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Because I Had You

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The sun was setting on the skyline of Toronto, making for the perfect view as she sat in one of the lounge chairs on his condo balcony. The night had been too quiet, every night since he had left for a promo tour had been too quiet in her opinion. Usually the spacious condo was filled with the sounds of him strumming a new tune on his guitar or piano, or from some show that was playing in the background while they cooked. When he was gone it was silent.

His third album had come out two days ago so it was inevitable that he was on some sort of promo tour. He was somewhere in Europe living his dream and she was here, sunglasses perched on the top of her head while she watched the sunset.

She had yet to hear any of the new music, he said he wanted it to be a surprise. For some reason, he stressed the fact that she didn’t listen to the new album until he was home with her. She didn’t know why he wanted that, but she went along with it anyway. Assumed he wanted to see her reaction to the new sound.

Though she had agreed to wait for his return, she had been scrolling through her twitter and instagram feed only to read people raving about the music. It was getting harder and harder to wait, she was just too excited to hear the finished product of what he’s been working on for months.

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u constantly look up at an enormous crowd of people that scream your name, yet u never fail to be in pure awe, every. single. time.

— we love you.

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This video makes me so happy.