Just watched The Allure of tears

I cried a river like a baby!!!

The movie is talking about three stories, the first one is about a girl who had a blood cancer and she were full of power, she met a man in the hospital had brain cancer and they’ve become lovers.. Tbh, my eyeliner smudge all over my face.

I skipped the second story! although the actress were so beautiful! but the story wasn’t that interested.

Finally the third one was full of drama, a couple went through a lot of problems with their love life… until the waited day has come to marry each other but unfortunately they’ve been stolen by bandit…

WHAT GRABBED MY ATTENTION IS ,Shawn dou -who played the role of Chen Sheng in the third part- LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE TAECYEON!!!! I can’t believe that Xiao dou is only 23YO! too hot to be true T-T

140706 Super Junior’s Choi Siwon Snaps a Pic with “To the Fore” Co-Star Shawn Dou

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, who’s currently in Taiwan for his upcoming movie “To the Fore,” updated his fans with a photo he uploaded on the morning of July 5 through his personal Twitter account.

The singer-actor hammed up for the camera together with his co-star in the film, Chinese-Canadian actor Shawn Dou. All geared up in full cycling outfit, the two were all smiles for the camera as they held up V-signs. The two are currently undergoing training in Taiwan for the cycling movie, “To the Fore.”

The movie, “To the Fore,” is a movie about cycling directed by Dante Lam. Choi Siwon will be playing the role of a genius cyclist.

Shawn Dou, who replaced actor Ethan Ruan in the film who suffered a knee injury, is a Chinese-Canadian actor has won recognition for his role in Zhang Yimou‘s movie, “The Love of the Hawthorn Tree,” and has starred in various films including “The Flowers of War,”Dangerous Liaisons,” and the upcoming Song Hye Kyo film, “I am the Queen.”

Source: soompi & Choi Siwon