shawn's sister

You get your period 4/10-magcon

You get your peirod- magcon BSM (brother sister moment)

“Ugh” i groan,another shocking pain strikes through my stomach,
Right now i was currently almost upside down,trying to find a comfy
Position to lay in,my back was killing me and so was my head
I’d tried all afternoon to rest,and just as i doze off to sleep
Another pain would come,
“UGH” i Groan loudly,it must have been loud
Because cameron shot through the door
“Whats wrong?” He asked with a questioning look on his face
I paused
“Um..yanno..” I trailed,
“What?” He asked still looking confused
“Lady problems…” I whispered,
“Oh,why didnt you just say?” He said sitting down on the edge of
My bed,i shrugged.
“Is there anything that you want?” He asked smiling
I grinned
“Yes,can you get me, a tub of ice cream,and some pills,
And some movies?” I smiled
“Ill be right back” he smiled
“Thank you” i called out,and snuggled into my covers.

You were over at matts house,all of his friends were there
You were all just messing about and making a mess,
“Y/N CATCH” taylor screamed as he threw a controller at you
“TAYLOR WHAT THE FUCK” you screamed
He just laughed
“Sorry love” he smiled and hugged me
“Its okay” i laughed
Just as i broke free from the hug ,a pain shot through my belly
I screeched
“Oh my god whats wrong” asked a concerned taylor
“Nothing” i managed to get out,
I quickly ran too the bathroom,i locked the door and quickly pulled
Down my panties,oh crap,there was a small red dot in them
I pulled them back up,i began to feel sick
“MATT” i screamed
“WHAT” he screamed back
He quickly ran to the bathroom,i popped my head out of the door
“Can you um call to the store and um get me some pads?..” I whispered
His face turned bright red
“Please?” I pleaded
I quickly gave him a hug and pushed him out
“AND HURRY UP” i shouted

“Y/N move” taylor said nudging me
“Taylor fuck off” i groan,not moving from my position
“Go to sleep on your bed or something” he groaned trying
To shove me out of the way,i was currently in a position where my
Cramps weren’t as bad as they were when i was sitting up straight
And i wasnt prepared to move for him.
“” I said sternly
Taylor shouted,
Tears pricked my eyes,i got up quickly and ran
Into my room slamming the door shut and sliding down it,
I started crying,i wiped the tears from my eyes but more
Quickly replaced them,
“Y/N can i come in” taylor knocked lightly on the door
“No” i said quietly
“Please?” He pleaded
I didnt reply
“Well im not going untill you let me in” he carried on knocking
I finally got up and unlocked my door
I opened it to see taylor standing there with a bag of candy
And some movies.
I smiled slightly,
“Im sorry” he said
I didnt reply
“I figured you were um on your…”
“Period” i finished
“Yeah,and im sorry”
“Its okay” i smiled and hugged him

(On this one this is your first period and you and nash are home alone)

Me and nash were sitting on the couch watching lion king
And eating candy
“Nash go get me something to drink” i smiled and batted my eyelashes
Nash rolled his eyes,
“Go get it yourself”
“Please” i begged
“But you’re closer!”
“Fine! Just remember this the next time you want something from me okay?” I smiled
Sarcastically and walked into the kitchen,
I got my soda out of the fridge and poured it into a cup
I got a sharp pain in my stomach which made me spill my drink
I didnt know what it was so i shouted nash
“NASH” i yelled
“WHAT?!” He said running into the kitchen,
“I just got a really bad pain in my stomach and now it hurts and
Now i feel like im gonna puke,what do i do?”
Nash’s face turned bright red
“What?!” I said
He looked down at my pants,i saw a red dot seeping through my white shorts
Oh god,i just got my period,
I darted into the bathroom,and looked under the sink,i saw pads there when i went to get
Shampoo one time,
I quickly changed myself and walked out,slightly embarrassed
I looked over to nash who was smiling like a goof,
“My sister is growing up” he smiled.




This is Jemima, she’s obsessed with Tay and writes hella good smut.

My world would be a whole lot different if I weren’t in this fandom because I would have never known my best friend. I flew miles to a different country then took two trains just to meet her, that’s how much she means to me.

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