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Issues (Smut)


Request: Jeep sex and a good bit of fluff.

A/N: This is my first story in like 8392 years and I’m so put of practice so please bare with me because it’s not great. Also shoutout to Emily. You’re the real mvp. Feedback would be great. 

Originally posted by mxndxsimaginxs

Word count: 4,2k

We were sitting in the jeep on the highway from Toronto back to Pickering and though we weren’t even half way yet, the drive seemed longer than usual. 

Painfully longer. 

Though it was a rather warm summer day, I felt the chills run down my spine as soon as we got into the car. The pesky silence between us was smothering, suffocating really and made my entire body linger in the most uncomfortable way possible. 

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The Hammock

This was inspired by the video Shawn put up today (hence the gif). And I just wanna say thank you @mendes-shawn​ for letting me use her gif!

Word Count: 1.2K. It is kind of smutty. 

It is un-edited, so i apologize for any spelling mistakes! 

You open the door to the hotel room further as Shawn drags in the many suite cases the two of you have.

“A little help honey?” he asks struggling to carry all of the heavy bags. You grab the one hanging by on his arm as he carries the rest of them no problem.

“Remind me to travel lightly next time” he says walking further into the room with you following behind.

“I always do, but you’re the one who insists on traveling with 3 different guitars” you mumble out dropping the heavy bag in your hands onto the floor.

Shawn opens his mouth about to say something when a joyous sequel falls from his lips instead actually scaring you a bit

“No way” he says running to the big window by your room and you notice the hammock like seat hanging hung by either of the room right by the window

“Babe look at this!” he says throwing himself onto the comfy seat. He swings back on forth happily looking at you with a giant smile etched onto his lips.

“You’re a kid” you say with a chuckle, opening up your suite case to grab some clean clothes so you could shower. A flight from Japan to New York was a long one which left you tired and smelly and you wanted to fix that as soon as possible.

“Where are you going?” he questions reaching for his phone in his pocket

“Shower” you say showing him the clothes and the small shampoo bottle in your hand  

“Noo, come join me” he says opening up his arms for you

“Sorry babe, I smell” you say shaking your head. He pouts but doesn’t say anything else as you walk into the bathroom closing the door behind you.

About 20 minutes later you walk out with a towel in your hand drying your wet and tangled hair wearing a pear or soft cotton shorts and oversized t-shirt.

You notice Shawn still in the hammock with his phone in his hand showing the view and himself relaxing.

His eyes light up when he notices you’re out of the bathroom.

“Finally” he says putting the phone away in his pocket, patting his lap asking you to  join him

Throwing the towel in your hand on the bed you walk to him. He grabs onto your hand about you pull you onto the hammock with him.

“Are you sure this will carry both of us?” you say stopping him

“Only one way to find out” he says grabbing tighter onto your wrist and pulling you on top of him drawing a surprised squeal out of you.

“Shawn!” you scold him as he wraps his arms around your waist pulling you against his chest.

“There the perfect view with the perfect girl” he mumbles to himself and your heart melts at his words.

“You’re full of crap” you say in annoyed tone but there is a smile on your face as you cuddle into his chest

“What? It’s the truth” he says rubbing the smooth skin of your thighs soothingly

“Hmm” you say closing your eyes enjoying his soft touches on your skin. His hand gets tangle in your wet hair as he plays around with it bringing it to his nose taking a deep breath

“I love the smell of your shampoo” he says making you giggle. Its silent for a few moments as you two enjoying being in each other’s arms

“Thank you” he says breaking the silence.

“For what?” you question your head placed on his chest looking out into the beautiful view from the window.

“For coming with me to Japan, and here. For supporting me through all of this” you feel his hold on you tighten and he finishes.

“I get to travel for free, can’t complain” you say in a sarcastic tone and you feel him pinch your but playfully making you giggle

You pull up to look him in the face noticing his brown eyes already looking down at you.

“I love seeing you perform, seeing you lose yourself in the music and just have the time of your life with the crowd”

Shawn can’t seem to find words to describe his appreciation for you, his heart is swelling at your words.

“I love you so fucking much” he mumbles out. You just smile at him and you move your body to sit on his lap placing your hands on your chest

“I’m quite fond of you as well Mendes” you say leaning down to kiss him

“I missed you” he says breaking the kiss. Your eye brows furry in question looking at him

“We were just on a 14 hour flight together. How could you have possibly missed me?”

“I missed being alone” he says his giant hand squeezing your ass cheek to prove his point. He grabs onto your waist thrusting his hips up and so you can feel the bulge through his thin pants. A soft gasp leaves your lips  

“Really? Aren’t you tried? At all?” you ask surprised at him

“I’m never too tried for you” there is a smirk decorating his face and you roll your eyes

“Not until you shower, you stink” you say scrunching up your nose

“I thought you loved my musky scent, you said it was a turn on” he says with a smirk, and you purse your lips knowing it was true

“Fine, but we aren’t about to have sex on a hammock”

“Why not? It’ll be fun” he says wiggling his eyebrows and you feel his hand move to the inside of your shorts

“I don’t want to end up pulling the hammock from the wall and try explaining to the hotel how I was trying to ride my boyfriend and broke their hammock”

You feel the rumble of his chest as a loud hearty laugh falls from his lips

“Don’t worry I’ll pay for it if anything like that happens”

Before you can complain he grabs the back of your neck pulling you in for a another kiss swallowing the words you were about to say. And before you know it both of your clothes are shed and it’s a struggle with the hammock swinging back and forth but you both somehow manage to have sex on a freaking hammock

Your naked body falls against his sweaty chest, breathing hard as you both come down from your high

“I can’t believe we just did that” you manage to say in between your harsh breathing

“This is some sturdy hammock, we need to get one for back home” he says making you chuckle . You pull away from his chest looking down at him to his tired brown eyes watching the way your naked chest moved with each breath you take in

“If only your fans could see what you did on the hammock after that video. If they  knew you aren’t as innocent as you make it seem” you say with a smirk running your fingers over his swollen lips that were sucking on your chest just moments ago. You feel the warm skin of his lips against the tip of your fingers and his lips pull up into a smile

“Can you blame me, it’s all your fault. You drive me crazy” he says and you fell the way his lips move under your fingers. He kisses the tips of your fingers a smirk flourishing on his face  

“I can’t wait to tell the boys I’ve had sex on a fucking hammock”

You smack his chest giving him a glare

“Don’t you fucking dare Mendes!” you say pointing a finger at him making him laugh

What else do you love about me? // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Y/n and Shawn talk about what they love about each other.

Authors note: Purely wrote this so I could gush about how amazing Shawn is 

“Why are you so hot?” I ask while I layed on the hotel bed, my legs hanging off the side. 

“What?” Shawn laughs, turning around and looking at me through the doorway from the bathroom.

I tilt my head to look at him. “I mean like, I know you go to the gym and everything but you’re face- flawless. I cannot find one flaw on your face,” 

“Is that so?” Shawn hums, his back muscles shifting as he turned the tap off after finishing rinsing his toothbrush.

“I’m not usually one to obsess over looks because personality is key,”

“Are you saying my personality sucks?” Shawn teases, flicking the lights off in the bathroom and he leans against the door frame.

I shoot up right, “Not at all. You’re a 10 out of 10. You have the full package. Good as looks, most amazing personality and you can sing. No wonder you got the chicks swooning,” 

Shawn’s head tips back as he laughs, “I only need one chick to swoon and that’s you,” 

“See, that is what I mean. That right there was perfect,” I point at him as I speak.

“Did it make you swoon?” he says smirking, sending a shiver down my spine.

“Just a little bit,” I grin, flopping back onto the mattress.

“What else do you love about me?” Shawn walks over crawling onto the mattress, laying on his side, head propped up on his hand to look at me.

“You have the softest hair ever. Do you use product? I’ve never seen you put any in but then again, I’m never awake early enough to see if you do anything after your shower,” I trail off, eyes flicking to meet his.

“All natural baby,” he smiles, his eyes warm as they lock with mine.

“Of course it is. I’m seriously considering that you might be a Greek god like Hercules or something. Left on earth to be raised by human parents so you could bless all us humans,”

“Pretty sure I’m human Y/n,” he says laughing.

“To be discussed,”

Silence settles over us, the heater humming creating background noise. Shawn leans closer, his nose brushing my cheek.

“Want to know what I love about you?” He whispers, his breath fanning my face.

“My charm?” I ask, winking at him. A chuckle escapes his lips, his head falling onto my shoulder.

“As much as I love your charm I also love how you always try and find something positive in every situation,” 

“I guess I do that,” I smile softly, pecking his nose.

“You also show so much love to all your friends and family. You don’t halfheartedly love someone, you put your whole soul and body into it,” He kisses my forehead gently. “Thats why I’m so lucky to have you in my life and to be able to receive your love,”

“Dammit Shawn, I’m going to cry,” I let out a shaky laugh.

“Aw baby no, this is meant to be a happy moment,” Shawn tucks some hair behind my ear.

“They’re happy tears don’t worry,” I smile at him, my heart feeling as though it would burst at the sight of the man in front of me.

“You’re also the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life,” he says and I gasp.

“But what happened to and I quote ‘she’s not even drop dead gorgeous’,” 

“Y/n,” he laughs, shaking his head at me. 

“Its okay, apparently it kills you anyway,”

his favorite view

Originally posted by iamjuliag

a/n: SMUT! first time smut (though it doesn’t mean that you’ve never done anything else with him ;)) (gif is real fucking irrelevant but it’s hot so whatever)

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Vive el Momento (Smut)


Requested: Because I live for drunk, festival Mendes in that red shirt from Amsterdam.

Word count: 5k

“Can I have three large beers, thanks” I smiled, handing the girl in front of me my money. The sun was burning my back, slowly heating up my entire body. 

It felt nice; I loved when the sun was strong enough to leave my skin with a burning linger. 

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You fell off what?

Word Count: 1K

Genre: Just fluff

I am fucking tireddddddddddddddd. I legit had to wait 20 min for the gif to upload because i have the slowest fucking wifi everrrrrrr


Shawn closed the hotel door behind him grumbling to himself as he touched the painful bruises on his face.

“Honey?” he calls out in a needy voice wanting you to take care of him. He walks further into the room not seeing you anywhere.

“Baby?” he tries once again plumping down on the bed. He hears the bathroom door slide open as you poke head out to look at him. Your eyes go wide seeing his face. You drop the mascara wand you were holding in your hand getting mascara all over the white bathroom tiles. You open the door further walking to where he is as you take his face in your hands inspecting the bruises.

“What happened?” you ask as he just gave you a pout

“I fell” he says with a sigh

“From where?”

“I feel off a bird”

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“It’s more of like a, like a, like a cry than, than singing at some points in the song, but it’s beautiful, I think. […] When you find yourself so passionate about something, you find it kind of, consuming you and, um, that to the point where it drives you a little crazy and sometimes you’re, like, freaking out and you’re like ‘What, why do I even do this?!’ type of thing and sometimes, like, all you wanna do is just beg for mercy but you can’t, because, you know, you just become so in love.” - Shawn Mendes on Mercy and its production

The Way You Taste (Smut)

A/N: Super excited/nervous about this one. About 3.3k which is long for me, I’m not good with length usually lol. So, yeah. Feedback is appreciated. :)

The morning had been pretty routine: gym, shower, coffee, 8AM work meeting. But with Shawn finally at home after months of being away, the last thing she wanted to do was leave. When she got out of the shower this morning, she caught herself watching, watching as his back muscles make themselves rather prominent underneath his white t-shirt when he reached up to ruffle his fingers through his hair because let’s face it, there was no use in trying to run a brush through that curly mess. Her eyes lingering on his body, traveling up as she took notice in how toned he’s gotten while being away. Startled when her gaze met with his in the mirror. A smirk spreading across his face, catching onto what was happening. She blushed, walking past him to head into the bedroom before he grabs her by the wrist, pulling her into him.

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Keep It Down (Smut)


Request: Aaliyah has friends over, but Shawn is needy. 

Word count: 1,301 (kinda short, so let’s call it a blurb)

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

Shawn grabbed roughly around my waist after slamming the bathroom door hardly, making sure to lock it behind him.

In a quick move, he picked me up from the floor and I wrapped my legs around his hips. He banged my back roughly against the cold wall, leaving behind a loud noise as he roughly smashed his craving but soft lips into mine.

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