Cold Remarks

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Prompt: Harry has always been cold towards Y/N, and one day she just breaks. 

Word Count: 1581

Y/N wasn’t exactly sure why Harry was always so…cold towards her. She wasn’t sure how to describe it, he never called her anything rude, never swore at her, never yelled, but the tension always seemed to be in the room. He always seemed to hate being around her, in her eyes he hated her. She felt the negative vibes, he always rolled her eyes when she entered a room, he always ignored her, and if answered her it was with a harsh and cold tone. It made her want to shrink in her spot.

She didn’t understand. Harry was always so happy and warm around others, he was always so quick to help them, but when it came to Y/n she might as well have been invisible. It reached the point where she felt uncomfortable being in the same room as him. She felt weak and small compared to him and she didn’t like the idea of the two being alone.

It was the way he treated her, the small remarks her made every time. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could take it, she had never done anything to him. She took each blow extra hard, always having a crush on Harry and having him treat her like this made her want to lock herself in a room and cry. She couldn’t believe how mean he was.

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New Masterlist!

I spent way too long doing this, but it looks somewhat prettier than my old one soooooo  😄

☁ = Smut
✽ = Other potential triggers

Shawn X Alex
➳Little Bumking; 1 and 2
“Maybe You Shouldn’t Have Distracted Me Then”
Truth or Dare Game From Hell
“It’s Not Going to Hurt You”
Pool Fun
Welcome to The Family
“Did You Know…”
Food Poisoning
Bathroom ☁
Stressed Out
Pick Up
➳Busted; 1, 2 and 3
➳Movie Night; 1 ☁and 2
“If You Can’t Sleep”
Poorly Shawny
“I Don’t Know What I’m Doing with My Life”
First ☁
Feline Friend
It’s Just a Prank, Brugh
Early Morning Sun
➳Interruptions; 1 and 2
➳Jeep; 1 ☁and 2
Massage ☁-ish
Tomato Boy
Morning Voice
Across the Table
Can You Hold This…”
Tour Bus ☁
Love Sick
Drama Queen
God Damn Hills Race
➳Proposal; 1 and 2
Family Parts 1 and
➳ Soulmates
➳ Loser Squad Parts 1 (part 2 coming soon)
➳ Fireman! Mendes Part 1 (Part 2 coming soon)

Shawn X Reader 
➳ For the Love of God

Dad! Mendes / Pregnancy Blurbs
Tylenol and Toast
➳ Stupid Daddy
➳ Small 
➳ Poorly Monkey
➳ A Giant in a Child’s Chair
➳ Embarrassment 
➳ Baby Grows and Tears
➳ Disney Movies and Stomach Bugs
➳ Birthday; The Intro

College! Mendes / Tutor! Mendes
Kissing Contest
Study Break
➳Strip-vision; 1, 2 ☁ and 3

Bullet Point
Cheer Up
The Start of College! Mendes
More College! Mendes
Sick 2.0
Between the Sheets ☁
Without Protection ☁
Big Brother

➳Honeymoon; 1 and 2

Random Blurbs (Mainly Shawn X Alex)
New Year
Cold Skin
Short Skirt
“Do you really think I could ever replace you?”
“Take. It. Off.”
“Stop! It tickles!”
‘The One When Shawn is Drugged and Wants M&Ms’
Clothes Thief
Potty Mouth
High! Mendes

Noun Game
Crush, House, Harry Potter

grumpycakes  asked:

DISTRACTION PROMPTS! Shawn and Drew consider getting a pet (or one considers and the other disagrees OR OR they have to baby sit slink OH NO)

“We should get a cat.”

“We both live in dorm rooms,” Shawn said, squinting at Harris’ instructions.  “Separate dorm rooms.”

Drew, sprawled out on his stomach on the floor, dragged a string across the carpet.  Slink, his tail whipping back and forth with deadly intent, swatted at the end of it as it wiggled its way past his nose.  Drew grinned, snatching the string out of reach.  “That just means more places to hide a cat.”

“We’re not even allowed to have fish,” Shawn said, amused despite himself.  He held up the page of neatly typed instructions that Harris had left for them. “Did you look at these?”

“No,” Drew said, trying to tempt Slink into making another play for the string.  Slink had lost interest and was now batting at Drew’s hair instead.  “Don’t you dare, cat, I just got that cut.”

“These are very complicated,” Shawn said, leaning against the cabinet.  He turned the page over.  “It’s double-sided.”

“Jesus.” Drew flopped onto his back.  “It’s a cat.  Here are your instructions.  One.” He held up a hand over his head, his index finger held aloft.  “Put open food container.  Two.  Dump food in bowl.” He ticked off each sentence with a new finger.  “Three.  Provide water-”

“Slink’s got one of those little fountain water bowls, actually,” Shawn said.

“Double fucking Jesus, this boy needs a fucking intervention,” Drew said, as Slink padded across his chest and settled down directly on his breastbone.  “Hi.”

Shawn choked on a laugh as Slink settled down to wash a paw.  “He knows you were making fun of his fountain.”

“I’m just saying,” Drew told Slink.  “Spoiled little brat.  You can tell you’re a first pet.  Me?  I’ve known a lot of farm cats, and they all would’ve kicked your narrow fuzzy little ass.”  He reached up, running a gentle hand over Slink’s head.  Slink paused in his washing long enough to butt his head against Drew’s fingers, his eyes falling shut.  “Yeah.  Spoiled brat.”

“Harris does seem to have invested in a lot of…” Shawn considered the rather large carpet covered ‘cat climbing tower’ that took up a solid chunk of the living room’s floor space.  “Stuff.”

“Crap,” Drew corrected cheerfully.  “You couldn’t catch a mouse if you had to, could you, gorgeous?” he cooed.

“I bet he could,” Shawn said.  He reached for a bag of food at random.  Variety was the spice of life, after all.  “Instinct’ll take over.”

Slink was now leaning all his weight against Drew’s fingers, his back bowed with his effort to get a deeper scratch.  Drew went to rub his neck, and Slink tipped over, flopping bonelessly on his chest.  Drew grinned up at Shawn.  “Yeah, he’s a killer.”

“Don’t make fun, you look pretty dopey when I’ve got my fingers in your hair, too,” Shawn said, putting Slink’s food out. “Hey, baby, you hungry?”

“Yes,” Drew said, as Slink wiggled down to the ground to pad over to check out Shawn’s offering.  “Can we get Chinese?”

Shawn blinked.  “Sure.  You want to hang out with Slink for a while?”

Drew propped himself up on his elbows.  “Yeah.  His tv is better than yours and his couch is better than mine.” He yawned.  “And no roommates.”

“We’re not making out on his couch,” Shawn said.  Drew grinned up at him, and Shawn grinned back.  “Okay, we’re going to make out on his couch.”

“Damn straight.”

Reasons why I love Shawn Mendes

Harry Potter nerd
Biggest cinnamon bun
Messy hair so cute
The way he grabs his hair when he sings
Scar by his nose
Plays piano and guitar so beautiful
Is so passionate
Writes his own songs
Snapchats always make my day
Loves his fans so much
Has imperfections like messy eyebrows or red spots on skin
Likes tea
Notes from Shawn
He’s so positive
Seriously, is there anything wrong with him????