspect Amanda Wilson was found exiting the back window of the victim Mr. Thompson’s house-/

“Say it, say it now.”

Lassie looked up confused.
“What the hell-?” he spun around in a circle trying to find the source of the noise.

“No,” someone else grunted.

Assuming it was just another interrogation, the perplexed detective kept walking. But then he heard something he wish he hadn’t.

“Say it Shawn, say my name.”

“Gus…” The psychic whimpered.

“Oh god..” Lassiter quickly darted out of the hallway and into the main room of the police department. Grimacing, he headed over to Juliet’s desk.

“I so wish I didn’t have to do this but here you go.” Lassie reached into his pocket and pulled out a $50.

Juliet smirked and took the bill, “What’d you see?”

“Thankfully nothing, but now my ears are permanently damaged.” With a shake of his head, Carlton shuddered and walked back to his desk, resting his head in his hands.

We'll Share a Seat on the Train

We’ll Share a Seat on the Train by trascendenza

Summary: Gus finally figures out why he watched The Lost Boys so many times. 

Quote: “Guys’ Night Out, I like that. Yeah. That sounds good. As long as, you know,” Gus was laughing his nervous too-high pitched laugh, “we don’t call it a date or anything, ‘cause that’d just be silly.”

Shawn stopped massaging. “Gus, my great idea is called 'Gus, Go on a Date With Me,’ not 'Gus, Come and Heterosexually Hang Out With Me.’ We do that all the time. We’ve been friends for, like, seven thousand years, give or take a few centuries. Don’t you think it’s time we spiced things up a little?”

“Actually, I’m perfectly comfortable with the level of spice in our relationship right now.”

Why It’s Awesome: As always, trascendenza has spot-on characterizations and never fails to make me laugh. 

Reception in the Ball Pit

Reception in the Ball Pit by trascendenza 

Summary: The one where they get married. 

Quote: December 25. Chuck-E-Cheese’s (no children allowed, reception in the ball pit). Crime Scene/Christmas theme: fake blood encouraged, reindeer parking around back. 5PM, but get there early, because I’m going to start eating cake as soon as I wake up and you guys’ll have to battle to the death for whatever’s left. BYOB. And food. And chairs. Llamas, if you’ve got some lying around. 

Be there or be a rhomboid-thing that all the other shapes make fun of. 

Why It’s Awesome: All you need to know is: EEEEEEE CUTE. 

The Pilot of My Roflcopter

The Pilot of My Roflcopter by trascendenza 

Summary: The one where Shawn talks like a lolcat to seduce Gus. 

Quote: Gus looked up from his laptop, shell-shocked, eyes wide like a deer caught in the headlights. His voice was filled with equal parts wonder and horror. “Did you just vocalize an emoticon?”

“:):):):):),” Shawn said, a little drunk with power. 

Why It’s Awesome: I had the biggest grin on my face the entire time, and actually snorted a few times. The characterizations are perfect and their dynamic is perfect and this is just perfect