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Nerdy Dirty- S.M. Imagine:

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Reader x Shawn Mendes
Word Count: 645
Warnings: yeah yeah you know the drill, choking hazards, smut, language, kinky shit, some dirty diddlies & panties 😏💕

Wattpad: cherrybombdaizies🍒

I adjusted my backpack on my shoulder as my new tutor came walking towards me. He didn’t look like the typical smarty pants guy but more of a jock or musician.
“Uhm are you YN?” He asked
“Uh yeah.” I said and pushed my glasses on my face better.
“I’m Shawn, Shawn Mendes.” He says extending his hand
“Nice to meet you.” I smile
“So do you wanna study in the library or a classroom?” Shawn asks
“The library?” I say more as a question
We walked to the library and made small talk about life and what we were majoring in etc, he was fun to talk to.
“So why do you need a tutor?” He asked
“I’m not that great in the subject and I just figured a little extra help wouldn’t be so bad.” I smile
We walk into the library, finding a small quiet spot.
“It’s like a morgue in here.” Shawn jokes
I laugh at his awful distasteful joke and sit at the table.
“So where do you wanna start?” He asks
“Where ever you’d like?” I say

After two hours of studying, I take my glasses off and set them in the table.
“No more.” I groan
“Is it too much?” Shawn laughs
“My brain hurts.” I giggle
Shawn takes my glasses and puts them on his face and laughs.
“Damn you’re blind.” He laughs
“Just visually impaired but you look cute.” I say
“Really could I make them a fashion statement.” Shawn says and models the glasses
“Oh totally.” I say
I get up and walk into the book stacks and look around at random books, Shawn following me.
“Do you maybe wanna grab a bite?” He says
“After we study more, we can.” I smile
Looking at the random books, I reach to grab one and accidentally brush my ass across Shawn’s package.
“I’m so sorry.” I squeak
“No uhm it’s fine.” He stammers
I drop the book and turn to face him.
“How about I can help?” I whisper
“Here, right now.” He says
“No one else is really here.” I laugh quietly
I drop to my knees and slowly undo his belt, the metal of his buckle clinking and I unwrap my not so little gift.
“YN.” Shawn gulps
I shush him and pull him out of his pants, jerking him slightly and running my thumb in his tip. I lick his tip taking him in slowly and expanding my mouth on his base.
“YN fuck.” He groans
I bob my head up and down slowly and jerk the rest of him.
His head throws back in pleasure as he thrusts into my mouth. I raise off my knees and continue to jerk him as his hands work feverishly to unbutton my jeans and he presses me against the bookcase as his finger finds the bundle of nerves between my legs and caresses.
“Shawn.” I moan and close my eyes
He lifts me around his waist as he press me with his hips against the bookcase as his hand helps guide him in my entrance.
“Fuck.” I squeak
“Is it okay?” He groans
“God you’re so big.” I moan
He begins to slide in and out, rocking the bookcase that my back is against.
“You’re so tight yn fuck.” He moans
I lean my head on his shoulder and bite the fabric of his flannel caught between my teeth.
“Shawn.” I moan quietly and suck at his neck
“I’m so close baby.” He said
His thrusts became slow and steady as he pulled out and ran his tip on my folds as he stopped rubbing my clit.
“Shawn please.” I moaned as he slid back in
He thrusted harshly as I clenched and unclenched around him sending creamy streaks down his cock and he unlaoded into me.
“Same time tomorrow?” He asked with a smile

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Shawn gets jealous

Request: Can you make a Shawn smut where Bella (that’s my name) is a a party with Shawn and gilinsky sand Bella asks Shawn to dance with her but he says he’s not in the mood so she dances with gilinsky grinding up against him when Shawn gets fed up and fucks Bella to death.

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shawn mendes with fifth harmony

Schools Player - Magcon Imagine

A/N: Hi guys so I decided to do something a bit different. I’m gonna start to write Magcon Imagines. This is kinda like a mini fan fiction so you would expect it to be a bit long, at least 3 parts long or so. Btw this was not requested and instead of using my name I decided to use the name Nicole even though that’s not close to my name. You know what to do babes . Like this and follow me for more. Let me know what you think and if I should write part 2 ? I would love to see you guys thoughts on it so yeah. Anyways byeee and I love you :) .xx

(Part 1)

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

I was new around the neighbourhood. My family and I have moved from Canada to LA. Reasons because my parents thought it was better for all of us and also I can go to school here and when I graduate I can go to university here. I’m actually really happy that we moved here because now I get to spend time with my best friend more. There goes my 6am alarm indicating me to wake up for my first day in a new school. I got out of bed and did my daily morning routine.. I turned the nozzle for the shower off and got out. I got out my transparent contacts and applied them on.. Yes indeed you thought right. I wear glasses. Time to pick my clothes. I decided on wearing a black and white striped shirt with blue washed denim jeans and a pair of black sandals. Once I was dressed, I grabbed my backpack along with my phone and headed towards the kitchen. I’m so hungry !! I entered the kitchen and well of course on a Monday morning at 6:30am you would find that I’m the only one in the kitchen. Probably everyone else is sleeping .. Wouldn’t want to intrude. I had breakfast alone.. I had my daily green tea along with some toast. I’m quite a health cautious person ,I don’t eat junk if I were too eat takeout, I would probably eat once in 3 months. It’s not that I’m fat, it’s just that I feel I need to lose some weight and I like eating healthy. Once I finished up and washed the dishes. I grabbed my things and headed for the door. While doing so I texted my best friend Taylor. “Tay where are you ? I’m waiting outside …” I texted. Speaking of Taylor here he comes in his Lamborghini. He stopped infront of my house and rolled down the window. “I’m right here” he said with a wink. I giggled and got in the car. “What’s up Tay !!” I said doing this handshake think that we do. “Nothing much really. Just about to head to school with my best friend and you ?” He asked. “Aha same” I said laughing at his remark. Taylor was my only best friend, I’ve known him since we were babies. Our moms were best friends and as we grew older we’ve both gotten closer. We can relate to each other and he knows me as I know him. Taylor is also popular at school now that he’s vine famous. Yes my best friend is Taylor Caniff. He’s protective over me because he knows what I’ve been through.

Once we pulled up at school all eyes were on us. Just great I thought. I’m a shy person, I’m not used to getting attention. I’m not popular, I don’t know what it feels like nor do I want to. I’m basically a nerd and I’m gonna stick to being one. I don’t want any distractions, no boys in my life. I need to focus. I got out of the car confidently and made my way to Taylor. “I’m nervous.” I blurted out to him. “Aha it’s fine don’t worry, your gonna be okay. Just hold my hand if it makes you feel better. Okay ?” He said. “Okay” I said and smiled at him. As we enter the schools corridors I decided to ask Taylor. “This may sound weird but is there anything I should be afraid of here ?” I ask raising my eyebrow. “Well aside from keeping away from the schools player, then no.” He said. “And who’s that ?” I asked. Taylor pointed towards the guy who just entered in the school. He was tall, definitely hot and he was quite muscular. He wore a black tank top I’m guessing so he can show his body for girls to fan girl over, he had some baggy grey pants and he wore a pair of white supras. I’m guessing he gets this attention a lot. I turned my gaze back towards Taylor. “So what’s his name ?” I asked. “Luke” he replied. I turned to look at Luke to see him talking to girls and find him wink at them once in a while. I turned back to Taylor “We should get going.” I said trying to avoid being caught staring. Luke was hot and stuff but I don’t date players. Taylor lead me towards the schools office so I could get my timetable along with my locker number . “See ya later” he said waving and was off. I made my way towards the secretary. “Hi my name is Nicole. I’m a new student here and I was wondering if I could get my timetabl-” I said but got cut off. “Ohh Nicole. I was expecting you. Well here’s your timetable and locker number.”she said giving me a smile. I smiled back at her and thanked her and made my way to my first class. Math. I got to class just in time before the bell could just rings. I decided to sit at the back of class cuz I feel it’s more quite and I can concentrate better . The class started to pile up and I was glad to see Taylor was in the same class as me. When Taylor came in the teacher was right behind him. “Morning Class” the teacher said. “Morning Mam” the class and I chorused. We were all seated, Taylor sat next to me on my left, their was a spare seat next to me. The teacher was explaining to us about our class work when all of a sudden. “Sorry I’m late”

1) Listen to this with headphones.

2. Listen to this and think of Shawn.

3) Listen to this and think of how you feel when you hear his voice.

4) Listen to this and think of how much love you have for him in this very moment.

 5) Now listen to this from Shawn’s perspective.

That’s exactly how much he loves you