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be my baby | one (dirty dancing au)

a/n: hi so this is the first part of my dirty dancing au! let me know what you think!

– word count: 2,322

– warnings: swearing

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@sourshawn you never asked to be tagged, but hi, dirty dancing au is here

You sigh as your father pulls up to the resort, running your fingers around the face of your watch. You never really even wanted to come this summer, but you were outvoted by your sister and parents. You were determined to fake it until you make it though. You weren’t going to ruin it for your family just because you weren’t too fond of the trip.

You step out of the car, tucking your hair behind your ears. You walk around to the back of the car to help with the bags.

“Hey, thanks. Would you like a job here?” The man, who you’ve come to know as Billy, jokes.

You chuckle as you set the bags down with a smile.

“Girls.” Your father calls, gathering your attention along with your sister’s, “This is Mr. Kellerman.” He says gesturing to the man in front of him.

“If it weren’t for this man I would be standing here dead.” He says, pointing to the ground.

You offer him a smile, glancing around at the resort around you. It looks exactly the same as it did six years ago. You zone out, just wanting to get to your family’s cabin.

“Billy! Show these people to their cabin.” Mr. Kellerman’s words grab your attention and you smile to yourself.

Once you reach your cabin you place you sit down on the bed in your shared section of the cabin with your sister. You sigh, looking around before your father comes in.

“Come on girls. We’re going to the merengue class in the gazebo.”

You groan to yourself, standing up and reluctantly following him out after your sister.

“One, two, three, four! Stomp those grapes and stomp some more!” You look down as you try your best to follow the instructor.

“One, two, three, four! Listen to the music!” You glance up, accidentally stepping on the foot of the man next to you.

“Sorry.” You mutter, looking back down to your feet.

“One, two, three, four! Start the train!” Come on, men! Follow me into a round robin! Ladies, the inner circle!“

You unenthusiastically dance in the line, looking to your father.

“Come on ladies, God wouldn’t have given you maracas if he didn’t want you to shake ‘em!” The instructor shouts. You do your best not to roll your eyes and just keep dancing. Or at least trying seeing as you weren’t much of a dancer.

“Okay now, ladies, when I say ‘stop’…you’re gonna find the man of your dreams. Stop!”

You smile slightly to yourself, trying to get to your father but the instructor was already taking his hands. You glance around, the only other person without a partner a little old lady. You give her a smile as you start dancing.

“Remember, he’s the boss on the dance floor, if nowhere else.” The instructor grins at your father.

You walk out of your section of the cabin onto the deck and towards your parent’s.

“Mom, dad, I’m going up to the main house to look around.” You don’t wait for a reply for making your way down the steps and towards the main house.

When you reach the main house you hear Mr. Kellerman and stand by the door, looking through a crack as you listen.

“There are two kinds of help here,” He starts looking at the staff in front of him, “You waiters are all college guys and I went to Harvard and Yale to hire you.  And why did I do that? Why? I shouldn’t have to remind you. This is a family place. That means you keep your fingers out of the water, hair out of the soup… and show the goddamn daughters a good time. All the daughters. Even the dogs. ” He pauses.

A few members of the staff roll the eyes and a few scoff.

Mr. Kellerman continues, “Schlepp 'em out to the terrace, show 'em the stars. Romance 'em any way you want.”

“Got that, guys?” A new voice speaks as they enter the room.

You look over to the person who has entered the room to see a boy who doesn’t look that much older than you walking in. He has curly brown hair and is wearing sunglasses, a leather jacket slung over his crossed arms.

“Hey, hold it. Hold it.” Mr. Kellerman says, making the staff that just walked in stop.

“If it isn’t the entertainment staff. Listen, wise ass, you got your own rules.  Dance with the daughters. Teach 'em the mambo, the cha-cha, anything they pay for. That’s it. That’s where it ends. No funny business, no conversations, and keep your hands off!” Mr. Kellerman points to the staff as he says this.

“It’s the same at all these places. Some ass in the woods maybe, but no conversation.” One of the staff members speaks up.

The staff laughs, Mr. Kellerman only becoming angrier, “Watch it, Rodriguez.” He warns.

“Can you keep that straight, Shawn? What you can’t lay your hands on?” Another staff member asks.

“Just put your pickle on everybody’s plate, college boy and leave the hard stuff to me.” Shawn says, knocking one of the folded napkins off the table before walking out of the room.

You sit at the table with your family, Mr. Kellerman chatting with your father.

“Max, our Baby’s going to change the world.” Your father says, making you offer up a shy smile.

“And what are you going to do, Missy.” Your waiter, Robbie, asks your sister.

“Oh, Lisa’s going to decorate it.” You say, earning a scowl from her.

“She already does.” Robbie grins.

You roll your eyes as your sister smiles at him.

“Doc, I want you to meet someone.” Mr. Kellerman says to your father, motioning someone over.

“This is my grandson, Neil. Goes to the Cornell School of Hotel Management.”

“Baby’s starting Mount Holyoke in the fall.”

You awkwardly rest your hands on Neil’s shoulders as you dance with him, really just swaying side to side as you watch other people dance.

“Are you going to major in English?” Neil asks, breaking the silence between the two of you.

“No. Economics of underdeveloped countries. I’m going into the peace corps.”

“After the final show I’m going to Mississippi with a couple of busboys. Freedom ride.”

You see Mr. Kellerman step onto the stage, clapping.

“This is our own Tito Suarez.” He says, clapping again.

You see a couple of people move onto the dance floor, the crowd moving out of the way and giving them some space.

“Who’s that?” You ask, nodding towards them.

“Oh, them. They’re the dance people. They’re here to keep the guests happy.”

He crosses his arms as he looks at them, shaking his head slightly, “They shouldn’t show off with each other. That’s not gonna sell lessons.”

You only shrug slightly, entranced by the dancing.

“Hi, kids. Having fun?” Your mothers asks as her and your father make their way over, still dancing.

“Yeah.” You lie, forcing a smile.

“Actually I’ve gotta excuse myself. I’m in charge of the games tonight.” Neil starts and you perk up a little, glad to have an opportunity to sneak away.

“Would you like to help me get things started?” He asks, a grin forming on his face.

You’re about to politely decline before your father cuts in, answering for you.

“Sure she would.”

You try your best not to groan, following Neil as he leads you away.

You look out at the audience as you 'get sawed in half’.

“This’ll only hurt for a minute. You’ve got blue cross, right?” The man performing the trick laughs.

You look up to the ceiling, rolling your eyes.

After your part in the show you stand next to the man who is now holding a chicken. You frown slightly as you look at it.

“And for being such a good sport, here you go!”

You close your eyes, “Please don’t hand me the chicken, please don’t hand me the chicken, please don’t hand me the-” Your quiet whispering is interrupted by the man shoving the chicken into your hands, your eyes shooting open as it flaps its wings at you.

You hold the chicken close to you as you walk off the stage, trying to think of something to do with it. Once you get off stage you look around to make sure no one is watching and set the chicken down before running off.

“Why would they give me a chicken?” You whisper to yourself.

You walk outside and find a path, following it just to have something to do. When you near the end of the path you see the man who showed you to your cabin, Billy, struggling to carry a few watermelons. You jog up to him and stop in front of him, watching him trying to fit all three of the watermelons in his arms.

“Hi.” You say, smiling.

“How’d you get here?” He asks you, peering over the three large fruits in his arms.

“I was taking a walk.” You say simply.

“Go back.” He sticks one of his legs out to catch the watermelon that was slipping from his grip.

“Let me help you.” You grab one of the watermelons from him.

“What’s up there?” You ask.

“No guests allowed. House rules. Why don’t you go back to the playhouse? I saw you dancing with little boss man.” He says, humming the tune of the song you had been dancing to with Neil, mocking your dancing.

You put the watermelon back in his hands, beginning to walk away before he stops you.

“Can you keep a secret?”

You walk back over to him and raise an eyebrow.

“Your parents would kill you,” He hands you one of the watermelons, “Max would kill me.”

You follow him up the path and to a smaller building. He turns around to face you, pushing the doors open roughly with his back, making the watermelons fall out of his hands and he fumbles to grab them.

As soon as the doors open you see the building is full of people grinding on each other while music plays loudly. You stare at everyone in shock. You had never seen dancing like this before.

“Where’d they learn to do that?” You ask as the two of you stand in the doorway.

“Where? I don’t know. Kids are doing it in their basements back home. Wanna try it?” He mimics their movements and you shake your head, earning a grin from Billy.

“Come on, baby.” He chuckles.

Billy leads you through the crowd and you try your best not to bump into anyone. You and Billy set the watermelons down in the back of the room, talking with each other over the loud music.

“Can you imagine dancing like this on the main floor? Home of the family fox-trot. Max would close the place down first.” Billy says over the music.

The two dancers from earlier walk in the room and everyone cheers. They make their way to the middle of the floor, people making a space for them. They start dancing and you stand on your tiptoes trying to get a view.

“That’s my cousin, Shawn Mendes.” Billy says leaning closer to you, “He got me the job here.”

“They look great together.” You say, both of you watching Shawn and his partner.

“Yeah. You’d think they were a couple, wouldn’t you?”

“Aren’t they?” You ask, watching Shawn in particular.

You couldn’t deny that he was attractive, but you were sure he was with his dancing partner.

“No,” Billy shakes his head, “Not since we were kids.”

You watch them dance for a bit longer, the girl eventually ending up kneeling on Shawn’s shoulders. You raise an eyebrow as you watch, finding yourself dancing a little. After the song ends Shawn makes his way over to you and Billy, making your movements stop.

“Yo, cos. What’s she doin’ here?” Shawn asks, looking you over, before turning back to Billy.

“She came with me. She’s with me.” Billy answers.

“I carried a watermelon.” You blurt out and Shawn looks at you.

He turns around and returns to his dancing. You look down at the ground, mentally reprimanding yourself.

“I carried a watermelon?” You mutter to yourself.

Shawn dances for a bit more before he makes his way back over to you, his shirt unbuttoned, but still tucked in, and sweat wetting his hair slightly.

He motions for you to come to him with one finger and you look at Billy before Shawn grabs your hand, pulling you onto the floor. You glance back to Billy, but he only shrugs,

“Bend your knees. Down.” He instructs you.

You knew there was no use in him trying to teach you how to dance, but you weren’t going to deny the lessons from him.

He starts moving in the same way as everyone else and you try your best to copy his movements, but you’re so stiff.

“Watch. Watch my eyes.” You do as he says and he places his hands on your waist, helping to move your hips.

“Good. That’s better.” He smiles.

You continue to copy his movements until he does something different. You look like you’re trying to pop a balloon with your hips. Shawn drops his arms, stepping back to show you how to do it.

“Good. Now roll this way.”

You can tell he’s trying his hardest not to laugh at you.

“Now watch.” He shows you again.

“Look.” He says, showing you one last time before pulling you close and wrapping your arms around his neck.

You and Shawn dance closely, a smile on both of your faces. He leans you back before moving you in a half-circle and bring you back up. Once the song ends Shawn swiftly removes your arms from around his neck and spinning your around before disappearing into the sea of dancers.