shawn whisenant


Shawn Whisenant is a born and raised San Francisco Bay Area artist whose art can be found lurking in the streets or galleries and museums across the USA, Australia, and Europe. He has been working on the streets of the Bay Area since the mid 1990ʼs, where his images continue to endure on walls, mailboxes, and other surfaces around the city. He enjoys making books and stickers, taking photos, painting signs, and moving about in the city’s shadows. In the streets and galleries, his work has seen many different forms. From rare-hand crafted books, to skateboard films and a signature pair of Osiris shoes, his creating doesn’t end with painting.

I recently moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles and upon arriving Shawn was the first person I met. His spirit was completely welcoming and he offered great advice to a newby looking to make art in this wonderful city. I was lucky enough to develop a friendship with him that allowed me to watch him work on his art, hear his wonderful stories of San Francisco, and skate through the city. I recently started a documentary series called A / V  and asked Shawn if he could be my first subject.  A / V followed him around and interviewed him in his studio these past weeks. This is the culminating product of this collaboration. RIP Shawn, you’re a great friend, a wonderful artist, and a spectacular soul. San Francisco will miss you greatly.

-Pedro Alejandro Verdin ( A / V )  


such a nice dude. i used to always come in to book and job hoping he was there. another good one gone too soon.


(beautiful vid ripped from fb)


New edit by SF homie Shawn Whisenant featuring Chris Taylor.


In Memory of Shawn Whisenant

What the fuck. RIP to the biggest homie Shawn Whisenant - the hardest working dude in the biz. We would ask him for a few images and he would always send over a hundred. Always down for whatever… Glad we got to work with him on a solo zine and have in down in ten homies zines and five art shows. Peace homie, miss ya already.