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requests ???

hello general population. my name’s venus (issa pen name ;)) & i’m here to create writing requests for the following fandoms/characters:

*please no smut because it makes me uncomfortable to write honestly.


  1. peter parker
  2. pietro maximoff
  3. wanda maximoff
  4. steve rodgers
  5. tony stark
  6. thor
  7. anyone from black panther tbh
  8. X-Men
  9. Warren Worthington iii
  10. Alex Summers
  11. Kurt Wagner


  1. sweet pea
  2. fangs fogarty
  3. toni topaz
  4. verinica lodge
  5. cheryl blossom
  6. jughead jones

It (2017)

  1. the losers club (platonic unless aged up)
  2. victor criss (bc bean)

Stranger Things

  1. Jonathan Byers
  2. Nancy Wheeler
  3. Steve Harrington
  4. The Party (platonic unless aged up)

The Walking Dead

  1. Carl Grimes (because he is alive)
  2. Daryl Dixon
  3. Glenn Rhee (again, he’s alive and well)


  1. Carl Gallagher
  2. Lip Gallagher
  3. Ian Gallagher
  4. Fiona Gallagher
  5. Debbie Gallagher

Gotham (TV Show)

  1. Bruce Wayne
  2. Selina Kyle
  3. Barbara Keen
  4. Riddler/Edward Nygma
  5. Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot
  6. Ivy

End of the F***ing World

Now for our non-fiction/tv/movie ones:

Harry Styles

Shawn Mendes

Tom Holland

Colby Brock

Timothée Chalamet

any member of 5SOS

any of the actors of the characters i listed above honestly.

Now for the request know the following:

  1. If they are under the age of 14 i will not make the relationship anything more than platonic. it makes me uncomfortable to write.
  2. I will not write smut at the time
  3. I will try and keep all imagines gender nuetral unless requested for a specific gender. *i am a female so for male specific it may take time for me seeing as i do not want to offend anyone
  4. i will keep everything x reader.
  5. unless i decide to write my own story with an OC
  6. that being said i am white, therefore i may base the reader off of a white female, but i will try to keep it very universal, unless requested otherwise.
  7. i am busy, so dont get offended or mad if your request isnt uploaded right away!
Everything - fic

Characters: Damian Wayne, Shawn Tsang, Dick Grayson, bits o Alfred and Bruce
Summary: She wondered if the kid knew just how much his big brother talked about him. By the doubt in his eyes, she was guessing no. 
A/N: Based on Nightwing 18, obviously. Bruce already got his alone time with Damian, so don’t you worry he was A+ dad this time. Shawn sits with D-squared as they both fall asleep. But Damian wakes up before Dick does, so he and Shawn have a total gossip session about Dick while he sleeps. They both decide he’s a huge dweeb and they can’t believe they both love him so much.


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