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Shawn Mendes AU: Late night livestreams with the fans while you’re at his place

This has been in my drafts for quite some time and I finally had an idea on how to finish it. Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to leave me feedback, I love to read your comments :)!


Reader’s Masterlist #1

Not my stories. Just my favorites from another writers. All credits and support to the original artists.

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* = NSFW


Summary: After months of dating and falling in love with you, Peter is ready to tell you about who he is. I personally highly recommend this one!!! 🏳️‍🌈

Summary: Peter meets the reader for the first time. The reader has grown up under the wing of all of the Avengers and hasn’t met many new people before. 

Summary: Peter has a crush on Y/N. Y/N teaches Peter how to kiss after he confesses he doesn’t really know how, but soon the little lesson becomes a little less educational and a little more sexual (if you know what I mean).

Summary: a headcanon about Peter as a father.

Summary: mute peter who struggles through life because he doesn’t speak but finds some purpose because of her.

Summary: it’s the oneshot that Without a Word series was based. Mute peter who struggles through life because he doesn’t speak but finds some purpose because of her.

Summary: request: Peter and the reader went to a different city for spring break then it has to do with smut over skype? Where Peter tells her what to do and ends up fluffy but also very smutty?

Summary: a headcanon about dating Peter Parker.

Summary: basically Peter being extremely cute. Read it!

Summary: some cute headcanons about Peter’s and reader’s life.

Summary: Dogs are great but your dads Steve and Tony don’t agree. Family!Avengers x reader, Peter x reader. I highly recommend it guys. It’s hilarious!

Summary: reader gets stood up by her friend at amusement park and find a group of three that needs one more person to have fun. What happens at the end of the night wasn’t expected.

Summary: a fluff story about Peter waking up to see you there and admiring the love of his life.

Summary: (Y/N), the new girl, pretty hot, confident and definitely a troublemaker. Peter, the ‘nerd’, who still has toys on his shelfs (he says they’re collector figures) and the good boy from next door. Usually people like (Y/N) don’t have anything to do with people like Peter, right?

Summary: her masterlist with her job about Peter.

Summary: her masterlist with her job about Peter.

Summary: her masterlist with her job about Peter.

Summary: A study date with Peter ends with cuddles.

Summary: Spiderman is caught off guard when he sees Y/N wearing Peter’s clothes… (Reader doesn’t know Peter is Spiderman).


Summary: you and Tom are best friends, and you have been for as long as you can remember. After one night, everything changes. But, Tom is by your side every step of the way.

Summary: who would’ve assumed that heavens little angel was The King Of Hells soulmate?

Summary: “Relationships aren’t always 50/50. Sometimes you have to pick up that 80/20 because they need you.”

summary: you receive extravagant gifts from an unknown admirer at your work. The only hint you have to figure out who this secret admirer is the letters ‘th’. After two years of getting no where though, you’ve given up on trying to figure out who this secret admirer is, instead choosing to enjoy the gifts. This plan has been working well for you too, until your secret admirer decides to finally make himself known and completely flips your world upside down.

Summary: soft mobster!Tom Holland. Where he’s obviously a ruthless man when it comes to the mob, but when he comes home to his pregnant wife he is super sweet and loving.

Summary: her masterlist for her job about mob!Tom.


Summary: in which Shawn comes home after touring the world, and learns just how you got by without him.

Summary: a cute boyfriend!Shawn x a very talented seamstress reader. Read it!

Summary: Shawn is upset so his girl try her best to cheer him up.

Summary: being in tour for so long has a bad side. Shawn misses his girlfriend so much that he can’t take it any longer. That’s when he sees her in the crowd, but she was really there or it’s his imagination?

Summary: Shawn is the CEO of a very large architecture company, and he wants someone to come home to every night. He doesn’t pay you for sex or anything like that, he just likes to spoil you and treat you like the princess that you are. 

Summary: 2k of filthy Dom!Shawn smut.

Summary: the reader is…a super important person…[her dad is a gang leader]…and Shawn is her super tough, badass body guard who is typically an asshole and only has a soft spot for her.

Summary: Shawn’s and reader’s favorite kisses to give and receive.

Summary: her masterlist with her job about Shawn.


Summary: where reader is a new omega and Shawn shows her the ropes and realizes he’s a big softy even though he’s an alpha.

Summary: You and Shawn are put to the test by the werewolf council. But will you two crumble? Or will Shawn fall to his knees for you??

Summary: Alpha!Shawn needs to teach his mate to respect him in a way she will not forget.

Summary: where Shawn meet his mate when they were just kids and the connection between them just got bigger trough the years.

Summary: it’s her masterlist for her jobs about Werewolf AU. She has more in her complete masterlist.

Summary: a quick thought i had about werewolf!shawn losing his mate. Angst af.

Summary: alpha!Shawn can’t stay away from his pregnant mate, too happy for the new family member.

Summary: Werewolf!Shawn, Hybrid reader (she has wolf ears even in human form). Reader has a really bad nightmare and Shawn is there for his mate.

Summary: soft!Werewolf!Shawn meet his mate during a wedding party.


i made this masterlist as a way to organize fanfics i like to reread. if one of these are yours and you felt ofended by something just tell me and i will change. thank you xoxo.

Roommates | Part 1

a/n: this is 2.2k of the first instalment of a new series that i am totally in love with. i hope you like it! @lostinshawnslight here ya go

You chewed on your nail, desperately trying not to scroll through your phone. Tyler was meeting you for lunch to discuss the upcoming school year and he happened to be late, as per usual.

You had fallen into a bit of a predicament, realizing that it wasn’t really an option to live in residence for your second year but it also wasn’t ideal to move home. Though more of your classes would be completed online, your parents hadn’t seemed too appealing in recent months.

Most student housing in the downtown core was already rented out or unbelievably overpriced, and you were desperate to find someone to live with that wouldn’t be totally unbearable or unapologetically creepy. You planned on asking Tyler to be that person for you, but he made it clear that he was moving in with his boyfriend. Options were rapidly narrowing.

The sound of movement across from you snapped you out of your daydream, causing you to blink a few times before looking up at your best friend.

“This seat taken?” he raised an eyebrow, already sliding into the chair.

“Actually, yeah,” you smirked, sitting up a little straighter.

“By whom?” he drew the words out, questioning you in an old-fashioned tone.

“The ghost of my formerly happy self,” you shot back, your eyes scanning the room for your server.

“Oh, please,” he waved you off, opening his menu to scan its items, “What absolute travesty has taken over your entire life at this point in time?” he questioned. He knew you too well.

“If you must know,” you began, eyeing him over your menu as you inspected the contents of the pasta dish you planned on ordering. “I’m homeless.”

“What?” he shot back, forehead crinkling with confusion. “If you need a place to stay-“ he began.

“Shh, stop right there, good sir,” you smiled, “I need help finding a roommate. You have a lot of friends, right?”

“Like, a sex roommate? It’s true, I do have a lot of hot friends,” he teased, convinced you were back to your sexually frustrated self.

“No, I’m serious,” you whacked him with the paper menu, “I couldn’t find a student house and I refuse to move home. I need to find something and I need to find it fast,” you spoke. “I can only handle so much of my mother.”

“I concur,” he nodded, closing his menu and folding his hands on top of it. “Now that I think of it, there actually is someone I have in mind. What exactly are you looking for? Do you care who it is, really?” he asked.

The waitress walked up, stealing both of your attention as she took your order for drinks.

“I think we’re ready,” you added, telling her what you wanted and handing her your menu before she retreated to the kitchen.

“I was asking because I know a guy,” Tyler spoke, looking into your eyes with sincerity. “I honestly think it would work. He’s never home, but when he is, he absolutely hates being by himself. He’s looking for someone to just live alongside so he doesn’t get all up in his thoughts, you know?”

“Oh?” you smiled, holding onto the glimmer of hope that maybe you’d be able to find a place.

“It’s decent commuting distance for you and he’s gone a lot. You know, on business,” he muttered, eyeing your server as she emerged with your drinks.

“Is he like, old?” you asked, unsure of what being away ‘on business’ meant at this age.

“Oh, no. He’s our age. Just uh, he travels. But it’s a really nice place, and I’m sure he wouldn’t charge you through the nose. You’d be helping him out,” Tyler reassured.

“When’s he need me?” you questioned, hoping it would be soon.

“Whenever you’re ready,” he nodded, slurping his Pepsi audibly.

“And he won’t, like, kill me in my sleep?” you spoke carefully, wondering why on earth this sounded so perfect.

“Oh my god, no. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. Want me to text him?” Tyler asked, fishing his phone out of his jeans.

“Please,” you agreed, leaning back in your chair and crossing your arms over your chest.

Tyler typed out a message and put his phone on the table, changing the topic when your food arrived. It wasn’t until you were shovelling your last bite of pasta into your mouth that his phone buzzed, a text notification popping up on his screen.

“You down to meet him in a few hours?” Tyler mumbled, his mouth full of chicken parmesan.

“As long as I can hang out at your house until I have to go,” you giggled, finishing up with your plate and pushing it to the side.

“Okay, it’s set. You can meet him at the Starbucks by me around seven,” he grinned, putting his phone back on the table face-down. “We can watch movies until then?”

“Mhmm,” you nodded, taking a final sip of your water before speaking again, “Are you gonna come with me? To meet him?”

“Me? Oh, no,” he grinned wider, “I think you’ll thank me for this later.“

Seven o’clock approached rapidly, leading you to freshen yourself up in Tyler’s washroom before heading out. You blotted your face with some powder and ran your fingers through your loose curls. Just in case, you pulled your emergency toothbrush out of your purse and cleaned your mouth, earning a giggle from Tyler, who stood in the doorway.

“Nervous?” he asked, leaning against the frame.

“Yeah, actually,” you responded, leaning toward the mirror as you slathered your lips in chapstick. “I know I shouldn’t be, it’s just a roommate. But this feels so formal.”

“Relax, it’ll be fine. Just be charming yet friendly, and it’ll go well. Pretty sure he’s already picked you, anyway,” he reassured.

“Why?” you asked, wondering why these assumptions had been made.

“No one else really gets it,” Tyler mumbled, “they’ve always got an issue with his, uh, his schedule.”

”Oh my God, Tyler,” you rolled your eyes, “Who the fuck is this guy? Why are you making this so weird?”

“It’s just,” he paused, clearly struggling to form a sentence. “It’ll be fine. Don’t worry about it. Just remember that he’s totally normal and needs a roommate, and he’s harmless. You’ll be fine.”

Feeling a bit uneasy, you tousled your locks one last time before flicking the bathroom light off and following Tyler to the front door.

“Wish me luck,” you spoke unconvincingly, slipping into your light jacket and twirling your keys on your finger.

“You won’t need it,” he said with a tight-lipped smile, opening the door and shooing you out of his house with a giggle.

“Alright, alright! I’m going!” you laughed, skipping down the steps and hitting unlock on your key fob.

“Let me know,” he called from the doorway, earning a nod from you as you climbed into the driver’s seat of your truck and fired up the engine.

You creeped out of the driveway, turning on the radio and flipping through the stations. It was only a two-minute drive, but you were relieved to find ‘Stitches’ approaching its bridge on your favourite station. You sang along, bopping your head as you scanned the street for a spot, enjoying the last minute or so of the song before turning it down to concentrate. You pulled off to the side of the road, shifted into park and turned the truck off. Your phone buzzed.

An unknown number was displayed across your screen, indicating that you had a new message.

Hi, Tyler gave me your number! I’ll be at Starbucks in five it said, calming your nerves to know that you’d arrived first.

Crossing the street, you eyed a small dark booth in the corner through the window. After receiving your drink, you took a seat and pulled out your phone to update Tyler on the situation.

“Uh, hi,” spoke a shaky voice, diverting your attention from your phone and causing you to look up. “I think I’m your new roommate.”

Holy fuck. That’s why Tyler was so weird. He was Shawn Mendes, and he was your new roommate. Shawn Mendes was your new fucking roommate.

“H-hi,” you stumbled over your words, holding out a hand for him to shake as he slid onto the bench facing you.

He was even more beautiful in person. What the actual fuck? You were just blasting one of his songs in your car and now he was sitting in front of you, confirming that you were going to move in with him.

“I’m gonna go grab a coffee and then join you, I’ll be right back,” he smiled, hopping out of his seat and heading to the counter. Dear lord.

You went into your conversation with Tyler and sent him a keysmash, to which he replied with multiple laughing emojis. Fucker.

Looking over at Shawn, a blush crept up your cheeks as your eyes met his. He was staring. You felt your heart rate speed up, freaking out a little as he began walking over to you, again. He was charming and gorgeous and huge.

“Okay, we can talk now,” he grinned widely, “I’m Shawn.”

You introduced yourself, looking into his eyes as they lit up at the mention of your name.

“Well, it’s nice to finally meet you. You’re, uh, in need of a roommate?” he asked, tilting his head back as he sipped his coffee.

“Uh, yeah. I’m a student and I don’t want to move home, even though most of my classes are online. So I’m home a lot, but I keep to myself, I promise,” you said quietly, inspecting his face for a reaction. He maintained a tight-lipped smile, leaving you to look at the stubble on his chin and the curve of his lips, accompanied by two very rosy cheeks.

“Oh, trust me, that won’t be a problem,” he smiled, straightening out the sugar packets on the table.

“Let me guess. You’re never home?” you asked, raising an eyebrow in his direction.

“Not even that. I’m home more, lately, but I just hate being,” he paused, searching for the right words to say, “alone?”

“I get that. Another reason I’m not looking for an apartment by myself,” you added.

“I just, I get a little lost in my head sometimes. It helps to have another human nearby,” he averted his gaze, blushing more deeply.

It dawned on you that this muscular Greek God was actually a gigantic teddy bear afraid of being by himself.

“I can be that human!” you smiled, trying your best to make him feel more comfortable.

“Thank goodness. I’m tired of making my friends feel like they have to come babysit me,” he chuckled, meeting your gaze again. “Can I ask you something?”

“Hmm?” you raised your eyebrows, sipping your iced latte.

“I mean this in the least arrogant way possible, but, uh, does this weird you out? That I’m, you know, me?” he whispered, earning a giggle from you.

“That you’re pop sensation Shawn Mendes?” you responded jokingly, “No, actually. I’m unfazed.”

“That’s good,” he smiled, clutching his chest in relief. “Wow, okay. So, uh, when can you move in?”

You blinked at him, wondering if this had seriously been that easy. “Um, like, now? How about this weekend?” you responded.

“Sounds good. I have a Jeep so I can probably help with most of your stuff, and you’ll be all set up by Sunday,” he smiled.

“I have a truck actually,” you replied, earning a sigh from him. “But you can still help! I mean, if you want to.”

He grinned in response, nodding in agreement.

“Oh, um, what’s the rent situation?” you asked, wincing a bit in preparation of what you might hear.

“Oh, I didn’t even think about that,” he mumbled, chewing on his lower lip. “How about the cheapest place you looked at before, you can just match it. Fuck, cut it in half. Whatever. I don’t want to rip you off, you’re actually doing me a favour.”

“Oh, okay,” you nodded in disbelief, completely shocked that so many good things were happening at once. Why hadn’t Tyler mentioned him before?

“This should be good!” he smiled, leaning back in the booth. “We can meal plan, if you want. Or do a weekly movie night. You pick one, I pick one, that sort of thing. The gym’s pretty cool, too. I can show you some of my workouts if you’re interested.”

“Okay, Shawn,” you laughed, giddy that he was getting a little too excited.

“Sorry,” he sighed with a smile, running his long fingers through his thick curls. His hoodie displayed ‘YOUTH’ in large, white letters. This dork was wearing his own merch. “I got in a little over my head, there.”

“That’s okay,” you laughed, glancing at your phone to check the time. “Shit, uh, I should get going,” you said, your heart speeding up at bit when you saw his face fall.

“Oh, okay,” he gulped, standing with you.

“This is truly wonderful, though. I can’t thank you enough,” you said, slinging your purse over your shoulder and heading for the front door, Shawn following closely.

“Thank you,” he grinned, a silence falling over the two of you when his eyes met yours in the orange light. The sun was setting and light was cascading over his face, only making him look more gorgeous.

“R-right,” you smiled, “You’ve got my number, so, uh, you’ll text me?”

“Of course,” he beamed, wiggling his eyebrows a bit as he bounced on his feet.

“Alright, um, I’ll see you later, then? Saturday?” you asked, beginning to walk to your car when he nodded and pulled you in for a hug, catching you off guard.

You soon relaxed, melting into him and inhaling his musky scent. Your hands ran over his sides and up to his back, feeling the muscle beneath the fabric as he squeezed you tightly. He was warm, firm, and felt just right.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, quickly pulling away and taking a step back.

“Oh, that’s fine, it was nice, actually,” you laughed, “We’re gonna be living together, anyway. Might as well get comfortable now.”

“Yeah,” he nodded, shoving his hands in the pockets of his skinny jeans.

“Okay, I’m going now, for real,” you giggled, checking both ways before stepping out onto the street. “See you later, Shawn.”

“Take care,” he waved, walking in the opposite direction toward the black Jeep parked up the road. You had barely made it to your car before your phone buzzed, a text message displayed on the screen.

I was thinking we could do Taco Tuesdays?

Happily Ever After | Soulmate AU | Shawn Mendes

A/N: Soulmate AU - Soulmates are born with matching birthmarks and when they are close to each other the birthmarks ache and burn until you touch your soulmate. 

Word Count: 11k

| Masterlist |

“Ah shit!” you cry out as you drop the muffins you were carrying on the counter. You hold your hand, rubbing your thumb over the birthmark on the back of your hand. Ernie, your boss, pops his head out from the swinging door to the back room to see if you’re okay. You hold your hand up and shake your head. “It’s just hurting again.”

“You know that means your soulmate is around here,” Erie teases, a playful smile on his face. He steps past you to survey the small dining area in front of the bakery cases. He hums, tapping his chin with one flour covered finger as he eyes the customers. There are only three of them in the sitting area. A couple of elderly ladies who came in every couple days to gossip, a older man with a long beard that he was picking crumbs out of.

“I really don’t think it’s one of our customers,” you chuckle as you gather the muffins and turn to put them on the glass display stand on the counter. You place them one by one in a circle and then stack the last three on top before putting the cloche over them. “Besides, it always happens so fast that I’m starting to think it’s just a nerve or something.”

“No no,” Ernie protests, waving his flour covered hands at you. “Soulmate marks don’t lie. That guy…or girl, whatever, it out there passing this shop every day. One day you’re going to meet them.”

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-All writings are my own, and I ask that they are not reposted — even if offered credit — so please respect this. I’ve spent lots of time and effort into each of these posts and I would prefer for them to stay within my blog for you all to enjoy. Thank you for understanding! :))

*imagines are organized from oldest to newest*

* = 300+ notes


-Don’t Be a Fool* | part two | part three (finale)
Shawn’s newest tour schedule forces him to make a decision, resulting in a broken relationship. 

-I Spy a Cheater*
When you find out that Shawn has been cheating behind your back instead of writing his album like he said he was, you’re faced with the decision of leaving or staying with Shawn.

-Hurtful Words* | part two* | part three* | part four* (finale) 
In which Shawn’s wounding words on what was supposed to be a perfect night end up damaging more than just your feelings.

-Dare or Drink
Shawn is dared to tell you that he cheated and although it’s far from the truth, you’re not having it.

-Thin Walls* | part two  [a personal favorite]
Secrets have been kept, but the truth will always find its way out. When Shawn hears something he shouldn’t have through the thin walls, walls of his own seem to crash down as well.

Bestfriend!Shawn gets jealous when another guy comes into the picture, but he doesn’t exactly know how to voice his feelings

-Too Good at Goodbyes
Inspired by Sam Smith’s ‘too good at goodbyes’

-Decisions* | part two* |  part three[most popular] 
Shawn is forced to choose between you or his girlfriend 

-Locked Room
When you and Shawn get into a little argument, Aaliyah locks the two of you into a room alone until you guys make up 

-Perfectly Wrong*
Inspired by Perfectly Wrong on Shawn’s self-titled album.

-Tied Down* | part two[a personal favorite]
Shawn feels tied down after a nearly two-year relationship. Like they say, you don’t realize how good you had something it until it’s gone. In this case, that something was a someone.


-What Were the Odds* [ongoing] pt. 1pt. 2


-A Little Too Much* (Shawn’s there to catch you when the stress of school finally catches up)

-Not Anymore (“What do you mean you don’t love me anymore?”)

-Ice Rink Date (Shawn attempts to teach you how to ice skate)

-Dance With Me (Baking with Shawn turns into more)

-Drunk!Shawn fluff (“Why the hell is there glitter everywhere?”)

-Fake Dating (After fake dating for a night, being more than just friends becomes an afterthought)

-“Why Don’t You Just Go?” (Shawn begins to go out more than he hangs out with you)

-Hoodie (“I don’t know if I could ever live without you.”)

-Hot Water (Shawn accidentally burns himself with hot water during a spa night)

-Cuddles (As someone who doesn’t like physical affection, you make an exception for Shawn)

-Dad!Shawn (Hockey Shawn and his wife watching their twins’ first game)

-Childish (Shawn won’t let you sleep)

-Baby Talk*

-Got You




-New Neighbor*

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•Any and all forms of unauthorized reproduction of these posts/writings are prohibited.

Keep It Down (Smut)


Request: Aaliyah has friends over, but Shawn is needy. 

Word count: 1,301 (kinda short, so let’s call it a blurb)

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

Shawn grabbed roughly around my waist after slamming the bathroom door hardly, making sure to lock it behind him.

In a quick move, he picked me up from the floor and I wrapped my legs around his hips. He banged my back roughly against the cold wall, leaving behind a loud noise as he roughly smashed his craving but soft lips into mine.

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Out of Reach

warning: 2k of Shawn-based smut. definitely going to hell for this one. I was gonna call it Handy Man because that’s funny but dear lord

Shawn’s first festival performance seemed to call for celebration as the guys insisted on going out for a few drinks afterward. Shawn reluctantly agreed, proud of himself and his team but anxious to get it over with. His mind was somewhere else.

He spent the night watching the clock, tapping his foot to the music blaring from the speakers as he downed a couple of drinks. He couldn’t seem to shake the thoughts of her from his mind, wondering what she was doing or who she was with. Probably studying, or at work, he figured, considering the time difference and her jam-packed schedule.

It wasn’t like he could call her, either. They weren’t dating. They’d hung out a few times back home, but nothing had ever come of it. She was like the forbidden fruit, and he was dying for a taste.

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Listen To Your Heart| Werewolf AU | Shawn Mendes Fic

A/N: This fic features Shawn Mendes and Noah Centineo but is still a Shawn Mendes Fic. 

Summary: Under pressure to join a pack after starting college, you meet Shawn and Noah, two alphas in the same pack and your life is about to change.

Word Count: 11.5k

| Masterlist |

Your first month at Buckley University is when you first noticed Shawn. He was in the cafeteria with friends, they were laughing, yelling, just being very loud. You couldn’t help but look up to where the noise was coming from and see him, quiet, smiling softly as the people around him carried on excitedly. He is tall, fit, gorgeous…an absolute dream.

“Are you staring at Shawn?” your roommate asks, looking up from her lunch to where you’re ogling the guy across the room. “He’s one of the alphas of my boyfriend’s pack.”

“Shawn huh?” You snort. Such a soft name for an alpha. You look away, you didn’t want anything to do with an alpha, not after you and your best friend Katie ended up amid a pack fight and she got badly hurt. You pack up your books the second Shawn looks over. You can feel his eyes on you as you exit the cafeteria but you don’t dare look back.

From that day on, you start to see Shawn everywhere. It’s like you can’t escape him and frankly it’s kind of annoying. He never directly approaches you, never does more than stare at you from a distance. It’s weird. After a few weeks something finally happened. It’s the day you passed him in the hall on your way out of a lecture hall for your English class and he “accidentally” bumped into you while walking with some of his friends. “Accidentally” meaning he pretty much shoulder checked you so you’d notice him, at least that’s how it seemed anyway. You immediately apologized out of habit as soon as it happened, and he turned and gave you a soft little smile with a wave. As if he hadn’t done it on purpose. What was his angle? Were you just looking to far into it? Maybe it really was an accident. 

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  • Afterparty - Drunk Birthday Shawn, wanting a little blow job [1.9K ] 
  • Glad we didn’t fall in love  - Blind date when you’re not looking for it.  [ 2K ] 
  • Better - After some passionate sex Shawn get’s a little overwhelmed. 
  • Sharpie. - Shawn overhears a conversation between you and your friends [2.1K]
  • Drunk. - you’re drunk and he’s not, yet. 
  • Homerun.  - First time sex  [3.9K]
  • you got me a greenhouse - Apartment Hunting with Shawn [1.7 K]
  • Brat - Fighting and a little smut [800 W]
  • Bartender!Shawn - You’re the boss, and he’s the new guy. 
  • threatened. - shawn sees a guy getting close to y/n at the bar, and leads to a scuffle. 
  • Please - angst, reader gets into accident [1.8 K]
  • California -  Shawn’s reputation isn’t good after your break up, months later he comes back to town and runs into you again at the store
  • Never Again | pt .2  - Shawn and reader get in a fight and then an accident puts her life jeopardy, angst
  • Want - Angsty Shawn wants you back 
  • Her - Smut, smut, smut. A lot of dirty talk, praise and a little Dom!Shawn.  [3.3K]
  • French Girls -  Teaching Shawn French, super fluffy 
  • Touch ** - Shawn walks in on your taking care of business. 
  • Annoying Neighbour - Dirty aggressive smut, from that stupid neighbour who plays his music late at night. 
  • Sick - Shawn takes care of you. 
  • Games of the Heart - Angst. Pretending to not be into one another until you can’t take it anymore. 
  • Woman - Concert! Shawn at a Harry Styles concert. 
  • New Years Day  - New Years party fluff. Having a New Years party sometimes takes the fun out of it. 
  • Sugar and Spice  - TattooArtist!Shawn. Y/n comes in for a tattoo in an unusual place. 
  • The Engagement - Someone is getting married. 
  • 3.AM - Showing up to pick up your stuff. Angst.

Shawn Mendes AU: You have a son

He’d be on tour and he’d miss you both so much, constantly face timing and calling you and when he’d be with you, he would be so proud of everything your son does or learns. 

(Y/S/N = Your sons name)

I finally felt like finishing this AU which has been on my MASTERLIST for so long. It took me quite some time to find some matching videos but I think it turned out cute :). Hope you enjoy, Shawn girls <3

Little Things


A/N: This is my very bad attempt at something cute, but you know… Fluff isn’t my best. Also a bit different from what I’ve done in the past, so feedback would be great. 

Word count: 3,405

Pickering, Canada
April 2024

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Falling In Love Is Easily The Hardest Thing | Shawn Mendes | Oneshot

Summary: You’re Shawn’s long time personal assistant. He’s freaking out about the album coming out in a few days. You accidentally say you love him while trying to talk him down. It’s okay though, because he loves you too.

Word Count: 2k


Loving Shawn is sleeping on the floor of studios because it’s past midnight and you’re exhausted but you don’t want to leave him. It’s carrying water bottles around in your backpacks and purses because he always forgets them. It’s listening to him practice the same lyrics over and over in hallways, bathrooms, and empty ballrooms. It’s living out of suitcases, backpacks and duffel bags for months at a time. Taking planes, buses and shuttles at all hours of the night to everywhere in the world. It’s staying up until the sun breaks over the horizon because he can’t sleep due to nerves, anxiety, or insecurity. Sometimes all three. It’s talking him down from the stress of it all and not letting him say fuck it all at four in the morning at in a hotel room in Brazil. It’s being there for him when he gets frustrated and can’t hit notes, when he can’t get a melody right, when he can’t focus. It’s staying up late, spending all day listening to songs he’ll never record, or songs he wants to get inspiration from. It’s rubbing his throat when he’s strained himself and massaging his hands when he’s played guitar for six hours straight. Loving Shawn is easily the hardest thing you’ve ever done, but then again that’s what love is, and you wouldn’t trade it for the world.


“I’m freaking out,” Shawn says calmly from the couch beside you. He is completely still, guitar on his lap, head lent back against the cushion. Nothing about him reads as a freak out, and you know freak outs.

“You sure?” You chuckle, looking him over again. Nope. Looks okay.

Shawn turns his head and stares at you. “I think I’m gonna die. I’m pretty sure my heart is gonna pound out of my chest and I’m just gonna die.”

You look over at a couple of the guys from the band who are hanging out on the couch opposite you. They get the hint and leave, closing the door to the room behind them. “What’s going on, why are you freaking out?” you ask, situating yourself so you’re facing him.

“The album drops in two days. I’ve got nerves on my nerves. What if it’s not good enough? What if it’s too different and fans hate it?” He runs his hands through his hair and tugs. “Fuck, what if I peaked with Illuminate? What if I’m nineteen and I peaked?”

“Shawn,” you say in that soft, low, almost purr like voice that you only used when he was freaking out. He knows this voice and he knows it means he needs to listen to you. “You’re in your head. The album is amazing, you’re amazing. People are going to love the new sounds, they’re going to love it because it’s you. Believe me. I’ve been here for every step of the way and I can tell you that I love it and…and I love you.”

“Why’d you pause like that?”

“What do you mean?”

Shawn sets his guitar beside the couch and turns to sit sideways, facing you. “Before you said “and I love you" you stopped, well, paused. Why?”

You shrug. “I was just collecting my thoughts I guess.” Bullshit. Absolute bullshit. You fucked up. You fucked up and said the words you’ve been trying to fight for months. The words that made your heart flip, soar, clench and stop all at once. The words you never thought you’d say out loud and especially not to him. The words you thought you could never say to him, yet here you are.

“Are you sure? Because you know you can tell me anything. I promise it stays between us, you know that.”

“I know Shawn,” you mutter, leaning against the cushion, avoiding eye contact. God you are an open book and you don’t know how to shut it around Shawn. “I guess I just wasn’t sure how to say it because I’ve never said that before.”

“You’ve never said I love you?”

“Not to you, well not to anyone outside my family really.”

Shawn leans against the couch and folds his arms over his chest. “Well, guess I’m pretty special,” he smiles, those kind soft brown eyes crinkling and that breathy little chuckle coming out. It was no wonder you fell in love with him. “You’re pretty special too y'know.”

“Yeah? How?”

“Because I love you too.”

“Oh come on Shawn,” you roll your eyes. He is just being his polite self, returning the compliment as he always did. There wasn’t an unkind bone in this man’s body, you’re pretty sure. “You love everyone. Jake, Andrew, Geoff and Brian. You’re like an eternal love giver, of course you love me.”

Shawn goes soft, his face goes into that quiet serious but gentle expression you only saw when he was in his feelings. It wasn’t often, but it was one you were familiar enough with. His eyes say a thousand words, they write a whole novel, but you can’t decipher a single thing. “I don’t love them like I love you.”

“I’m not sure I get what you-”

“I think you do.”

“Shawn, no. I’m not the one who you’re supposed to fall in love with. I’m not the one who’s going to have songs written about her one day.”

Shawn chuckles softly. “You have no idea do you?”

You furrow your eyebrows. “No idea about what?”

Shawn leans back, sitting with his head back on the cushions again, staring at the ceiling. His cheeks are bright pink, flushed like he’s embarrassed. “What is the one song on the album that you weren’t around with me to write?”

“I don’t know,” you laugh. How did he expect you to remember which of like fifty songs you weren’t around for. You passed out a lot, caught later flights sometimes. There were things you missed here and there.

“No, you know. Remember, when you listened to the rough cut?”

“Uhh, yeah,” you close your eyes, trying to remember like a month and a half ago. The night you stayed up until two in the morning with him in his hotel room listening to the album. “It’s that one, Falling For You? The one Ed sent you?”

“Fallin All In. He didn’t just send it to me. We wrote it together the night I flew into London and you were still in Toronto for your mom’s birthday.”


“So, it’s about you,” Shawn laughs, eyes still on the ceiling. His leg is doing that nervous bouncy thing that he did before shows. “It’s about you and I had to fight to keep it on the album when Andrew found out.”


Shawn’s trembling as he looks at you. “I told Ed how I’ve felt about you for a long time, just started talking about everything I’ve ever imagined with you really. Ed just started writing lyrics and it just went from there.”

You sit there, stunned silent. This whole time he hid his feelings the same way you had. How long had you just gone on hurting, aching, wanting each other and for no reason. It was like standing on either side of fogged glass, suspecting the other might be on just the other side, but not being sure, not being able to see clearly, never being bold enough to just wipe the glass and see.

“It’s okay if you don’t love me. It is fine really. I never thought I’d find someone so quickly in my life and it’s probably ridiculous but if-”

“Shawn.” He looks over, tears in his eyes like his heart has already been broken. “I love you too. I know we’ve never been physically intimate and I mean it’s not to say I don’t want to be. I just I feel like that’s maybe something we should experience before saying I love you but I guess we really don’t have to and mmm-!”

Shawn leans forward and kisses you, simple lips on lips. Eyes open, pleading with you silently that it was okay. And it is. It’s more than okay. You bring your hands up and hold his face. He smiles against your lips and it’s the sweetest thing as he chases that smile into another kiss. He pushes you back a bit until you’re laying down, head on the arm of the couch. He holds himself up over you, loose curls, long and unruly, fall down and tickle your forehead.

“I wrote Perfectly Wrong about you too,” he mumbles, pressing his forehead against yours. “Remember when I got drunk with Teddy and Scott that night at The Woodshed studio in Malibu?”

“Yeah, the day you and I fell asleep together after the beach. How could I forget, your cheeks were so red from the fireball shots and you wouldn’t let me go to bed and I had to kick you out of my room so I could sleep.”

“I was pretty fucked up. I was hurting and I was doing it to myself thinking about you. I think I knew then, after we wrote that song. I knew I was in love.”

You run your hand through his hair, fingers tangling a bit in the product he used. It was soft nonetheless. “For me it was when you were getting ready for the Time 100 awards. When we were backstage and you were pacing, on the edge of a panic attack and I grabbed you and pulled you aside. I didn’t know what to do so I grabbed your face and made you focus on me instead of the crowd. The way your eyes searched mine, the way you trusted me completely as you relaxed and found your focus again…I’ll never forget.”

“Why did we wait?” he asks, sighing softly. “Why were we so stupid?”

“I don’t know, but I do know you have an interview to go to right now, and a set to play after,” you smile, patting his cheek. “And in two days, everyone’s going to love you as much as I do.”

He grins and pushes up off the couch. “Yeah and in two days everyone’s going to know how much I love you.”

“Let’s keep them guessing for a while though.”

“Sounds good to me,” you chuckle, shooing him away. You glance up from your phone at a bit of movement a second later, startling a bit cuz you thought he had gone. He just leans on the doors to the hall and looks over at you. “What?”

“I’m playing Fallin All In tonight, the guys already helped me plan it out since Andrew didn’t want me to. I’m playing Lost first then Nervous and then Fallin.”

“But why?”

“Because I was going to tell you tonight.”

You shake your head. “Tell me what?”

Shawn does his weird little shoulder hunch and chuckle that he did when he was nervous sometimes. “I was going to tell you that I love you tonight, that’s why I was freaking out. It’s not because the album. I’m nervous about the album, confident, but nervous. It’s not why I was freaking out though.”


“You beat me to it, foiled my plans.”

“I did.”

Shawn smiles and opens the door to go out. “I’ll see you after?”

“Of course. Where else would I be?”

He shrugs and smiles as he says, “I love you,” in the softest, sweetest voice ever. Like it was a secret and he didn’t want anyone else to hear.

“Get out of here!” you giggle, looking down as you shake your head at his cuteness. “Wait!” You call out before he can get too far and he pops right back in as you grin. “I love you too,” you whisper back in the same way he had. He just smiles and you know that this was going to be the start of everything both of you had ever wanted.