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Midnight ride ; smut

I was awoken by someone gently shaking and saying my name repeatedly. My eyes fluttered open to reveal a messy haired and shirtless Shawn. 

 “Baby..” I mumbled, as I turned around to look at our table side clock. “It’s two in the morning.” I said, turning back around facing him again. 

 “I know daring..” He soothed as his fingertips traced shapes into my arm. “But I couldn’t sleep since I’m leaving next week.” 

 A smile crept my lips. “Shawn, we have to enjoy right now. In this moment. Every moment together. We can’t focus on the negative. Remember, this is your dream and I completely support you and the downsides to it. I love you so much, no matter what. ” I said, caressing his cheek. 

 Shawn said nothing for a few seconds then all at once, I felt his lips brush against mine. The last time we kissed like this was our two year anniversary, sweet and passionate, far from rushed. It was as if everything around us was moving in slow motion. 

 He pulled away, resting his forehead against mine. “I love you Y/N, you know that?” He said. I smiled, “Of course, I love you too Shawn.” Our bodies were intertwined and eyes closed, attempting to fall asleep once more.

 Ten minutes or so passed by until Shawn spoke. “Baby, I can’t sleep now. Can we go out for a ride?” I pursed my lips, debating if I should miss work tomorrow. Oh fuck it. “Let’s go.“ I approved. 

 Shawn’s jeep strong, cold air conditioning caused goosebumps to plague down my entire body. His warm hand touched the skin on my thigh, making me feel slightly better. The radio played softly as we drove to our spot. A comfortable silence engulfed us. 

 His jeep came to a stop, we’ve made it. We reclined our seats back, looking at the pure sky, drowning us in stars and the white full moon. My body turned to face Shawn. “I’m not gonna lie. I’m going to miss you like crazy baby.” I said, as Shawn’s eyes met mine. “And I noticed that we haven’t fucked in a while..” I hinted. His eyes widened knowing what’s going to happen next.

 I put my seat into it’s original position and climbed to the back seat. He caught onto my drift and did as I did. “I’m taking control this time baby.” I stated as I straddled him. He nodded quickly. “Lay back baby boy. Let me do all the work.” I insisted.

 His hands explored my bare back under my shirt. I quickly pinned his hands on the sides of him so he couldn’t touch me and trailed sloppy kisses down his jawline. He moaned in response. His head looked up, giving me more access. I got him where I wanted him. He was weak for me. 

 “Oh my god, Baby.” Shawn groaned as my hips started rolling on his. “Tell me you want it,” I teased. “Tell me you want me,” I demanded. His hooded eyes glazed at me, “Please Y/N,” He blurted. I loved seeing him like this, frustrated. 

Shawn bucked his hips forward hoping for more contact then we already were having, but I refused. My hands cupped his soft face and tugged at his hair as I kissed him. I finally let him touch me. His strong arms wrapped around me, yanking my shirt off revealing that I wore no bra. His smile seemed to glow in the dark. His long fingers dipped into my velvet shorts and pulled them off along with my panties. My hands found the hem of his shirt and ripped it from his incredible body.

“Has my baby boy been good for me?” I whispered,my lips against his ear surely sending shivers down his back. He nodded his head softly, mumbling a short yes. “I can feel how I affect you,” I added referring to his prominent boner through his basketball shorts. Just to mess with him, my delicate hand found it and slowly palmed him. “Ahh, Fuck Princess,” He moaned. 

 We were both now completely naked. His hands gripped on my sides, awaiting for me to lower myself onto him. I fulfilled his wish and proceeded. I whimpered as his cock fulled me up, he smirked. I started riding him, my hands held onto his shoulders and my lips met his once again.

 Our movements made his jeep shake. He pulled away from my lips, taking my bottom lip with him biting it. “You look so god damn hot on my cock baby,” He stuttered trying to be dominant. Not this time Shawny Boy. “No Shawn, I’m in control this time, I’m the one making you feel this way,” I stammered, quickening my pace. He groaned at my sense of control. My nails dug into the skin of his back from all the pleasure he was providing me. 

 Beads of sweat dripped down our foreheads. His teeth bit down on his bottom lip, trying to stop his groans from slipping out. “Tell me how I’m making you feel baby, I wanna hear you,” I insisted. “You made me feel so fucking good Y/N. I love you so fucking much,” He replied, almost out of breath to even speak. 

 My legs were about to give out. Shawn knew I was getting tired but he still wanted us to go into pure ecstasy. He started thrusting up into me, taking charge for the last few moments. “Fuck baby boy, I’m about to come,” I whimpered. “Me too Princess,” He wheezed. 

 Then we finally reached our high. We interlocked our lips, capturing this moment to remember forever. I pulled away out of breath, my head resting on his shoulder. “I love you Shawn,” I stated. “I love you too Y/N,” He replied.


REBLOG WHILE SHAWN IS STILL UNDER AGE. He’s almost legal now!! We all love you so much! Happy almost birthday babe! 😛💕

I Should Have Cheated || Derek Luh Smut

“Yeah! It was really good to see you. We should get together sometime. You look good, Y/N.”

“Thank you, Jace. So do you and you’re right, we should get together and do something. Maybe make it a double date. You and Alanna and me and Derek? Bowling maybe?”

“Bowling would be great. Is your number the same? I don’t know if you changed it after we broke up.”

I felt kind of bad that he thought I changed my number. Even though he’s my ex, I don’t hate him. 

“No, it’s still the same. I better go, but text me with when we should all get together.” I go to hug him goodbye, but before I could raise my arms high enough to hug him, I feel a tight grip on my arm and hear a low, harsh whisper in my ear.

“Get your ass in the car. NOW.”

I turn slightly to my right and see Derek glaring at me while trying to control his breathing. I can tell he’s trying extremely hard to not go off on me or Jace in the Starbucks we were in. Before I could get another word out or even attempt some kind of gesture, I’m pulled out of the coffee shop and placed in the front seat of the car. The short 5 minute ride home felt like 500 hours. The tension was so thick that it could be cut with a knife. 

We got back home and before I could even say anything to him, I heard the bedroom door slam. I decided to sit at one end of the kitchen table and let him cool off before I talk to him. It’s been about an hour and I’m scrolling through my Twitter mentions when I see Derek sit at the other end of the table. I can feel him during a hole through my face, so I decide to put my phone down and wait for him to explode.

“Why aren’t you looking at me?” He questioned. I averted my eyes to meet his, and just as I expected, they weren’t pleasant.

“So tell me, what’s going on between you and that piece of shit ex-boyfriend of yours? I suggest you not lie to me. That way this conversation can be over faster.”

“Excuse you? Since you are so entitled and need to be in my business every second of everyday, you’ll be happy to know that absolutely nothing is going on between Jace and I.”

“That’s not what it looked like at the coffee shop. Looked you were ready to get down on your knees and suck his dick in front of the fucking barista.”

“Well Derek, to be completely honest, I don’t give a flying shit what it looked liked. It wasn’t anything,” I shot back at him.

“You know Y/N, I don’t care for your tone right now. There’s no need to get defensive. If you’re cheating on me, which I figure you are, there’s no need to keep lying to me and yourself. Just tell me now,” he said as a matter of factly.

“ I don’t give a hot, wet monkey’s ass what you care for, Derek! I AM NOT CHEATING ON YOU!”

“So you’re really going to sit there and pretend that you’re not fucking him?!” Derek yelled at me across the table. 

“YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU SAW! YOU ARE MAKING HUGE FUCKING ACCUSATIONS ABOUT WHAT YOU WANTED TO SEE! What, is it to make you feel less guilty? Trying not to be the only bad guy? Huh? Is that it, Derek? Let’s not forget about the skeletons that ACTUALLY live in your closet. And I believe that closet was in Houston?” 

“So we’re back to that?”

“I’m just stating facts, baby.” My phone dinged and I opened the Twitter notification. I put one ear bud in and watched the video. I snickered and closed out of the app. I leaned forward and put my arms on the table while crossing my fingers.

“We done here, Mr. Luh?”

With that, he was on my side of the table, with a hand on my throat, all while slamming me against a wall.

“First you cheat on me, then you decide to be an ornery little bitch? Tell me, all those times you said you were going out to the club, you were just going to fuck him,” he said looking me in the eyes.

“Aw, baby. I had to get a good fucking from somewhere because it sure as hell wasn’t coming from you,” I challenged, not backing down from him.

Instead of saying anything else, he let go of my throat and roughly pulled my shirt over my head. I slapped him and pushed him off of me.

“You do NOT get to call me a cheater and then think you’re going to fuck me,” I yelled at him while I walked up the stairs. I heard fast footprints and I knew he was running after me. I ran the rest of the way up the stairs, but before I could close the door, I was thrown on the bed and the rest of my clothes were taken off.

“You really think you can deny me, Baby? All I did was tear your clothes off and you’re already fucking wet.”

“All Jace did was look at me and I was ready to cum.”

He tore off his clothes and slammed into me while holding my arms above my head. The whole time he was looking me in the eyes, taking me rougher than he ever did before. I shed a few tears as I came from pain, pleasure and because I knew what happens next. He slammed into me balls deep, emptying every last drop of cum into my sore, but very satisfied pussy. 

I laid there for 5 minutes, going over every memory. Every ‘I love you’. Every time my heart skipped a beat because of Derek James Luh. My heart shattered because I knew it didn’t mean anything. Not now. 

I finally have the emotional strength to sit up and turn away from him.

“I should have cheated.”

“What?” He questions.

“I know now why you want to believe that I’m cheating on you. It is to not be the only bad guy. That way we would be square, on even playing fields if you will and I would have nothing over you anymore.”

 I finally turn and face him, “You don’t trust me when in reality, I shouldn’t trust you. How do you expect to have a healthy relationship like that? It took a while, but there is a God looking out for me because the missing piece in all of this was finally placed in my lap.”

“Y/N, what are you talking about?”

I stood up to get dressed. “Everything you’ve accused me of, turns out that’s you. That’s all you. You really do have some loyal fans and thankfully they are loyal to me too. I saw the video of you at your concert in Cleveland. The one where you grabbed a girl from the front row and dry fucked her face. But let’s not forget after the show, when you signed her ass and then gave it a nice slap. It was a nice ass. I know you thought so too because the way your eyes lit up when you saw it, reminded me of the light that flashed in your eyes when you look at me. I refuse to share that light with anyone else. So now, your conscience is cleared. No need to lie or feel guilty. I realize I deserve better.” I finished putting on my shoes and headed towards the bedroom door.

“Give me a chance to explain, Y/N! Give me that, please,” Derek pleaded.

“I gave you everything. There’s nothing left to give, Derek.” With that, I closed the bedroom door and headed towards my car. I plugged in my AUX chord and chuckled as the words came blaring through my speakers. 

First of all let me say
You can’t accuse me of all the things
you know that you are guilty of
And I see that it is easy for you to blame
everything on me
If that’s the case I should go have my fun
and do all the things you say I do
Boy I can’t continue to take this from you

As much as you accused me of cheatin’
As much as you accused me of lying
As much as you accused me of clubbin’

I should have cheated

Oral Invitation

WARNING: This is some sexy oral smut so be mature

RATING: R ???? Smut

Summary: Shawn’s tired of normal songs and wants to hear something else, something being (Y/N)

I sat in Shawn’s room on the floor, eyeing him as we listened to a plethora of The 1975 songs. I sighed as I watched him sing along, giggling as I recorded him for snapchat. After the last song “Chocolate”, his choice, we sat staring blankly at eachother. I blushed and placed my hands on his, which were flipping through the playlists on the phone. “Shawn, baby, you seem tense,” I sighed. I was right, he did. He kept biting his lip, and he would always clench his jaw when I would purse my lips or stroke his thighs, small loving things that usually made him smile.

He shook me off and shrugged, forcing a mechanical smile. “What do you wanna listen to now, babe?” I smiled and watched as he placed the phone down. Shawn looked at me with a coy smile. “The sound you make when I go down on you,” he smirked and I blushed, shaking my head. I slid backward, my back pressing against his bed as he strode toward me on his knees. “You don’t want me to slurp your pussy, make you scream…well, whimper because my mom is downstairs,” he cocked an eyebrow as he reached my vicinity. He rested with his face centimeters from mine and I crashed our lips together.

My tongue moved against his, fighting for domestic totalitarianism as my hands flew to his hair, tugging. Shawn’s large hands trailed to my breasts and squeezed causing me to surrender to his tongue. He roamed my mouth as I became putty in his hands. I blushed, feeling myself grow wetter at his every touch. Shawn’s right hand slid down between us, stroking me through my cozy yoga pants.

He laid me on the carpet of his room, raising my shirt and peppering kisses—sloppy and wet— down my torso and halting at my pantyline. Shawn caressed the barrier of my panties with his decadent lips and I forced my head back, my eyes still focused on him. Our eyes met as he looked at with concentration. “Baby, stop teasing,” I whined and he smirked, slowly kissing me through my undies and the insides of my thighs. He planted a chaste kiss to my dripping heat through my unwanted barrier and I blushed, forcing his head with my right hand into my core. Shawn chuckled and swatted my hand away, kissing down my thighs as his fingers hooked into my panties and tore them down.

Immediately he went to work, licking and sucking on my clitoris, causing me to whimper feverishly as my chest rose and fell at a rapid pace. “Baby,” I whined as my hands found refuge in his hair, tugging and forcing him into my dripping heat.

Shawn’s lips, swollen with lust, attacked my clit as his index and middle fingers dove into my core, curling against my walls and beckoning my climax. My chest continued to cave and rise again as my legs flailed; my end was coming. I whined as my hands fled from his hair and covered my face, the pleasure becoming too much. “uncover and watch me,” Shawn snarled and I quickly obliged, gripping at the bed behind me for a brace as I watched his lips suck and pull my swollen nub. His fingers pumped quicker and quicker as my hips rose to meet his efforts.

Without warning, I was blinded by euphoria as my climax tore through me and coated his lips and chin vigorously. I opened my eyes to see my precious boy coated in my fluids of pleasure. He grinned up at me, kissing the inside of my thigh one last time before licking his lips. “That’s all I wanted to hear ,baby” He smirked and placed a sweet kiss to my lips, allowing me to taste myself. I smiled and redressed myself, and we climbed into his bed to finish listening to music.

A/N: this killed me to write but I got inspo from a @/mattsboss imagine lol

Snapshot: Let’s Get Dirty

A hot and steamy smut inspired by the above picture. Photo edit by @anothermendesfangirl. Enjoy :-)

We had seen the dark clouds of impending doom looming in the sky as we left through the backdoor of the house in Upstate New York, but it didn’t deter us. It had been threatening to rain for hours now, but not so much as a drop had fallen. We were convinced we were going to be safe and make it back from our walk before the heaven’s opened up, but how wrong we were. We had made it to the edge of the woods when it started. First one drop, then two, followed by a vicious downpour. Zoe shrieked making a break for the house.

“Where are you going?” I asked laughing, chasing after her, grabbing her by the waist and spinning her around to face me..

“It’s raining!” she exclaimed, placing her hands on my shoulders.

It had been less than a minute and we were both already soaked through. My hair was hanging over my forehead, dripping water down onto her cheeks, mixing with the rest of the falling rain. “We’re already wet. What’s the rush?” I asked.

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"I'll Wait Until Marriage, Mom"

“Can you write a shawn mendes smut story were i and him are like 15-16 and we have our first time in a bathroom”

I loved writing this! Please send more requests so I can write more things like this x

Requested: yes
Smut: yes
Word count: 1,734

I never thought that I’d end up losing my virginity in high school. I had made a promise to my parents in middle school to wait until I was married, and I always thought it was just immoral to have sex at such a young age when I heard about the girls who went around sucking dick like they were Popsicles, and then there was me, who was always this nerdy girl that no one seemed to like. I didn’t even think I was that ugly, I mean, i wasn’t a goddess but I never understood why guys seemed to avoid me like the plague. Maybe they thought I was a lesbian or something.

I met Shawn in 3rd grade when he moved to my school and sat with me at lunch and complimented my Hannah Montana shirt and told me he was a fan of her too. We had Hannah Montana dance parties at my house and we became best friends in no time. Our moms became friends too, and they went out and had girls nights with their other friends regularly and Shawn and I spent the night watching movies or something at his house all throughout middle school.

We were now 16 and we’d been together for a year and a few months. Of course my parents stopped letting me spend the night after we got together and they watched us more closely, but Shawn was driving now and he took me out to dinner and to watch movies and we’d make out in his car afterwards before we got home.

Shawn was on tour for a while with Taylor Swift, but was back home with us before preparing to leave again after the break. I was going with him to a party with him and a few other extremely famous people that Shawn had connections with now that he was getting more famous. I was surprised my mom even let me go considering there was going to be alcohol and adults around everywhere, but I think she trusted Shawn a lot and knew he would keep me safe.

I got ready, waiting for Shawn to come pick me up. I was wearing his favorite dress on me, a fitted black one with my hair curled and makeup done nicely. I had a funny feeling about that night, like something huge was going to happen.

My mom called me downstairs to inform me that Shawn was there to get me and I walked down and met him at the door. He looked so good in his dark jeans and leather jacket, my breath nearly caught in my throat as my mom hugged and kissed us on the cheek goodbye before I walked out with Shawn and he helped me into his car.

We talked and laughed together on the way there, the music on the radio playing softly in the background. His warm hand rested on my bare thigh, and I found myself thinking dirty thoughts about him moving it up my dress.

We hadn’t done very much together. My parents were always watching us and making sure nothing was going on, but in a few instances, our steamy makeout sessions in his car had led to some blowjobs and hands up my skirt. I was comfortable with Shawn, more so than anyone else and I knew I wanted more with him, but I didn’t want to push it if that’s not what he wanted.

When we got to the party, Shawn led us inside, and I thought I would faint as I walked around and got to meet Taylor Swift and a few other of my favorite artists that were at the party. Shawn took pictures of me with all of them and I was having a blast. We drank punch since neither of us were even close to being old enough to drink, and snacked on the trays that appeared here and there throughout the party.

“I have to use the bathroom,” Shawn said to a couple people he was talking to, excusing himself. He walked next to me, his lips brushing against my ear and whispered, “meet me in there in 5 minutes.”

He left without looking at me again, or giving any hint about what was going to happen next. I looked around anxiously, but no one seemed to even notice that he had said anything to me. I watched the time on my phone with zero patience, the longest 5 minutes of my life going by painfully slow.

I approached the bathroom and knocked lightly on the door, and Shawn immediately opened up enough for me to slip inside. He shut the door and locked it, backing me against it, his hands on either side of my head.

“I don’t want to go back on tour without doing this with you first,” he said quietly, looking down into my eyes as my heart started to race. “And we won’t get any other chance to do it so it’ll have to be here. But if you don’t want to then we don’t have to.”

“Shawn I’ve been waiting for you to say that to me for so long,” I said, reaching forward and grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and bringing his lips to meet mine. His hands fumbled around my waist as he kissed me, lifting me from the ground and onto the counter of the bathroom, standing between my legs as he kissed me.

His lips worked against mine, and his fingers dug into my sides as his sloppy kisses moved down my cheek to my neck. I closed my eyes and moved my head so he had more room to work and dug my fingers into his shoulders as he ground his hips against mine.

My breathing picked up as he pulled up my already hiked up dress and slid his fingers down the inside of my panties. He rubbed against my entrance teasingly, collecting my arousal on his fingertips.

“Ready for me already,” he smirked against my neck, sliding just the tip of his finger inside and rubbing my walls, making me moan in need of more. The boy knows how to tease.

He pulled his finger out and pulled my panties down my legs, tossing them on the floor behind him. I reached down and unbuttoned his jeans, unzipping them and yanking them down his legs, boxers and all. His erection sprung up unexpectedly, and I pulled him to me to kiss me again. I pushed his jacket off his shoulders and he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a condom.

“Please hurry,” I whined as he rolled it over his length and moved closer to me. He spread my legs apart on the counter and rubbed his tip against me.

“Just tell me if anything hurts and you want to stop,” he said, and I nodded as he leaned his forehead against mine and pushed himself inside of me, a little bit at first and then filling me up completely.

“Oh,” I said, a little pain coming from the foreign feeling, but nothing unbearable. He looked me in the eyes, silently asking to move. I nodded slightly, closing my own eyes as he pulled back out and moved back into my slowly.

It wasn’t long before the pain faded and he moved in and out of me at a slow and steady rate, his face relaxed as he let out small moans here and there.

“You can move faster,” I said, wanting more of him. He immediately obliged to what I said, moving even faster in and out of me. I closed my eyes again, letting him fill me up over and over again. His fingers held tightly onto my sides, his face falling into my neck. The more he moved, the better it felt and soon I was also moaning, letting his name fall from my lips.

He pulled my closer, leaning me back so my head rested against the mirror. He angled himself differently, hitting my sweet spot as he thrusted, this time going faster. I let out an unintentional loud moan, his hand clasping over my mouth as it came out. He continued to hit that spot over and over again and I was no longer feeling pain, it was just pleasure, wave after wave of pleasure going through my entire body.

His hips rocked against me, my own moving in sync with his as he moved even faster than before, a small amount of sweat beginning to form on his temples. I tangled my fingers in his hair, tugging slightly as he bit my neck and dragged his teeth against my skin. I felt a tension rising in my lower abdomen as he continued to pleasure me, my head falling back as he thrusted into my faster than ever.

“Shawn, I’m getting close,” I moaned and he kept his relentless pace, grabbing my head and holding me to look at him.

“Look at me, baby,” he said, his eyes looking directly into mine.

“Oh my god I love you so much,” I moaned, my release coming near.

“Cum for me,” he said softly, my whole body tensing. He hit my spot a few more times and my high hit me, my back arching off of the counter and against his chest, and he bit into my neck as he hit his own high right after me, moaning into my ear as it washed over both of us, and he thrusted a few more time to ride out our orgasms.

“I love you so much,” he said, kissing me on the lips and cheeks, holding my face in his hands. I was breathless, my heart pounding fast and sweat slightly collected on my skin.

Shawn pulled off the condom and tied it off, throwing it in the garbage as he helped me down from the counter. He kissed me after I picked up my panties, his lips lingering against mine for a few seconds.

“I love you so much, (Y/N),” he said, smiling at me a little before he pulled up his jeans and boxers. “I’ll meet you out there in a few minutes.”

As he left, I sighed and thought about what had just happened between us. It was totally worth the broken promise I made to my parents in middle school.



Ugh. Shawn Mendes. The person I hated most in the world. He was the most popular person in school, attractive, talented, athletic and, unfortunately for me, not that academic. The headmaster had decided to gift me with the responsibility of making sure Shawn’s grades improved so he was able to remain on the schools hockey team and win the school mountain of money. However, Shawn couldn’t care less about his grades and that meant he often forgot to turn up to study session. It was for that reason that I found myself angrily slamming his front door behind me after letting myself in. Once again he hadn’t shown.

“Shawn?” I called angrily hoping to rouse him from wherever in the house he was hiding. There was a muffled sound from upstairs so I lugged my heavy textbooks up to his room ready to bite his head off and make him take his school work seriously. However, I was halted outside his room by the sound of… moans?

Feeling completely confused and slightly concerned for his safety, I nudged the door open and gasped at the sight before me: Shawn was jacking off for the whole world to see. He was sprawled out naked on his bed, his erection was gripped in one hand, flushed and leaking precum. His hips would jerk occasionally, and you saw that his face was contorted with pleasure. Shawn’s mouth parted slightly, letting out a whimper that had you weak at the knees. His hand moved faster and he began to swear, and then he said your name.

Upon hearing my squeak of surprise his eyes snapped to my astonished ones and he hurried to cover himself.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Get the fuck out!” He shrieked but the sight of the naked boy in front of me had brought out a bold and daring side of myself I didn’t even know I had.

“But you don’t want me to get out, do you?” I smirked as I sauntered towards him. “You were thinking about me,” I teased.

I sauntered over to his bed, plopping down on the side of it as resting your hand on Shawn’s inner thigh, waiting for his reaction before continuing. He caught my eye and licked his lips, although not doing anything to stop me, his hand held his cock again, but I brushed him off.

I replaced his large hand with my own petite one, wrapping it around the base of his dick, which was already slick with lubricant. I leaned my head down to kiss his thighs and smiled when I heard him inhale sharply. I began to pump him slowly, running my thumb across his sensitive slit once I had reached his tip with my hand.

“Shit.” Shawn shakily breathed, forcing his head back into his pillow but I knew he was catching a glance of me every so often.

“Mmm?” I hummed against his shaft, attaching my lips to his tip, knowing that Shawn would go wild at the sensation.
He let out a groan, as I’d predicted and tangled his fingers in my hair, urging me to give him more attention.

I dragged my tongue along the underside of his member, then covered him with my mouth, letting his tip hit the back of my throat as he involuntarily bucked his hips.

“Sorry.” He mumbled, a little embarrassed, I could see his ears glowing red but I shushed him and continued, working fast now, the change of pace affecting Shawn dramatically.

His groans became needy whimpers and his hand tugged the back of my head in encouragement as I bobbed my head faster.

“I’m gonna cum.” He panted, causing me to work faster and utilise your other hand, earning an appreciative moan from him as my name left his lips as he spilled into my mouth.

“Fuck.” He whispered, looking at me in adoration.

“Yeah, now we’re behind on our History session.” I grinned.

He’s so damn hot omg imagine dating him and lying in bed next to him like this and you start to suck on his neck and he’s moaning like crazy and then you straddle him and place kisses all over his neck and collarbones before you start to make your way lower and lower, your hands running over his abs feeling every curve of them with your lips soon following. You continue to work your way down, torturing Shawn until he can’t take it anymore and flips you over, his muscles flexing in the process, and takes you passionately then and there fuck fuck fuck

What the heck

I just read an imagine from @mikeyhotdog that was about a crying soulmate. If you were physically hurt in any way, your soulmate (in that case was Mikey) would cry. So my eye just started crying, like a waterfall. The funny thing is that I don’t even feel sad😂 but guys I’m not kidding what if my real soulmate got hurt? My eye WONT STOP FRICKEN CRYING. What should I do??? I need to find him and just hug and cuddle him. 😓 I really need that rn.