“It kinda looks more like elvis than me but thats okay”


Yours and Shawn’s trip to McDrive goes wrong.

So this is my 3 am inspiration. I was kind of feeling it, I don’t know. Someone stop me please! It’s a bit angsty. I made Shawn a bit harsh on this one, because of this whole concept of ‘men and their cars’, which they take very personally, but yeah… I was feeling inspired and I’ll edit it later so, I apologise in advance for anything. It was longer than I expected but I hope you enjoy this ride, truly. Hope you like it xx

You extended your arms as Shawn reached out for the drinks the employee handed him, and then you held them in your hands when Shawn turned to give them to you. You gave him a small ‘thank you’ and he turned again to hold the bag with your order, turning around to put it in the back seat.

“Do you want to put it back there?” He asked you when he noticed you struggling to hold the drinks as you put your handbag down at your feet, placing it in-between them.

“No, I got it.” You said quietly, resting the drinks down on your lap as you kept a hold of them.

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Pawn of war|2

Prince!shawn AU

“I wish you nothing but happiness in this marriage, shawn I’ve known you since you were a boy and I could tell even then that you were born to be king, I know you don’t want to marry princess y/n but this will be good.”

Shawn smiled at the pastor, not fully listening to what he was saying. His mind was preoccupied with you.

In a few minutes you would walk through those doors and you’d be his. Forever. The realization made Shawn’s heart race, he tried to hide his anxiousness but his father could see it from a mile away.

“Try to look happy would you? It’s your fucking wedding day.”

Shawn’s father laughed loudly, causing some of the guards to chuckle too.

Lost in thought Shawn didn’t hear the loud slam of the doors and the cheers, only looking up when Theo kicked him lightly, motioning to you.

Straightening himself out, he planted a fake, rather convincing smile onto his face.

He took your hand in his, laying a kiss upon it, causing you to giggle at the sensation.

“You look beautiful.” Shawn was telling the truth, you looked like a goddess. The sun would be jealous of your beauty, the way it radiated.

The long white dress that clung to your body perfectly, accompanied by a lacy veil.

A blush rose to your cheeks at the compliment.

Before you could respond the pastor interrupted you, making you forget your surroundings.

“We are gathered here, to bear witness to the marriage of prince Shawn, and princess y/n. We welcome them into the bond that is eternal love and into our hearts as the next king and queen.”

It was over before it started. The night was magical, you danced until your feet hurt and laughed more than you ever had in your entire life.

You were dancing with your father when the king interrupted, causing everybody to fall silent.

The king raised his glass.

“Today has been a great day. my son has inherited the throne and married a beautiful princess. I may be old, but I do live up to tradition.” The comment made a few older men laugh.

“We bid farewell to the past, because ladies and gentlemen they are the future. I say it’s time for the consummation.” Cheers made their way across the crowded hall.

Your heart stopped, Shawn’s comment coming back to you.

“I will do my duty, my sons will sit upon the throne and their sons after them, y/n is to be the mother of my children nothing else. I refuse to let myself grow soft towards her.”

You hardly had time to register your thoughts before you were being whisked away, your clothes were being pulled off by maids and you were placed in a white nightdress.

Shawn lay on top of you, his raggedy breath fanning the side of your face, feeling uncomfortable with 10 people in the room you place your head in his neck, cowering away. Though you were both Hidden behind a curtain of silk you knew they were listening, waiting to approve of the marriage.

“Y/n, I can tell you don’t want to do this, and I can understand why as well but if we do not consummate the marriage the church won’t see us as man and wife.” Shawn tried his best to whisper in the awkward position he was in.

It wasn’t that you didn’t want to be with Shawn it’s just you couldn’t enjoy yourself or even be comfortable when there were other people there, including your parents.

You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath before looking up at him.

“I’m ready.” Shawn nodded, giving you a quick kiss before entering you, earning a surprised yelp.

You clasped onto his back, leaving crescent moon shapes.

“Be gentle.”

The morning after you awake before Shawn, leaning down to place a kiss to his cheek, cussing him to stir Slightly.

“Good morning My queen.” Your handmaiden bowed.

“Please, y/n is fine. I’m only married to a king, that doesn’t make me a queen.” She nodded at you before scurrying to get your bath drawn.

Sighing, you place yourself against the desk, taking in your appearance. Your hair was wild, red lips and doe eyes. You didn’t look like your usual self, you looked healthier, happier.

The familiar sound of footsteps on the hardwood floors catches your attention, you look up and meet Shawn’s tired face. His features match yours.

“Goodmorning y/n. Did you sleep well?”

“I did my king, you?” Shawn only gave a lopsided smile, motioning for you to stand up.

When you obeyed he lay his hand on your flat stomach, frowning.

“Do you feel any different? ill maybe?” You chucked, bringing your hand up to brush the stray hair from his eyes.

“Shawn, it takes a few weeks for pregnancy symptoms to show. If I were with child we’d know in a fortnight.”

“Do you want to have children with me?”

You furrowed your brow, placing your hand on your hip.

“darling, where is all of this coming from-“

“Do you?” He spoke through gritted teeth.

“Of course I Do Shawn, you’re my husband why wouldn’t I?”

Shawn gave a shrug of his shoulders, placing his hands around your waist and bringing you closer into his arms.

“Just know, if you’re lying to me. I’ll find out.” Shawn whispered in your ear, causing goose bumps to arrise on your skin.

“You’d never lie to me would you, baby?” Shawn’s grip on your waist got tighter, you could feel his nails digging into your exposed skin, breaking it.

“N-No, never.”

“Good.” Before shawn turned to leave the room he stopped to look at you.

“Oh and y/n?”

“Yeah?” Your voice came out as shaky.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing. I know you don’t love me, but as long as you play the role of doting wife we’ll get along just fine.”








goodbye home, sweet, home | s. mendes

Summary: Shawn and Eva finally meet face to face for the first time since their split to say their goodbyes to the place they once called home, reflecting on the memories of their time together.

A/N: I’ve been in a Shawn writing block phase but I found this in my drafts and decided to finish it up and post it while i work on 3 requests and a part for my Jack lowden mini series so!!! Just a note also that I based this a few years ahead to when Shawn is 21/22.

Word count: 1,290

“There’s one last box and then it’s all good to go. Yeah.” Shawn murmured into the phone as his eyes downcast to the final box that was pressed up against the wall, waiting to be taken away. It had been the last one he wanted to touch, having procrastinated for days about it, unsure if he was entirely ready to let go of the place he once called home.

The time on his phone told him it was just past 3AM, the city outside still buzzing with life as people streamed out of clubs into the streets, drunk and bubbling with conversation; stumbling out of clubs. The noise of nightlife.

It was the fact that this apartment was surrounded by clubs and was right smack dab in middle of everything that almost prevented the move in, but it had only taken him two days to get her to say yes as they sat on her sister’s couch. The TV had been on playing some old movie neither of them knew, their attention anywhere but on it as it played as a background sound. He had the pictures pulled up on his phone while she lied across his lap, head tilted so she could see as he scrolled through the images; silent as she squinted, considering his words very carefully and weighing every option they currently had.

“It doesn’t even have to be a forever thing, we’re not staying there the rest of our lives, it’s just for now. We’re young, right? And then when we get a little older and there’s little ones around…” He drifted, using his fingers to mimic the idea of feet running around; reaching up to gently tap her upper lip as she let out a laugh. “we’ll move. This is perfect for now.”

Her eyes lifted to look at him, seeing the hopeful look in his eyes as he waited for a response which earned a sigh and a soft, “Okay, okay, it’s perfect. You got me.” She said, defeated, his grin widening in turn.

“You sold the apartment.” Eva piped up from behind him, his head whipping around to find her in the open door that he had intentionally left open to make moving the boxes from apartment-to-truck easier, stood there with her arms folded over her chest and red nosed from the cold, his eyes immediately landing on the ring snug around her fourth finger on her left hand. His eyes lingered there a moment too long while the voice of his realtor on the other end of his phone continued to run down a list of things that he could hardly focus on, his mouth suddenly dry as he muttered a quiet ‘sorry’ into his phone, explaining quickly that he would call back later before he hung up; hardly waiting for a response. He then let out a choked laughing sound before clearing his throat.

“Yeah, it took a while but…it’s official.” He explained. “The new tenants move in next Wednesday, I just have to get them the property paperwork.”

He watched as she smiled slightly, although this one was the type that didn’t reach her eyes as she nodded, slowly scanning around the empty room that had once been the living room they had shared for a little over a year. Shawn had no idea what to say, part of him not wanting to disturb her as she seemed to be lost in thought while she gave the room one last look.

“I never understood what drew you to this place.” She confessed quietly. He swallowed and looked around for himself.

With a slow shrug of his shoulders, he answered, “It’s small, comfy, not suffocating but comfy. And the noise I guess. I hate silence, I made a habit looking for places to be where there was noise so I didn’t feel lonely. So it didn’t feel like it was just me, if that makes any sense.” He tried to explain, inhaling deeply. “I hate being left on my own to think too much.”

“And does it ever work?” She asked, her eyes turning to look at the notches in the doorway to the kitchen, a joke they had started after she had made a comment that it felt like he was still growing even as a grown adult man – certain he would never stop. She had started it to prove that he was still growing, keeping track of his height and checking every other month. And sure enough he did. She looked back at him. “Being around noise?”

He breathed out a dry laugh, “Sometimes. Not all the time unfortunately. But I still try. Even though I know it hardly works. I still feel alone.”

She let out a soft huff that imitated a laugh, but it seemed strained as she then cleared her throat. “I got your message, I just figured…I’d stop by, pick my stuff up myself instead of burdening you to drop it off.” She explained, waving to the last box still sitting there.

Rather quickly, he shook his head, bending to pick it up, “It’s not a burden, don’t- don’t even worry. You’re never a burden.” He rambled nervously, cursing to himself as the words seemed to come out without even thinking first, coming out wrong. “I mean, doing this for you wouldn’t have been a problem – like…”

“Don’t worry, I got you.” She softly assured, the two awkwardly standing there looking at one another in the minute of silence that followed, unsure what else to say. Shawn glanced down at the box that he had written an E on, looking up at her and taking a couple steps forward to hold it out towards the brunette who pushed a lock of hair behind her right ear before she moved forward to meet him.

“Here, should probably…give you this.” He drifted, carefully passing the box off to her, her hands skimming his as she took it, causing him to tense and hold his breath until she backed up, putting space between them once again. He had figured she would take the box and leave immediately but instead, she propped the knee on her knee as she bent her leg slightly, opening the top of the box and glance in, one arm still holding the box while the other hand reached in to push through its contents a bit. When her hand lifted out, she held a necklace that had his old ring around the chain, eyes glancing to the piece of jewelry that she seemed to give too much attention to before holding it out in the palm of her hand.

“You should probably keep this.” She stated quietly. Shawn stood there, hesitating before he reached out to gather it from her hand and looked at it, raising an eyebrow while peeking up at her.

“You sure? You can keep it, it might not fit anymore, my hands I think have grown a bit.” He said, the comment bringing a smile to her angelic face.

“No, it’s alright. I don’t think I should…” She drifted, picking the box up again and backing up towards the door before she turned, stopping halfway out the door to look at him, “Thanks, Shawn. I’ll see you around.”

He nodded, chewing the inside of his cheek as his hands lowered to his sides, necklace still in his hand. “Yeah,” He shortly replied. “I’m sorry.” He quickly added before she was entirely out the door, her mouth opening with a stutter, her expression surprised as she inhaled, sighing the breath out after a moment.

“I’m sorry too.” she quietly stated before leaving, not bothering to even look back again as she left with her box in her arms.

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“but that’s okay” i-


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