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Just a lazy drinking and lazing in the balcony sharing silly stories

This request was so cute, the whole time i was writing I was imagining the boomerang he posted a little while ago of the fire on his balcony!

Okay, so this didn’t turn out exactly how i wanted it to, but i tried really hard! Hope you like it x

(This is super unedited, sorry if it turned out kind of shitty!!)

The sun was set to rise in about two hours as you sat with your back pressed to Shawns chest on the balcony of his condo, fire lit and music playing softly in the background. Empty bottles of different types of alcohol could be found littering the floor, left over from the small party he had decided to throw tonight. Nothing too big, just a group of his close friends and a few of your own, all the guests had gone home earlier in the night leaving you with your boyfriend and the crackling fire. It’s comfortably silent as you both stare at the dancing flames in front go you, his flushed cheek resting against the top of your head as his fingers gently intertwine themselves with yours. Your eyes travel from his fingertips upwards until they land on his forearm tattoo, your other hand coming up to run your finger along the dark lines softly.

“You’re so pretty, y’know? Look so good tonight.” You slurred, alcohol still flooding your senses.

“Pretty, huh? Thats not exactly what I was going for, but-“

“You know what I mean,” you giggled, “you’ve got a good face and everything, I almost didn’t talk to you the night we met because I thought you were so pretty… you’re beautiful!” You slur out, tilting your head to look up at him, an adorable smile plastered across his face, cheeks burning red due to the alcohol and the compliments.

“Ah, so I get you drunk and all snuggled up with me and the truth starts coming out, ey?” He jokes in a hushed tone, placing small kisses along your hairline.

“M’just drunk in love, baby. Drunk on you.”

“Oh yeah? And what about all that vodka from tonight, not drunk on that at all?”

 “Nope, just you. Promise, babe!” You speak quietly, shifting to kiss him on the tip of his chin. 

Silence falls over the two of you for a moment as you stare out at the Toronto city lights, Shawn noticing how you hold his arm closer to your body and readjusts the blanket loosely around the two of you.

“I remember the first time I ever saw you drunk, do you remember that night?” He questions, you shake your head no, so he continues, “It was the first time you met all my friends. You had been so nervous about the night that you had lost track of how much you were drinking and-”

“Oh my god, I do remember this!”

“About half way into the night I walked into the kitchen and there you were, dancing by yourself, already changed into your pyjamas, while you made two minute noodles and sipped on a bottle of wine, I’ve never wanted to cuddle a drunk girl more in my life!” He finished with a loud laugh.

“Don’t know how you stayed with me after how that night ended, I’m happy you did though.” Your words muffled as you hide your face in your hands in embarrassment.

“You mean after you emptied your guts into my toilet?”

“Shawn! We said we wouldn’t bring that up, I still feel so bad.” 

“I stayed with you because thats the night I realised I loved you, and that I wanted you in my life forever.” He admits shyly. “More specifically when you walked up to me and kissed me in front of all my friends, I was so taken back, but I felt love for you in that moment and that feeling has only grown since.”

Speechless, you turn to properly face the beautiful man holding you in his arms so you can kiss his lips. Softly at first, slowly growing more passionate as he sighs and relaxes into the kiss. One of his hands finding purchase on your waist, while the other rests on your thigh as your fingers weave into his dark, messy curls. 

“I love you so much, Shawn. So, so, so fuckin’ much! M’never going anywhere, you’re stuck with me forever, baby,” you mumble against his lips, not wanting to lose contact with him as his lips and tongue move perfectly against your own and his hands wander your body, rediscovering every curve. 

Pulling away before he gets too lost in your touch, he looks into your eyes and smiles wide, the orange glow of the forgotten fire reflects in his own thoughtful eyes. 

“I don’t even want to think about how boring my life would be without you, hunny. I’m never letting you go, not for anyone or anything. Now, lets go inside, the suns almost up, I’ll meet you in bed, I love you so much gorgeous.”

The Shirt Connundrum (College AU) | Shawn Mendes x Reader (blurb)

A/N: Just a lot of fluff. I got this idea after talking to @evansandblack and she convinced me to do this. It’s my first writing that I’ve ever posted so please be nice idk I might delete this later but let me know if you like it. And thanks to @pinkanddepressed for reading this over for me!

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“Y/N, where’s my shirt?” Shawn says as he stumbles across my room in haste.

“Hmm?” I hum still having not completely woken up yet.

“I lost my shirt. The grey Maple Leafs one? Class starts in fifteen minutes and I have to make it all the way across campus.” Now he’s picking up the blanket which had fallen to the ground in the night and I’m suddenly aware of how cold it is in my dorm.

I sit up, stretching my arms as far as they’ll reach, “We should really start sleeping in your dorm. It’s a lot closer to both of our morning classes. Can you give me the blanket?”

“Babe, if we don’t find my shirt in the next five minutes I’ll be showing up to class without it and I really don’t think my professor will like that,” he says handing me the blanket in a rush.

“Shawn,” The sudden realization hits me, “Shawn,” I say again but he’s not paying attention. As he frantically searches for his shirt I grab a hairband from the nightstand next to me and catapult it at his head.

“Huh? What?” He stops and turns to look at me like a deer in the headlights.

“I’m wearing your shirt. Remember, I asked if I could sleep in it last night?”

“How did I miss that?” He shakes his head and walks over to me but I just smile at him. “Well? Are you going to take it off?”

“Wow, you really know how to win the ladies,” I tease.

“Baaaabbbbeee,” he draws out, “Class starts in ten.”

“Kiss first!” I reach up to grab his face as he leans down and meets my lips with his in a chaste kiss.

He pulls back and impatiently whines, “Can I have the shirt now?”

I pull the shirt off in one swift motion and hand it to him, “Well, since you asked so nicely,”

“Thanks! You’re the best! Love you!” He yells running out the door.

I lean over to check the time on my phone and groan when I remember that my class starts at the same time as Shawn’s.



Perfectly Wrong

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Pairing: Shawn x Reader?

Request: Someone did lol

Warning(s): A N G S T

A/N: I wouldn’t call this an imagine but eh enjoy I cried bc I listened to Perfectly Wrong while writing it, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU READ IT AND LISTEN TO PERFECTLY WRONG FOR A FULL EXPERIENCE OF WHAT THEY WENT THROUGH 

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Boxer Shawn

Shirtless, the two boys were outside boxing one against the other. They were training for an hour now and did not seem to be tired yet. Not so far from them, you were tanning your body near the swimming pool with your brother’s girlfriend, Ella.

We were Sunday and as almost every week-end, you spend it at your families. Shawn and you were arrived at your parents place this morning, just after the breakfast. You had lunch with them before they left for your dad’s friend for the afternoon, while the two of you were waiting for your older brother and his girlfriend to join you.

Nate and Ella were arrived two hours ago, and you did not know why but the boys decided to train a little bit. So with Ella, you just chose to lay down near the swimming pool on the deckchairs. You knew her for three years and a half now even if Nate get out with her for two years. She was cute, simple and kind, and you did not really know how Nate had seduces her.

Through your solar glasses, you were observing them secretly, and you were pretty sure that Ella was doing the same. You were fond of your sweaty boyfriend. His curly black hair were bouncing on his head, his shorts were low on his hips letting his boxer short stick out. 

“Stop staring Y/N,” she smiled at you.

“What? I did not stare.” you laughed, closing your eyes.

Ella laughed at your behavior and get up to the swimming pool. She dove in like a mermaid while you stared again at Shawn. It was like your eyes were stuck to him and his body. Since a few weeks, Shawn became more muscled because of his boxing training. He joined your brother once on the boxing ring just for fun and since he did not leave it.

Eyes closed, you heard a big dive in the swimming pool and quickly felt drops on your tan skin which immediately made your eyes wide opened. Your gaze now on the pool, you saw your brother spraying Elle with water like a child. Yo smiled at them and landed your eyes on Shawn.

He was now alone against the punching ball clung onto one of the tree’s branch. He was not tired yet and you did not know from where he came out all this strength.

Now that he was alone you just decided to keep him company a little bit and moved closer to him. He saw you coming from the corner of his eyes but did not let you distract him until he finished his series of punches.

“Are you okay?” He asked, taking his gloves off.

“Yeah,” you just said.

“Do you want to try?”

“The gloves don’t fit my hands.”

“Without gloves then, you just have to punch into my hands, okay?” you nodded while he continued to explain the rules. “First, since you are a right-handed person, your left foot is ahead of the other and your hands placed like that,” he finally said raising your arms up to your eyes.

“Is that right there?”

“Perfect, so when I say right, you punch with your right hand in my left hand and that’s the same for your left hand.”


You began to punch his hands, first kindly but Shawn quickly told you to hit harder, which you done. But he was not satisfied and just laughed at you and your strength almost inexistent for a guy like him.

Ten minutes later, you finally gave up and jumped on Shawn. He wrapped his strong arms around you waist to lean you back while kissing you. Eyes closed, you put your sweaty arms around his neck and let him hold you. But Shawn leant you back against the grass.

He took both of your arms over your head, holding them with only one of his hand. Your boyfriend was on you, smiling as little kid.

“When you hit the floor two times that means you give up.”

Facing each other, you could not help but smile because of his beauty. He was challenging you.

You did not know how but you put all your strength to push him, tackling him to the ground. He laughed but you were now on him, straddling his hips. Your hands went directly too his curly hair whereas his hands came on your back, just above your butt.

“I never give up,” you smiled.

Moving your lips closer to his without kissing him, you were now challenging him.

“Do you want to give up?” you said, against his lips.

As a proud boy, he smiled. He was completely at your mercy. His hands stroked every part of your bare skin, from your back to your thighs. You always had you head in front of his, lips touching but never kissing. You laid there for a couple of minutes before his hands went further on you bum and he hit your butt two times.

You knew Shawn and knew that he would give up. He always did. So as a reward, you quickly kiss his lips but he did not let you go and wrapped his arms around your waist to stick you against him.

“Shawn! Y/N! Stop making babies!” you heard behind you.


Saturday Evening Part 3

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You and Shawn were walking to the cafe around the corner together to meet your best friend, Liam. He waved you over from one of the tables outside. You intertwined your finger with Shawn’s when he began hesitating.

“This is your thing, I’ll see you after,” he rambled on. You rolled your eyes playfully, pulling him over to Liam’s table.

“Liam, Shawn. Shawn, Liam,” you said gesturing between the two of them. You and Shawn took a seat at the table, each grabbing a menu. Shawn leaned over to you. “I should go—”

“You’re staying,” You whispered back. “Please?” He sighed, finally giving in. He leaned over to give you a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh so you guys are a thing?” He asked as Shawn draped his arm over your chair. The two of you shared a glance as you bit your lip. Shawn was the first one to speak.

“I guess so,” he nodded, taking you by surprise. You’d only been on a few dates now, and they usually ended with one of you on top of the other. Shawn looked down at his phone before standing up. He leaned down to give you a quick peck.

“Gotta go see Andrew,” he said. “See you later.”

“You too,” you said, returning his small wave. Once he was out of earshot, Liam leaned forward on his elbows.

“I need all the details,” he said as a waitress approached you.

“Not happening,” you replied. You looked up at the waitress. “I’ll take an iced coffee.”

“Come on,” he urged. “I’ll take the same,” He said to the waitress. She nodded, returning back to the cafe. “I told you everything about Cass.” He said, referring to his ex-girlfriend.

“You mean the psychotic bitch that tried killing you in your sleep?” You questioned.

“She did not try to kill me,” he rolled his eyes.

“Whatever you say. Shawn is nothing like that,” you sighed. “He’s nice, sweet, abs he cares, but I don’t know if we’re actually a thing thing.”

“I get it,” he said. “You’re just sex.”

“What? No!” You defended yourself as he raised one eyebrow questioningly.

“So you’re saying you didn’t even sleep together once?”

“We haven’t slept together,” you mumbled. “We're—we’re taking things slow. Yeah, slow.”

“If you are, why the hesitation?”

“Because you’re interrogating me, and you already know I get nervous,” you explained as the waitress came with your iced coffee. The two of you thanked her before continuing your conversation.

“Aren’t you going over to his place tonight?” He asked suspiciously.

“We’re going to watch a movie,” you said. “And it’s a date so you’re not allowed to third wheel.”

“We’re best friends just tell me if you guys are friends with benefits.”

“It’s not like that,“ you tried hiding your blush behind your hair. You looked down at the time. "It was really nice seeing you, but I should probably get going.”

“Gotta get ready for him, huh?!” Liam shouted once you were farther away from him. You flicked him off before quickly making your way home.

- x -

You broke free from the kiss, covering your bare chest with your arms. Shawn looked at you with concern.

“Is everything okay?” He asked.

“I—nevermind,“ you shook your head, attaching your lips back to his. This time he pushed you back.

“No, tell me,” he said.

“I—well I like you a lot,” you said. “And I don’t know if you feel the same because it just feels like you’re using me for sex. Am I just a toy for you, Shawn? A toy that you’re just going to throw out when you get tired of me? If that’s the case, then I don’t want to do this anymore,” You rambled on.

“Y/n,“ Shawn sighed, running his hands through his hair. "I’m just not looking for a committed relationship right now.”

“I-I’m just gonna go,“ you said, getting up to retrieve your shirt and bra. "I-I’ll see you around I guess.”

“Y/N,“ Shawn began, but before he had the chance to say anything else you were already out the door.


On The Edge

Warnings: Smut smut smut (Dom!Shawn and lots of kinky shit)

Word Count: 7.3k (we getting it bitches)

a/n: I literally slammed this entire things out in 10 hours straight

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Sunday was the day you had arrived with Shawn in sunny Amsterdam. It was the first day of his birthday week, and the very first night of celebrations. The day had been hogged up for the most part by your flight from Toronto to Amsterdam, however you had managed to squeeze in dinner with friends sometime after the flight. When you had gotten to your room that night you noticed something was off about Shawn. He hopped right into the shower and then right into bed. This was very unlike him, seeing as most nights the two fo you would roll around beneath the sheets together before falling asleep. However, your sleeping boy left you to attend the ache between your legs solo.

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Because I Had You

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The sun was setting on the skyline of Toronto, making for the perfect view as she sat in one of the lounge chairs on his condo balcony. The night had been too quiet, every night since he had left for a promo tour had been too quiet in her opinion. Usually the spacious condo was filled with the sounds of him strumming a new tune on his guitar or piano, or from some show that was playing in the background while they cooked. When he was gone it was silent.

His third album had come out two days ago so it was inevitable that he was on some sort of promo tour. He was somewhere in Europe living his dream and she was here, sunglasses perched on the top of her head while she watched the sunset.

She had yet to hear any of the new music, he said he wanted it to be a surprise. For some reason, he stressed the fact that she didn’t listen to the new album until he was home with her. She didn’t know why he wanted that, but she went along with it anyway. Assumed he wanted to see her reaction to the new sound.

Though she had agreed to wait for his return, she had been scrolling through her twitter and instagram feed only to read people raving about the music. It was getting harder and harder to wait, she was just too excited to hear the finished product of what he’s been working on for months.

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Mendes Barbecue

It’s a Mendes family barbecue and Shawn brought you along for your first time of going.

It was a little nerve wracking but it helped knowing that his family liked you. 

“Babe, want another one?” Shawn asked, pulling a beer out of the fridge. 

“Um, no but I’ll take a water.” 

“Okay,” He nods, digging into the back of the fridge to get you a water.

You and Aaliyah were just starting to get to know each other, she was just starting to open up to you and he loved watching that.

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Part 1/ Part 2 / Part 3

Prompt: The one where Y/N decides to give surprise to a stressed Shawn in studio but things don’t quite turn out well.

Word Count: 2.3k

A/N: Thanks for giving this a read. I appreciate each one of you. I say sorry if this sucks lmao bc I’m still an amateur. Feedback is always appreciated. Happy reading :)🌸

Making music isn’t that easy as someone thinks it to be. Whichever song it is, it always has a lot of efforts, several sleepless nights and anxieties behind it which can never be seen. The worries of the song not hitting the exact right note you think of eats up your mind. Constant tugging at your hair, biting your nails out of stress, several mental breakdowns and waves of lack of self-confidence hits you making you unsure of everything.

This is what Shawn has been experiencing since the past three months. He was working on a new album which he expected to be the best one till now. It was in the process with 8 songs already prepared and 4 more to go which were taking a longer time than the previous ones and it was making a nervous wreck out of him. He wasn’t sure where this was leading to and was really anxious about the album.

On the other hand, he was also not realising how distant he was being from you in the process. Your conversations have started to get shortened from day to day and the time you both used to spend together can be counted easily on fingers in minutes. This being another reason that was bothering Shawn. And you as well.

You started to observe Shawn getting so self absorbed to the fact that he sometimes didn’t hear a word you say or purposely act like he unheard whatever you said. He sometimes forgot to eat or wake up just in the middle of the night and walk down to his personalized studio at your house. This was not bothering you for the first few months but now it was totally getting you.

But you, however, decided to stay calm about it anyway as you know what it feels like to have a deadline. Being an office manager yourself, you had a proper idea about how Shawn must be feeling. The stress eats you up slowly until you get the work done before you meet its deadline. You were surprisingly quite understanding about this issue.


Today you took an off from work since you wanted to give yourself a break. These past days you have been dealing with so much workload that you were feeling exhausted. Constant traveling and dealing with clients had made your legs and mouth sore.

Also, today was another one of those mornings in the past few months when you woke up to an empty bed and an empty house which meant Shawn left for the studio early without telling you, again.

Being used to this, you climbed out of the bed and decided to give yourself a good bath. You spent a good hour in your bathtub with some relaxing music and scented candles. You were pretty happy today and expected the day to go well. *whoops*

After having your breakfast, you settled on your couch to watch some Netflix and have a relaxing time. You checked your phone in between the scenes for any messages from Shawn but all in vain. You were wrong about even recieving a good morning text from your busy boyfriend. You sighed and shrugged it off.

After watching several hours of television, you felt the need to do something exciting and thought upon giving a surprise visit to Shawn.

You knew how stressed and distant he has been lately so why not. You planned that you would pick up his favourite food from Taco Bell and drop the food at his table, have a short conversation and leave him to his work.

So you put on your blue distressed boyfriend jeans, a black tank top which said “Bloom” and your black vans. You styled your hair in a half-bun half-down way and left the house with the car keys, a jacket and your purse.

You inserted the car keys, started the ignition and drove off to Taco Bell to grab the food for Shawn.

The drive to Taco Bell was meant to be a short one. You put on some music and hummed along to it while rolling the windows down. It was a pretty weather with the sun not shining that bright.

After about 20 mins you reached Taco Bell and ordered a soft Chicken Taco with some Nachos and Chilly fries. You picked up the order after about 5 minutes of waiting and drove off to the studio where Shawn was.

You parked your car and stepped in the studio. It was quieter than the usual times you’ve been here. After walking inside, you met with Brian and Andrew who asked you how you were doing followed by an exchange of smile. You were greeted with some assistants giving you some narrow eyed looks who have always been jealous of you being Shawn’s girlfriend but you were now used to them.

You reached Shawn’s room. You viewed your stressed yet beautiful boyfriend through the glass outlet of the door and smiled to yourself. He looked so pretty, with his brown curls all messed up with some of them falling on his forehead while his hands were in his hair, pulling on some strands of hair out of frustration. You wanted to let all his frustration and pain go so bad.

Your heart was racing thinking upon how he would react on seeing you here. Would he be happy? Would he be sad? Most of all, would he be angry? You shook off the thought from your mind, gulped and opened the door.

At first he didn’t notice you because he was too engrossed in his work. He was scribbling something down with his headphones on. You didn’t intend to disturb him in the midst of this so you just went behind his back and stood there and waited until he was done.

You watched him like he was an artwork. The way his beautiful brown eyes were so focused upon the sheet of paper in front of him. You missed him. You missed his touch. You missed how those eyes holding so much love in them, used to look at you. You missed how he used to peck your lips and gave the lame excuse that he forgot the last time he kissed them.

You didn’t know how long you’ve been standing there looking at him but it but it has been about 10 minutes. You saw Shawn putting down the pencil he had and take off his headphones.

So you took the chance to let him know of your unexpected presence and wrapped your arms around his neck lovingly. Taking in the smell of the shampoo he washed his hair with last night.

Shawn was taken aback. He wasn’t expecting you to be there. Not when he was in the studio in the middle of the process of making music. His forehead turned into a frown and he somehow felt angry. Felt angry at your casual presence in his workplace even though you’ve been there before a multiple times.

He pushed your hands off of him and turned around to look at you. You were a bit shock at the sudden aggressiveness but decided to put up a smile anyway. You thought he must be shocked to see you. In a good way. But you were wrong.

“Surprise baby!” you said in a low tone and stepped forward to hug Shawn. Shawn was quick to step back. You were now confused at his reaction. Didn’t know what he was upto. You searched his face and there it was. The eyes that once used to shine at your sudden presence were now dark. Angry. In rage. And disappointment. You somehow you started to get a bit scared of him.

Shawn shook his head and ran a hand through his hair in frustration. He then grabbed your hand aggressively, with quite a tight grip and lead you out of the room.

Once you were out of the room, he left your hand and asked you through gritted teeth “What are you doing here?”. You were in shock by his sudden change of behaviour. This was not the person you recognised to be your lover. “God dammit Y/N! I fucking asked you something. Answer me would you?!” he said with his voice a bit higher than before. You flinched at his words.

“I-I meant to give you a surprise visit babe. Brought food for y-you” you stammered.

“And who bloody told you do that? Huh? Don’t you know that I’m in my studio making music. Still in the process Y/N!” Shawn spoke to you in dark and loud voice that you’ve never heard off. Brian, Andrew and some of the assistants came running through the hall to see what was all this chaos about.

“You think you can walk in here whenever you want don’t you? Being my girlfriend gives you every privilege to do what you want huh Y/N? This is such a careless attitude of yours! You’re not a fucking queen. Snap out of your dream!”

Tears threatening to spill from your eyes as you were now preventing yourself from crying in front of the staff.

“Shawn stop it. I’m sorry okay. I’ll go. Just don’t yell please. If I knew you’d get this bothered, I would’ve never walked in here. I-I just wanted to make you happy.” you said in a voice barely above a whisper. You were now avoiding yourself to look Shawn in the eye.

“Hey hey! Calm down brother. She was just here to check on you and give you your foo-” Brian said but Shawn was quick to interrupt.

“Oh fuck off Brian! This is between Y/N & me. You stay out of this.” Shawn spat.

You nodded to tell Brian it’s okay.

“And you Y/N. Do you think you can help me like you always think you do? Being the perfect person that you are huh? You managing your company well doesn’t mean that you can manage me too Y/N! For fuck’s sake get over yourself! You can’t make everything right okay. All by yourself. Let other people do there work without your bloody magic!” Shawn was literally throwing words at your face like knives.

Your heart was breaking more and more with every word that was coming out of his mouth. Tears now streaming down your cheeks.

Andrew placed a hand over Shawn’s shoulder to calm him down but he pushed his hand off.

“Oh right! Good. Now you’ll cry and start with your little drama Y/N! Won’t you? You’re so wonderful. You’re so perfect. Nobody can tell me otherwise or else I will cry. But guess what? I fucking said it. You always have to make everything about yourself don’t you Y/N? You make me sick Y/N. You’re so fucking selfish and self-absorbed that I can’t even tell you. You thought you would walk in here, give your poor boyfriend a surprise and get another chance to make yourself look good in front of others. You’re a genius by the way. You ar-”

“STOP!!! Just stop it Shawn. Just fucking stop it. Enough Shawn enough. You said too much. You’ve gone too far.”

You’ve really had enough of him. He was talking rubbish. It was like someone else has taken over his body. He seemed so strange to you. You felt like you’ve never known him. But with the words he was saying, he was pushing off the limits. You felt angry now.

“I can’t even look at you right now. It makes me sick. What happened to you? Who do you think you are Shawn? I don’t have a perfect life. And I’m not perfect. If anything I’ve been miserable since the past months but you are becoming too ignorant to see that. I’m sorry for coming and giving you a surprise which I thought would make you feel bett-”

“Ahh! Now you’re gonna play the good person aren’t you?”

You were totally taken aback. The way things were coming out of his mouth were unrecognisable. You were exhausted. And broken. You can’t let yourself get hurt by his words anymore. He has said enough. He has went way too far. This was not at all how you were expecting things to turn out. Your eyes were red now from being sad and angry. You looked around you and saw the staff. Some were giving you sympathetic looks while some looked pleased. This was making you sick to your stomach. The person standing in front off you was not the love of your life. You began to feel dizzy. Before it can get any worse, you decided to walk out of the studio.

“Fuck you Shawn” you said in a dark tone, not that loud not that low and threw the packet away which you brought with yourself and started walking out. Shawn was still uttering words which you were too emotionally exhausted to listen to. Tears were nowhere seen to be stopping anytime soon.

You walked to your car, opened the car door and sat there for a while. You expected Shawn to come out after realising what he had done and hug you forcefully and apologize but there were none of it.

You were now fully crying inside your car. You felt so pathetic. How could he say such things to you when all you’ve always been is supportive of him and looking out for him because he was your everything. You cringed at thinking about the fact that how long have Shawn been thinking about you like this. What have you really done to deserve such cruel words? Or were you really that selfish?

You looked at yourself in the mirror. You looked like a mess. A crying wreck. You weren’t sure of what do to now. You cried even harder when you felt like the words Shawn said began playing again in your head.


Part 2 soon 💕 Let me know what you guys think about this xx MASTERLIST

Everything Has Changed

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The summer sun beamed down on the crowded Brazil beach. She shouldn’t have been as surprised as she was when she arrived to find so many people already there, it was by far the hottest day of her trip and the beach was where everyone wanted to be.

Thankfully she was able to find an empty spot to lay her towel and prop her large umbrella in the sand. She laid on her stomach, watching as her little boy sat in front of her as he played with the little boys she had brought along.

It’s been a hard eight months for the two of them. Between becoming a mother to having to learn the bearings of being a parent by herself was hard, but thankfully she got into a steady routine with her son and was as happy as ever.

His father was in the picture too. He loved his son more than anything and the two were able to co-parent their son as if nothing had ever happened between them.

They had ended badly before she found out she was pregnant. Almost three years down the drain when he decided that it would be best if they went their separate ways. Said he was trying to save her from the heartbreak, that the constant distance was too much and he couldn’t be what she needed anymore. The split broke her, she wasn’t feeling any of the things he was and she didn’t want to break up. She was angry that he was making this decisions without talking to her. They could have worked things out but he didn’t want to hear any of it. She left his condo that night with a broken heart and there was nothing she could do about it.

She’s tried her best to block out that night, to block him out. She never wants to remember the endless tears and the countless hours of arguing that resulted in their split, but how could she when they had made a carbon copy of him? As much as she wished they were still together, she’s accepted the fact that she needed to move on and was currently in the process.

Ever since she had Nathan she hasn’t had time for anyone else but him. She didn’t need anyone else but him. She would never love anyone more than she loved her little bundle of joy and that was enough for her. Her friends have told her that she needs to get out more, that all she ever does is stay at home, even when his father has him, but she doesn’t care. She was finally happy being by herself.

This was her first vacation with the baby and thankfully everything is going smoothly. She was worried that he would be fussy since he wasn’t used to the surroundings of Brazil, but he’s been calm and she’s learned that he loves the beach. He was definitely his father’s son.

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Bachelor Party

Warning: Smut

He walks out of the bathroom, clicking his watch into place, passing you on the bed to grab his boots.

“You look too good to go out without me.” You murmur. 

He sticks his head out of the closet, looking back at you, smile on his face as he saunters over to your pouting figure on the bed.

“You jealous Babe?” He asks standing at the foot of the bed, still trying to click that watch into place.

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I’m Sorry

this is an unedited piece of crap but here you go! 

Originally posted by lostinmyblood

Tonight is finally the big night, Shawn’s fourth album release party.

To say he was nervous was an understatement, tonight all his friends and family would be hearing the new music for the first time, including his girlfriend. He hadn’t played the new music for anyone besides his crew, claimed he wanted it to be a surprise for everyone. No matter how many times she begged to hear anything, even just a preview, he told her that it was a surprise.

Now tonight is finally the night, and she is over the moon excited. She wore her new black dress that made Shawn go nuts, and for once she was feeling confident with herself.  As the couple sits in the rental car, hand in hand, thumb soothingly rubbing across his knuckles to ease his nerves, she couldn’t wait to hear the music he’s poured is heart and soul into over the past few months.

“Shawn?” Andrew snaps the two out of their thoughts, “Are you okay? You’ve been awfully quiet this whole time.”

Shawn nods, never looking away from the window. “Just nervous,” he muttered.

Andrew shot him a look, knowing fully well he didn’t see it, then moved to her, “So Y/n, are you excited to hear the new music?”

“Yeah,” she nodded excitedly, “He hasn’t let me hear anything, not even a little preview.”

“Well It’s no secret that most of the album was inspired by your relationship.” Andrew commented, glancing at Shawn who was still uninterested in the conversation.

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Fluff Warning (EXTREME)

Standing in the back yard of his parents house he smiles at all the family and friends surrounding him.

He was able to make it back home for Easter dinner and this time you two have gone to his parents house, since last year you went to yours.

You and Shawn have been together for 5 years now, and as you’re not married it practically seems like you are, but soon you will be. 

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Take A Break | Shawn Mendes

Summary: You and Shawn have been together for a few years and he thinks it’s time he takes a break from work for a while.

Word Count: 1,700

| Masterlist |

You’ve been knocking on the door to Shawn’s bathroom for five minutes with no response. You know logically he is ignoring you, too lost in his own head to pay attention to your noise. That doesn’t stop that feeling of panic from sinking in. The panic that he could be drowning, that he could have fallen asleep and slipped under. It’s too much. You turn the handle and push your way into the very steamy bathroom.

“Shawn?” you ask tentatively as you cross the room toward the tub. With one shaky hand you grip the curtain and pull it back just enough to see a mess of wet curls.

Shawn looks up, doesn’t even look surprised as you stare down at him in his bathtub. “Yeah?” he asks tiredly before looking away to stare at the white tiled wall at the end of the tub.

“Yeah? I’ve been knocking for five minutes. You scared me.”

“I’m fine. What do you want?”

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAWN! I wrote about you having sex again.

A/N: Prompt by the tempting treasure @the-claire-bitch-project, another pop off by yours truly

Summary: It’s a late night in the studio and Shawn and his new producer need a little… motivation.

Warnings: NSFW, language

Word count: 3.9k

… and this is the worst piece of shit I’ve done so far!” Shawn sings, causing her to look up and frown at him disapprovingly.

He’s in the sound booth with his arms above his head, fingers brushing the low ceiling. He’s picking at the black egg carton foam he’s boxed in by, eyes scrunched as he trails off into a vocal run at the end of his self-criticism.

She growls under her breath, stroking at her hairline with her fingers before reaching down to hit the talk button. “Please stop doing that.”

He glances up at his hands and shrugs, pulling his arms back down by his sides. “Sorry.”

“No, I meant the self-flagellation. I don’t give a fuck about the booth.”

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Kisses with Shawn

a/n: I think the title is pretty self explanatory. There’s a little bit of smut in here, so read with caution if you’re in public!

The sun’s not even up yet but you can feel his lips ghost your shoulders, neck, and jaw. You can feel his smile in each soft press of the lips as he slowly wakes you up. You turn around and take in the bright smile he has on his face, perfect pearly whites on display. It’s a sight to behold with his unruly curls laying on top of his head like a halo, all angelic like while his hands sneakily travel down your side cupping your ass. You giggle as you meet him halfway for a good morning kiss.

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