shawn milke shades


The Shades.

So my friend Ciara and I made these shades at least two nights before Oct.14th. We had this master plan that we’d make three pair and get Shawn Milke(Alesana) Jack Fowler and Kellin Quinn(Sleeping With Sirens) to notice us with these shades. 

When we got to the show a couple people noticed my shades and complimented them. Then Alesana came walking about and I was able to take a picture with Patrick. He said the shades were cool. I kinda felt bad cause I didn’t make him a pair. But I told him Next time I’ll make him a pair.(x As I was getting ready to take a picture with him, Shawn walks out. I wanted to die. Haha. I took my picture with Patrick and then my friend Leonela walks straight up to Shawn and asks for a picture. Shawn see’s my shades and says “Wow, those are awesome.” I take my picture with him and say thanks. My friend Lela walks away and as I start to do the same Shawn taps me on the shoulder and says “You know, those are really neat. Can I actually take a picture? My mom would love that.” At this point…I’m brain dead. Hahaha.

Later on during Alesana’s set I had the shades on. I was jamming so hard I payed no attention to anything. My friends decide to snatch the shades off my face and hand them to Shawn. The photographer in front of us took them and said she would give them to him… .Shockingly. SHE DID! All the photographers went crazy and so did the crowd. Everyone was cheering and snapping a shit load of pictures. Then the unthinkable happened. Shawn took off the shades and threw them into the crowd. Ciara and Lela kept saying I’m sorry. And the other kids that were around us had that oh shit look on their face. Honestly I don’t care. My friend was able to get two good pictures of him with them on. And I’m sure the photographers did too.

After the show I was fortunate to meet him again so I told him he threw my shades into the crowd and he felt really bad. Jokingly I said you should. Haha. I told him it was okay. Best night of my life.

Its weird to say this…But my shades were like the talk of the night. And to think they WERE mine. Haha.To whoever is now in possession of these shades… .I hate you. Haha.Jk…Kinda. xD

If anyone has any pictures of Shawn with these shades on please send them to me! :)