Heartbreak? - Nate Maloley Imagine

He did what I least expected him to do. he cheated on me. He threw these 10 months away like they were nothing to him. I couldn’t believe this. I had seen a magazine of him kissing another girl. I didn’t care who she was but she was kissing Nate. My Nate or he was mine. How could he do that to me?

He hasn’t even texted me about it and I saw the stupid magazine yesterday. I had decided to text him one simple thing. I didn’t want to fight, just end it.

‘It’s over.’ I sent to him a few hours ago and still had received no reply. Maybe he already forgot about me and moved on. I wanted to think that but mind kept defending him, maybe he’s busy on tour or maybe his phone’s dead.

I still love him so much and I don’t know why. I needed to stop thinking about this. I got up from my bed which had been my home since yesterday and went downstairs in the kitchen to cook something. I needed to distract myself. I had cried enough yestetday.

I decided to cook spaghetti, my favorite dish. I started my taking out a pan and putting water in it before pouring the spaghetti in it. Then I got started on the sauce in which I added spices since I loved spicy food.

Right as I was about to mix the sauce with the spaghetti. I got a call. I quickly walked towards my phone not wanting to miss the call and I stopped when I saw the caller ID. it was 'Derek’, Nate’s friend. I was confused on why he was calling me but I decided to answer it anyways.


“Hey, y/n. it’s Derek, Nate’s friend. I know we rarely talk but Nate’s been feeling
sad lately and I was wondering if you would like to surprise him on tour?” He asked excitedly.

I was so confused. Didn’t he know that Nate cheated on me? or maybe that photo was photoshopped. Yeah maybe that’s true. I’ll only find out the truth once he tells. I can only find out when I see him so there’s no harm in going there right?

“Hello? Y/n?” I heard him say which snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Oh yes. sorry, I’m here. Yeah, that would be great but when?”

“Tomorrow would be perfect. Nate has a break for a few days and the manager already booked a flight for you for tomorrow at 7am and the ticket had already been emailed to you because I know you wouldn’t say no.” He chuckled.

I laughed in response.
“True. so I guess I’ll start packing and leave tomorrow. See you soon.” I said and hung up after I heard him say goodbye. Was I doing the right thing? I was also still confused. Why hadn’t he replied to my message.

PART 2?? and pls request imagines!! only Omaha boys and maybe Derek??

9 Month Break

Hey Guys. Thank you so much for enjoying my last imagine. I didn’t like it but the response was incredible I nearly cried. Here’s my 3rd Imagine. All you girls, I hope you can relate. I tried not to be graphic. Please enjoy, request and be happy. I have 2 requests that will be coming out next week! I have a special Valentines day one for tomorrow so be excited!

Y/N’s POV:

Being a girl sucks, sometimes. Like right now, it’s my time of the month and my insides feel like they want to kill me. My cramps are so bad that I feel like death would be less painful. But right now, Shawn is showering in a hotel after a show and I have been laying in the hotel bed in his tee shirt and his sweat pants, because they’re REALLY big on me and are comfy and spacious. It took me about 6 million hours to find a comfortable position. I may look crazy but I’m not in pain right now, which is a win win. I lay in my bittersweet comfort until Shawny decides to jump on the bed and pick me up so I am laying on his lap. A painful cramp surges through me and I spat, “UGH GEEZ SHAWN COULDNT YOU SEE I WAS PERFECTLY COMFORTABLE WHERE I WAS BEFORE!” I immediately felt bad. “Damn baby, sorry.” “Whatever Shawn.”

I climb off his lap and back to my side of the bed. I attempt to get in my previous position which didn’t work. Great, now I need to find a new position. I sigh loudly as I feel the beds weight shifting. That little poop is going to move me again. “Did I do something wrong?”, Shawn sweetly asks, wrapping himself around me spooning me. This position didn’t work either, in fact it was worse. I winced quietly and pushed his arms away. “No”, I responded dryly. I rolled onto my back hoping it would help and Shawn took this opportunity to lay over me with his arms supporting his weight. He bent down burring his nose in my neck as the ends of his conditioned hair tickled me lightly. Another surge of cramps erupted and I used all my strength to push him off so I could curl into a ball. “Just shoo. Go away don’t bother me right now !”, I flip over and mumble into my pillow, “I just want to be alone right now.” 

“Oh, I see.” Shawn says. I feel the weight of the bed leave completely, a few seconds later, the door shuts. And I feel awful, I let my emotions spill out, and cry. 

Shawns POV:

As I walk out of our room in sweats and a long sleeve shirt and my Birkinstocks, I think about why she’s so pissed off right now. I mean, she didn’t come with me to the show but she told me she didn’t feel well. She’s all moody and doesn’t want me touching her. I didn’t cheat or anything shady so why is she- UGH I’m an idiot. She’s on her period. And I moved her from her comfortable spots. She likes being cuddled but as long as I don’t move her. How can I be so stupid. Although I am quite relieved that she doesn’t hate me. I mean, she’s wearing my clothes for crying out loud! 

I walk into a convent store and get a basket full of goodies. Like pads (or tampons if you wear those) and pain meds, which aren’t really goodies. Then I get some of her fav candies, some puffy cheetos and pringles. I pick out a dr. pepper and some popcorn. I even found a disposable heating pad. As I walk to the register I find the cutest stuffed frog. Y/n LOVES frogs so I have to get it for her. After I check out I am walking so fast I’m nearly flying back to the hotel. I am so excited to treat my baby the way she needs to be treated. I unlock the door and hear small faint sniffles.

“Baby you feeling okay?” “Shawn, you’re back! I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you or be rude its just that-” “I know honey I know. Here.” I remove the pads and pills from one of the bags. “Go clean up and take some of these okay, babe?” She gets up, nods her head and gives me a quick peck before sluggishly moving into the bathroom. The ends of my sweats covering her feet completely and dragging on the ground. I can’t help but laugh to myself. My little princess is way too cute. 

Y/N’s POV:

I feel so bad for being mean to Shawn. Still, I take a nice hot shower, take some pain killers, and get changed, still wearing his clothes. I braid my wet hair and walk out to find our bed full of goodies and candies and chips and popcorn. There was a dr. Pepper on my side of the bed and a Coke on Shawns. And holding the doctor pepper, was a fuzzy stuffed frog, being held by none other, than my boyfriend, Shawn. 

“Shawn. What is all this?” I say in amazement. “Well its your favorite foods.” He says turning his head to look at me. “And its an apology for hurting you.” I smile, shaking my head as I walk over to him kissing his cheek and he scoots over, handing me the frog. “This,” Shawn says dramatically, “is Phillip.” “Phillip the frog?” I laugh, handing him my drink so he can open it. “Yup, it took me forever to come up with the name so don’t judge.” 

We eat everything. We watch Family Feud and play along. After the feast is over, I feel my cramps coming back. “Oh, get comfortable baby I almost forgot something.” Shawn gets up as I find a comfy position. He kneels down on the side of the bed with an odd looking white strip of cloth. I look at him, puzzled. “It’s a disposable, once use heating pad.” Shawn says lifting my, I mean his shirt, and gently playing it on. “Thank you Shawn. Thank you so much.” I calmly say as the heat radiates onto me and I feel much better. “You’re welcome, princess.” He gives me a quick kiss before standing up and walking back to his side of the bed. “Are you comfortable, babe?” He asks. I simply nod my head. His reaches his arm around my shoulders and snuggles up to me. I giggle as his warm breaths fan across my neck and tickles. As I doze off to sleep I hear Shawn whisper in my ear, “I can give you a break from periods for about 9 months if you’re down.” I laugh as I feel Shawn smirk. 

I hope you guys liked this one! IDK why i chose frogs, I just think frogs are cute lol. ~A Kid In Love


#114 Shawn Mendes – Missing you like crazy

You are talking to Shawn on the phone, when he lets out a groan. “What’s wrong?” You ask your boyfriend.

“I miss you so much, (Y/N).” He says and you hear him fall into his bed.

“Aww, I miss you too.” You smile and continue to walk.

“I wish you could be here.” Shawn says and you bite your lip to not laugh. What Shawn doesn’t know is that you’re currently on your way to his hotel. This morning, you got into a plane and flew over to him. Now you’re pulling your mini suitcase behind you as you approach his hotel. “I want to cuddle you, hold you in my arms, kiss you and just see your beautiful face again, princess.” He says and your heart warms up. You get into the hotel and walk over to the elevator. His tour manager told you yesterday in which room he is, so that you wouldn’t have to ask him

“Soon.” You say as you get into the elevator

“Not soon enough.” Shawn mumbles and you laugh quietly. “That’s not funny.” He says and you can’t help it but laugh louder as you get out of the elevator again.

“Soon.” You say again and walk over to his door. “Sooner than you think.” You knock on his door and Shawn lets a groan out.

“I’ll be right back.” He says and leaves the phone on his bed. It takes a few seconds until Shawn opens the door. His eyes widen instantly and his jaw drops to the floor. “(Y/N)!” He shouts and pulls your into a hug.

“Hi.” You say and start to giggle as he hugs you tightly.

“I was missing you like crazy.” Shawn says and leads you into his room.

“I know.” You smile at him.

“I love you so much.” Shawn smirks and suddenly picks you up. He carries you over to the bed and places you down before he climbs over you and lays down beside you. You still wear your jacket, but Shawn doesn’t care and wraps his arms around you. “I love you so much.” He repeats and holds you tighter in his arms. You laugh and roll onto your back.

“I love you too.” You smile and he leans back to kiss you passionately.

“So much.” Shawn says and takes your hands. He kisses both your hands and then your temple before he wrapping his arms back around you and kissing your head.

“Can I take off my jacket?” You ask after few minutes of cuddling. “It’s really hot.”

“Sorry.” Shawn says and lets you sit up. As soon as your jacket is off and your shoes are on the floor, Shawn puts his arms back around you again and pulls you down. You lay on your side, facing him and kiss his chin.

“I could hold you forever.” Shawn says and kisses your forehead.

“Please do.” You smile and put your arm around him. You and Shawn cuddle and he gives you a kiss on your forehead from time to time as you tell him about your journey to him.

“You should surprise me more often.” Shawn says at the end and kisses you nose.

“You should cuddle me more often.” You say and attach your lips to his.

“Trust me, I’m trying.” He says before your lips touch his and you kiss.


Running Low - Shawn Mendes Imagine (requested)



Shawn’s POV

I sigh as I slump onto the couch of my tour bus, grabbing a water from the coffee table. I hear a buzz coming from my pocket. I take a huge gulp of the water before reaching into my pocket, grabbing my phone. I see the contact. Y/n. I sigh and watch as the screen flashes her beautiful face, before it all goes away. I know I should’ve answered, but I just have a bad feeling that if I do, something bad will happen.

I lean my head against the couch, closing my eyes, trying to un-cloud my brain. I start to think about Y/n, our whole relationship, the whole two years, the best two years of my life. But then I start to think about the tour and my career, how it’s really starting to take off. My mind wonders to the last time I saw her. It was when I finally got home after a six months of tour. I was so excited to see everyone, but in the back of mind I knew something had changed. I entered Y/n’s house, her parents letting me in. I walk up the steps and into her bedroom, watching as she sits on her table, scrolling through Tumblr, oblivious of my presence. I walked up to her tapping her shoulder. She looked up, her tired eyes widening, jumping up on to her feet, pulling me into a hug. As we pulled away my lips landed on hers, a sweet kiss. At that moment I felt it, the way there were no sparks, just a kiss. I didn’t take note of it, but as we pulled away I knew she felt the emptiness. She looked away nervously and began bombarding me with questions about the tour. I had felt happy then, the way she held my hands as we laid down on the bed. How she let me do al the talking but putting her insight occasionally.

I smiled at the fond memory, but began to think about the feeling of desperation I felt wanting to be near her, close and touching. But as soon as I opened the door to her bedroom, I knew what I was doing wasn’t right. I couldn’t give her the time that she needed, that she deserved. I want to give her everything she deserves, but I can’t, not anymore.

I’m still trying to find myself in all this mess, I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t want Y/n to be held back with such pain and regret, that she’ll hate me for later in life. I don’t want her to be in pain, to break because of this. She’s already in pain, Shawn.

I lift my phone from my side and bring it with me as I walk out into the empty streets. I walk into an alley way, far from the tour bus, but not close to any civilians.

Taking my phone, I dial the familiar number, tears already forming as I think of what to say. It rings for a couple of minute, until she picks up. Her voice making me wince. She sounder happy, relieved. I can’t do this. You have to end her suffering, Shawn.

“Hey, Y/n,” I try hiding the sobs trying to escape, the lump in my throat making it hard to talk.

“Shawn, I’m so glad that you called, I thought you were ignoring me for a second there.”

“Huh, yeah it might’ve looked like that, I was just busy, as always,” a sob racked through my body, I could do anything to stop it.

“Shawn? Shawn, what’s wrong? Are you okay? Are you hurt? Shawn, what’s going on?” Her panicked voice, making it harder for me to do this. I looked at the wall in front of me, the greying bricks painted with old wrecked posters. I tried composing myself, but the tears were never ending.

“I can’t do this anymore Y/n, it’s too hard, I don’t want to hurt you anymore.”

“Do what? Shawn you’re not making any sense.”

“I have to end this, end us. It’s not going to work, we’ll end up hurting each other more.”

“No, Shawn, you can’t do this. I love you, please, you can’t do this.” She’s crying, I can tell. Her voice quietness, and all I could her was her crying, sniffling on the authorised of the line. I just want to be there, to hold her. But I can’t, as always.

“Please, just know it takes it from me, to end this darling. I know you’ll find someone who gives you the time I didn’t give to you, I’m running low, I’m sorry but I have to go. I can’t be in your life like that anymore Y/n, I can’t always put you in a position where you stay up late worrying about me, going back and forth from the airport because you want to see me for the second I have. I can’t hurt you like that Y/n, not anymore.”

“Please stop Shawn, don’t do this. We can make it work, our love, it’s strong, Shawn we will prevail. Just please stop, I’m begging you.” She’s sobbing, possibly pacing. I rub my eyes, my tears already soaking my face. I take a deep breath.

“Your love, it’s beautiful, so pure. And maybe I will never feel, you gave me something so real, but I’m running low, I’m sorry but I have to go. I can’t keep hurting you like this, I’m sorry.”

“Shawn, what about the memories, our whole lives spent together? What about them? Don’t you care about those anymore?”

“I know we share so many memories, spending almost half our lives together, I care Y/n, I care so much. I treasure every moment we had. But I can’t have you, because I’m not enough. Thinking back to every night, when we just laid there for a while. When I looked into your eyes, never thought I’d say goodbye. I hoped I never would, never wanting to say goodbye to the girl I fell in love with.”

Her side of the phone was silent, only her cries could be heard, they were quiet and soft. My heart was breaking, a fist clenching tightly around it. I couldn’t think, breathe even, everything  was hard to do without her.

“Just needed time to, to find my own. But I promise someone, will give you all you want, can give you all you need, and you just gotta see, I never meant to hurt you, no, anything but that. But us, the distance, we can’t fight this anymore. I love you, and I will forever love you, but, sometimes we have to let the things that are best for us go, so they can be free and not tied down. Y/n you’re almost finished high school, you’ll go to university soon, the last thing you need is me pulling you down. I can’t do that to you, I won’t.

“Maybe this isn’t the best for us, but it is the best for now. I’m doing this for you Y/n, I want you to find someone who loves you unconditionally, and will always be there for you, not through a screen, but in person. Someone to hold you through all the tough times, someone to laugh with, someone to love that won’t leave.”

“Shawn, please,” her voice cracking, her breathing uneven. I could hear her sniffling. I knew she thinks this is unfair. But once she realises that this is all for her, that I’m helping her, she’ll thank me. Maybe not now, but the future, she’ll be happier.

“I’m so sorry that I have to do this, to possibly break you. But I have to do this, for you. And yes, I know that you’re hurting now, but someone will come into your life and change you, make you stronger that ever, someone will come in and you will fall in love, maybe harder than now. They will help you in mending yourself, they will make you a better person.”

“Please, please, no, don’t do this.” She was begging, begging for me not to do this. But I won’t hurt her anymore, not to the person I love most.

“I truly do believe that you can’t possibly be happy with me in your life. I’m not doing this because I don’t love you, because I do, I will forever love and care for you. I’m not trying to cause you any pain, I just want your existing pain to stop. I have to do that by leaving, I’m sorry.”

I ended the call. I couldn’t hear her anymore without wanting to take it all back, to say, “I’m sorry, please take me back,” I won’t do that to her. Y/n deserves someone better, and that someone is not me.

You did the right thing Shawn.

Yeah, well then why does it feel like I’ve lost everything?

5 years later

I enter the room, my mother pulling me towards a group of people. They were standing in the middle of the auditorium. I rolled my eyes at my mothers unnecessary panic.

I walked in and greeted people, my friends standing near me. I went and shook hands with people i had never met, but knew me.

Then I heard it. The most beautiful laugh. The one I fell in love with. My neck whipped in the direction, and I saw her. Her gorgeous face, smiling at my mother, her hands holding hers. I smiled fondly, a memory coming into mine of the exact same scene. She looked stunning, her dress suiting her body perfectly, making the colour of her skin seem lively and brighter. Then my smile faded as a young man, not much older that me, came strutting towards her, placing his hand on the small of her back. My mother walked away, greeting others. My eyes were glued on the couple. He kissed her cheek, she blushed, smiling up at him. He turned her around, pulling her to him. She laughed, a true laugh. He kissed her, they were smiling, soaking in every moment.

My heart clenched and I looked away, moving towards the back of the room. I saw the door and began walking faster, until I was out. I held on to the railing, steadying my heart and my breathing. The room inside, seemed to be closing in. Everything around me became dizzy. My grip on the railing becoming loose, i slumped against the wall, balancing myself.

Suddenly the door opened. I turned around to face, my mother. She was starting at me, a worried expression gracing her face as she saw the state I was in.

“Shawn are you okay, babe?” I nodded telling her not to worry, and that I just needed fresh air. She nodded skeptically, but went in when I told her to leave me be.

I sat down on the edge of the steps, my feet sitting on the step, my hands holding my head as my elbows rested on my knees.

“Shawn?” I didn’t even hear the door open. I didn’t even need to look to see it was her.

She moved over and sat next to me. Her hands resting in her pep. I moved my hands, turning to face her. I smiled weakly at her.


“Hi, didn’t think I’d see you here tonight,” I pursed my lips into a thin line, nodding.

“Yeah, well you know Karen, always dragging me into things I don’t want to go to.” She laughed nervously, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear, a nervous habit.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come, I probably ruined your night.”

“No, no, actually you made it better. I saw you with that guy, you were happy. I’m glad you’re happy,” she smiled at her hand. There, on her finger, laid a small diamond ring. I looked away ,in front of me, trying to hold in the tears.

“You’re married?”

“Engaged, but soon actually, you’re mother has your invite.”

“Oh, I didn’t know, just got back.”

“Touring, I see.”

“As always,” I mumbled, looking across form me, not at her, I didn’t want her to see the pain in my eyes.

“You’ve moved on, I’m happy, Y/n, truly.”

“Thank you. I actually should probably go in, um, Damon’s probably waiting for me. I’ll see you later Shawn, have a good night.”

“You too, I’ll catch up with you soon.” She nodded turning to walk back into the venue. I let out the breath I was holding. I called out her name stopping her.

“I love you, Y/n, always have and always will,” I saw the tear fall from her eyes, I smiled weakly at her.

“I love you too Shawn, I never stopped.” Those were the last words she spoke, before returning into the venue. The love of my life, walking away to another mans arms.

A/n: You don’t even have to know me to know I cried writing this, whilst also having ‘Running Low’ on repeat…


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Shawn Imagine - Visiting him in Canada

My boyfriend Shawn Mendes (yes the super cute, handsome, pop star Shawn mendes) lives in a whole other country. And it really sucks. We’ve already been dating for a year but we don’t get to see each other a whole lot so he got me tickets to come visit him as a Christmas gift. We are obviously very, very excited to see each other. Shawn just texted you, “Can’t wait to see you and kiss you again baby.” You smile to yourself as you board the plane and once you take your seat you reply “same here! Love you Shawn.” “Love you too Y/N.” “Phones on airplane mode please m'am,” says the flight attendant to you. You blush a little and turn your phone onto airplane mode, then you put your headphones in and shuffle shawn’s music. Never be alone plays and you can’t help but get a little misty eyed.

*several uncomfortable long hours later*

I’m in Canada! Shawn is literally in the same building as me. You are starting to get nervous… What if Shawn thinks I’m ugly? I probably smell like airplane… Will his family like me? They’re gonna hate me… Your palms sweat as you make your way through the bathroom, customs and to baggage collection. Afterwards you head to the bathroom to brush your teeth and do your makeup. “Y/N where are you baby? Your plane landed a while ago.” Shawn texts you. “Freshening up and doing my makeup.” You reply. “Y/N you know you don’t need makeup right? You’re perfect the way you are.” Shawn always knows exactly what to say. You gather your stuff and walk to the exit… You see Shawn standing behind the glass doors wearing black skinny jeans and a flannel, his brown hair all messed up. He waves at you, smiling widely and you smile back and start to quicken your pace, your heartbeat hastening. You walk through the doors toward Shawn and jump into his arms. He picks you up and starts spinning you around just like a scene from a movie. He puts you down and gives you a big hug, and as you breathe in his scent you start to tear up again. You missed him like crazy. He looks you in the eye and asks “are you planning on kissing me?” You giggle and reply “don’t need to tell me twice,” and you pull him by his shirt toward you and kiss him.

Its clearly starting to get a bit much because Aaliyah clears her throat and says “you guys are gross.” You laugh and Shawn says “Y/N, my charming sister,” waving his arm towards her. You give aaliyah and quick hug and say “I’m Y/N, it’s so nice to finally meet you!” “Hey Y/N,” she replies, “I really like your hair by the way.” You smile and say “thanks! I love your shirt! Where’s it from?” “American eagle.” Shawn wraps his arm around your waist and says in an exasperated voice “okay enough of this girl talk lets go.” “You can expect a lot more girl talk this entire trip,” you reply poking his cute nose. “Can we go to Tim horton’s Shawn, please? Please?” Aaliyah begs. Shawn shrugs and says, “that depends on what Y/N wants to do. You hungry baby?” “I could have a donut.” “Tim’s it is then.” Shawn grabs your luggage and as the three of you start making your way towards his car you can tell this is gonna be a trip to remember.

My first imagine! What do you guys think? Hope you like it:) I’m definitely gonna make more parts to this! Please send in any requests.

The 10000000ths reason why I love this guy so much💟
And to any of you out there who are struggling or are having a rough time stay strong and im always here for you.