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enjoy this gif i made from last night. if i would have been a step to the left i would of held his hand. best night of my life ❤️

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playlists for sun signs;

– cherry ; lana del rey
– fireproof ; one direction
– bellyache ; billie eillish
– anna sun ; walk the moon

– moonlight ; grace vanderwaal
– suck it and see ; arctic monkeys
– honey ; swim deep
– carolina ; harry styles

gemini :
– the love club ; lorde
– home ; gnash
– talk! ; the 1975
– what do i know? ; ed sheeran

– ease ; troye sivan
– cry baby ; the neighborhood
– life of the party ; shawn mendes
– elastic heart ; sia

leo :
– cigarette smoker fiona ; arctic monkeys
– girls your age ; transviolet
– salvatore ; lana del rey
– buy the stars ; marina and the diamonds

– good girls ; 5 seconds of summer
– walking in the wind ; one direction
– idle town ; conan gray
– are you satisfied? ; marina and the diamonds

– primadonna ; marina and the diamonds
– hey hey hey; katy perry
– love me ; the 1975
– art deco ; lana del rey

– arabella ; arctic monkeys
– paris ; the 1975
– numb ; marina and the diamonds
– heavydirtysoul ; twenty one pilots

sagittarius :
– dirty laundry ; blackbear
– young ; cosmos & creature
– befour ; zayn
– ready to run ; one direction

capricorn :
– colors ; halsey
– the run and go ; twenty one pilots
– life goes on ; fergie
– no buses ; arctic monkeys

– an isle of flightless birds ; twenty one pilots
– the reckless and the brave ; all time low
– what the hell ; avril lavigne
– awkward conversations ; the front bottoms

– still apart ; varsity
– that green gentleman ; panic! at the disco
– oops ; little mix
– drive ; halsey


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The real order of the Fifth Harmony Takeover videos

Hey guys! When I first discovered Camren and was trying to make sense as to when exactly they might have been together, the takeovers videos were my first research field, and since the videos weren’t posted in the right order it wasn’t really possible to have an accurate timeline. So I did my research, and found the exact dates of practically all of the takeovers videos (no need to say it, I already know I’m crazy) - Anyway, I though I’d share this timeline so if you’re like me and watch all the takeovers videos again the minute the girls are on a break, you get to do it in the actual order this time! 😊  

November 28 2013 - NYC : 

Fifth Harmony Freestyles at Macy’s Day Parade

February 12 2014 - Ventura, CA  : 

Dinah Gets Lost Backstage! Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 2

Fifth Harmony’s 5 Tips for a Soundcheck- Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 4

February 15 2014 - Glendale, CA  :

Fifth Harmony - Meet Ally’s Family - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 16

February 17 2014 - Grand Prairie, TX  : 

Fifth Harmony Bus Tour - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 1

February 19 2014 - Houston, TX  :

Fifth Harmony - Normani’s Homecoming - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 8

February 21 2014 - Atlanta, GA :

Fifth Harmony - Day in the Life with Dinah - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 14

Fifth Harmony Vocal Warm Up Exercises - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 9

Fifth Harmony - What’s in my Bunk?

February 23 2014 - Charlotte, NC :

Fifth Harmony - Lauren’s Pre-Show Routine - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 7

Fifth Harmony’s Best Magic Trick with Collins Key - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 11

February 25 2014 - Sunrise, FL :

Fifth Harmony - Meet Camila’s Family - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 10

February - exact date and place unknown :

#HarmonizerTag - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 18

March 27 2014 - Cleveland, OH :

Fifth Harmony - OOTW - 5 Spring Outfit Ideas - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 5

Fifth Harmony’s Tour Secrets Question and Answer - Fifth Harmony Ep 3

March 29 2014 - Nashville, TX :

Fifth Harmony - Lauren “The Grammar Queen” & Fan Gifts - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 25

Fifth Harmony - Ally Gets Scared on Hike - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 42

March 30 2014 - Indianapolis, IN :

Demi Lovato & Fifth Harmony Silly String Surprise - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 26

April 25 2014 - Los Angeles, CA :


June 7 2014 - East Hartford,CN :

Fifth Harmony goes to PROM! Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 12

June 8 2014 - NYC :

Fifth Harmony at DIGIFEST and SUMMER ESSENTIALS - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 13

June 12 2014 - Chicago, IL :

Fifth Harmony Does Funny Line Readings - Fifth Harmony Ep 15

Fifth Harmony - BUS INVADERS Ep. 636

June 20 2014 - unknown :

Fifth Harmony Official BO$$ Music Video Behind the Scenes - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 17

July 18 2014 - Costa Mesa, CA :

Fifth Harmony tries Fair Food - Fifth Harmony Takeover 19

July 20 2014 - Atlanta, GA :

Fifth Harmony gets EMOTIONAL visiting fans - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 20

July 26 2014 - Houston, TX :

Normani’s Room Tour - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 23

Fifth Harmony - The CamWich - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 21

July - exact date and place unknown :

AwesomenessTV - Fifth Harmony Bunk Hangout

August 20 2014 - East Rutherford, NJ :

Camila’s Lucky Banana Socks & Tristan from The Vamps - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 29

August 21 2014 - Philadelphia, PA :

Fifth Harmony Talks About the Reflection Album - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 31

Fifth Harmony - CAMILA Goes to the HOSPITAL - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 33

August 21 2014 - Los Angeles, CA :

Fifth Harmony’s WATER FIGHT - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 24

August 11 2014 - Simsponville, SC :

“Paranormal Normani” Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 51

September 2 2014 - Birmingham, AL :

Fifth Harmony’s FIRST VLOG - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep 30

September 5 2014 - St Louis, MO :

Puppy Party with Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 48

Fifth Harmony - En Español (w/ subtitles) - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 32

September 7 2014 - Alpharetta, GA :

Fifth Harmony - Shawn Mendes is the Life of the Party - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 54

5th Harmony + Austin Mahone Nursery Rhyme Medley - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 27

Fifth Harmony - Lauren & Dinah Drawing Competition - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 41

September 10 2014 - Sterling Heights, MI :

5th Harmony, Austin Mahone & Shawn Mendes “Ketchup in Your Face!” - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 28

October 10 2014 - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil :

Fifth Harmony in Brazil - Fifth Harmony Takeover

Fifth Harmony Goes to Brazil - Day 1 - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 34

October 11 2014 - Brasilia, Brazil :

Fifth Harmony Get Mobbed in Brazil - Day 2 - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 35

October 12 2014 - Sao Paulo, Brazil :

Fifth Harmony LAST DAY in Brazil - Day 3 - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 36

November 3 2014 - Long Island, NY :

Fifth Harmony - Pizza Feast - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 40

November 4 2014 - NYC :

Fifth Harmony Reacts at Buzzfeed - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 38

Fifth Harmony teaches Choreography for Sledgehammer - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 39

November 16 2014 - Los Angeles, CA :

Fifth Harmony Talks Favorite Christmas Memories - Part 1 - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 43

Fifth Harmony Talks Favorite Christmas Memories - Part 2 - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 44

November 25 2014 - unknown :

Fifth Harmony Talks New Year’s Kisses - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 45

Fifth Harmony’s WILD Dance Rehearsal - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 53

January 7 2015 - unknown :

“Camila the Reporter” Has a BIG Announcement - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 49

January 25 2015 - NYC :

Fifth Harmony Sing-A-Long to Reflection - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 57

February 27 2015 - San Francisco, CA :

Fifth Harmony’s Fun First Day on the Reflection Tour!

February 28 2015 - San Diego, CA :

Fifth Harmony Plays Two Truths and A Lie - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 1 2015 - Los Angeles, CA :

Fifth Harmony - Camila’s 18th BIRTHDAY Party!! - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 4 2015 - Dallas, TX :

Fifth Harmony’s VLOG in Dallas - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 7 2015 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL  :

Meet Camila and Lauren’s Family and Friends in Miami - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 8 2015 - Tampa, FL :

Fifth Harmony - Camila’s Hair Tutorial - Fifth Harmony Takeover AwesomenessTV

Fifth Harmony has a BLAST on the Roller Coaster Ride - Fifth Harmony Takeover!

March 9 2015 - Atlanta, GA :

Normani’s Hair Tutorial and History - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 14 2015 - Chicago, IL :

Fifth Harmony - Unplugged Jam Sessions - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 15 2015 - Indianapolis, IN  :

Lauren’s Hair History & Tutorial - Fifth Harmony Takeover

Fifth Harmony Plays WOULD YOU RATHER - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 16 2015 - Detroit, MI :

Fifth Harmony Halloween Special ft. The Short Witch - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 17 2015 - Toronto, OH :

Fifth Harmony Plays TRUTH or DARE - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 18 2015 - Youngstown, OH :

Fifth Harmony Heads Up Challenge - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 20 2015 - Red Bank, NJ :

Fifth Harmony’s Failed “Never Have I Ever” - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 24 2015 - Boston, MA :

How to Hair Flip with 5th Harmony, Jacob Whitesides, and Mahogany Lox - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 26 2015 - Bethlehem, PA :

DANCE OFF with Fifth Harmony ft. Ally aka Yolanda - Fifth Harmony Takeover

March 27 2015 - Glenside, PA :

Fifth Harmony Cakes Jacob Whitesides in the Face - Fifth Harmony Takeover!

March 2015 - exact date and place unknown  :

Fifth Harmony - Dinah’s Hair Tutorial - Fifth Harmony Takeover

(new) playlists for the signs pt. 2

here are the old playlists: 1 and 2 








Request: could you do one where Shawn and y/n are going to a party and Shawn gets jealous because people are flirting with her.


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- - - -

“Wow.” Shawn says looking you up and down slowly, taking in your appearance. “Do a spin for me, Y/N.”

You blush and laugh at his request, “You want me to do a spin?” You hold the hem of your dress and spin around 3 times, which creates a breeze that makes the dress float high around you, “There you go.” Dizzily, you lean towards the wall and put out your hand to steady yourself and stop from falling over.

Shawn puts his arms around your waist and nuzzles his head into your neck. You feel his hand brush over your bare back, as the dress has a cut out section hidden there underneath your long straightened hair. He breathes in your scent, and you just stand there for a while treasuring this moment; before you have to leave to go to the party. He takes your hand and your fingers intertwine perfectly. You step in-sync down the stairs and then Shawn opens the door for you, “After you, beautiful.” He says grinning.

“Thank you.” You tell him, and then curtsy as a joke. Shawn’s Jeep Wrangler is parked on the drive of his family house right in front of you and you head towards it, walking quite carefully in your extremely high heels.

Shawn runs ahead of you, “Hold up, hold up!” He shouts, and reaches out to open the car door for you. “Okay, now get in!” He tells you.

Again, you laugh out loud and try to climb as gracefully as you can into the front seat of Shawn’s car. He walks around the front of the car, gives you a little baby wave and gets in the driver’s seat. Adjusting his seat and the car mirror, you ask him, “Why are you being like this?” You question him curiously whilst still giggling.

“I’m only treating you the way that you deserve to be treated.” Shawn responds, putting his hand on your thigh affectionately. He then backs out of the drive impressively quickly and gets onto the road.

Shawn always seems to know just the right thing to say. How does he do that? The whole journey there you both make jokes back and forth to each other and Shawn exchanges flirtatious glances with you. He pulls up to the house where the party is, and Shawn rapidly undoes his seatbelt and jogs around the front of car before you realise what he’s doing.

People in cars arriving nearby are looking in your car to see who has arrived, and Shawn opens your car door like a chauffeur. You get out of the car, and laugh at Shawn once again. “I love you, Shawn.” You say, and you put your hands on the sides of his face, lean in and kiss him. With these heels on, you’re now just slightly shorter than him which feels strange, but the kiss still holds the same feelings that it’s always had. Both of you aren’t too big on public displays of affection, so the kiss only lasts for a short time, and then Shawn wraps his arm around your waist and walks you in to the party.

“Hey, Y/N!” You hear someone shouting from the doorway of the house. It’s hard to see them in the partial darkness, but you recognise the sound of their voice. It’s Matt: your old friend from school that you haven’t seen for about 3 years.

Shawn takes his hand off of your waist which enables you to run forward slightly and hug Matt. “Oh my God! I can’t believe it! How are you?” You ask him happily.

Matt hasn’t changed one bit, and simply looking at him makes you feel nostalgic of the long days spent at school and just hanging out together along with the rest of your big group of friends. “I’m good, actually, better now that I’ve finally seen you again.” He replies, looking you up and down as Shawn did earlier.

“Hey, I’m Shawn.” Shawn holds out his hand as he comes over to where you’re standing in the doorway. Matt shakes his hand, “Y/N’s boyfriend.” He adds, trying to be subtle.

Looking shocked for a moment, Matt thinks hard and then it looks as though something then clicks in his mind, “Wait… I know you, I’ve seen your face before somewhere.” He tells Shawn.

Shawn smiles wryly to himself, “Um, maybe you saw me performing somewhere or in a magazine?” Matt looks at Shawn, and you can see the immense confusion as clear as day all over his face. “I’m Shawn Mendes.” He explains but still, there’s no reaction from Matt and you can see Shawn now becoming marginally infuriated. “I sing this song called Stitches? Or maybe you know Treat You Better? Mercy? There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back?” He crosses his arms and waits for a response.

“I’ve probably heard them before… but I don’t know them off the top of my head, sorry.” Matt replies, laughing softly in an attempt to break the awkward atmosphere that Shawn successfully created.

You take Shawn’s arm and move your head to gesture that you should move away. “It was really nice seeing you, Matt.” You say kindly, and you can feel his eyes still on you as you walk with Shawn to go and get a drink.

“What the hell was that? How have you changed so much in the last few minutes?” You ask him, raising your voice just a little bit so he knows that you’re serious.

He gazes at you and looks quite guilty as he shrugs, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” Shawn tells you, “I guess I’m a little… jealous.” He shrugs his shoulders and you’re stunned that he actually admitted this.

It’s cute really, but he does this a bit too often. Shawn just assumes that any guy you know wants to get with you, and he gets jealous when people have known you for longer than he has – even though your months so far dating have felt like forever. You can’t remember what it was like not being with Shawn, and you want him to understand that.

Shawn pours drinks out for you both, and you thank him with a smile. Someone calls out Shawn’s name from what sounds like the corner of the room, “Y/N, is it alright if I go and talk to them?”

You laugh incredulously, “You don’t need to ask me – do whatever you want to do. It’s cool.”

The moment Shawn walks away from you, a breeze tickles your back and lifts your hair up slightly. It’s not a breeze from an open window or door though. Someone brushed past you, and then turned their head back swiftly to look at you.

“I didn’t realise it was you!” Matt looks shocked, and he looks around cautiously to see if he can spot Shawn anywhere in sight. You guess that when he can’t see him nearby, he thinks it’s now okay for him to actually approach you and talk to you. He takes a big drink from his cup, “So what’s up with your boyfriend then?” He smiles, which means that he now just has the widest grin you’ve ever seen considering he was already smiling before he smiled again.

You take the tiniest sip of your drink, “I honestly have no idea, but he’s okay now don’t worry.” You reply, realising that for some unknown reason you feel slightly uncomfortable. Out of habit, you do exactly what you normally do in awkward situations: which is look down at the ground, keep shifting your feet and alternating the leg that you put most of your body weight on.

He’s still smiling. It’s a very big smile. “I wanted to say this earlier, but I don’t think it was a good time as we weren’t alone. But I truly believe, Y/N, that you are the most beautiful girl here and you look amazing tonight.”

Matt is very confident – he always has been. When you were younger and you were both very close friends, he used to tell you which girls he liked and asked if you thought that they liked him back. If you gave him an answer that even slightly hinted at a yes, he would go for it. Go straight up to the girl and let her know his thoughts and feelings. He didn’t care about rejection at all. He was just so brave and you admired that. You used to dream it would be you one day he liked, but you stayed as and never faltered from being the girl he asked for help from. You were never the target for his love. One day, you thought his confidence may tone down a little bit, but it seems that it has only increased with age as most things do.

“That’s very sweet of you to say, Matt.” You tell him, and you know instantly that he has no impact on you now. If Shawn had said that to you, you would have blushed. Hard. He may be trying to flirt, but you’re not willing to be swept off of your feet by anyone else but Shawn for a very, very long time.

Matt moves in closer, which makes you stiffen marginally. You’re extremely wary of what he might do, especially considering the fact that he’s been at this party for a lot longer than you have so he’s fairly drunk right now.

You feel another breeze on your back, but this time it’s so strong it feels more like a scratch than a tickle.

“Hey, whatever-your-name-is! I think you’ve probably been talking to my girlfriend for long enough now.” Shawn states firmly as he slides smoothly in between both of you thankfully. “I really fancy ordering a pizza and watching Harry Potter at home right now.”

Subtly, you give him a sweet smile that’s only for him. It shows you’re grateful that he’s back, that you never want him to leave again, and that you would absolutely kill for a pizza right now and watching Harry Potter sounds 10 times better than this party. “Speak to you again soon, Matt.” You say kindly.

“Call me yeah?” Matt winks directly at you, and you see Shawn’s jaw clench tightly. Surely he knows that I would never call another guy (especially one I’ve known for practically my whole life) to talk in that way?

Shawn puts his arm around you and pulls you in gently, but in a way you know is purposeful to show Matt who’s superior. He makes you feel safe, and you’d go anywhere with him.

Exactly as you were expecting, Shawn heads towards the front door that you came in through not long ago. He still has his drink in his hand though just as you do, so before you head out you both look at each other with a knowing glance, and simultaneously down the rest of your drinks.

“Woah.” You say whilst clenching up your face, as you finally taste how strong the drink is.

Shawn chuckles, “Sorry I forgot you had alcohol. I just have water.”

You put down your cup on the side and playfully punch his chest, “Ugh I hate you, Mendes.”

With an even bigger smile than Matt’s earlier, he replies softly, “I love you too.”

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