Gus’ aliases from Psych Season 1 - 5 

In search of Shassie (psych) Mpreg

Heya, my friend just asked me for some Shawn/Lassiter mpreg, and horribly enough I failed to find her any. (Which is odd consider that for a time I was obsessed with that pairing and I’ve always been obsessed with mpreg…) So I’m extending my search to you, my lovely followers. Does anyone know of any good Shassie mpregs?

I had a dream that I was at the Psych office, but instead of it being Shawn Shawn (James Roday) it was different (TOM HIDDLESTON WAS SHAWN)  and when I looked out the window Loki was running towards us like this

with this face

and Shawn Tom had wavy golden blond hair…in a pony tail….

and Gus told me

and then he said

(Idk why the gifs I have describe my dream so well….O.O)

And then I was at a HUGE PARKING GARAGE with my grandma and we were being chased by bad guys and we were all ninja-like


this is the most amazing thing ever. love shawn spencer / james roday!