LAST NIGHT WAS A DREAM. OH MY GOD. Emma and I dressed as Olivia and Meredith and our costumes were sparkly, furry, and cute. We got to Gillette a little late because of traffic, so by the time we got through the gates it was 5:30. We went straight to TaylorNation. We waited there for such a long time- we didn’t get to the front until 8:30. We missed Shawn Mendes, Vance Joy, and part of Haim but we were okay with it. Her outfits were incredible- the blank space dress is amazing. I can’t wait to get our picture (does anyone know when we will get them?) and even though Kevin wasn’t taking the pictures it was fun. While we were in line people kept asking to take pictures with us which was funny. Then we got to our seats- section C3 row 2 seats 12+13, and they were outstanding. It was the bstage, bstage pit, VIP area, an aisle, then us. We were having a blast and dancing our faces off and of course I cried multiple times. During the clean speech I was sobbing, and so was the little girl next to us. We asked the security guard to give Andrea our letters for Taylor, but he didn’t know what she looked liked, so he said the next time she walked past we could slip past him. A little while after Taylor brought Walk The Moon onstage, Estelle Haim was standing right in front of us!! We almost got a picture/hug but security stopped us. A little while later, who walks back to the VIP section but ANDREA SWIFT. We ran past the security guard and tapped her on the shoulder and gave her our notes and she was like “You guys are so sweet!” Then I said “Your daughter is a literal angel. Thank you for giving birth to her”. Then we took some pictures and stuff, and she asked if we wanted to go into the VIP section with her for the rest of the show. She marched us right through everyone there, past Austin Swift, past Haim, past Walk the Moon, and let us hop right up on the barricades. We watched the rest of the show there, and it was amazing. When Tay was done, we were able to talk to Walk The Moon for a few minutes and take some pictures. When I was talking to Shaun I said “That was fucking incredible! Holy fuck! If I knew I was coming to a WTM concert I would’ve worn my Talking Is Hard shirt!!” And he laughed so hard. Then they felt guilty for having drinks in our picture so they made us retake them. All in all, it was an amazing night, one of the best ever.

Thank you so much, taylorswift , for giving me this chance to escape for a few hours. I can’t tell you how special it was, especially in the speech before “Clean”. I’ve never felt more understood than in that moment.

I love you, and hope you get my letter.



For seven years, I’ve wanted to go to a Taylor Swift concert. For seven years, Taylor has been my favorite artist. For seven years, her music has gotten me through every hardship, heartache, and heartbreak. 

Going into this, I knew I was going to cry. What I didn’t know, was how much I was going to cry, and how hard it was all going to hit me. In the beginning when “Welcome to New York” would echo and fade, I began bawling. This dream I’d been longing for for so long was finally coming true. 

I cried not only because I was overcome with happiness that I was finally living out one of my longest desired dreams, but also because all the reasons why I listened to Taylor’s music, all the feelings I’d been experiencing when I started listing to Taylor, and every emotion I’d had since just came rushing back. The happiness, the sadness, the loneliness, the longing, the anger, the frustration, the daydreaming, the romance… everything. It just all came back. 

Listening to You Belong With Me because the boy who was my best friend who I’d been in love with for 10 years was dating a girl who’d bullied me ever since I met her, a girl who wouldn’t let him talk to me because I wasn’t part of their clique. The feelings of betrayal, loneliness, anger, and heartbreak all came back.

Listening to  Our Song daydreaming about my first relationship and how magical it would be to finally have someone I just clicked with. How we’d drive around laughing and being silly for hours. How we’d both love each other so much we would do crazy things and he would bring flowers when I had a bad day. 

Listening to You’re Not Sorry when I finally stopped messing with the guy who would leave and come back and leave again with some lame sad excuse as to why he was changing his mind or how his feelings had changed. 

Listening to Enchanted and just thinking about how incredible circumstances can be. Right time, right place how can you not believe in fate? The feeling of knowing someone when you’re just meeting for the first time.

Listening to Superman and relating it to my tall, dark, and handsome crush. Being superman on the soccer field, saving the team time and time again.  Hanging onto every word we’d ever spoken to each other. Hanging onto those little smiles, small talk… and dreaming of that day when I’d finally just tell him how I felt. (THAT never happened by the way) 

Listening to Fifteen the night before I started high school, scared shitless of what the next day would hold. Comparing my life to the story in the song. My best friend giving it all up to that boy who changed his mind. Relying on the song to get me through that day, that week, that year. 

Listening to Mine on end and dreaming about the day when I finally have that person who will follow me when I try to leave, and who know who I am, and where I come from and who are willing to work on that and with that.

Listening to All You Had to do Was Stay and mentally hitting the crap out of the guy who realized too little too late that what he had was amazing. I would’ve done anything for him, and he thought someone else would care more. Turns out no one was willing to put up with his shit, no one could handle his quirks like I did. No one could break down his insecurities and help him like I did. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. At one time or another, every single one of Taylor Swift’s songs has meant so much to me, and getting to see it all in action last night was incredible. Love Story is and forever will be one of my favorites. Who doesn’t love a Romeo and Juliette romance? What girl’s dad ACTUALLY likes her boyfriend off the bat? Plus, there’s something totally magical and enchanting about sneaking around in a garden! 

I’m honestly just blown away and cannot even fathom what my life would be like without Taylor’s Music. She’s just gotten me through so much, and I cannot be more thankful for her existence. 

The show was absolutely amazing, and Shawn Mendes, Vance Joy, and Haim were incredible, and the MKTO showed up and made it even better. The bracelets made the experience even more better, because like Taylor pointed out, we can see every person at the concert. We can see all these people who we’re all connected to because we’ve listened to her music, so it’s safe to assume we’ve all been in one another’s shoes. We could’ve easily been one another’s shoulders to cry on. 

Thank You Taylor Swift. Thank you for everything <3