Hashimoto Contemporary’s Summer Group Show.

Opening tomorrow - July 2nd, 2015 - is San Francisco, California gallery Hashimoto Contemporary’s summer group show.  Hashimoto is one of the best galleries in the San Francisco area and the line up for this show is pristine.  Artists include (above): Erik Jones, Jessica Hess, Shawn Huckins and Erin M. Riley plus work by (not pictured) Aaron De La Cruz, Brett Amory, Casey Gray, Crystal Wagner, Derek Weisberg, Drew Leshko, GATS, Joel Daniel Phillips, John Wentz, Lucien Shapiro, Nychos, Ravi Zupa, Scott Scheidly, Tracey Snelling, and 1010.

at the SOTS my mom was like I just want to go up on stage and pull Johnson’s pants up, and I was like I want to go up on stage and pull his pants down, and she was like what? and I was like wut😳

Never Have I Ever (Nate Imagine Ft. Omaha Boys)

This is probably going to be really bad I’m so sorry I just felt like posting! - Bri x 

“Never have I ever…” Nate trailed off, gripping onto your thigh as he spoke with an amused tone, “sucked dick.” You were the only girl playing, there were 5 of you and rest were Nate, Jack and Jack, and Sam. You roll your eyes and take a sip of your alcoholic drink, you weren’t quite sure if it was vodka, tequila, or scotch by now but you were all hitting the tipsy part. 

The Jacks laugh and Sam let’s out a long ‘ooooh’ teasingly, “Whatever, whatever,” you wave them off, “Never have I ever…used a cheesy pickup line!” You lean against Nate’s shoulder as Sam and the Jacks take a sip of their drink, you weren’t surprised that Nate had never used a pickup line, he didn’t need them to get girls. Nate turns his head and puckers his lips, leaning in to kiss you sweetly. 

“Never have I ever…cheated on my girlfriend.” You watch curiously as Nate and Sam take a sip…Johnson was the one who said it and Gilinsky was an all-around good guy. But your boyfriend Nate, and Sam were fuck boys to the max and this was something you were accustomed to before you and Nate got serious. 

“Never have I ever…gotten caught having sex!” Sam chuckles, winking at you and Nate, who again have to take a sip. It was just last week the Jacks walked in on you mid-fuck-session and you were still embarrassed about it. Nate snakes a reassuring arm around your waist and presses a tender kiss to your temple. 

“Wait, wait, I got one!” Gilinsky proclaims, “Never have I ever, faked an orgasm!” You take a sip, and Nate looks at you concerned. 

“Hey, I’ve had a lot of bad hookups!” You argue, leaning up to kiss him, “Never have I ever faked one with you.” 

“Good because never have I ever loved a girl other than you.” He nuzzles nose with you, and you drunkenly giggle as he pulls you to rest in his lap. 

“Nah, do’t get cheesy with us guys!” Sam complains, throwing his head back groaning, “never have I ever…bought tampons.” You, Nate, and Johnson each take a sip and Sam and Jack look at the other two boys in shock. 

Nate shrugs, “Hey…Y/N needs them sometimes and I’m more than happy to help.” He was so cute when he played that adorable boyfriend card.His eyes flicker to meet yours and you grin at him, cupping his cheek you kiss the opposite one and stroke his cheekbone. 

“I give them 10 minutes before they ‘excuse’ themselves to go drunk fuck and cuddle.” Gilinsky states with a labored sigh, “Skate was so much more fun when he didn’t have a girlfriend.” 

“I ship it, I ship it.” Johnson gives you a high-five and you smile at him letting out a light laugh. You were all quite drunk, and everything was downright hilarious at this point. 

“Sometimes,” Sam begins, “I think about Y/N with her clothes off…” Your eyes widen as you and the Jacks laugh all while Nate looks at him with an angry and annoyed expression. 

Nate tightens his jaw, “you’ve got two seconds to say you’re kidding.” He bluntly states, obviously jealous. 

Sam shakes his head, “I wish I was bro!” Nate looked like he wanted to tackle Sam to the floor, but you were currently sitting in his lap stopping from from doing so, so instead, he whispered in your ear asking you to go to bed with him. You quickly agree. Together, you stumble to your bedroom and drunkenly fall on the bed together, a mess of giggles and drunk slurs. 

“Never have I ever wanted you more.” Nate whispers in your ear, nipping at your earlobe. 

You giggle, “I don’t think I can drink to that.” 

Literally the most random imagine I’ve ever done idk if this is funny or smutty or cute wtf thank you guys for all of your support!

handwritten: a summary
  • life of the party:i have 4 copies of this song
  • stitches:the music video made everyone laugh
  • never be alone:this is low key about laur
  • kid in love:sex
  • I don't even know your name:no, it's not about you
  • something big:Skip
  • strings:I'm dadada down
  • aftertaste:sassy shawn feat. sex
  • air:Astrid feat Shawn
  • crazy:this is also about laur
  • a little too much:sometimes life become hard
  • this is what it takes:a little too much part 2
  • bring it back:shawn moaning for like 3 minutes
  • imagination:wow swearing
  • the weight:he can 100% lift the weight have u seen those biceps
Preference: He tweets a picture of you at the beach

@camerondallas: she’s cute

@taylorcaniff: “wait, I need to fix my bathing suit!”

@TheMattEspinosa:  I have no idea what she is laughing at…

@Nashgrier: Dope

@AaronCarpenter:  Mine!

@ShawnMendes: My view is better than hers

@jackgilinsky: we went to a pool next to the ocean…I don’t know why

@JackJackJohnson: Damn

@sammywilk: she’s prettier when she isn’t looking

@skatemaloley: only with the best

Who I ship you with according to your zodiac sign

Aries: Carter, Hayes;

Taurus: Cameron, Matt;

Gemini: Lox, Sammy, Aaron;

Cancer: Matt, Nash, Nate;

Leo: Taylor, Carter, Hayes;

Virgo: Matt, Cam, Shawn, Jack G;

Libra: Carter, Hayes;

Scorpio: Jack J, Dillon;

Sagittarius: Taylor, Jack J;

Capricorn: Jacob, Matt;

Aquarius: Jack J, Taylor;

Pisces: Jacob, Matt.

Hope you liked it!

~J xo