shawn reeves

Impossible: Shawn Mendes Fanfiction


Boys and girls can’t be “just friends”. Argue all you want about this being so stereotypical and totally faulty, but name one time a guy and a girl remain completely platonic. Can’t think of any, can you? Well, that’s because it’s impossible.

Take Shawn and Emily, for example. When Emily moved to Toronto 7 years ago, the first boy she talked to was Shawn Mendes. They were in sixth grade, the first year of middle school.

Shawn had lived here all his life. Now, in the middle of their junior year in high school, people are beginning to suspect that their late night hangouts aren’t as innocent as they make it seem. Of course, the two are clueless, right? Either way, they need to do something to stop these weird feelings from surfacing. I mean come on, since when is it okay to get together with your best friend?

The odds are against them as the fact is, it’s utterly impossible to stay Just Friends


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