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Treat you Better // Shawn writes a song for you

I’ve really been in my Shawn feels recently to the point where he’s my home screen… yh that happened.

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Writing & Playlists-

Teen Wolf Imagines:

Liam Dunbar 

Lost Boy

Too Late

Look After You

Not According to Plan

Monster of Circumstance

She Might Not Make It Home

Safe Place

Collateral Damage

Just That Good

Theo Raeken

I Don’t Trust Me Either

The Devil Can Be Beautiful

Everyone But You

Stiles Stilinski

Cuddle Puddle

Derek Hale

Just My Luck



Isaac Lahey

Uh Oh

The 100 Imagines:

John Murphy

No Rest For The Wicked + playlist

Walk of Shame (Murven)

Cool Breezes and Hot Tempers

A Sky Full of Stars

Bellamy Blake

Your Guardian Angel

(Previous) Viners Imagines:

Jack Gilinsky

Devoid: Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 

Smoke, Drink, Breakup

The Voice Inside Your Head: Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8 Part9 Part10 Part11 Epilogue + playlist

Shawn Mendes

The Way We Were

We All Start As Strangers

Sam Wilkinson

Not a Bad Thing: Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 + playlist

The Mortal Instruments/ The Infernal Devices/ The Dark Artifices:

Never Stop (Jem Carstairs x Tessa Gray)

Early Mornings and Caffeine Cravings (Magnus Bane x Alec Lightwood)

Lessons In Survival (Mark Blackthorn x Kieran of The Hunt)

The Raven Cycle:


Kavinsky playlist


Luke Hemmings

Bitter Without the Sweet

13 Reasons Why:

Jeff Atkins


Something Just Like This

Before You Go

Baby Atkins (Drabble)

Tag, You’re it (Drabble)

Montgomery De La Cruz

Tastes Like Blood

Guilty Pleasure (Drabble)

Late Night Misadventures (Drabble)

Stuck on You (Drabble)

Out of My Mind (Drabble)

Bad Habits (Drabble)

Sister’s Keeper (Drabble)

A Little Bit Closer (Drabble)

Justin Foley

Everything is ‘Fine’ (Drabble)

Alex Standall

Sweet like Sugar (Drabble)


It’s Okay

Fuck Boy (Skate Maloley)

Synopsis: After getting invited to Skate’s bedroom, things get a little intense, and you don’t mind. 

“Who’s this?” His dark eyes glaze over your body, stopping just at the right spots before meeting your gaze with his own. 

“This is, Y/N.” Derek Luh answers his question, “Y/N, this is Skate.” The boy was covered in tattoos and smelt highly of alcohol and weed. He had a sense of danger that sent your mind into overdrive. 

You smile at Skate, “nice to meet you,” his gaze meets yours once more and a coy smile appears on his lips. 

“I know, right,” he chuckles, all while checking out your figure, “you should come with me.” He gestures with his head to the bedroom upstairs. Your eyes walk up every step as you contemplate your decision. 

You shrug, “sure,” his arm extends and his hand finds yours, the pair of you climb the stairs leaving Derek Luh at the bottom questioning what had just happened. You enter his bedroom, it was messy, but it looked like the kind of mess that was organised. There were polaroids of girls hung up on his wall, it looked like there was enough for a new girl every day of the year. 

“Another notch on your bed post?” You question at the girls on his wall. 

He shrugs, “maybe one or two,” he was lying, he had slept with every single one of them. They were pretty girls, ranging from all different sizes and ethnicities. He really didn’t have a ‘type’ per say. 

You sigh, fingers drawing over the books on his self, it looked like they were all of the required readings he had to do in high-school as well as a few comic books and music books, “you like to snoop,” he comments, coming up behind you his arms find your waste and his lips find your shoulder. He was highly intoxicated and you were just under the limit. 

“Maybe once or twice,” you breathe, countering his observation, his lips go to work on your neck sucking and nibbling, leaving goosebumps all of your body. His hands travel up to your breasts and he squeezes them in his hand before turning you around and pressing you up against the bookshelf. 

“I think that’s enough small talk,” he whispers against your lips, slowly and surely pressing a kiss to your plump bottom lip. Your fingers tangle in his long hair as you taste the last joint he smoked twenty minutes before the encounter. 

His hands travel to your ass and he squeezes it in the same way that he squeezed your breasts just before, he lifts you up and wraps your legs around his waist, making his way over to his bed with you in his grasp. 

Within a few moments, your clothes were off and on the floor and you were dressed only in your pretty little lingerie. As he kisses you, you feel him reach for his camera on the table beside his bed. 

“What are you doing?” You whisper, wondering how you were okay with this situation but something about it felt so good. 

He chuckles, snaps a picture and smiles at you, “just another notch on my bedpost,” before pressing his body into yours again to escalate the situation. 

This makes Nate look so bad, but I’m kind of digging it tbh. If you want a pt. 2 lemme know! - Bri x


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Before You Send  A Request: Read This


Aaron Carpenter

Cameron Dallas

Cody Christian

Ethan Dolan

Grayson Dolan

Hayes Grier

Jack Gilinsky

Jack Johnson

Matthew Espinosa

Nash Grier

Nate Maloley

Sam Wilkinson

Shawn Mendes

TV/Movie Characters

Archie Andrews

Elijah Mikaelson

Jake Riley

Jughead Jones

Justin Foley

Kai Parker

Klaus Mikaelson

Matt Donovan

Montgomery De La Cruz

Reggie Mantle

Stiles Stilinski

Theo Raeken


Cameron being a King appreciation post

You’re Best Friends And You Hook Up (Shawn Mendes)

(Y/N) P.O.V.

I was excited for the night. I was throwing my 18th birthday tonight and I was feeling happy. And having my best friend by my side, I knew I was going to be celebrated in the best way possible. I have talked about this night for so long and it was finally here. “So… ready for tonight?” Shawn asked me. “Yeah, I think so. A little nervous, but I’m feeling excited”  I answered him. “Me too and it’s not even my birthday,” he said. “But before we leave, there is something I want to give you,” Shawn said. “Shawn, you didn’t have to do that,” I said as he took out a little gift box. “I know, but I wanted to give you something special,” he said and handed me the little gift box. I opened the box. It was a gorgeous necklace with a musical note on it. Shawn knew how much music meant to me and music was me and Shawn’s thing. “I love it, Shawn. Thank you” I said and hugged him. “You deserve it and now when I’m on tour or just away from you, you have the necklace to remind you of me,” he said. “Thanks, Shawn. I really love it. It’s amazing” I said still in disbelief that he got me such an amazing gift. “You’re welcome, but we need to get going if you don’t want to be late for your own party,” he said and laughed. And soon we were headed for the party.

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