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authors note: this is kinda different from the usual fluffy imagine. i got the idea to write it while watching shawn’s livestream the other night. i don’t think he realizes how many girls are so madly deeply in love with him. like literally. it sounds crazy and maybe it is but it’s true. i don’t know him personally, but from what i’ve seen of him in interviews, and what i hear him sing in his songs, i can say honestly that i am very much in love with shawn😂 and i’m sure that many other girls can say the same. i just wish shawn would realize that we aren’t all crazy fan girls. there’s so many girls in the mendes army out there who i can honestly see would be able to keep a healthy stable relationship with shawn. there are so many girls out there who love him dearly. idk. sorry to keep ranting but that’s just how i feel. anyway, this imagine is basically how i would feel if i was with shawn. this is how i felt the last time i was in love with someone. it’s scary but also beautiful.

You walked out of the bathroom to see Shawn fast asleep on your hotel bed. He was laying on his stomach sprawled across the whole bed, one of his hands underneath a pillow. You went over and sat on the edge of the bed and just watched him. You would’ve cuddled up next to him to try and sleep but you didn’t want to move or wake him at all. You loved times like these. You were lucky enough to be able to see him do cute little things like twitch, and make silly noises in his sleep. You remember those nights when he was on tour far away from you, he and you would always fall asleep on the phone. He always fell asleep first and you got to hear him toss and turn some nights. You always had trouble sleeping but whether it is was on the phone or in real life, even just hearing him breathe calmed you, and helped you to sleep better. You couldn’t believe how lucky you were. Some nights you would wake up from bad dreams and Shawn was always there. Even when he wasn’t physically there. He always told you to text or call him whenever you woke up even if it was 2am. There were so many nights where you did and he would kindly calm you down from your bad dream and talk you back to sleep. He was truly the sweetest and most pure boyfriend you’d ever had. You were snapped out of your thoughts when you felt Shawn move. He reached out his hand.

“Y/N. Here.” He motioned for you to lay next to him so you did. How could you not? You layed on your side next to him with one of your legs up and around his waist, his arm wrapped tightly around you. His eyes were closed but his mouth was open. He was half asleep. You loved being so close to him. You got to see all of his perfect imperfections. His little scar on his cheek that you’ve kissed a thousand times. There were even nights where you stayed up and counted his freckles. Everything about him was perfect to you. You wished there was a way to be even closer to him. Whenever you hugged him, it wasn’t tight enough. Whenever you kissed him, it wasn’t long enough. Being close to him was all you wanted to do all the time.

“I love you. A lot.” You said sleepily and kissed his head.

“I love you a lot too.” Shawn said and smiled a little.

You felt bad for talking and keeping him awake but you wanted to tell him how you felt. You made sure to say I love you as much as you could but sometimes you felt like it wasn’t enough. They were just words. Of course you did nice things for him too but it still felt like it wasn’t enough. You wanted to give him the whole world. All you wanted ever, was to see him smile. You couldn’t even put into words how you felt for him. It felt almost impossible to even love someone so much. But you knew you did. As scary as it was you knew you were totally crazily in love with him. You probably would be even if he hurt you ever. Physically or emotionally. And that was the scary part about being in love. Whoever you’re in love with, literally takes over your whole life. But you don’t care. You let them do whatever they want to do. Either way, you couldn’t get enough of it. You loved him. And you could only hope that he felt this much love for you too.


Psych has been pretty important in my life, actually. I got into it because I’m into humor shows and my friend recommended it for that reason, but it’s really not just a humor show. It taught me a lot about  friendship and what it means to love unconditionally- Gus puts up with a lot from Shawn because he realizes how rare he is, and Shawn stays with Gus because Gus is one of the only constants in his life- a real, grounding presence in the midst of his lies and emotional barriers. I like that the show can switch from actiony and quippy to intimate and sweet so easily. I like that even in heartbreaking moments, it can be funny (like when Gus and Shawn thought they were about to die and they kept just joking around anyway) and it can be surprising in remarkable ways (like in the final episode, when Lassiter broke the goodbye disc before listening to it) 

This show has helped me face a lot of my fears; I was always awed by Shawns bluntness and unabashed silliness and his seeming inability to be insulted or put off his shenanigans. All the characters are very confident and unafraid to speak their minds: Carlton knows all about the Civil War and guns and WILL tell you about it, Juliet knows what she wants in life and won’t settle, Woody…is Woody. Unashamedly. That’s pretty rare to have. I took that confidence and have held it ever since. 

This is not an ordinary detective comedy. This is the show I sit down to watch after a bad day, only to find my day miraculously improved. This is the show where a guy can go from arguing about whether math is black, to assuring his best friend that he doesn’t blame him for getting them murdered. A gruff, condescending detective becomes gentler and learns to be less petty, and learns to love. A businesslike pharmacist realizes friendship and adventure are more important to him than a desk job.  A divorced dad moves on and fixes his relationship with his son. A fake psychic grows up a little bit.

So…good show or great show? I’ve heard it both ways.


word count: 767

Okay, so Shawn couldn’t say I love you on the walk home from the restaurant, or at the ice-skating rink, or even when they were sitting on the couch watching Home Alone and she looked so perfect. But, it was okay. Shawn realized that he the reason he couldn’t say I love you in those moments was because they weren’t right, at least that’s what he was telling himself.

She deserved so much more than a crowded ice-skating rink with screaming three-year-olds complaining about the cold. She deserved so much more than a graffitied street-side. She deserved so much more than his living room with Macaulay Culkin setting up tricks and traps on the TV screen.

So he set up something perfect. He texted her earlier inviting her over that night and she replied with a yes and her favorite emojis (the green heart, unicorn, and the snowman - hey it’s seasonal). His heart swelled thinking of his beautiful girl and what he would tell her. He would tell her tonight, he was sure of it. He loved her and he wanted her to know.

He spent the day cleaning. He was kicking himself for not thinking ahead about how messy he was. How could one person make so much mess? He started cooking her favorite food and bought her favorite bottle of wine. He got ready and before he knew it she was riding his doorbell in rapid succession. She’s a pain but she’s his pain, so it was worth it.

He ran to the door almost slipping on his freshly cleaned floor and swung the door open. There she was, as sweet as ever. Tucking her hair behind her ear, a smile on her face. Her lips start moving and he steps back to reality out of the dream that he often fell into when he looked at her.

“What,” he said when he realized she was saying something.

“Are you gonna make me freeze out here,” she laughed slipping past him pinching his butt on the way in. He smiled at her as she slid her coat off and her scarf and struggled to pull the laces off her boots. He got down on his knees and pulled one boot off at a time.

“My hero” she would coo in a sing-songy voice. He smiled as he grabbed her hand and pulled her into the living room.

“You cleaned,” she said feigning shock.

“Hey, I clean sometimes.” Shawn replied “Meanie.”

She would fall onto the couch and he would bring her wine. They would sit there for a while talking about their day and how much they loved each other without actually saying that pesky, little four letter word.

“What’s that smell,” She said after a while.


Shawn ran into the kitchen and opened the stove to find smoke pouring out and her favorite food inside, burnt to a crisp.

“Well, it’s definitely done.” She said warily leaning over his shoulder. She turned the oven off and closed the door to stop the smoke from escaping.

“Damn it,” Shawn said in a strangled voice. Everything he had planned and done to make tonight perfect and he couldn’t even get it right.  “I’m sorry, I wanted to make it perfect for you. You deserv-“

She stopped him with a kiss. “I love you.”

The words tumbled so easily out of her mouth that she barely recognized that she had said them at all. She meant them. Of course, she meant them. It’s all she had been thinking about for weeks on end. Here he was her perfect boyfriend. Who tried so hard to make a sweet night for her, for seemingly no reason at all.

The corners of his lips tipped up as he took her face in his hands and kissed her. “I love you.” So there it was. He said it and god did he feel it.

Okay so maybe this wasn’t exactly how he wanted it to go. But, here he was with his beautiful girl sitting on his kitchen floor with a smoking oven and nothing else mattered on this earth. 

They said it all night. Shawn would pass her the takeout box, there was no fixing the mistake sitting in the oven, and she would say “Thank you. I love you.” He would smile a big toothy grin. She would tease him over something silly he said on Twitter that day and he would say, “You’re mean…but I love you.”

They loved each other. They truly did.

A/N: For my sweet reader. I hope you enjoy this part two. Thank you for your feedback xx

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january 2014 the month shawn realized he had a lazy eye


I put this in a response to an ask, but since so many people message me with an unclear understanding of where I stand on these kids relationships (especially Lucaya), let’s put it in a major post. 

Someone asked me “So since you think that Maya did have an identity crisis, do you agree that Maya’s feelings for Lucas were fake too then, since she doesn’t want a nice guy?”

The answer is no, not at all. Here’s why:

It’s a lot like Shawn thinking he and Angela needed to be exactly like Cory and Topanga, but in a different context. He saw what his best friend had and decided that he was supposed to have the same type of relationship. But he is a different person, with different wants, different needs and a completely different story. Romance, love, relationships- those are personal things. How they play out in your life is completely unique to you, and to you alone. Once Shawn realized this, truly realized this, he was able to let go of the notion that he lost his “one true love” and understand that sometimes the person you fall in love with at 16 isn’t who you are meant to be with forever. Then he was able to marry Katy and be truly happy.

So with Maya, same thing in a new age type of way. Maya lost herself, started to think she was supposed to have exactly what Riley did, even down to the type of boy Riley wants. Who is the type of guy Riley wants? She wants the cookie cutter-OK with everything-moral compass-Mr. Perfect-Prince Charming boyfriend. So Maya thought hey, that’s what I’m supposed to want, too.

Now when Maya found herself again, and realized that she doesn’t want, and isn’t supposed to want the exact same things as Riley in life, she basically grouped Lucas in with those things. She thought “Okay, I don’t want a “Mr. Perfect” boyfriend, I’m full of way too much fire for that. I want someone with passion, someone not afraid to break the rules once and awhile, someone with spunk..I want Josh.”

(Now I’m NOT discrediting her feelings for Josh, because I think they are genuinely there and have been since Season 1, just like I wouldn’t discredit Rileys feelings for Lucas. I just think they are very “first crush, surface level” situations. But with that said….)

Who is Lucas…really? IS Lucas Mr. Perfect? Is he always a moral compass, is he truly “OK with everything”? Is he really only a “nice” guy?

Absolutely not. He got kicked out of his own school and had to stay back a year. When something happens to someone he cares about, he just about loses his god damn mind. When he believes in something, or feels threatened by something, he gets passionate as all hell. On top of all that, he spars and banters and tangles with the best of them and that comes out very clearly in his natural chemistry with Maya.

Lucas is the king of breaking the rules, he’s the king of passion, he’s the king of being a bad ass. But he suppresses it. He hasn’t learned to balance it, like Maya has. He wants nothing to do with it. So he backs away from Maya, because he doesn’t want to remember who he used to be, he said himself he wanted a “fresh start” like it all never even happened. He thinks that his passion is a bad thing, but he’s wrong, he just needs to learn how to use it.

But trying to erase that part of him, why wouldn’t he move towards Riley? The person who sees him as that idealization of Prince Charming. Maya sees the other sides of him, embraces them(pick up the bed with one arm, Lucas!), and he can’t be around that, because he doesn’t want to be that guy.

Eventually though, he’s going to grow. He’s going to learn that who you are is who you are, and you can add parts to your personality, you can evolve, but your core dynamics will always remain the same. When he does that, I think he’s going to be a complex and fantastic character. As a matter of fact, I think part of the reason he’s so damn static and flat consistently is because the writers damn well know if they move him forward and let him evolve, he’s just going to be become way too perfect of a match for Maya, and the entire situation will be prematurely out of balance. Other things need to be resolved first.

So, for now, Maya is convinced her feelings for Lucas weren’t real, because she has a skewed version of who Lucas really is, because Lucas even has a skewed version on who he really is. Hell,  Riley does, too.

And speaking of Riley, and her wanting “Mr. Perfect, Mr. Moral Compass” as her boyfriend. Who, beyond the Prince Charming idealization of it all, is REALLY the nice guy, the moral compass of this show? Is it Lucas, y’all? Or is it Farkle Minkus?

I’ll let you decide that.

Shawn Mendes - I trust you

Request:  Shawn imagine where y/n used to cut cause of insecurity but has been clean for a while (Shawn knows) but when Shawn tells the world they’re a couple all the hate brings those insecurities back and she starts cutting again. She goes on cutting in secret for a few months, Shawn realizes what’s going on when he is making out with her and pins her arms against the wall and he’s completely shattered feeling like its his fault
Sorry that was long. It’s just a story that happened to me minus Shawn. I used to cut cause I was so insecure. I’m still insecure af but I’ve been clean for 18 months! Shawns music has helped too TBH so..

Stay strong, beautiful!


Dating Shawn was my biggest struggle. I loved him, so much, but I knew if we would make it official, I wouldn’t cope with the hate from the fans. And I was right. After one year of hiding we decided to announce it. From that day I got so much hate through social media, that I had to do something.

To start cutting again was a stupid idea, but right at that moment, it felt… right. But I didn’t want Shawn to know about it. I told him about how I used to cut, and he was mad at me, and he made me promise not to do this again. I couldn’t tell him that I broke my promise.

Scrolling through Twitter always made me feel like shit. I always ended up crying and then cutting seemed to be a solution, while in real life it was a stupid thing.

It felt so bad to hide it from Shawn. I was always scared that he would see it and be mad at me, or maybe even break up with me. I went on like this for two months, it was until he accidently saw it one night.

We were at my place, he was spending the night over. I was wearing a big hoodie to hide my cuts on my wrists and everything was going fine, just until thing got a bit heated.

We were watching some stupid movie, when Shawn might have gotten bored and started to place gentle kisses on my neck.

“You are missing the movie,” I said smiling, lacing my fingers through his hair.

“Mmm, I don’t care,” he mumbled rolling on top of me.

His hands travelled under my shirt and he got between my knees. I wrapped my legs around his waist, as he kissed me passionately.

We got carried away, I couldn’t think properly, this is why I didn’t see the next things coming.

He held my hands and he slowly put them above my head pinning them to the pillow. His palms were around my wrists and pain shot through my arms as he tightened his grip on my wrists. I hissed and yanked my hands back from him.

“Are you okay?” he asked lifting his head.

“Uh, yeah, it’s just…” I pulled down the sleeves to cover my scars, but it caught his attention.

“Y/N, what’s going on?” He sat down next to me waiting for my answer. I didn’t know what I should say, so I just stuttered incoherently. “Give me your hands,” he said seriously. I hesitated, but I knew it was over, I couldn’t hide it anymore.

I put my hands in his, he slowly pulled the sleeves up revealing my ugly scars. My body was shaking, I was afraid of what he would do. But he just kept silent. I wanted to know what he was thinking, if he was mad, or sad or disappointed, but he didn’t say anything.

“Please, say something,” I said with a shaky voice. He took a deep breath and looked up at me.

“It’s my fault.” I widened my eyes at him.

“What? No!”

“Yes, it is. Is it because of the hate? You have to tell me.”

“It is, but it’s not your fault!”

“Than whose?” he asked raising his voice a bit. “You are in this situation because of me! I shouldn’t have put you out there, I should have known better.”

“No, Shawn, it has nothing to do with you. I’m just having a hard time with everything going on. I’m sorry I did it, I know it’s stupid.” I started to cry not being able to contain myself anymore.

“And why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I’m so ashamed that I’m doing this again. I don’t want to, but I can’t stop.”

My tears blurred my vision and I just wanted to go back in time so this all wouldn’t happen. I felt so bad that I made Shawn think it was his fault.

“You don’t trust me enough,” he said quietly. I widened my eyes again, putting my arms around his neck quickly.

“What? No, Shawn, I trust you, it’s just something I don’t want anyone to know about!”

He kept silent again, not looking at me. I knew he was still thinking about how it was his fault. It was worse than everything, knowing I made him feel like that.

He slowly took my hands in his, examining the scars, and then he finally looked at me.

“I don’t want you to do this.”

“I won’t,” I immediately said and meant it.

“I want to help you through this. I want to make sure that you won’t do this again.”

I felt the tears roll down on my cheeks again hearing his voice. What did I do to deserve a boy like him?

I nodded not being able to say anything. He lifted my hands to his mouth and kissed my scars. This was the most beautiful thing he had ever done to me. I loved him so much and I was so thankful for him.

He pulled me in for a tight hug. I buried my face into his neck, inhaling his scent.

“I love you, baby. More than anything,” he mumbled kissing my shoulder.

“I love you too Shawn.”

u know for two girls who claim they can read each other’s minds riley and maya were really bad at picking up on each other’s feelings for lucas

I feel like this is so self explanatory it doesn’t even need a caption, really. But: First you get Shawn comparing Corpanga to Romeo & Juliet. Bad comparison, Shawnie dearest, as Cory learned when Mr. Feeny had him flip to the end of the play when HE tried to compare himself and Topanga to R&J. Then we’ve got the blatant callback to GM the Truth, where Lucas announced that he was “supposed to” kiss the girl because “Shakespeare said.” (This also ties to how he thinks he’s supposed to be with Riley romantically because she “fell” in his lap). It’s also a very obvious tie to what Shawn says about himself and Angela in terms of loving her because he was “supposed to” before he wonders why it didn’t work out.

Finally, we come to GM Master Plan, where Riley realizes Shawn and Angela were doomed because Shawn fell for the concept of Corpanga and then expected himself and Angela to have what exactly they had. (And isn’t it interesting how they’ve blocked Riley and Shawn so close together in that scene? 🤔) Then Maya notes that falling for a concept means you’re “doomed from the start” (a la R&J) before telling Riley she’d never let HER do that because best friends are “supposed to” kill it immediately.

But of course, “supposed to” is getting quite the negative track record on GMW in terms of things NOT going the way they’re “supposed to” in the end…rewatch GM MSGTW for more on that. And as for that moment of Lucas’s so many people have been eagerly anticipating? Well, when you see it…let’s just say (unless they edit something in) it doesn’t go the way most people assumed it was “supposed to” go either. 🤔

Shawn Imagine (The Whole Puzzle)

Shawn Imagine (The Whole Puzzle)
Request: Can u do an imagine where Shawn broke up with u (u can give the reason) and it was a really messy breakup and it left u a broken mess and ur at a cafe that u always go to when u need to get out of the house and see Shawn there with the Jacks and u lock eyes and u get really sad and suddenly feel really self conscious and feel tears brimming ur eyes so u run out and are walking away when u feel someone grab ur arm and u turn around to see its shawn and u can take it from there? my name is Maya of you do personals, I don’t care what happens after u turn around and realize with Shawn as long as it’s a happy ending and it’s kinda long :) it’s cool if you don’t wanna do it though thank you anyway!
Well I am doing it Maya :)
“Well life’s just a blessing,” You said to yourself as you sipped at your coffee. You were sitting in your favorite coffee shop trying not to feel bad for yourself but it clearly wasn’t working.
“Maya, I just don’t think I can do this anymore. It’s not that I don’t love you,” Shawn stated.
“Then what Shawn? If you love me so much then why are you dumping me?” You asked desperately. You were breaking apart on the inside.
“Maya you know I am going on tour soon and I don’t want the whole long distance relationship thing to become something I am focusing so hard on,” He said.
“Oh so our relationship is something you don’t want to focus on?” You asked sounding offended.
“No, that’s not what I meant it’s just that I’m still young and so are you. I am about to go on tour, this is my dream and I don’t want to hold you back or myself back if I am being honest because of a relationship,” He said hesitantly. It hurt your heart but you understood. This was Shawn’s dream. He had told you about it every day you were together which was going to be 2 years in a couple of days but considering the two of you just broke up, bye bye anniversary.
Your head sunk and you let out a sigh.
“I get it, your dream comes first,” You whispered as you tried not to let tears stain your cheeks. You wouldn’t allow yourself to cry in front of Shawn so before Shawn could say anything else you ran out the door.

Here you are now. You had been avoiding all of Shawn’s calls and texts because you just couldn’t handle it. You loved him too much. It really hurt to hear Shawn say that the love between the two of you wasn’t as important as his career. You knew he didn’t mean it like that but it really hurt you. It shredded your hearts to pieces. You let out a sigh as you stared at your coffee that was now cold because of your flashback moment.
You curled up in the small booth you were sitting at in the corner and tried staring out the window, watching the snow fall.
Snow was really pretty. It was just really cold. Love can be that way, have that nice exterior but when you get down to its core you feel the burn and the result is a cold heart. That’s why people are always so afraid to trust others, because of past experiences. But the thing is you can’t put all of your past experiences on one person. No one is the same. Just because someone cheated on you before doesn’t mean this person will. Doesn’t mean you can’t have your guard up but you can’t just take everything from your past and put it on people in your life now. It’s not healthy.
You were brought out of your trance by the sound of the bell above the door ringing, signaling that someone or some people just came into the coffees shop. You looked up just out of curiosity, because you were one of those people who had to always look in the direction the noise came from. You breath caught in your throat and you nearly choked when you saw it was Shawn but he was with Johnson and Gilinsky. You prayed that he wouldn’t look at you as you tried to look the other way but you kept sneaking glances just hoping that he might look at you.
Well your greatest fear and wish came true. Shawn was skimming the coffee shop when his eyes landed on you and they nearly bugged out. Shawn looked embarrassed and confused. You weren’t entirely sure how to react either. It really hurt seeing him like this now. Out with friends, while what are you doing Maya? Sitting by yourself in a coffee shop complaining about your love life? Or lack thereof.
Your eyes started tearing up at how much you realized Shawn really didn’t need you. He may have just wanted someone to be his girlfriend, there are people like that and you won’t blame him for that. Shawn has friends who are supportive of him and a huge career path ahead of him he doesn’t need you. You had to look up at the ceiling to prevent yourself from crying. You would not do this in public. Man pull yourself together Maya!
You quickly got up and threw your coffee cup away, desperate to get out of this now suffocating sauna. You pushed open the glass door to leave the coffee shop, hearing the bells ring above your head, and you started on the semi-long walk home.
As you turn the corner you feel someone grab your arm causing you to scream out of instinct. He instantly let go and you turned around with wide eyes to find a very surprised Shawn.
“Oh my goodness why would you do that?” You heaved as you tried to catch your breath from the near heart attack he gave you. You saw him smile a bit and almost thought you heard him laugh.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” He said after a while and his quiet demeanor was back now.
“What do you want Shawn?” You asked trying to sound as nice as possible. He looked at you with longing eyes and you were trying so hard to hold your ground. He eventually looked away and sighed.
“I want you,” He practically whispered but you heard him perfectly clearly and so did your heart because it started racing. He turned his head so that he was now looking at you. “I miss you Maya it was a mistake to ever let you go,” He said with so much pain. You wanted to give in so bad but you didn’t want to fall into the same trap of being just a pawn because Shawn was lonely.
“Shawn I miss you too but I don’t want to just be in your life because you’re lonely and want a girlfriend to spend your time with,” You told him. “I really love you Shawn. I don’t want to just be the girlfriend who you sometimes call over because you’re lonely and  need some company,” You said after a little bit.
“What?” Shawn asked looking confused. “You think I don’t love you? Of course I love you! I would never use you like that Maya. The reason I broke it off is because I don’t want you to worry about me while I am on tour and I don’t want to be holding you back from your life. I don’t want you to focus on me because I won’t be there for you. Maya I love you so much and it was so hard to break it off with you and now I wish I hadn’t because I can’t stand not being with you. Today would have been our two year anniversary but instead were standing here talking about this,” He said as he gestured to our surroundings. You just looked around before sighing.
“Maya I love you and I know I don’t deserve it but will you take me back?” Shawn asked as he got down on one knee and you couldn’t not smile.
“I don’t know,” You said teasing him.
“Come on Maya don’t do this to me. I’m so close to having you. You’re so close to being mine. I love you so much Maya,” He whined and it was actually kind of adorable but you weren’t entirely satisfied.
“Why?” You asked and Shawn looked caught off guard.
“Why what?”
“Why do you love me? You keep saying you do but that could be meaningless,” You tell him. Shawn stands up and grabs your arms and starts rubbing his thumbs onto your arms as he stared into your eyes.
“Maya I love you because you’re smart, you’re funny, because you laugh when someone falls before you ask if they’re okay, you can laugh at yourself, you’re okay being yourself, you’re not afraid to eat, you can dance, I love that you can’t sing because it’s a part of you, I love how your hair always smells like grapefruit, and how your breath always smells good, how you look good in anything, and how you would stand up for what you believe in because that’s just the kind of person you are. I love that you tried to go vegan but got caught eating chocolate bars halfway through the week, I love that you’re obsessed with organizing things but your room is a mess. I love everything about you Maya. Everything all put together fits together like a puzzle. It all makes up you. I love every piece of that puzzle, but I love the whole puzzle the most,” He said and you were blushing so hard a tomato would be jealous. “So what do you say?” He asked as he held your hand.
“Yes,” You said nodding your head before you jumped into his arms.
“Oh I missed you so much,” He said as soon as you guys were embracing each other.
“I missed you too,” You whispered as you held onto him.
“Remind me never to make that mistake again,” He said as he kissed your temple.
Well today was my first day back at school so I am surprised I had the energy to write this haha.
-simplicational’s queen